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You might need a new section to put this in. Because it's not hate mail.
God loves you. He created you, and he will do good things in your life if you let him.
My name is Hannah Simpson, I am 14 years old and I am a Christian. I love God with all my heart, and it makes me sad to see your site. I wish I would have never looked at it. Tell me something, if you don't beleive in God, and you think Christians are such a joke, then why are you trying so hard to make fun of God? Why are you making a joke of my faith? Do we really threaten you that much? I know that darkness and light can't co-exist, and darkness flees from light.The devil doesn't have a chance against my God. :] ha! I get all excited when I say it, it's that amazing. If you knew God then you'd understand what I'm so excited about. :) maybe you will someday.

Read the bible. It's a good book. I really like it, maybe when God gets ahold of your heart you'll like it too.

I'll be praying for you. and just really think about him. don't think about all the hypocrite self proclaimed Christians. There are alot of them. but it doesnt matter. Get to know God.

add me on myspace i wont harass you, i promise :]

normal bob smith
What you don't understand yet, because you are only 14, is that your beliefs are harmful and even dangerous.

For a child such as yourself having a belief in these gods, guardian angels, and eternal paradise after you die is still fairly harmless. Although it does tell you that you can have a paradise while other people burn, and that's no good. And it also allows you to think you are more favored by God than say a Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, or anyone from any of the hundreds of other beliefs that are out there. That's no good either. You're no more or less important than anybody else. But as you get into adulthood your belief that there are gods to be worshiped your actions have a greater impact on others.

I am an atheist. I don't believe there are any gods or an afterlife or any of that other crazy stuff that makes people think they're more important than people with different beliefs. I make a joke out of it because I not only see the beliefs as silly and strange, but also unhealthy.

I hope you see where I'm coming from and perhaps you should consider that what you believe may not be true.

Thank you for the email

Bob, I may be only fourteen, but I know enough and I've been through enough to know there is a God. His name is Jehova. I love the lord with all my heart and nothing anyone will ever do or say will ever change that fact. I am convinced that nothing can ever seperate me from God's love. Neither angels nor demons, neither my fears today or my worries tomorrow-- not even the powers of hell can seperate me from God's love. No power in the sky above or in the Earth below-- indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to seperate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our lord. and if God allowed people to go into his kingdom that hasn't accepted Jesus Christs as savior what kind of judge will that make him out to be? God is just. I don't want people to go to hell. and I hope I get stronger in my faith everyday so I can impact other people. God changed me and I know I couldn't have done it myself because when I tried to do it on my own I failed miserably.


normal bob smith
Hannah, if I had a flock of lost children who couldn't accept that I was real but I was the only way to save them from eternal suffering I would absolutely still let them into my house. What kind of person wouldn't offer shelter from the storm to people who don't love him? Hell, even if a child of mine hated my guts I wouldn't lock him out of paradise and watch him burn. Would you shut someone out of paradise and let them burn for eternity if they didn't like you, Hannah? Does everyone have to believe in you, Hannah? Would the people who don't believe in you have to suffer eternally if you had your say? Is this the lesson your god teaches?

I'm sorry. You're just not making sense. I know people who've outgrown these issues of jealousy, selfishness and egotism. But your God has not?

I ask you, Hannah, what kind of judge allows someone else to come in and suffer the punishments for others? If a man walked into a courtroom and said "I will go to prison and accept the death penalty for these murderers, rapists and child molesters" and the judge accepted his offer and set those criminals loose would that be justice to you? That's a judge to be loved and worshiped?

Hannah, whoever you're getting your backwards ideas of justice from they need to be questioned more thoroughly, and in my opinion it wouldn't hurt to dunk their head in the toilet a couple times too.

In fact, you give me their number. I'll have a talk with them myself!

“I was shocked and apauled....congratulations, you accomplished what you set out to accomplish.”

I hope you find some sense of conscience to help you through the hard times that are ahead with this economy failing so miserably.

People need hope and something to believe in It's obvious you don't have something good to believe in, nor do you have respect for those who do. I'm sure you receive alot of mail regarding your blasphemy.com website.... .....as a believer in Jesus Christ, I was shocked and apauled....congratulations, you accomplished what you set out to accomplish.

What you do not know is that someday you must give an answer before Jesus Christ. For your sake, I hope and pray you find Him the way I did before it's too late. Even if you do, I fear that the type of amends He will require of you to make will not be something you would ever want to do. On your website, Christ is dying on a cross for your sins, dude. You owe him your life and no less. His death and ressurection was for you peace with God so you could be with Him in eternal life. I believe you know alot about him because I looked at some of the things on your website. You obviously know He was 33. It could be that your father was a preacher. PK's have it tough, and the church can knock us around alot. People are flawed and make mistakes, but God never did. Jesus never sinned. But He took the
sins of the world upon Him and that meant your sins.

God loved you that much, that He watched His only son die for you. He let it happen so you could be free from sin and death. My problem is not so much the blasphemy its not so much the mocking or slap in the face as a Christian.....My problem is that I feel terrible that you would hate God so much that you would think of something as horrible as all of that. Boy, you must have a lot of anger and hurt burried deep inside of you to take the time to create a website that is so hurtful to God.

Merry Christ-mas, and I pray God makes Himself very real to you in the New Year, so that you may find the peace that passes all understanding through Christ Jesus my Lord,

Jennifer Godkin

Hello Jennifer,
You know what's even more interesting? It was my sense of conscience that played a part in building the website you were so appalled by. Can you imagine? It'd be no different than if someone came to you and said, "Jennifer! What sort of conscience do you have to go around telling people Jesus Christ is the only way? You know for a fact there's a golden statue of a gorilla you're supposed to bow down to. Have you no conscience? Your declaration that your imaginary Christ guy is terribly offensive to us Gold Gorilla Worshippers! Don't you know that one day you will face the Giant Angel Gorilla in the sky who will decide whether or not you will get eternal life in his monkey paradise, or go to Dungeonville where you'll have everything pulled off your body with a pair of tweezers until you're a pile of dust!"

Now Jenn, imagine how you'd feel about all that person's declarations and promises. That's how I feel about yours.

Now imagine you were constantly being told what to do and how to do it by these pushy Golden Gorilla worshippers. Imagine everyone in your neighborhood, school, corner drugstore, waiters & waitresses who served you food all shook their heads at you as you walked by for your refusal to accept the Golden Gorilla as god. Then imagine one day you dared to speak out against this Golden Gorilla statue, calling it fake and silly and an unhealthy obsession for everyone involved. Would your conscience suffer for doing so? Would you anguish over your decision to speak out against what they believed to be true? What if the Golden Gorilla Statue gave them hope, Jenn? What about that? You could be taking that hope away from them just because you felt what they believed wasn't true, because in the Book of the Golden Gorilla he promises a giant pot of gold to everyone who believes! A giant pot of gold and free backrubs 4 times a week after you die, and a throne made of marshmallows. Oh what spectacular generosity the Golden Gorilla promises! Why do you hurt the people who believe in it by publicly showcasing your belief in something else? Why oh why Jennifer are you so heartless and cruel?? They are so fragile and weak, and you want to take that away from them! Meany.

Then, Jenn, what if you were to discover that this Book of the Golden Gorilla presented some bad lessons and directions on how to live life? What if you found out that the Book of the Golden Gorilla actually said that anybody who believed what you believe was sick and lost and going to suffer forever and ever for believing it? What if you discovered that the lessons in their book taught how you shouldn't believe things there's proof for, and instead believe in things there isn't proof for? And what if you discovered that the Golden Gorilla Book also told people that one day very very soon, possibly even this weekend, the Golden Gorilla would swoop down from the clouds on a flying dirtbike and destroy all who didn't worship him? And what if you found out that the people in your neighborhood (the waiters, waitresses, bakers, plumbers, door-to-door solicitors, etc) all believed this to be true! They actually believed that this dirtbike riding gorilla god ruled the skies and was going to fly down to avenge the horrible deed you've committed by not believing in him? He would avenge it with a river of fire that would smother the world and melt everyone to liquid, except those who bowed to that golden statue of a gorilla. Imagine that Jenn. Would your heart shrivel with guilt and ache? Would you lay awake and worry the nights away? Would you put aside what you believed and search out this Golden Gorilla god everyone promised was real?

Jenn, I would very much like to hear how you yourself would handle this situation if the story I just told you were happening to you. How would you look upon those Golden Gorilla Worshippers? What would your conscience be telling you to do? Would you respect their Gorilla God? Would you let them believe what they wanted and say nothing of the foolishness they teach their children? Would you even consider for a second that, with no proof, their claims of Mr. Gorilla are true?

Now you're in my shoes, Jenn. I'm looking at you like you're looking at them. Let's see what you'd do. Spare me the sermon. Give me your own thoughts.

“don't send any more emails @ this place or I will report you”

please don't send any more emails @ this place or I will report you I didnt know that jennifer was sending emails Trust me she wont be doing it again I dont need this kind of stuff coming on or @ my place . no answer either just delete please as i will be doing also right now

You know originally when you emailed me I was considering reporting you but I couldn't think of anyone to report to. Would you mind forwarding me their number?



“Athiests are more likely to be murderers and commiters of great sin because... there is no punishment for their actions”

Subject: HITLER

I believe on the back of irrefutable facts that Athiests are more likely to be murderers and commiters of great sin because they think that since there is no afterlife, then there is no punishment for their actions, therefore they can do anything they like and get away with it.

Some examples of Athiests inclube Hitler and Stalin which of course we know killed millions of innocents.

I believe most of the evil in the world is a result of Athiests.

James Richards

Except that there's punishment people have to face for their actions here in real life. The court system does not let an atheist slide and send believers to jail for the same crime. People don't treat an atheist criminal better than a Christian criminal. In fact I'd be willing to bet it's the other way around.

Hitler was arguably a Catholic. He was raised Catholic and often mentioned God in his speeches. Hitler even praised Jesus (as an Aryan) in Mein Kampf for taking the whip to the Jewish people and driving them from the temple, and cursed the Jews for nailing him to the cross.

I believe that religion inspires people who wouldn't normally commit atrocities to do so in the name of God.

James, don't Christians escape punishment for their sins by simply asking God's forgiveness? That's what Jeffery Dahmer did. Jesus died to take the punishment for the atrocities we commit, remember? So there's no punishment for them in the afterlife either. Even worse, you guys get rewarded. How convenient.



“I am so sorry that you are filled with so much hate inside of you.”

Bob, I am so sorry that you are filled with so much hate inside of you. I will pray for you every day and, I pray the Lord will hear me! May God Our Father Bless
you na dkeep you!

Shannon Harkins

Yes. I'm filled with dirty, ugly, horrible hate, and images of genocide and
douchebagery bubble deep within my smelly, black heart. Pray for my vile mind which dares to question the gods! Oh praise be to the gods! Praise be to the gods who flip the universal switches and puppeteer us all! Beg for forgiveness for everyone!



“just plain awful.”

Bob, This is just plain awful.

Linda Wiesner

Listen, just because you don't like something doesn't mean you have to say hurtful comments to people you don't even know. Hadn't you ever heard the saying "If you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all?"

Which reminds me of another saying: "It's never too late to apologize."

I'm here waiting if you've got anything else you'd like to add.


apologize...never. It just seems that some people will do any sick thing for a buck. I am truly offended by your lack of respect for my Christian beliefs.

Linda Wiesner

And I am just as offended by what little evidence you require for a set of beliefs you go around telling other people to conform to.



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