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Hello Bob

Your website is very amazing. Your goal seems to eradicate religions and superstitions with humour or reason, but do you think that humankind could exist without religious comportment?

If this human tendency still exists, it's surely because it's useful and presents a lot of advantages and so the law of evolution conserved this particularity during all the life of humankind.

With religion people have still hope even when there are no possibilities of salvation, keep good rules of life in society, and are obliged to be generous and fraternal with other members of his community. More, a religious fanatic can give his life without fear and kill without care of conscience.

Religions were the cement of the civilisations, they appear as soon as the human being founded enough intelligence, and it's the better way to don't depressed in front of the incertitude of the future or the certitude of the death. It's really magic. Truth or lie it's not the problem. It's I suppose a mechanism of protection against incertitude of the life and certitude of the death for our mind too developed compared to animals.

So, as I'm obliged to live with peoples more or less religious, I participate sometime to religious ceremonies without being very faithful. It's perhaps hypocrisy or pragmatism. But a direct struggle with persons who are sympathics and fundamentally good appears me stupid, this defect that is religiosity is tolerable when it stay moderated.

I'm practically sure that it's impossible to suppress religions, especially when I encountered people very clever intellectually who refused to think rationally when it's question of that . We are formatted by religion, me too there's words or actions very difficult to me to do due to my religious education.

Do you share my opinion?

I hope my English is understandable, I'm French.
Alain Milhet

Hello Alain,
You'd have me right along with you and your reasoning if believing wasn't so harmful. But the fact that it's harmful creates the need to correct it. It's that simple, whether or not it was once a helpful evolutionary step.

Religious beliefs are harmful to the individual and humankind because:
1. they place value, even immunity, to faith. Believing things without evidence require people to surrender their logic, and that can be a disaster for any society.
2. they endorse the oppression of homosexuals, women, minorities, classes, other religions, or anyone else one might choose to label as "a puppet of Satan" or "against God."
3. we now live in a world where there are weapons big enough to destroy entire nations. The promise of "Second Comings" and "God's Chosen inheritors of the world" are notions that can only lead to total destruction if the lie is allowed to run its course. Neither side is open to negotiation, and without negotiation there is only one other alternative.
4. it's not true. That alone should be enough. You shouldn't need any other reasons.

We now live in a world that has hope where there once was none. We have better medicines, distribution of food and resources, knowledge through science, solutions to sickness, natural disasters, and most importantly the knowledge that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

I strongly disagree with you that religions form valuable laws that we could not figure out without them, or without them we'd be depressed because we'd have to accept death as a fact of life. Sam Harris put it best when he stated that we also once thought that eradicating slavery would be impossible, but civil nations did it, and the world is a better place without it.

Now enough of this talk about having to politely coddle poor, pitiful believers 'til they get us all killed!

My site should tell you clear enough that we don't share the same opinion.
Thank you though for the question!

“atheism only exists because of christianity...no christianity, no atheism.”

Subject: IDIOT

No matter what you believe, I will pray for you. God loves you for He is love. God has a great plan for your life, when you allow Him to form you in the image He would have for you.

atheism only exists because of christianity...no christianity, no atheism. you exist to deny and call that a belief. shame.

You believe what you believe, but you don't have proof that atheism is the "truth".

I know what's real in my heart, and Jesus IS the Son of God. Okay?

Dan Dan

No, sorry. Atheism could exist without Christianity. There's thousands of other religions out there we don't believe are true too. In fact, I suspect that you yourself are an atheist to those other gods, like Zeus, Allah, Ra, and Ganesh. Am I right?

Radical! You're an atheist just like me! We just have different beliefs as to which gods are fake and which are real.

You know, we should start an atheism group together. Just you and me. Since we're both atheists.

Let me know your schedule.

“the fact that the structure is there is proof of the existence of the builder, right?”

God exists. He is the creator of the universe. If you're in a building, a house, office, etc... then, the fact that the structure is there is proof of the existence of the builder, right? There would be no building without a builder. So, to use this same line of thinking, consider creation. This universe, whether you believe in evolution, or whatever, is proof that a creator exists. I personally believe in the God of the Bible, but for anyone agnostic, then this has to be true. If you're a complete atheist, then this should be a good argument that God, or some form of a creator exists.

I tested God and found Him true. We can all do that through His Son Jesus. I have witnessed many miracles.

I have seen fake representatives of Jesus.

That may be your real problem.

God bless you as you seek Him.

Dan Dan

Very interesting theory. So what you're saying is if you look at everything in the world there's some sort of builder? Even with the idea of God there is evidence of a builder. God was invented and built by someone! I mean, the structure of God is there and "the structure is the is proof of the existence of the builder." That's so very interesting. And it makes perfect sense too! It would explain all the different gods people have invented over the centuries around the world, each one reflecting the culture and people who participated in making it up!

That's why Muhammad reflects Middle Easterners, and Jesus now reflects Americans, Ganish reflects India, Buddha reflects Japan, Thor reflects the Vikings and Zeus reflects the Romans. It explains everything!!

Absolutely brilliant analogy.
Gods are built by people.
You couldn't have been more clear.

Thank you Dan.

“perish in your ignorance.”

Yea right, perish in your ignorance.

Dan Dan

I'm just being logical. How else do you explain my examples?

You're very good at throwing accusations and judgments, but extremely poor at answering questions or countering my arguments.

That doesn't say much for your beliefs.

“fuck yourself”

Go fuck yourself

Dan Dan

Yeah, I don't suppose it's a happy day when you're being told everything you believe is make-believe, and you've got nothing to defend yourself with.

There there, Dan.
You can go back to your happy place now.
There there.


“in he respect our choices even if it hurt him”

Subject: Re: IDIOT

God leaves to us the right to decide for what we believe in he respect our choices even if it hurt him

Dan Dan

Oh man, sorry. I didn't realize when you made the subject of this correspondence "IDIOT" you were warning me of your own condition.

Get well soon.



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