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Good Chealsea.
Bad Chealsea.

Her letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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My wishlist dreams come true!

In case you weren't aware I have what I consider to be a very modest and necessary Wish List for things that I either can't seem to find myself or things I give away (as opposed to profiting off of). The list is located at the bottom of my Latest Updates page, in case you were wondering. Anyhow, today at my PO Box I was thrilled to discover that someone had mailed me the most beautiful pair of crucifix cufflinks ever! Sharp as hell.

And these are not under appreciated. Have you ever tried to find crucifix cufflinks with the little Jesuses on them?? I challenge you! They don't exist, except for now they do!


These were made by the hands of an adorable fan who sent away for the separate parts and invented what seems to be the very first ever crucified Jesus cufflinks! Thank you Chelsea. You've completed my tux!

And the little devil & angel valentines that you drew on the packaging were beloved.
I'm sorry I had to include this "Thank you" on a page of hate mail from someone of the same name as you, my provider.

They're 2 different Chelsea's, people! Chill!


“What if a child was searching up Jesus and found your website thinking that it was a nice website?”

Hello. I am very upset at your website. I understand your point of view on religion but to make a whole website about it is very offensive.

I am a very devout Christian who does not get easily offended but when i found this website while searching up Children's Church lessons, I was very mortified. What if a child was searching up Jesus and found your website thinking that it was a nice website? I think would not understand and think it is ok which its not. Do you see me making a website about being atheist and how its bad? Nope because I have respect for other peoples beliefs. Thank you for your time, and please, think about others.


Oh for Christ's sake, grow up! You're seriously all still buying into the magical- paradise- for- all- who- believe- in- its- magic Peter Pan B.S?!?!

Ooh! And angels & devils fight over us! And God invented praying so we could get out of the jams He invented! Do I get any fries with this bullshit burger? Huh? I also get all of my mistakes and crimes paid for by someone else so I can ignore any of those I had too? Fan-fucking-tastic!

If you could include a side order of the- bible- says- it's- true- so- God- must- be- real then I'll be on my way to Puppetland in my cucumber convertible that's fueled by the love of Jesus! It warms my insides down to the blackest core of the gut that you're spreading these nursery rhymes as truth to children every Sunday.

I can't believe I'm still getting letters like these in the 21st century.

Though, I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. We also still have hair on our backs, pointy K9's and appendixes for all the roots we eat. It really should be no wonder we're also still bowing to the angry solar eclipses that threaten to turn the mountains into oceans and storybooks that threaten us with afterlife promises.

Jesus, we're all so stupid.

Hey Chelsea! Thanks for the email! So refreshing!

“you have freedom of speech so do whatever you want but please be RESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!”

I noticed you capitalized He in the sentence about praying. That means you think God is important.

Anyways, my only concern about the dressup is the vulgarity it posesses. If you delete the dressup, you probably wouldnt keep getting these emails and this email could ahve been avoided. Other than that, you have freedom of speech so do whatever you want but please be RESPECTFUL!!!!!!!!!


Actually, I thought the capitol "H" was proper grammar. Same goes for capitalizing Allah's "H" when I write about Him, or even Thor's "H" for Him. Isn't that so?

No, don't get me wrong. The page is up to make fun of those silly beliefs. It just surprised me to see a full grown, educated adult who actually believes in the magical miracles of love from the gods, and Bible time characters who wrote all the stories you believe so willingly you even teach them as truth to kids! It's just shocking to see such carelessness from someone who proclaims herself as responsible and respectful.

You understand that assuming you know what God thinks and feels is really arrogant, right? And it isn't at all respectful to think that people who don't believe what you believe are going to pay in hell, right? And you also understand that people can write down false stories and call them true, and if those stories contain talking animals, raising the dead, giants, spirits, devils, flying people and horse drawn chariots of gold piloted by angels galloping through the clouds then you're being extremely irresponsible submitting your mind to its authors.

So while you're searching out children's church lessons about how it's a good thing that Abraham listened to the voices in his head and dragged his child to an altar to plunge a dagger in his chest, I see being respectful of that teaching as grossly irresponsible.

Isn't freedom of speech wonderful?


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