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john tullAR
People who are "spiritual" but not "religious".

I keep hearing people say this, and they always have this attitude like they are less stupid than people who just beleive in God. Isn't this just a way of saying, "Well I don't want to commit to a full diety, but I have to beleive in something silly." I don't really have any paitence for people beleiving in really vague shit either. Do you get a lot of people who say this to you?

John Tullar

normal bob smith

Thinking it would be an interesting venture I went and looked up "spirituality" in the dictionary, and I found the word is just as ambiguous, empty and silly as the claim itself. Here are some of my favorites:

* the quality or fact of being spiritual.
* The quality or state of being spiritual; incorporeality; heavenly-mindedness.
* predominantly spiritual character as shown in thought, life, etc.; spiritual tendency or tone.
* Often, spiritualities. property or revenue of the church or of an ecclesiastic in his or her official capacity, property or income owned by a church

"The fact of being spiritual." Duh. "Spiritual tendency or tone?" Huh? "The revenue of the church!" Haha, I like that one! The sole outgoing product or property of the church. The sellable witchcraft superstitions of the church! Fantastic.

Yes, I agree with you, John. Claims of "spirituality" are most often made when a non-believer in any specific religion is in dialog with someone who's trying to sell them their God. It's used as a default claim which in most cases defuses obnoxious converting advances. After so many times of using this proclamation about ones own status on the "believing ladder" it becomes habit. Before you know it there's a meandering mass of spineless douchebags claiming "spirituality" who, if questioned about the definition, are entirely confused about what they actually mean and are quite easily persuaded in whatever direction you want them to go on the matter.

I had this disappointing scenario happen to me with a celebrity I had admired, Crispin Glover. He showed this same card immediately after telling a group of us he was there to discuss taboo topics and answer any sort of questions we might have for him. SO I asked him what religion he was. I wrote about the exchange in my blog.

You'll see that I'm just as annoyed by that word as you are. Now if anyone asks me what I believe, I say flat out "I'm atheist."

In the end it makes for much more interesting conversation, after the gasp of terror flees from their heart.

Thank you for the question!

Hi Bob. I hope to get your opinion on this.

I was reading the Carolyn files in your hate mail and noticed the sidebar dealing with the concept of spirituality.

A friend of mine and I have had a long standing discussion of atheism, religious adherence, and non-denomination spirituality. She describes herself spiritual but non-denominational and very anti-Abrahamic (meaning of course the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism). I am an atheist.

I've noticed that part of the problem of "spirituality" comes from how it is defined and applied. If one wants to define spirituality as a side-effect of a belief in god(s), as in spirituality only being available to believers, then no, spirituality would have no meaning to atheists.

Or if one wanted to conceptualize spirituality as some transcendent quality of the human mind, then perhaps spirituality can have significance to atheists. For example.....

The Gestalt psychologist Kurt Koffka stated that "the whole is other than the sum of its parts" which is also associated with "Holism." Unlike a computer which can only function dependently on its chips, wires, programming, etc., the human mind can, in a sense, function independently from its parts. Human behavior is probabilistic which is why sometimes people act contrary to what you'd expect. If we were like computers, we would never deviate from our programming (e.g. childhood experiences, adverse reactions, etc). We would simply be the sum of our parts. But since humans can act, think, and behave in ways that deviate from our respective norms, then we can act, think, and behave in ways that go beyond the mere sum of our "parts."

What does this have to do with atheism and spirituality?

One by-product of human evolution has been the evolution of our cerebral cortex which has enabled us to develop "consciousness," if you will. We can sense the passing of time, we are aware of object permanence, we can reason and problem solve, and most importantly, as Carl Sagan put it, we are a way for the 'universe to know itself.'

I don't know about you, but when I look at the Hubble Deep Space telescopic images, I am awe struck and filled with wonder. Does this mean that I am required to have a belief in a deity to feel this way? No, of course not. Rather, I am more astounded and awe struck because I believe that our universe is here without having been created by some god. As a human, I can grasp that the universe and existence around me existed billions of years before me, and will be around billions of years after me. Therefore, I can enjoy the sense of how wonderful it is to exist at this certain time and place. I can look around at everything with the comprehension of the probability against my own existence.

That feeling can be described as something akin to spirituality. That feeling can compel us atheists to appreciate our lives and enjoy our brief existence in this universe. In fact, I think that this feeling is precisely why we atheists feel the way we do, and probably enjoy this existence far more than the believers who envision life as only a prelude or test for the "next life." The real tragedy is, that they'll spend their only time here on something that in all probability doesn't even exist.

So in conclusion, I think that we atheists can experience "spirituality" which can be envisioned as being cognizant of our existence and place in universe.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Atheist kisses!
Bonnie Poole

Yeesh. A plea for the word "spirituality." It's like trying to get the the word dick back to only meaning Richard, or gay to only mean happy.

Bonnie, I think you have to face facts. Spirituality isn't sung from the mountain to summarize ones soulless vessel experiencing its place in the spiritless universe. If the word ever meant what you want it to it doesn't anymore. It's been hijacked, just like "tossing salad" and "rubbers." If you use it, you're a believer in eternal ghosts that inhabit the human version of mammals then go on and live a life after your body's dead.

Before I assumed the person expressing "spirituality" is a non believer in ghosts, I'd assume they were describing the "oneness" they were experiencing with a bottle of wine.

I understand where you're coming from, but for me I ditched the word the second I saw the likes of the useless hippies who were using it.

The same thing happened to the word "Budweiser" for me too.


You heart my hurt so deeply.

Bob, If you are an atheist....why not be a decent one. Why do you mock what others believe? Why would you do this. You have a mother..I know she didn't teach you this. come on bob...be kind. You heart my hurt so deeply.
I am so hurt by you. I am sorry if someone has hurt you. Please stop this.

I would love to share with you my Faith...what do you think happens when you die?
Just remember please that when you die and you see a light...say Jesus I am sorry. I promise you...He will forgive.

Peace, Carolyn

There are two main reasons why someone would mock:
1. The belief is crazy, outrageous and silly.
2. The belief is dangerous.

I believe it would be less decent of me to let silly, harmful beliefs go unmocked.
If it hurts, I'm sorry, but that's often a result of tough love.

Does that answer your questions?


For you will also feel a darkness pulling at you. Go to the light and say Jesus I am sorry.

Bob, I disagree with you. That is not honest bob. One if you think it is silly..fine but still no reason to mock. It is not decent or kind and hurts.

And if you think it is dangerous...than you would post a warning for people of some sort...of out love. You are not being loving or caring, you are not trying to help someone you feel is in danger.

Your not being honest. Who has hurt you? Why do you target Christians? It is not tough love. It is hate. Do you not think the kkk, Hitler, terrorists are dangerous...yet you use them to mock Jesus.
Jesus who is all love and mercy. Where is your warning about those things...since you claim to do it out of tough love.

Tell me you will remember what I asked you...when you die...you will ask for forgiveness when you see that light. For you will also feel a darkness pulling at you. Go to the light and say Jesus I am sorry.
Please tell me you will at least consider it.

I ask you to please stop this with Jesus. Will you? You could you know. Do something loving with your life. You did not answer my first question...what do you think happens when you die? I am serious.
Peace, Carolyn

“I went to the chapel and prayed a rosary for you on my knees.”

Bob, I went to the chapel and prayed a rosary for you on my knees. It was a joy to do so. I was inspired by God to give you the following message:

Remember what it was like to have the wonder of a child?
Think of how the wind feels. (I have a feeling you enjoy the wind)
Think of how it feels on your skin.
It feels alive-but you can not see it- yet you know it is there.

You can not see the wind but you can FEEL it.

This is how God is... you cannot see-but you can feel Him.

Sit for a moment as a child, put aside your intelligence, which can sometimes hinder you.

Sit for a moment in silence. Ask God to let you feel His presence.
Ask as a child....

Will you try this Bob? It was from the Lord to you.

God loves you.

Peace, Carolyn

Yes, as a child I believed in make-believe things. I clearly remember that, but then I grew up craving knowledge. Playing pretend only satisfies a child. I want to be a grown up, an adult, a man who believes things for a reason; believes things that make sense and sound sane when they're spoken of. Falling to my knees and whispering to an invisible being my wishes and desires does not sound sane to me. And I imagine it doesn't look sane either.

If you want to stay a child in your mind for your adult life that's your business. But it doesn't get my respect. It's the same reason we go to older, educated people for answers on important matters, and not kindergartners.

You sound like you're living in a Disney film. Is that the case?

When you are alone...do you feel a horrible presence around you? Do you see shadows? Do you have NO peace...... Dare you tell me the truth?

Bob, I was appealing to the child that remains in each of us...regardless of your age. Have you watched Disney lately...not so good anymore. Seriously you may never admit to me that you will do this...but I ask you......sit, as an adult, and ask God to feel His presence. What are you so afraid of...that you can't even try.
How freeing it is not to care if you look foolish....or are criticized...it is so free. It is beautiful.

I know you have been hurt in your life...or you would not attack like this. You don't know me....take a chance and tell me your story.
What do you think happens when you die? When you are alone...do you feel a horrible presence around you? Do you see shadows? Do you have NO peace......
Dare you tell me the truth..... if you do....there is a way out. It is never too late.

I love children, kindergartners....if you pay attention...you can learn from them too. lol. The most intelligent are just so boring and limited....we are far more than our intelligence.

don't be mean...it doesn't suit you.

Peace, Carolyn

I sent your email to some Christian friends of mine and asked them to pray for you...and write you... I want you to feel love from us....whether you believe or not. You deserve love.

Bob, You did not answer me..why? Have you been getting much email. I sent your email to some Christian friends of mine and asked them to pray for you...and write you...but to please write in love and charity. I hope that is what has happened. I want you to feel love from us....whether you believe or not. You deserve love.

Now...I must just ask again. Can you just for the slight chance you are wrong...imagine that when you die, before judgment...you will see God...in the form of the person of God in Jesus. Will you at least tell me you will consider at that moment of your life...that you will than apologize and move to the light. WILL YOU?

My heart is pierced....and I will pray a rosary for you today my poor brother.

Peace in Christ, Carolyn

I suppose if I were desperately searching for love and charity on the Internet you & your friends would be having more success convincing me. For your own sake I want you to understand how convincing people who are lonely, sad, broken and fearful what you say is truth is like shooting fish in a bucket, whether it's true or not. I'm beginning to see from your example it's the amount of love, care, mercy and charity that makes something true for you, and not the amount of evidence and logic.

Important life-sculpting decisions need to be looked at with a critical eye, otherwise you'll be sending kids out into the world who'll fall into the arms of anyone who's offering love, care, mercy and charity. That's exactly how guys like David Koresh, Marshal Applewhite, Jim Jones, Michael Travesser, Charles Manson and a thousand other cult leaders find their followers. It's also common practice for car salesmen, abusive boyfriends, street gangs, scam artists, sexual predators, and as you've shown here today- religions as well.

You're kind of off the deep end too if you think strangers can sufficiently transport any sort of honest, fulfilling "love" over the Internet. I already get hundreds of emails a week from Nigeria sending me "love & charity." I've got enough of it. Thank you.

Carolyn (and friends)- Facts and truth aren't delivered and validated on a bed of love and tenderness. Love's to be gotten from people you know and trust from people whom you've actually met. You and your friends are unknowingly setting up people to be taken advantage of. Your ideas about love need to be revised.

In this world there just isn't enough emphasis being put on how important it is to hold on to ones own sanity.

You couldn't be more wrong about everything.

Bob, Ok....I hear you. I will stop emailing you..if you want...you get enough you say. You couldn't be more wrong about everything. You don't address anything difficult I ask you or say to you. You just ignore those point..but that is ok. At least you will think of them. And maybe you will stop placing items in a store without permission too. That isn't very sane bob.

I will stop emailing you as you have asked. If you think you know about Love Bob....be hopeful because you have not experienced much of it yet in your life. There is always hope for you.
What about those books..well you keep the email and get one.....it will be plenty logical for you...and sane.

I will pray for you Bob. In Christ, Carolyn

What difficult points of yours have I not addressed? I will gladly address them.


“Do you feel a horrible presence around you ever....see shadows..smell strange things?”

1. Do you not think the kkk, Hitler, terrorists are dangerous...yet you use them to mock Jesus.

2. Jesus who is all love and mercy. Where is your warning about those things...since you claim to do it out of tough love.

3. who has hurt you?

4. what do you think happens when you die?

5. what is your background..what happened to you? Have you ever believed?

6. Did you sit and ask to feel God's presence?

7. which book do you want.....will you consider reading one?

8. will you consider saying you are sorry when you die?

9. Do you feel a horrible presence around you ever....see shadows..smell strange things?

These may be difficult questions and I know you don't know me...but maybe that can make it easier. You don't know me so what do you have to lose to really answer them honestly.

Please don't doubt my sincerity...it is real. Those horrible other people you compared me to....all used love or false hoods to lure people in with the intention to hurt, kill or abuse.

My intention is just simply to bring light to your mind...which has much darkness.

Peace in Christ, Carolyn

You're right. I didn't answer any of those questions. None of them are that difficult and I'll be happy to answer them as truthfully as I possibly can right now.

1. It is my belief that Hitler, the KKK, terrorists AND Jesus are all dangerous. I freely mock them all (together & separate) and see nothing wrong with doing so as long as it's clever or funny. They are all to be mocked because they're all examples/figureheads of foolish & dangerous belief systems.

2. Jesus is not all love and mercy. You haven't been doing your homework. If he was then people who didn't believe in him would also go to heaven instead of suffering eternally. If everyone, including the doubters and nonbelievers, went to heaven instead of hell that'd be an example of unconditional love and mercy. There are stipulations attached to Jesus' gift, and that is not a perfect example of love and mercy. It is however evidence towards him being manmade.
Another example that the character of Jesus was not all love and mercy is directly from his teachings. Jesus himself said that he came to divide and destroy families (Matt 10:34), and has come not in peace but by the sword. He condemned entire cities to dreadful deaths and eternal torment for not appreciating his teachings (Matt 11:20). He promoted the idea of self castration (Matt 19:12), and endorsed the violent, intolerant laws of the Old Testament (Luke 16:17). Jesus also endorsed the Old Testament laws to abuse and even kill disobedient children (Matt 15:4-7, 19:29, Mark 7:9). You might have to give me a clearer definition on what you mean by "love & mercy."

3. Who has hurt me? I'm imagining you're not referring to girls who rejected me in high school, or the time my brother sold my expensive shampoo to one of his friends without my permission? You're asking about whoever it was that hurt me so much that I rejected God, or refused to believe in him. This did not happen. I was not an abused child, I haven't been betrayed by a religious friend, or beat up by a Sunday school teacher. The only hurt that relates to the topic is the hurt and heartbreak I felt when I realized it was all pretend. I was hurt when I realized the adults I'd trusted taught me a belief system based not on the evidence, but what they hoped was true (faith). I have vowed never to do the same to others, kids or adults, comforting or not.

4. When I die I will return to exactly who I was before I was born. Nothing. Zero. I didn't exist for 600 billion years before I was born and I wasn't the slightest inconvenienced by it (Mark Twain).

5. I was raised in a Christian home and considered myself a Christian up until my mid to late 20s. I realized I was an atheist at age 30. It was a gradual process, but years of attempting to reason out my beliefs, make sense of Christianity & God, and quite simply trying to understand the way the world works, I came to the conclusion that atheism made sense. Becoming an atheist restored the sanity I could see drifting steadily away as a Believer.

6. Have I ever sat back and asked to feel God's presence? Yes. Many times I opened myself up and asked to feel God's presence. Nothing ever occurred that couldn't be accounted for more reasonably some other way. I have always been a skeptical thinker, and after seeing the predicaments non-skeptics get themselves into, I feel fortunate to be who I am; A thinker.

7. I've got all the books. My mom's a devout, Jesus-obsessed Christian (if you're really curious you can meet her in the movie bobsmithmovie.com), and I've been subject to C.S. Lewis, Lee Strobel's "A Case for..." collection (I'm looking at them on my bookshelf right now), and a dozen other authors and their books. I was raised in this mindset. I know all the reasons people believe and why they fight even the most irrefutable evidence tooth & nail to keep the belief unscathed in their mind.

8. Will I consider saying sorry on my death bed? No. I'm very proud of what I do. Mocking the gods we've invented & bow to is nothing to apologize for. Condemnation, mockery and education are the methods for eradicating poisonous belief systems from society. I do the best I can to use all 3 of those methods.

9. Have I felt a horrible presence, shadows, smells? Carolyn, I live in New York City. The answer is yes, yes, and YES!
I know what you're getting at though and your question totally reminds me of this show I just finished watching. Have you heard of Derren Brown? He's an impressive illusionist/mentalist who constructed an experiment to illustrate superstitious behavior and how susceptible we are to it. It was based on a smaller version invented in the 60s by B. F. Skinner using pigeons. He made a device that dropped food pellets and it was up to the pigeons to figure out what they had to do to win food. However, the pellets dropped randomly, based on nothing the pigeons did. The pigeons began exhibiting strange behavior associating their actions to the dispensing pellets. If a pellet dropped after the pigeon turned around in a circle the pigeon would turn around and around again to try and make more pellets drop. If the pigeon tilted its head left and a pellet dropped it would become head-tilting obsessed! Before long the pigeon was dancing around, tilting its head to the right, flapping one wing up & down, and spinning in circles trying to control the randomly dropped food pellets. Carolyn, it's hard not to imagine you waving around a crucifix, chanting your prayers, running from shadows and trying to detect strange smells in a display just like the pigeon. Here's the show I'm talking about. I think you should watch it. It's precisely where I'm coming from...


After witnessing such behavior it should be apparent to anyone that a god would not subject us to these sorts of mind-fucks to teach us good behavior and guide us through life.

I hope these answers were at least somewhat satisfying. Seeing these questions that you think are important laid out in front of me, it's clear you're completely allowing yourself to be manipulated by superstitions. You attribute good things that happen to pleasing your god and the bad things that happen to upsetting him and/or Satan. It is my feeling that, just like the people in the video I linked you to, you should simply sit down, relieve your mind of the games you think you're subject to, and witness the world around you going on exactly as it had, only now you have your sanity back.

My intention is simply to bring light to your mind...which has much darkness.

READ MORE...you will find logic in Faith. But alone you cannot do it....you can not interpret it all correctly...stop trying.

Bob, I am going to reply to your email.....but please can you not swear when you email me. Will you do that for me?

Also..the way you ended your email lends me to believe you were offended by me ending mine in that manner. If that is the case...I am sorry.

Let us be nice to each other....ok...as we email.

[4 hours later]

Bob, Oh my! I wish I had more time...I could go through each scripture and explain it to you...but would it help? I wonder. You reading these words and taking them out of context...get a Bible that explains the scripture to you. I can assume you were not brought up Catholic? The Catholic Church can help you with so many questions you never found the answers to...I am serious. Read some Catholic authors....go talk to a priest about these things. A long shot...but I thought I would at least say it. :) But there is one that I MUST clarify for you. The Catholic Church says the only way to Heaven is through Jesus...BUT...it does not condemn anyone. Only Jesus can judge the heart....and only He knows where each soul will go when they die. You see...God gave us a free will...so that we could freely choose to follow and love him. He did not want to create robots....or force anyone. He will not force you....but he calls you. And today He is calling you through me. How I wish you would hear.

When we die...we will see Jesus and get one last chance to be sorry and move towards Him....this is what I believe. I have read and watched many near death experiences and talked to so many people who work at hospice with the dying. Please don't tear up in your mind what I am saying...be open bob..please. Those who were not taught, or like you did not believe ect...will get another chance as you die...that is God's last attempt to bring you to Him. But we must choose. He will not force. So people die and freely choose to go to hell. One...they still don't and won't believe. and 2...they despair so much over their mistakes they refuse God's mercy. God's mercy is greater than any sin. ANY. St. Faustina..one of my favorites...said our sins, even the greatest, are but a drop of water in the ocean of God's mercy. Hey read her Diary....the Diary of Sister Faustina. Jesus appeared to her with a message of Divine Mercy. Check it out...come one. What do you have to lose. It is one of my favorites.

I am so sorry of your heartbreak and your thinking it was all pretend. HAVE HOPE....it is not pretend. Just look at the mountains, or a snowflake, a cell in the body, a baby....nature...all of it. How is it here bob....why is it here. When you die....you will not die...you live on in eternity. Come on...that isn't even logical. OPEN YOUR HEART to the truth again. It may not all make sense to you...but it is real. We are but human....and cannot understand it all yet....someday you will understand.
Are you still close to your family? Your mom? New York is a cold place...I hope you have nice people around you. Does your mom know about this magnet you created. for her sake...will you stop.

So you see...now why I want you to know what will happen when you die. When it happens....why not take the chance to do as I say. Why not...if your right..than you just disappear anyway. If I am right you will have an opportunity for Heaven. Hell is for those who reject God. So please read more while you live, do good while you live...read some lives of the Saints. READ MORE...you will find logic in Faith. But alone you cannot do it....you can not interpret it all correctly...stop trying.
Jesus is love and He loves you and He will forgive you. He is my best friend, I know Him....don't you know your friends.

I ask you to open your self up again. Sit and say...Lord...if you are there.....help me to believe....may I feel your presence.
I say this to you because I feel the presence of the Lord. It is not an earthly experience. It is a feeling you can not duplicate or find on your own. I am begging God to let you feel it. If you do....open yourself up to believe again. People will always fail us bob...and hurt us...and reject us. God will never fail, never hurt and never reject you. He can transform you. He transformed me.

I ask about the horrible presence because I know the devil is around you...bothering you, whispering to you...killing your joy, your peace. I know he is there. He is here too...always trying to hurt us. I do not run. I am involved in a prayer ministry where I pray for people for healing and deliverance from evil spirits. YES....simple prayer in the spirit. Please don't attack and tear down what I am telling you.
I am just saying...I have experience with evil. If you are alone and you feel something around you...it is because it is there. The name of Jesus..will cause it to flee. Yes even after all you have done. Jesus is waiting to pour His mercy and love over you. I promise you that. Have you when alone experienced this? Seen things....how do you explain it away? I could tell you so many things. Please don't laugh...don't close your mind to this. Can't you believe their is a God who is bigger than you...bigger than your mind....bigger than you can fully understand.
We can't even fully understand the Human body. WE LIVE ON....there is an ETERNITY. I want to see you there. Why would I email you so much. I am a wife and a mother with a busy busy life.
Yet you remain on my mind...praying for you...hoping for you. Come on Bob...read a few more things, try again.....pray. YES PRAY. Go into a Catholic Church...and pray....ask the Lord to speak to you.

Where is your dad? Are you still close with him? Humans hurt...and don't teach properly...it doesn't mean there is not a God. But we are fallen...we sin..and when we sin...there are results and consequences of our sin. Jesus came for you and I. He died for our sin and opened Heaven for us all. Heaven is open to you....if you just allow God to work in you.

Pray Bob. Pray again. Try again. Open yourself up again. We have all been hurt...keep moving...start loving again.

Peace in Christ, Carolyn

Bob..ummmm..I think bob,

I want to share with you something I read when I got off the computer from writing you. I am reading a mystical book with messages from the Holy Spirit. Here is what I just read and felt like I should share it with you.
Please don't tear it apart...if you don't like it fine...but please be kind to me. I know you can.

Everyone is offered gifts and graces by Me but not all
accept them. Some do not accept them because of
disbelief, some because of indifference and some because
of their pride. Then there are those who do accept that
which I offer but because of their selfishness do not share
them or because of their arrogance believe they are better than
Sadly many people for various reasons deny My graces and
gifts or do not use them as they should and so what I give
shrivels and dies. The whole of mankind is the worse for this
as in denying Me and what I offer mankind opens itself to the
evil one and what he offers and that is only pain and
suffering. What foolishness.

By the way...how old are you now?

what is your real just first name...if you will?

I went to the site..but I couldn't look at it.

Your not Neil Abramson are you?

In Christ, Carolyn


I went to the site..but I couldn't look at it.

By the way...how old are you now?

what is your real just first name...if you will?

I went to the site..but I couldn't look at it.

Your not Neil Abramson are you?

In Christ, Carolyn

My name is actually Bob. I am 39.
Here: wikipedia.org/wiki/Normal_Bob_Smith

Can you please tell me that you don't post my emails on that site?

Bob, is that picture you? such horrible pain through my heart to see you like that. How I wish I could make you stop....for your own self.

I am so very sad. Are you married? do you want to be...you must stop this. You could do so many other things bob. You can have love and peace and joy on this earth.

Can you please tell me that you don't post my emails on that site. You don't do that do you. I ask you please take them off if you do. They are only for you...and not to be made fun of.

It is never too late for you. Pray Bob...try again.

In Christ, Carolyn

See the problem is, Carolyn, I am not lost or without peace, full of heartbreak, despair or fear. From reading your emails it seems as if you desperately wish I were. It looks as if you expect me to be lost, miserable and afraid, and up until I get to that point you won't be able to begin phase #2 of your bizarre, radical transformation of my brain. I know you think I'm being mean but to me the craziness you're pleading with me to submit to is more offensive than any swear word. Your expectation for non believers to be lost, fearful, full of hatred and despair is terribly, terribly offensive.

I am very close with my whole family. I'm flying out to celebrate Thanksgiving with them this week. I am close to both my parents, my 2 brothers and their families. My parents both know about what I do and we agree to disagree. My mom and I discuss our beliefs together on a regular basis. She's never going to become an atheist, and I don't plan on ever returning to the insanity of her belief. As your letter here clearly illustrates, it's a world of madness and illogical behavior which I'm ecstatic to have freed my mind from.

A person can't interpret all of the Bible correctly? The devil is around me, whispering to me and killing my joy & peace? People choose hell? You've convinced yourself it's not just disbelief? Had you considered for a second how careless and nonchalant the thing you worship is in regards to your and my and our families' eternal lives? I have to tell you Carolyn, I think the absolute best thing you could do at this very moment is put down the mystical books, stop encouraging the voices in your head and invest in the commonsense and logic your god gave you to use to the best of your ability. Something tells me your husband and children would agree with that advice.

It sends a chill up my spine to think I could have ended up with the mindset your mind is pretzeled up with. You clearly are the one who's without peace, and it seems like you want to pull as many people as you can onboard your derailed, runaway train. You asked about the warnings and tough love I give? Posting emails like yours is exactly that. It is my hope to show people precisely what the world of faith in idiotic events and belief systems turns people into. I've removed your last name and address, but your letters are posted on page 388 of my Complaint Dept. You yourself demanded me to post warnings. This is precisely how I do it. This is my tough love. I think you desperately need help, and I don't want you to feel as free as you do to spread a belief system you have such little evidence for.

Carolyn, I'm extremely happy with my life, friends & family. I sleep quite peacefully, maintain good health, work well with others, attempt to increase my knowledge and have bright hopes for the future. While you spend every waking moment preparing your grave I am living life.


PS. If you don't want to associate yourself with the words you say publicly then perhaps you shouldn't email strangers on the internet and plead with them to obey you and the thing you call "God."


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