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What's more fun than a Saturday comics edition of Hate Mail?

And download the new R.U.A.Infinity.4.I.? test and have fun playing it with the Christians knocking at your door!
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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are comics!

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Normal Bob Smith Ministries Presents...

The ten question interview before your next potential religious investment.

Are you regularly approached by Christians and other Jesus-adoring fundies about joining their religion but you've no tool to aid you in deciding if it's the religion for you? Then the R.U.A.Infinity.4.I.? Test is just what you've been searching for!

No more simply buying into every single belief based solely on how desperately you're pleaded with to believe. No more religion-hopping because every time you convert it just doesn't fit like you hoped it would. No more unaccountability for tricksters who think it's funny to go door to door and dupe people into a false religion so you accidentally go to hell!


The R.U.A.Infinity.4.I.? test will solve all your worries and give you simple, calculable results at the end of each interview that will either tell you "Yes! This is the religion for you!" or "No! Run for the hills!"

"Hello Mr. Christian. Can I ask you first, does your God condone slavery and slave beatings? No? But it says right here in Lev 25:44 that he does! What? The New Testament tells us to disregard the Old Testament? But here in test question #2 we've already established that Jesus told us to obey the Old Test. laws, or we will be the least in the Kingdom of Heaven! What about that??"


Yes, there's no end to the fun you can have with the R.U.A.Infinity.4.I.? test! It's fun to stump believers against they're own contradicting morality.

"Excuse me, but does your religion condone killing disobedient children? Because it states right here in both the Old and New Testament that it does! What about that?"


Hopefully you can have as much fun with this questionnaire as I do. But before you use it, study it and establish your own views on each topic. Once you've got it figured out your journey begins into the unsettled minds of the fundies. So don't forget to fasten your seatbelt!


Just download the document below and print it out off your computer at home, study it, and leave it by the door or keep in in your pocket for your next Fundi encounter!

Download it today!

pdf doc.
208 KB

“One day you will learn just how wrong you have been.”

Subject: your site
How sad! Anything for money huh Bob.
The one and only reason your website exists.

One day you will learn just how wrong you have been.

May god open your eyes.

Alex Cruz

“lol..lol....That cartoon was funny...but I see your site as nothing more than a money making gimmick”

lol..lol....That cartoon was funny.
Don't get me wrong Bob, I am a veteran of the United States Army and I believe in free speech, I have spilled blood for it and don't condemn you for having your views but I see your site as nothing more than a money making gimmick using religion as your selling point.

Take care.
Alex Cruz


“if you were the onlhy person on this planet he would have still died for you.”

you are the most un christian sacreligos man that has ever walked the plant. the lord was Gods son... sent to earth to die on the cross for both yours and my sins. NOT to be used as a male model being dressed up in clothes that are just stupid. then going to the extent of making fridge maggnets.

now i dont know if your name is really 'bob" but just in case it is. bob i think you need to re think this whole idea of Jesus just being any joe blo that we can make fun of to entertainment. God sent his son.... the son of God.... our father and creator.... so Jesus mght die for OUR sins so that we may have eternal life. Jesus wasnt just any man.. he was the Son of GOD. and to have costumes to put on him and you have even made gloves and shoes with nails on them. i really think you should take a good look at your self. i really think you should really think about adjusting you views and beliefs to jesus.

jesus loves more than any body else on this planet and if you were the onlhy person on this planet he would have still died for you. i hope you can use this info wiselly and really think about what your doing and the future of this website and buisness. may the lord guide you and direct you. i will be praying for you... annonymus.

Kiran Roberts


“[Jesus] is serious.”

your website should be taken off the internet your making fun of jesus . Jesus is nothing to make fun of he is serious.

Brian Nachavis


“After he torturs you, you will see all he wants to do is love you.”

Hello, billy bob if you are a non believer why do you dress up as the Devil as he is part of Christian beliefs.

You cannot be an atheist and a devil at the same time. What do you have, a split personality? Psychotherapy is a remedy for your illness! Do you mock me and my fellow believers? You are disgraceful! It is not too late to reach salvation. Just REPENT and all will be forgiven.

God will take you by the horns and throw you to Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he strikes you with lightning within the next few days as the weather is bad. After he torturs you, you will see all he wants to do is love you.

Much love
Justine Knocker


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