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Subject: Fanmail

I've been a fan of your site for many years and have been reading through the archived hatemail a bit today. For years I would take time to debate bible thumpers from about the same standpoint as you, turning their own holy book on them. But I've come to feel that the simplest response is that the entire plan-o-salvation is just plain old poor planning.

Face it, if their God is a true God then it has no needs, no desires. Simply, if a god wants anything then it simply Genie blinks it into existence, ex nihilo. So if Biblegod wants human company plodding up and down the streets-o-gold then he simply creates that condition. Somehow a plan that calls for the endless suffering of more than 90% of all humans that will ever inhabit this rock that represents a terrible waste of material and time. But, looking at how many humans he intends to broil for eternity, it appears that that was its plan all along.

People who are stuck within the meme of religion are unable to examine the cruel nature of the biblegod in truth. Remember how America shuddered when Andrea Yates drowned her 5 children so they would be assured of going to heaven? She was merely acting after the manner of the god she worshipped. Her god drowned all of those babies, puppies and kittens in a childish fit of rage and we make nursery wall paper to commemorate it and teach children to adore such a wonderful tale of genocidal cruelty. We sent Andrea to jail. I've asked people how they would receive it if I got pissed off at my neighbor and burned my son to death in the oven to vent my rage and give my neighbor a second chance. That one isn't too well recieved but it is the equivalent of their plan-o-salvation.

Anyway, thanks for the great web site and for sharing your time and talents with the world. Here's to your continued success.

All the Best!

Bob Lester

this offends me to see the cross mocked

Subject: Why are we to make a mockery out of Christ??

To Bob or Whom it may concern,

As a Christian I am really offended from your website to dress up Jesus Christ...the man who died for OUR sins and is the very breath you and I breath. I can tell you have no understanding of the true meaning of the cross so I am praying now that God sends you a witness to really help your lack of knowledge.

By no means is this to get angry at you but this is being said out of the love for Christ b/c I personally have a relationship with Him and this offends me to see the cross mocked like this for the Bible says "...a man perishes for lack of knowledge."

Get an understanding in what you are doing b/c we all have to answer one day.

"Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord"

Have a blessed day!

~Lady Erika Lester~

You people always seem to forget or block it out of your minds that your whole book was written by men. A magic pen did not descend from the clouds and write your Holy Bible to the "Oohs" & "Ahhs" of onlookers gasping at its perfection and brilliance. For Christ's sake, the damn thing tells us it's okay to beat our male or female slaves as long as they can get back on their feet within a couple days! (Exodus 21:20).

Giants, wizards, talking animals, and scary ghost stories? How can you confuse the words of men from those of a Supreme Being? A jealous, vengeful, self-congratulating supreme being? I know human adults who've grown beyond such imature behaviours.

Humans wrote your Bible, Erika. Primative human beings.
So silly.
Thanks for the email though. You let me inside your head for a few paragraphs and it was interesting.


“If you ever have the time to read, read the book of Revelation. I am on my way to read Exodus”

Mr. Bob,

True enough The Holy Bible was indeed written by men however, those men wrote down whatever the Lord instructed them to write. We all will see one day....

If you ever see fit to come worship with me I attend:

Breaking of Day Family Church
400 East Centre Park Blvd, Ste. 205
Desoto Texas

We would love to have you and we except anyone with open arms.

Thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate it.

P.S. If you ever have the time to read, read the book of Revelation. I am on my way to read Exodus 21:20 but instead of that one scripture I am going to read the entire book of Exodus to get a complete understanding.

Have a blessed day!

~Lady Erika Lester~

See, but I don't believe you really know whether or not the Holy Bible was written by God or not. I don't believe any of you know, and with passages which allow you to sell your daughter into sex slavery (Exo. 21:7-11) it's probably written without the help of a supreme being. Uh duh.

I have no doubt that you do openly accept anyone with arms open wide, what with a rulebook like that!

Thanks anyhow. You can keep your "Lord-gives-me-permission-to-sell-my-children-for-sex" book.
I'm not looking for a religion like that.


there is a special place in hell for people like you.

i just saw your dressup Jesus site...there is a special place in hell for people like you. how dare you...you will be shown the truth...sooner or later.

Paul Banzhoff

I have a question for you. Do you really believe in hell? A place that tortures humans in the afterlife? Do you honestly believe that's a real place people go to who aren't your religion, while other people of other religions believe the same thing about theirs?

Also, I would like to know your age.
These are serious questions.

“i am 28 years old”

pardon my delay in my reply, i have been away.
yes i believe in a heaven and a hell. the Bible paints this all clear and the Sprirt within confirms. if you tap into your inner spirit and really listen, all will be evident and reveal its self as truth. There is one Soverign God, the only one who has made Himself known to the people. Our God is a heavenly Father who like all parents punish with a loving hand to guide to right and from wrong. He is also absolute meaning that if the guidance goes unheeded then then judgement (like in all cases in life) are carried out to fullment as promised. its a very simple fact in life. God is not some being up in heaven waiting to smite His people, just a father who is loving His children and rewards those who follow His good and loving ways to live a life of joy and happiness.
i am 28 years old

i hope this gets you thinking. and realize that your website is a mockery of the best most amazing gift that was given....to you....if you were the only one...He still would have endured all for His one child....you.

Paul Banzhoff

No, see, the topic at hand isn't about whether or not I'm gonna find and follow the thing you worship. The topic is that he is not the only god to have made himself known to the people. Zeus made himself known to the people too. Do the research. You'll find that they knew a lot about him! Ra the sun god too. And Allah, and Vishnu, and a long list of other gods who've all "made themselves known to the people" in the same way yours did to you. Magical stories passed down through the ages, books written about these places that exist after you die, good feelings from people who worship one of these gods and the good & bad luck that follows, etc.

I have this book called "The Encyclopedia of Mythologies" put out by National Geographic Magazine. You'd be shocked how many gods have made themselves known to us! 4,000+ at last count! All with the same stories and evidence yours has. So yeah, "tapping your inner spirit" has many different meanings, and the god(s) involved seems to depend a lot on where you live on earth and during what century.

The topic at hand, Paul, is, now that your concept of heaven and hell in the afterlife is up for debate, what do you have as evidence that separates you from all those other myths us humans have dreamt up and pretend's the truth? That's what I'm tryin' to drag out of ya. Not the silly promises of a human who's got no more knowledge of the afterlife than anyone else.

Looking forward to your presentation.

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