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“how does my brain seem neat?”
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Subject: Religion (Or Lack Thereof)

Firstly, your site is amazing! I am a massive fan of your hate mail section. I've spent a very long afternoon browsing through and reading some of your responses which I found to be informative, intelligent and very impressive (alliteration not intended). It's funny, I almost wish I was a Christian/Muslim/Buddhist... because your arguments are so concise that they really get me into it!

I've been a Atheist now for about a year and a half, before that I was a doubting 'christian' who prayed when they wanted something, normally money, or for sporting success. Now either God has a sense of humour when it comes to my lack of running ability OR he doesn't exist. But, on a more serious note...I was really kicked into my atheism by the death of my friends dad

. It's people like you that really inspire me to be open about my views on life. Luckily I live in the UK, and I know in a load of your hate mail you've been getting people telling you how much it sucks here because "We can't say anything about the Muslims". But actually the UK is great, the majority of my friends and peers are atheist, agnostic or very laid back unpractising Christians. I can say what I want.

And Hooray for dressing up. This is my in my CATGODDESS costume...I'm still working on a name..

And keep up the good work, I'm especially loving the sarcasm.

Cheers sugarplum!



Subject: are you???????

Are yo a christian ? if you are i am ashamed i found great offense in your website. YOU WERE MAKING FUN OF GOD!!!!!!

Yvonne Ramirez

Oh no! Don't worry. I'm not a Christian. I didn't claim it, and if some reporter or political spin-doctor said I was it's not true. Sorry if it startled you, but you can relax now. I hearby unshame you! ;)
Haha.. Jesus Dressup made by a Christian... Haha... maybe in Bizarro World!

Thanks for the email. Let me know which outfit is your favorite!

i hope you repent and become a christian.

you must have misunderstood.I AM a christian, and proud of it, and i take alot of offense to your website. so, no offense, but i do not care for any of your "outfits" because i do not like to see my lord and savior being made fun of.

i hope you realize how cruel your site really is being to the creator of you and the world and change it. Jesus died on the cross for your sins and will one day come back to judge the unbelievers and when someone dies they will be judged at the gates of heaven. i hope you repent and become a christian.

Yvonne Ramirez

Oh! Okay, now I understand. It's all good. I've got no problem with you disagreeing with me. You think one way and I think the other so it basically cancels out.

Thanks for your feedback. It's interesting to hear different opinions from other people even if they sound a little strange at first. That's how some of our best Sci-Fi books & movies are dreamt up! Have you seen Planet of the Apes? I think they had a monkey version of the guy you described. I love that movie.


i have not seen that movie.

actually i have not seen that movie.

Yvonne Ramirez

Oh, well you should! Do you like Sci-Fi? I'm imagining you do if you believe in all that strange Bible stuff and its giants, wizards, talking animals, angels and magical stuff. Do you believe in the other gods too, like Zeus and Thor? Or Ra the Sun God? Or that Indian elephant god with the 8 arms, Vishnu? What about the new gods we've invented like David Koresh, Sathyia Sia Baba or Marshal Applewhite? Did you know that we humans have invented more than 4,000 different gods, and I'm only counting the ones people really believed in (not like Superman or Gandalf).

Your brain seems really neat. I hope you don't mind me exploring it like this.


how does my brain seem neat?

i guess i like si-fi. and the bible does not have wizards and stuff. i do not believe in any other gods but who is David Koresh, Sathyia Sia Baba and Marshal Applewhite? how does my brain seem neat? one more Q y did you invent jesus dress up, just out of couriosity? also sorry i was rude the first times i emailed you. you seem nice it was just i was having a bad day and seeing that did not make it better (no offense).

Yvonne Ramirez

David Koresh said he was Jesus Christ! He lived in Texas then the police accidentally burned down his church and killed 76 of his followers back in 1993. Marshal Applewhite had a group of followers who all killed themselves so they'd be transported onto the spaceship to Heaven in 1997. And Sathyia Sia Baba is alive right now in India performing magic tricks and saying he's God. He's got over 6 million followers!!!!! You should type them into wikipedia.com and read about them. They're like that Jesus guy was, only happening now! I think your brain's neat because you're like one of those followers who believes in wizards (or "miracle workers" as you put it).

Don't worry about whether you were rude to me or not. I don't take much of what you people say or do too seriously. It's like when my dog get's mad at me when I come into the room with a paper bag on my head. He totally flips out barking and growling. I don't hold it against him either. He's just easily duped. It's cute! You should try that on your dog. It's funny.


“i had no idea wh othey were and i never even heard of them”

okay....i had no idea wh othey were and i never even heard of them before you told me. it sounds stange, i guess that's what Jesus seems like to you right? you never answered my question about Jesus dress up. why don't you believe in the bible?

Yvonne Ramirez

Did you look them up? Do you seriously just believe the first thing anybody tells you? You don't research, or look into other options? At least those people believe in someone who they saw do magic tricks. All you needed was to hear a story about the magic tricks and you were sold.

I don't believe in the Bible because it's not believable.


“i researched jesus”

i did not look them up because i do not believe that they are worth looking up. i researched jesus for a long time and i still research him for more info on him. also are you saying i should not trust what you say.

Yvonne Ramirez

You don't look them up to believe in them, silly! You look them up to learn about them and their followers. They're all fakes claiming to be gods. People believe in them because people just want something to believe in whether there's real proof to back it up or not! Sound familiar? I'm looking in your direction, Yvonne!


“i don't believe in jesus just to believe something i did my research before i believed in him!”

i never said looking them up means you believe in them i said i don't think they are WORTH looking up.i don't believe in jesus just to believe something i did my research before i believed in him.but i do agree with you about the other people are fakes.how did you know my name?

Yvonne Ramirez

NOT WORTH LOOKING UP!!?!?! These people are amazing! They dazzle people with incredible talk, preying on their fears and hopes, completely abusing the made-up virtue of faith and even wowing full grown adults with slight-of-hand magic tricks! And they believe! They believe and tell others to believe! People just like you making up their minds on nothing more than someone's promise it's true and nothing more! How is it not really, really interesting, especially if you factor in that it's the exact same method all of the major, world-dominating religions use themselves!

I'm sorry. I suppose just because it fascinates me it doesn't mean everyone else is gonna care too. It's just such intreguing insight into the minds of the human race, you and me included, I don't see how anyone couldn't be totally entertained by these stories of the people on the thrones or the ones kissing their feet.

But I guess if you're the one kissing the feet you have your own reasons not to want to research the subject too much, huh?


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