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Subject: excellent site

Hi my name is Glenn. I've been visiting your site, playing JesusDressup for almost 2 yrs now. For me it just never gets old. But I was just playing around on YouTube today and noticed a video of you giving Richard Dawkins a set of your Jesus magnets. I wonder if you could put something like that on your site. I mean tell us, your fans, what it was like meeting possibly the most famous atheist out there.

BTW I'm glad Dawkins seemed happy with the magnets...at least in the video.

Glenn Floyd

Hey Glenn,
Let me say first that I feel like I barely got to meet him. The book signing event was packed with standing room only, and after his reading/Q&A we were told there were just too many people there and Mr. Dawkins would not be able to sign personalized messages in each book. He'd only be able to sign his name to keep the line moving. This problem also cut into the Q&A portion of the event which was cut short in anticipation of the crowd (some of whom brought more that 5 books) waiting to get an autograph.

That said I have to add I was really impressed with Professor Dawkins. He was extremely charming, gave an excellent reading, answered questions thoroughly and genuinely, and was also very funny. He even had several groupies show up, one of whom was a large breasted girl wearing a tight tee shirt with "What's Up Dawk!" printed on it. Let me add that Richard had more than enough time to stop and chat with her and even take a couple pictures with his camera phone, and I don't blame him!

Our meeting was short, and precisely what you saw in the video is the extent of it, so I'm not sure what more I could have walked away with other than what I already know about the man from the hundreds of hours I've spent reading his books and watching his videos on YouTube.

Also in the video I present him with a "Heaven Is Awesome" flyer. Days later I found out through email that there was a guy later in the line who picked it up from the table and the lady there assisting R.D. said "No, please leave that. It's a gift to Mr. Dawkins."
So amidst the mob it sounds like he at least gotten my gifts and took them with him.

I wonder if my magnets are on his fridge?


“we who are in heaven, will celebrate while you ask me to dip my hand in water and quench your thirst. Haaaaah!”

Subject: Hi Normal Bob

I hope you will read this message until the end and download the pic I attached

Dont you think what you are doing??? Don't you believe in God! Ha! Think again! even I cant see You, the are two sets of eyes looking, One from God and one from the adversary!

And Oh I almost forgot! the end time is near, Jesus will go back to this earth he will take us, and you will suffer the tribulation. You are also included what God showed to us in the bible what are the signs of his coming and that includes you he prophesied, that you, antichrists will reign, yes you will reign,.......for a dash only still God reigns and eventually will be cast into the everlasting fires of hell. And we who are in heaven, will celebrate while you ask me to dip my hand in water and quench your thirst. Haaaaah! What a life! Why waste it? In Heaven there's no hunger, no tears, no pains, Sing to God praises forever. And you say: "Aaaah it's hot I cant stand it, I wish I listened to Jean Claude."

That's all I can say. Hope you will download my attachment

Jean Claude Czar

Jean Claude,
My feeling is that even if I get only the tiniest dash of total reign it'll all have been worth it.

You see? You're the greedy one who has to have bliss for all eternity and an everlasting quenched thirst!

It's called "Appreciating the little things!"
Selfish glutton.

Thank you for the imaginative collage.


“you mean anti-Christ person!”

Subject: mean

you mean anti-Christ person! how dare you do that to or lord, i hope he punishes you

Victoria Clearwater

Is that the love He told you to show others?



“you need help”

wat is wrong with you how could you put a dres up game of jesus you are a sick man and you need help

Samantha Adams

Yes. I am looking for an assistant and possibly a few people to help me do promotion.

Please forward a resume first though.


“You are gay”

You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay

You are gay

You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay You are gay

You are gay You are gay

L Johnston

Yes, I am gay. Gay-happy!

Thank you for the well written email.

“No you are homosexual”

No you are homosexual well se ya till next time cause I don't want you to get to close lol

L Johnston

Because I have AIDS, huh?



“That game was mean”

Subject: hi

That game was mean to make

Thomas Bonner

Unless you don't believe in Jesus and he's damning you to eternal torture. Then it was fun to make!


“its still mean”

Well its still mean

Thomas Bonner

I suppose. But it's being mean to a jerk, so no one really cares.



“I am muslim and this offensive to us.”

Bob, I am sending this email on the your website where you are mocking our Prophet Mohammad. I am muslim and this offensive to us. I wouid like you to remove this from your works. Below is your link where your offensive work is published.


Karimkhan E Karimkhan

Perhaps maybe you want to threaten me? Maybe say you're going to chop off my head and limbs then drag my bloody torso through the town's square if I don't remove it?

Please, you gotta give me something to work with here, otherwise I'd just look like a fraidy-cat if I let you boss me around.



“I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ”

Subject: I rebuke you

You are a disgrace ! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ and hope and pray that God blesses you with Truth, and Justice.


Ahhhhh! I've just been rebuked!! And not just any ol' rebuke! But the biggest rebuking possible! A Jesus-named rebuking!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

What's happening to my skin?!?! It burns!!!! It's bubbling up like bubble wrap!!!! I feel like I'm on fire!!!! God, somebody help me!!!! My pants are smoking and I can feel my flesh dripping down my legs!!!! Oh god, the pain! THE PAIN!! I believe! I believe! The God Of Heaven and Earth is a vengeful overlord with no regard for human suffering or love without obligations!! OH CHRIST, I'D RATHER BE DEAD THAN LIVE LIKE THIS!!!!! MY REPENTANCE HAS COME TOO LATE! I CAN ALREADY FEEL HELL NIPPING AT MY TOES!!!!!

Oh wait. False alarm. I just spilled chicken soup in my lap.

I'm off to the emergency room.

Thanks for the email.

“it did bother me to have to try and explain the mess to my grandkids...”

I don't care what you do to youself but it did bother me to have to try and explain the mess to my grandkids, I am sorry for being so harsh. She run across your web site while looking at a Barbie web site. If someone deliberately looks for any item then they asked for it but not a 4 year old and 6 year old to have it come at them in that manner. I guess I am old fashioned and do not think it wise to make fun of Jesus's death, but after all It is Our America. Bless you.


Oh my. Please don't tell me you're teaching children that the blood from others can pay for their wrongs. Oh, that's just awful to hear. I'm sorry but I am just so upset when I hear that an adult who should know better is telling grandchildren that people who believe things different than they will suffer eternally for it.

You have a 4 and a 6 year old in your care? Oh no! I guess I am just old fashioned but I do not think it appropriate to teach ancient scribes that speak of dragons, giants, talking animals and magical wizards as any sort of truth.

Your letter about how you're harming children by teaching them falsehoods saddened me so.



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