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Toy Upsets French Christians

jesus dressup toys-r-us times square
So remember about 4 months ago on page 382 when I went to Toys-R-Us in Times Square and put Jesus Dressup on their shelves for their customers to admire and purchase? Well, it seems that a big conservative paper in France "le Figaro" wrote an article about the Mobilization of Christian groups demanding Toys-R-Us to remove Jesus Dressup from their shelves with the threat of a boycott [see it here].
final justice jesus dress up
Not only that but they referred to the Final Justice version of the magnets stating "This magnet game consists in sticking on a figure of christ disguises of Hitler, members of the KKK, and Satan!"

By the way, here's a lovely picture of Super Chic Christy Christ posing with said item.

Of course this opened up the floodgates to a wave of French Hate Mail, some of which I could understand, and some that even the online translation sites couldn't decipher!

But don't think it's all entirely one sided either. I've been getting some delightful emails and a ton of people wanting to know where my magnets can be purchased in France. Sadly there is none.

Anyhow, if you want to read more about what's transpired I'm keeping track of it on Latest Updates here.

And if you're from France and love or hate me or my magnets, email me, I'd love to post you on my site!

Dec. 3, 2008

“I heard about your website here in France.”

Subject: About your work

Hi Bob,

I heard about your website here in France.

I have to tell you that I am deeply shocked...

I anderstand that it's a good publicity for you and that you have to work... But you are offending millions of christian people including me...

That's not a good thing. I guess you don't believe in God but please, respect us, people who believe...

Hoping you'll stop publishing this.

(sorry for my english)

Florence Dore

I'm sorry but I'm not very fond of respecting every goofy idea people tell me to respect. If that's what we're supposed to do then every bad idea people thought up would be carried out on a red carpet and carried out to its written conclusion. I don't want your belief carried out to it's written conclusion, so offend I must.

Perhaps if you dumped the belief that'd fix the problem you're having? I think that's worth considering.



“disrespectfull yank. ”

Subject: you are a disrespectfull yank.

Luis Criado

Wow. Disrespectful? That's harsh.

If there's one thing a disrespectful person hates being called it's "disrespectful."

It's disrespectful, you know?


“Get out of the net. ”

Tolerance and respect for other religions...I not need to be respectful to someone that disrespect other religions.

Cope on.

Grow up.

Get out of the net.
Luis Criado

YOU WIN! YOU WIN! I can't take it anymore! I thought I could handle the criticism but I never imagined in a million years it would be this harsh and remorseless. What sort of monster is it who can refuse to give respect so sternly? So... nobly?

You are so right, mister Frenchman. Religions need respect! They are dignified and brave, and each one of them is TRUE, in the truest sense of the word "true!"

You are clearly a man of honor, sir. You've won a battle for truth. I salute you, Frenchy, and declare you #1 victor superior.


Today something happened. Something changed. Something big.
Do you feel it? I do.


“i am not french.”

Your ignorance is abysmal........i am not french.

You are a sad soul and an ignorant American.

Luis Criado

You're all Frenchies to me.



Ignorant yank.


Luis Criado

Now who's being disrespectful? The mirror doesn't lie, Luis.

Notice how it all comes right back around to bite you in the ass every single time? You must find it pretty hard to talk with your foot in your mouth so much of the time!


“I really hope for a muslim to slash your throat.”

You and your ignorance are not wothy of my time.

I really hope for a muslim to slash your throat.
Luis Criado

Don't think I can't spot your crush from a mile away.

For someone not worthy of your time you sure do spend a lot of time on my doorstep trying to impress me ;)



“why you don't make a horny toy about your mama and you dad? so every body can play their horny dreams and have fun with them?, that is really a EXCELLENT IDEA!”

You are just garbage, what we can expect about ignorant people like you? people that don't have any moral or ethical principles.

Obviously you never have GOD in your life and you do not have any inner peace, You want to draw the attention of the people, obviously your self-esteem is very low.

I'm going to give you a good idea and it's FREE
Since you are so smart why you don't make a horny toy about your mama and you dad? so every body can play their horny dreams and have fun with them?, that is really a EXCELLENT IDEA,

Maurizio Guerrero Perini

So I gave your toy suggestion some thought, and it really doesn't sound like a good idea at all to me.




shame on you


Alphonse Peltier

Yes dad, I know. You don't have to email me that every single day under a different alias to tell me this. I get it. You fuck mom. What do you want from me? A trophy? I'm your son, for Christ's sake! I'm not the one who hands out trophies for that!


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