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“YOU WILL bow before Jesus and confess Him Lord before you meet YOUR doom!!!”
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Subject: God and you

(Not including a picture, I was forced to type his name into Google Images. This, my friends, is Matt Scott.)

hey bob,
your jesus dart board game helps me relieve tonz of stress @ work, and watching the partially offended faces of my co-workers, helps to alieviate the stress, so on that point, I truely thank you, you furthermore inspired me to re-organize my faith, through an online chat you hosted on your website, so for that, (though it probobly doesn't mean much) i thank you again

Now, in my experiences I've heard definitions of 'jesus IS god cuzz he's the SON OF GOD' and i don't think jesus likes being in his dad's shadow, let alone taking his job (i mean look @ Mr. Bush) Then i get the 'god is everything, all matter, and even some matter that we don't know about'. Then on the other side, i hear definitions along the lines of a flying spaghetti monster that lives in the sky(not literally but you know what i mean)

Now, i have my faith, it's called discoudianism, and it works for me.

though earlier today i was going through your pamphlet section and i finally read your 'what is faith' pamphlet, and your 'is god real?' pamphlet. I know you have no faith, but out of curiosity how would you define 'god'? If there is no definition,as in your perspective he does not exist therefore would not need a definition, then what is your opinion on the 'god is everything, all matter, and even some matter that we don't know about'?

Matt Scott

That's easy. If you know someone who's referring to "everything, all matter, and even some matter that we don't know about" as God then they're using the wrong word. Never have I heard someone use the word "god" to describe what you're wanting it to refer to unless they're humoring a religious person. Look in the dictionary. Your definition isn't there.

Personally I don't think there's anything out there we should truthfully refer to as god. If you're worshipping something, or seriously calling something "god" then you've got a problem. You're misleading your brain. You're off track. You missed the point, heading in the wrong direction, and you need to try and get back on course.

I think the word you're looking for is "Universe." Do you worship the Universe? Does "The Universe" command your worship? How does one worship everything in the Universe? Matt, it's not a god. And never refer to it as god in an attempt to relate to religious people. Your polite respect only fuels the confusion.

Now go throw some more darts at Jesus!
Thanks for the question.

Subject: Buddha an' stuff

Yo Bob. I'm a fan of the site, I'm on your mailing list, you already know this, blah blah blah. Anyway, I just skimmed thru your back-and-forth with some redneck. Anytime the hate mail gets long and winded, I just skim thru. Anyway, you have your bit where you list a bunch of gods all claiming to be "the one." Buddha, or Siddartha as was his name, never claimed to be a god or anybody special. He was just a guy who realized a person can overcome suffering by living in the moment. And I don't mean overcoming starving while being beaten with a glass dildo -- I just mean everyday kind of suffering. Buddhists don't consider him a god or really have any god at all. (Regarding the paintings and statues, Jamaicans do the same damn thing with Bob Marley) They just have Nirvana, which is the "ultimate" state of living in the moment. Free from all pain. That's actually why the band Nirvana named themselves such. Pure fun, straight from yourself. It really fits them.

That was a lot longer than I thought it would be. Anyway, I'm gonna be up in NYC this weekend skatin' with Bob C. Maybe I'll see you around, not that you really have any idea who the hell I am anyway. But you'll know in time, cuz my band kicks ass.


I include Buddha because he is actually considered a god by other religions; A false god who shouldn't be followed. And there are Buddhists who do claim Buddha to be a god (He was just being modest).

Mainly though I attached his name to that list because Buddhism is a religion that includes worship, which is enough to fit it into the category I put it in. Scientology also doesn't have a god but has the similar religious demands that include faith (the root of my complaint).






Your wish is my command.
There's even a blow torch up there for you to burn out my eyes with.

I think after you see the page you'll agree this proves I've got bigger balls than Jesus.


are you so sure that its a fable? pretty big gamble if you ask me.

what if youre wrong about everything bob? what if the bible is true and jesus is really real?
are you so sure that its a fable? pretty big gamble if you ask me.
if youre wrong. a trillion years in fire and torment will only be the beginning. once you die bob, there are no second chances. without Jesus, you will be eternally lost, separated fron God forever.


But what if you're wrong about everything? What if the Koran is true and Muhammad is really real? Are you so sure it's a fable? Pretty big gamble if you ask me. If you're wrong it's a trilion years in fire and torment and that will only be the beginning. Once you die there are no second chances. Without Allah you will be eternally lost separated from him forever.

The same goes for Ra, Zeus, the Mormons, Scientology, Thor (the god of thunder), Hindus, Jews, David Koresh, indian totem poles, Buddha, Marshal Applewhite, and Sathya Sai Baba.

So yeah, the amount of concern you have for those gods being true is the same I've got for the one you pretend's true.

Curious: Do you not think the people who believe in those things believe as strongly as you do about Jesus? Because they do.


Youre a northerner and its very hard for southerners like myself to care anything about what we know down here in VA as Damned Yankees!

Hi Bob,

You're spiritually ignorant so please allow me to enlighten you and I dont mean to call you spiritually ignorant in a duragatory manner, you've just never known the wonderful enlightenment of Gods Love!

If I exist in my flesh and what my fleshly earthly body demands, I would hate you, no.1... because you're a vulgar person and disrespectful of others!
No.2..Youre a northerner and its very hard for southerners like myself to care anything about what we know down here in VA as Damned Yankees!
BUT....God is love and thru Christ, true Christians can show folks like you the TRUE LOVE of Christ because He resides in each of us who have truly accepted Him!! Its all about Gods love not judging..GOD ALONE will judge you Bob because you not only rejected the Lamb of God but continually blaspheme Him with your site!
As for all of the other 'gods' that you've mentioned? Not one of them was crucified and defeated death when he rose form the grave!!

Think about it Bob!


No see, you're missing my point. It doesn't matter if your book super-duper promises you and tells you Jesus was the only guy who bled chicken soup, it's all B.S. All religions have special reasons why theirs is definitely the only truth, but none of them are based on any sort of evidence and you all believe the same amount as everyone else. It should concern you that all around the world there's people just like you believing just as much in completely different gods for the same reasons you believe in yours.

How can that not open your eyes to what you're doing?


I hope you see the Light before your days are done on this earth or you really will meet your master Satan

My Bible says for me not to cast my pearls before the swine..that means that its a waste of my time arguing with you. All I can say is that I hope you see the Light before your days are done on this earth or you really will meet your master Satan and believe me, hes not your friend!

Goodbye Bob.

Do you have any evidence that the book you're believing in is true? Or are you just buying into it all because you're told to?

Ya see, that's my problem with it. It doesn't seem true, and there's no evidence backing it up. Even your god would agree we shouldn't believe every lie that has a scary threat attached to it, wouldn't you agree?


“I have proof that you would NEVER be able to understand!”

Oh yes Bob, I have proof that you would NEVER be able to understand in your present spiritual state and yes Bob, YOU DO have a soul and a spirit!
You see Bob, when I accepted the Lord Jesus, He came into my being in the form of the Holy Ghost which is Gods (Jesus) ministering spirit to us while we walk on this earth. I can feel his presence; He's there ministering to me in good times and bad, comforting and telling me that He'll see me thru ANYTHING, no matter what!
Our beings were created to fellowship with the Master and without Him in our lives, we feel a terrible void, like something is wrong or missing! That's why down thru the centuries, man has created other gods to try and fill this void instead of turning to the One who can fill it so completely!! The Truth IS in the written Word Bob, but you can never understand without the help of the Holy Spirit! Hows your void today Bob?

I'm glad that youre asking questions.



You have proof that people can't understand? Doesn't that sort of defeat the whole purpose of proof? I mean, I suppose every lie can make-believe it has evidence it's true but the proof just isn't understandable.

You felt a terrible void so you filled it with the first thing that came along that said it was real and true without proper evidence?

Don't say you're glad I'm asking questions unless you're answering them.


how can you believe so strongly in satan and not in Jesus?

have a question for you genius...how can you believe so strongly in satan and not in Jesus?
As for proof, you can have it but not before accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior! By the way, the Bible states clearly..The FOOL hath said in his heart, there is no god. Psalm 14:1
Does that make you a fool Bob?


I don't believe in Satan. He is make-believe as well. That's why I dress up like him, like a mascot, or mall Santa. Why would you think I believe in Satan? Do you know people who dressup like the gods they believe in? Do you dress like Jesus?


“YOU WILL bow before Jesus and confess Him Lord before you meet YOUR doom!!!”

LOL!! Bob..satan IS real and he's laughing his butt off at you!!
He's tricked you into not believeing in him and glorifying him at the same time, but his influence and the problems that he causes mankind are swiftly drawing to a close!!

Bob, it says in the book of Revelation that satans fate will be eternity in a lake of fire along with all those who didnt believe in and served his cause as you're doing with your website, right now and do you want to know whats going to happen just before satan meets his doom? He'll be forced to his knees and made to worship the Lord Jesus, confessing Him Lord of all!! If you continue to reject the Lord Jesus, Bob, you will meet the same fate and YOU WILL bow before Jesus and confess Him Lord before you meet YOUR doom!!!
The sad thing for you now is, you know the truth and you are completely without excuse.

Bob, Jesus died and bore the burdon of all our sins, yours, mine. He was nailed to a cross for you Bob, because he loves you and doesnt want you to go to Hell.
Better think about it Bob as youre only a single heartbeat away from eternal doom!


If you could only understand just how bat-shit crazy you sound in your emails.

Imagine you'd no idea what religions or gods were and someone came to you saying everything you just said to me.

Christ, you might want to just step back from yourself and consider how you're representing yourself to the rest of society. It's healthy to do that. It's really really important to be sane. It's an extremely valuable asset that should be cherished and nutured. I think sanity is an under appreciated virtue. And it's so important to ones sanity not to allow yourself to buy into crazy stories and ideas. If a story sounds completely and totally insane you're allowed to critically examine it and require strong proof to back it, and the more outrageous the claims the more convincing the evidence you should require.

This is just good advice for life. Advice you need to seriously sit back and consider taking.


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