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Subject: Horribly offended.

Recently, on your website, you got in a lengthy argument with a fourteen year old girl named "Hannah." This part particularly led me to be shocked and appalled: "Hannah, What you don't understand yet, because you are only 14, is that your beliefs are harmful and even dangerous."
I note the "don't understand ... becase you are only 14." I am a fourteen year old boy, and I was offended to find that you think that everyone of that age group is too ignorant to recognize the inherent danger in Christian dogma, or any form of "spiritual" dogma whatsoever. I am here to clear your mind of that silly, narrow-minded concept: I am a huge fan of your writings, in addition to being a Nietszche reader and experimental musician. I am openly gay, and believe only in one true god, the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

This is why I was so quick to be shocked by your statement. I certainly hope you repent for your detest for those under the age of 18, and recognize that you are hurting the world and condemning it to heaven by doing so.

On another topic, have you ever seen the television series Moral Orel? It's amazing, right up your alley, I'd say, and this newest (and, unfortunately, last) season is incredible, brings me to the point of tears in character development. It really displays the human condition in an unbelievable way.


P.S. - This is what a part of the alphabet would look like if you got rid of "Q" and "R."

Okay, honestly answer me this. Do you feel that a majority of your peers recognize the potential harms of religion, damage that can be done to both the individual who believes, and society at large? I'm quite curious to know the awareness of young teens today. To me you do not sound like the norm, but maybe I'm just totally out of touch with the 14 year old '09 demographic.

It is true that I do detest most people under 18, and there's no god to forgive me of this sin, so I'm sorry to say there's probably little hope.


“But, what if God is real? And what if Jesus really is the Messiah and Son of God?”

Greetings :) Let me start by saying that I have no feelings of hate towards you, I just wanted to compose this brief note and ask you a couple questions.

I've read some of your previous emails and so I'm familiar with your story of the golden gorilla and of course you're most definitely entitled to your beliefs (not insinuating you actually believe in the gorilla). But, what if God is real? And what if Jesus really is the Messiah and Son of God? Perhaps He isn't actually how so many make Him out to be.. You're in my heart and prayers brother, He loves you, as I also love you. Peace be with you..


Why do you choose that particular version of God to be the one which might be real? What if Allah and his Prophet Muhammad are real? What then, Michelle? Or what if it's Vishnu who's real instead? Or how about Buddha? What if instead of all of those it's Zeus who actually reins supreme? Answer me about those "what ifs" Michelle and more than likely you'll be answering your question for me.

The list of gods is long and they all love you and prayers go out to all of them from my heart for you, and I also love you. Peace be to all, and you, and everyone who worships any god, and all the people who worship gods, peace be to all of them to each other. May you all one day agree on the one true god whether it's Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Kim Jung Il or Joseph Smith and end the disagreements and fighting once and for all. Peace be with you.


“I know with all my heart that He exists!”

Hi Bob..
I choose that particular version of God in my question to you because I know He is real, and so I didn't choose to question you on the others. I know with all my heart that He exists, I've seen Him work throughout my life and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind. I don't consider the "what ifs" about those others because I know that they were not God. Now, I understand that you believe my views are silly and ignorant, and of course that is your right. I'm honestly not here to insult, make fun of, or show you a lack of respect by any means. I have many friends that feel as you do.. I've been involved in the goth/industrial scene for many years and I would say quite a few/most people in that sub-culture tend to share your beliefs as well.

What I wanted to address in this letter is, I read an email you had sent someone in which you mentioned Jesus not being merciful because of the fact that sinners will burn eternally instead of going to heaven..

first, if you spent your life here on earth and did not believe in or want to follow Jesus and His teachings, why would you want to spend eternal life in a place with the very same Being you didn't care to believe in or know or follow in your life on earth? To me that would be hell.. spending eternity with someone I couldn't stand and did not love. And that is the main point of heaven, living forever with God, everything else is wonderful but secondary. And second, what most Christian religions teach, that the unsaved burn forever is incorrect. Sinners are not tortured forever in "hell," in fact there is no hell even now, that comes in the time of end before the earth is made new. The bible says in regard to hell:

the wicked will be "cut off" (Ps. 37:9, 34); that they will perish (Ps. 37:20; 68:2). They will not live in a state of consciousness forever, but will be burned up (Mal. 4:1; Matt. 13:30, 40; 2 Peter 3:10). They will be destroyed (Ps. 145:20; 2 Thess. 1:9; Heb. 2:14), consumed (Ps. 104:35)

Jude 7, for example, says that Sodom and Gomorrah suffered "the vengeance of eternal fire." Yet those cities are not burning today. Peter said that that fire turned those cities into ashes, condemning them to destruction (2 Peter 2:6). The "eternal" fire burned until there was nothing left to burn and then it went out.

I would not want to serve a God that would burn the unsaved for eternity either, God is love and not a cruel being that will enjoy eternity watching people burn for the sins of a lifetime.. that would be in no way fair. But the fact that people have to burn at all is a horrible idea, I know.. but there is no way to change that the penalty for sin is death. And that is why an eternal being became His very own creation, came to this earth and bore our penalty, so we would have a choice and a chance at eternal life.. but of course you've already heard the story.

And so that is all I wanted to say.. don't worry, I won't continue to email or harass you - I just wanted to address those two issues. I wish you and your family love and happiness in whatever you celebrate this holiday season, and again peace be with you Bob :)


See, the problem is is you KNOW that your version of God is real. A person in India KNOWS their version of God is real. A man in Iraq KNOWS his version of God is real. A woman in China KNOWS her version of God is real. A guy in Budapest KNOWS his version of God is real, and every one of your different ideas of God contradict and clash against each other. That alone should explain the situation to you. There's hardly any way to argue anything beyond that, as a matter of fact.

You all know in your heart of hearts the thing you've constructed in your mind is very VERY real, each one of you people can't be right, which leaves anyone standing on the outside of the circle to see the obvious, clear as day: It's all in your head.

It's the explanation that explains everything. Once you establish it's only in your head suddenly everything else makes sense! The problems regarding you having a paradise while others suffer eternally is explained. The problem is swept off the table because heaven and hell don't exist. And there's no questioning why someone would imagine paradise for him/herself after death. All the people I listed in the first paragraph imagine it for themselves.

Michelle, from outside the circle the delusion is so crystal clear it's almost painful to watch you all struggle and strive to explain bizarre stories, grasping at sick concepts like innocent blood can pay the price of the guilty, or a thousand different interpretations of "God's Word" or even God himself doesn't in itself prove that God is man's invention.

It's just so obvious when you stand from the outside and look in.
You're worshiping an imaginary thing you believe in your mind is real. Everyone on earth has their own version they believe is real, and each one of them thinks they're destined to paradise.

"When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."
Stephen Roberts


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