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Happy Birthday to me!

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Dear Bob,

I wanted to ask you for some advice. Rabid Christian children at my school are constantly picking fights with me over my disbelief.

I need some logic to shoot back at them so that they'll stop pestering me, because everything I've said to them in the past hasn't worked.

Kendra Barton

Well, if you've ever read through my hate mail you'll see that my favorite way to handle this problem is to call them on their own stupidity. There's so much fantastic stupidity they have to believe to get into heaven I don't see how can you keep from publicly humiliating them for thinking there was once such a thing as 900 year old people, 3 story giants, talking animals, flying messiahs, super ark zoos, and magic gardens where apple trees grow that contain All Knowledge!

Then what you do is you point at one of the Christian kids and say to the one standing next to him/her, "Oh neato! Do you believe that giants are the offspring of angels that've mated with people like Jerry here believes too?!? Hahahaha!!" Then during the pauses in your laughter point at Jerry and say "And you know you gotta make yourself believe a donkey talked too if you wanna get into heaven! If you don't believe that donkeys talked then you might not get to be an angel and have eternal paradise up in the heaven!!! Hahahaha!!!"

It's all about rubbing their face in their own bullshit in front of their friends. Show 'em where you're coming from. Don't validate their stupidity by letting them think for a second you respect their ideas. Treat them like drooling, delusional, brain damaged mental patients waggling their tongue at you through a Hannibal Lector mask. Point at them like filthy, masturbating circus animals unwittingly gifting you a cheap laugh. Don't conceal your absolute lack of respect for their retarded excuse of a belief system.

You're not gonna make any special friends with my method, but it's soooo much fun!


“My mom saw the sight... She might file a police report bob. maybe. Please contact...”

Yo Bob.I already contacted you once about this sight! DO I HAVE TO AGAIN! Take the site down within the next month OR PUT DECENT THINGS TO DRESS HIM UP IN>HE'S THE REASON UR HERE!!! My mom saw the sight...She might file a police report bob. maybe . Please contact cuz i'm a big fan of UR's not the SIGHT!!! lol....k keep in touch......................shafanks! Tori Rogers!!! Daughter of Mark Rogers!

Tori Rogers

This is the law your mother thinks she can site me for: Penal Code 3099b-R Section 102: The blatant mockery of Jesus Christ's powers & majesty by a nonChristian/nonCatholic: Felony Charges within the United States (up to $1,400 fine/2 years in prison, no getting away with it or slaps on wrist). Official Law (C)1927 The US Government

My lawyers told me that all I have to do is claim to be Christian or Catholic in the courtroom and that gives me diplomatic immunity from law #3099b-R, as long as I pray for forgiveness in front of a court jury that Jesus forgives me for the blasphemy against him and there's nothing the judge can do except give me a warning!

The part that says "...by a nonChristian or nonCatholic," that's where they messed up! All anyone has to do is say that they're NOT a non Christian or Catholic and the court has to let them go! That's why religious fundamentalists have been legislating for the last 30 years to ammend that law by adding "...by a nonChristian/nonCatholic who if fakes being a Christain or Catholic in the courtroom has to remain one after the said prayer/no take-backs."

So until your mom and her friends get that law changed tell her to go ahead! Call the police! I'll just fake the prayer and get off scott free!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!



mad mad mad mad mad

Subject: am mad at about the jesus dress up

you should not put this jesus dress up am mad about this i don't like yall

mad mad mad mad mad

Loretta Mirando

I am so sorry to say, sweet Loretta, you are living in a world where people just don't give a shit about the feelings of strangers over the internet.

That's really sad news for people like you, I know.

Thanks for coming.

“you will go to hell when you die”

your not nice they do care about jesus but you don't that's why you will go to hell when you die

Loretta Mirando

No, I didn't say they don't care about Jesus. I said "they don't care about your opinion over the internet."

No one cares what you think about their web page. That's what you should be sad about.




Loretta Mirando

Thank you.

Now doesn't that feel better?




Loretta Mirando


“Youre the worst kind of faggot, child molesting filth that could ever be puked up out of the bowls of hell and you going to BURN THERE FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!”

I was doing some research when I stumbled across your website!
I can only hope and pray that my kids havent done the same.

I know what you are Smith..youre just a little faggot whose mad at God because you cant find any peace when you're butt-rumping another homo!!
Youre the worst kind of faggot, child molesting filth that could ever be puked up out of the bowls of hell and you going to BURN THERE FOR ALL ETERNITY for mocking Jesus. I can't wait for you to meet God face to face and would love to be the one to arrange the meeting!!

Ron in VA

Oh shit! Are you serious!?!??! My girlfriend's gonna throw a fit when she finds out about all this!!!



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