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Subject: Myspace Brian

Your latest back and forth with myspacer brian was an interesting read. I see though, you seem to be caught within a loop of circular logic with him. It appears you have attempted the preponderance of evidence argument with him, but for whatever reason, be it willing blindness or just inability to comprehend he seems to be failing to grasp it. In these cases I generally offer up a "mystery" to be solved by examination of evidence. I generally start with a hypothetical kitchen. There were a dozen fresh baked brownies on the table which are now gone. No one has entered or left the room. There are what appear to be dog paw prints all over the edge of the table. There is a large pool of saliva and a half chewed doggie toy in the corner. The kitchen panty contains a bag of dog food. In the corner of the room there is what appears to be a sick dog. His stomach is swollen and there are brown crumbs all around his muzzle.

Based on the available evidence, what is the most likely explanation? That the dog left his doggie toy, jumped up on the table, devoured the brownies which are now making him sick........or that a giant pink invisible unicorn floated through a crack in the wall and took the brownies off to live with him in candy land?
In college I studied electro magnetic THEORY. All of the science of electro magnetism is based on THEORY, adapted and revised over the years according to the findings of study, experiment, and trial and error. While its still all theory....well, the lights work right? So it must be pretty accurate, right? Same with Relativity. Its still all theory....but if its wrong our cell phones wouldn't work, because relativity comes into play when sending signals between orbiting satellites.

As for what happened or what existed before the big bang? It doesn't matter since it was "outside" our current universe. Not only can we never know, but knowing would make no difference . Call it god if you like, but there is no denying what happened from the instant of the big bang up to now, because that is KNOWABLE and testable and bears no resemblance at all to the Judeo-Christian identity of "god"

Hope this helped.

I like that you got him to question his own religion as to gods origin. Perhaps you could help him out with that...like showing how the bible is mostly a mix of several pre-existing mythologies, or how the code of hammaraubi was the basis for most of the ten commandments. You have a wedge in there between his belief and his credulity....hammer away bob, hammer away!


“by the way, i like how you put the quote at the top of my messages on your site...”

by the way, i like how you put the quote at the top of my messages on your site,"My question is: How did this atom that started it all get created?"
but.. you've yet to answer the question.

Myspace Brian

As have you.


“God did it”

ughh. i don't want to get started with this again.
watch this.
u see what i'm gonna do here?
i'm gonna do it
you ready?
you sure?
ok ok ok. here i go!

"God did it"

oh boyyy!
haha.. i'm sorry. i got a little carried away.

see, i have faith that God created it all. soo you already know how i think the first atom was created. I have faith. On the other hand.. you aren't a man of faith, but of science and facts. (not that i don't respect the facts) Sooo you need to prove how this atom was first created, or else ur having faith justtt like me. and you have nooo reason to make fun of Christianity, when your basing your belief on little fairy tales of atoms popping out of nothingness!!! :O

Myspace Brian

Okay, cool. And I'll say the 2,000 pound purple hippopotamus with wings and a magic wand created it. I have faith that it is so. Now we're even.


“that makes more sense than the atom popping out of nowhere.”

well.. that makes more sense than the atom popping out of nowhere.

sooo there was nothing... at all.
nothing.. thats pretty much unimaginable. but lets try it
and then... BAM! theres an atom! OMG! how'd it get there!?!?
u wanna know!?!? ask Bob!! he'll tell you!!
Bob says "well kids, this atom.. it just... was there. no reason. nothing created it... it just.. was. its the magical atom!"

Myspace Brian

A 2,000 pound purple hippopotamus with wings and a magic wand makes more sense to you? I think I've found the problem, Brian.

A friend of mine put it best saying: "Science still doesn't have a clear and thorough answer for what causes autism. A religious person from tribal Africa might say it is caused by brain demons. He does not win by default because science doesn't yet have an answer. The burden of proof is on the one making the positive assertion. He says god exists. He needs to prove it."


“If you simply think with your mind, you could understand that scientifically”

maybe.. there's a reason Science doesn't know these things yet.
if you simply think with your mind, you could understand that scientifically, noting can appear out of nowhere. Something always has to create something else. Name one thing that can be created out of pure nothingness. there has to be something whether it be energy or oxygen or small particles. You can't say, science just havent proved it yet. They might just never prove it. The only way, at least that my mind would think of that could have caused the beginning, is something that science can not prove, like God.

Myspace Brian

If science hadn't so consistently found the proper answers to each and every other question religion claimed to already know you'd have a point. Unfortunately for religion & faith however, science has indeed debunked religious explanation again and again. And I have no doubt that the construct of an atom can be broken down into parts, and those parts into parts until the concept of space and time itself might be redefined. A non-evolving living being popping out of nowhere is where your foolishness trumps everything.

What I'm so intrigued by is your sureness "in the beginning absolute nothingness" co-existing with a very gargantuan something. Your contradiction defeats you from the very beginning.

Your empty shoebox has a hippo sitting on top of it, and he's wearing the lid as a hat.


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