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“Ridiculous, and stupid, and disgusting!”

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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“ridiculous, and stupid and disgusting”

This is ridiculous, and stupid and disgusting

Penny Hudson

Oh, that's right. The world revolves around Penny Hudson, and only what Penny Hudson thinks is what matters!

What does Penny Hudson think of the color of your living room?
Penny Hudson: "Eww, gross, I hate it!"

So, Penny Hudson, what did you think of the new Batman movie?
Penny Hudson: "It was stupid! Ridiculous. I walked out!"

Hey! Penny Hudson! We're all going out for cheeseburgers and milkshakes! Wanna come?
Penny Hudson: "Yuk! That sounds awful! Disgusting!"

Hey Penny Hudson! Can I introduce you to my lovely wife, Michelle, and my two precious children, Eric & Dawn.
Penny Hudson:



“it is inappropriate to dress Him up and make a joke out of His death.... I hope that you will understand my concern and take appropriate actions and guard against such things in the future.”

I just recently came across the Jesus dress up page and I would have to say that I'm offended by it. Showing Jesus nailed to the cross is a very serious thing and it should be treated with respect. I think it is inappropriate to dress Him up and make a joke out of His death. I hope that you will understand my concern and take appropriate actions and guard against such things in the future. Thanks.

Liz Wagner

Not to worry Liz. I have taken substantial measures to safeguard against any error or misdeed happening on my watch. Firstly, I did what any average human being would do. I researched to see if the subject in question was fiction or nonfiction. I studied the character against both factual characters & mythological characters, and I discovered him to have an alarming number of similarities with the mythological ones. Jesus flew without wings, rose from the dead, raised others from the dead, strode about performing magical tricks and many other traits & actions shared by fictional mythological storybook characters. So I decided to, as I'm sure you did yourself, find any proof that this character really existed because after all, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Not only did I find no such proof exists, but those I spoke with who assured me he does, admit to believing based on no evidence whatsoever! Basing the bulk of their reasons on faith! -A hopeful, extremely overly confident promise to oneself that what you believe is true and it's true because you believe. A completely circular argument which obviously amounts to nothing.

So, not leaping to conclusions and throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I researched further to find out whether or not this pretend belief in an unproved character had any negative side effects (as I'm sure you did yourself before concluding for yourself). Of course, I found that believing things to be true based on faith was not only harmful to the individual, but to all of society as a whole as well. Liz, did you know that the crazies who crashed planes into the Twin Towers used this same "faith" to assure themselves their beliefs were good & true? I'm sure you did.

I also learned that belief in these gods separates people into nonnegotiable opposable groups. Each of them believing they have a different god's commands on how to live, and those who believe differently are not only wrong, but enemies! Quite often enemies to be fought, even damned for all eternity in the afterlife.

Of course we all know the words of anyone claiming to know what's going on in the afterlife should be taken with a tremendous grain of salt, and any claims they might make about who we're all supposed to bow down to and show godly respect need to be scrutinized to the highest degree.

I'm sure you've done all of this before emailing me, so clearly you understand where I'm coming from, and can rest assured that an exhaustive amount of safeguards were conducted in order to prevent any sort of inappropriateness from taking place.

But thank you for double checking. We need more of that!


“Ill be trying on to damage your website and believe me one day Lord will punich you for this website!”

Can someone to explain me what purpouse was this website made for ? When I loged in on this website for first I got anxious. Im faitfull and Ill be as Ive been till now and Im christian .
Ill be trying on to damage your website and believe me one day Lord will punich you for this website.
Im hoping you to answer me on my only one question which is highlighted above !!!
see ya soon man !!!!!!!

Robert Hrabovsky

If you do even half the damage to my site as you do to the English language I'm
really in for a brutal disfiguring.


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