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I love your site. It is funny and irreverent and delightfully wicked. Your hate mail is truly horrific, reminding me of so many people I know. My mother's the type who, whenever she gets mad and starts yelling, has to throw in that I'm going to hell for my evil ways. Yet you stand up to them with so much aplomb and sharp wit-something I would love to do but never could.

I didn't have the best childhood-not necessarily due to religion-and have always been searching for something to get me thru. I grew up severely depressed, suicidal, and incredibly introverted. I needed someone to be there for me, for things to get better. I never got that from Christianity. I would pray, sobbing, begging to be cured or killed, because I couldn't stand the pain any more. I grew convinced that God hated me and that my depression was my punishment for some unknown but obviously horrific sin.

It was only after I gave up on religion that I was able to change. Taking God out of the picture allowed me control of my life. The way to improve my life was not to beg and plead to an imaginary person for help, but to work at self-improvement and get help from real people. I turned to my friends-most of them atheist. I can talk to them without fear of judgment; I get encouragement without false blandishments; they help me enjoy the life I have instead of wanting an impossible perfection.

Of course, while I'm better, I'm nowhere near fixed. I am still a mouse, afraid to speak up for myself. That is why I love what you've done. You have a self-confidence, sharp tongue, and concise argument that I envy. You refuse to hide or be apologetic and you challenge those who follow blindly. Thank you.

I've added a picture-it's old but appropriate. Hope I get posted.


David C.
Subject: Hi Bob
I was just reading some of your latest hate mail and was disgusted with Daves proposition of salvation. He brought up the same stupid arguments most christians do. He basically said that if you were right and there was no hell then none of you would lose you would just die and that would be it. But if he were right we (non-believers) would suffer dire consequences for all eternity.

The very notion of hell is barbaric to me. Imagine a god that forces you to be born into a world that you did not ask to be a part of,and then on top of that demands unconditional love and worship from you. If you refuse to obey him this loving god puts you in eternal flames and torment, just for choosing not to worship him. That my friend sounds alot like a dictator to me, that is why I always refer to god as Hitlerian. I truly believe that Hitler got most of his ideas of rulership from the bible. Christians are running out of arguments and they keep looking dumber and dumber by the minute.

Keep up the good work Bob and tell those christians to stuff that propaganda crap up their asses!! The same way that they can go around promoting that garbage we are entitled to enlighten the world with logic and truths not based on ancient myths promulgated by man in his infancy.

Till logic and truth reign supreme!
David Cortright

“...even though I feel like doing it when I see your website I am not going to freak out or do anything stupid.”

Subject: Fw: Still time

Hi Bob
I am a commited christian and even though I feel like doing it when I see your website I am not going to freak out or do anything stupid. You know you still have time to turn to Jesus for salvation, you will never be able to say that you never knew. An eternity in hell is a long time Bob. Just do it.

David Sutherland

In my opinion telling me my wrongs can be paid for by someone else is you doing something stupid, like when villages used to transfer all their sins into an old goat then banish it into the desert to die, or when I transfer all my sins to my goldfish then drop it down the garbage disposal. Stupid like that.

Now you will never be able to say you never knew. A lifetime of stupidity is a long time, David.

“say there is just that small inkling of a chance that I am right...”

Hi Bob
Say you are correct, then the consequences for both of us are the same, nothing. We die and thats it. But say there is just that small inkling of a chance that I am right, that means I am saved and the consequences for you will be terrible. You have nothing to lose, come on Bob, give yourself a break.

Be blessed
David Sutherland

Ooh hey! That's a good idea, David! If I just pretend to believe then I cover all my bets and we play God against his own rule book! That's genius!

But wait.
What if someone comes along with a religion that has even scarier consequences with double the pain your god offers for disbelief?!? I suppose we'll both have to switch our brains yet again, and based solely on the fear of the possibility of this bigger threat, we'll have to surrender our minds to this new god and whatever his commands may be.

It's a very interesting process you use to direct why you believe what you do, David. Have you found that generally in life most truths are based on whatever promises to give David Sutherland the happier ending?

It's an intriguing philosophy you've got there. Perhaps it should be taught in major universities.



“You must really like to gamble.”

I think it's really tasteless for you to promote this type of site.

You must really like to gamble.

Elizabeth Ashkewe

Betting against the magical messiah who offers paradise in the afterlife for everyone who believes he's real is a pretty safe bet, Elizabeth. In fact the odds on that bet are just as safe as your gamble against what Muslims believe.

Jeesh, you must really like to gamble, Liz, you not bowing to Allah and reading the sacred Koran like the Prophet Muhammad commands. I've never seen anyone so willing to take such a scary gamble with their eternal life than you, except for anyone who thinks religions other than their own are false. Gee, that's about everyone, huh?

Smart letter.


“you obviously have no idea of what you are doing. Of course, He also may NOT! ”

Subject: jesus dress up

Don't you realize that you are making a mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ's death and sacrifice on the cross by allowing children to play dress up with the charactors of Oz? May God have mercy on you, for you obviously have no idea of what you are doing. Of course, He also may NOT!

Buck Griffin

Jesus may not have any idea of what I'm doing? I don't understand what you're trying to say.


“after reading more about you and your Jesus dress up garbage, you obviously don't care what God thinks”

If you read my letter again, you'll see that what I'm saying is that God may NOT have mercy on you, for making a mockery of Jesus. But after reading more about you and your Jesus dress up garbage, you obviously don't care what God thinks, because you are fool enough to believe there is no God.

I guess you'll find out who is right, about whether or not there is a God, after you die, and you will die someday. But then it will be too late for you to do anything about the way you lived your life on earth.

Buck Griffin

Wouldn't it be wacky if after we died we both turned out to be wrong and it was the Mormons who had it right the whole time?

Christ, it's so wacky, us human beings scrambling around trying to pick out which of the gods are real and figure out what they're thinking all the time, and that's the meaning of life.

Thanks for the email, Buck. It's fascinating to swim along side your thought process if even for just a few minutes.



“this Jesus dress up is TERRIBLE!!!!!”

this Jesus dress up is TERRIBLE!!!!! this persin died and suffered a terrible terrible death and you do this??!?!?!?! please ask for forgiveness for your own sake and he will bring you to heaven!!!

JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hooray! Heaven! I'll do whatever any stranger tells me to do as long as they pinky-swear I'll get heaven if I do!

Jeesh, my ass hurts a lot since I decided to live by that motto.



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