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What am I? Like, 65!?!

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hi, there my name's Sean. I found your site when I was bored and googled "Jesus." I was a bit shocked to find a site that was titled Jesus Dress Up Holiday Game. I clicked and saw pretty much what I expected, an animated picture of the stereotypical white Jesus with clothing accessories. I then went around your site and saw that you were an atheist and were doing your part to get people to question God's existence.

But I got to ask, why? What is it that makes you think that there's no God? Did someone hit you with a bible when you were a kid, did you get bad Christmas presents, were you spit on by a priest or what? (joking, not trying to be condescending, based on your site you don't seem that like the offend able type) I mean what was it that brought you to go "Hmm, yup, no God! Well, that takes care of that." ?

I know you probably get a lot of email (probably a fair amount of hate speech too, sorry about that by the way), but if you do find the time to write back I'd really appreciate it.


It was definitely a gradual process. It wasn't a bonk on the head with a giant bible or anything like that. It began with me writing in a journal for years and years trying to make sense out of all the teachings, the philosophy, and the meaning of life. Looking back I realize I was wrestling with the logic of it all.

Then in my late 20s it really started to plague my brain. The horrible life lessons it taught, the battle against logic God seemed to be requiring, and the evidence I saw all around that pointed towards it all being made up by man.

It was at about 30 that I realized I'd been brought up with a head full of bull shit when it came to religion. And when I finally came to the realization it was bull shit, I felt really lost, betrayed, and angry at the lies.

That's when I started the site and to doing my part to get people to question. I wanted to purge out all that garbage I'd been spoon fed and share what I found in logical thought, and how necessary it is for a healthy mind.

So no, it wasn't hoards of Christians spitting on me, or a priest running me over in his car. It was simply baring witness to the unreason of full grown adults who should know better, and me not wanting to grow up to be one of them.


“Seriously, How old are you? like 65?”

Seriously, How old are you? like 65? Don't you have anything better to do than critizize religion? I mean get a girlfriend or something. Something to occupy your time. Other than playing dress up and making a fool out of yourself. Your site is extremely disrespectful. Many people, including myself, take religion very seriously. You don't have any right making a mockery of it. If anything should be made fun of, it's you. A middle age man playing dress up? how freakish. Honestly, grow up! GET A LIFE!

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and whosoever believe in him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

God Bless you

65??!?! How do I know YOU'RE not the one who's the senior citizen? You sure quote scripture like one! Don't you have anything better to do than email strangers on the internet, TWICE! Why don't you find a knitting circle to go have bible studies with or something? Anything to occupy your time in the nursing home. Just so you know, many people like myself take our playtime dressup games about world messiahs very seriously, and your religion seems to have nothing better to do than criticize and condemn them!

A 65 year old woman hired by her church to sit around and complain to toy makers on the internet all day long? I hope your wheelchair gets a flat tire!

"Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel ... I regret the evil I have done you."
Jeremiah 42:9-10

God is evil.


“Just because i can quote scripture does not make me a senior citizen.

Wow. You're dumb. Just because i can quote scripture does not make me a senior citizen. And secondly, before critizin something, try knowing a little about it. You took Jeremiah 42: 9-10 out of context. You took one line out of a whole story. And the scripture i quoted is probably the best known scripture out of the bible. God is not evil. God is Good. And God will always triumph over evil. It's pretty sad that you feel the need to mock him. And why don't you gain some creativity and think of your own replys instead of copying the ones sent to you and writing the exact opposite back. If you have some strange need to play dress up, you could always take others into consideration and not mock their beliefs. It's just stupid.


No, but quoting scripture certainly doesn't help make you any less of a senior citizen. Complaining about things you see on the internet and rattling off bible quotes to strangers are both kind of elderly staples.

You might wanna maybe get an Alzheimer's scan or something before you wonder out and find yourself lost, sitting on a bus stop bench somewhere outta state.



Your so rude!

Your so rude I cant believe you put that on the internet you have no shame

Koula Langanis

You know. From where I'm sitting it really looks more like your problem than mine.





Jose Ganteng




My five year old niece saw this site.

Bob, I think that it is very distasteful to have made your dress up Jesus site. My five year old niece saw this site. You should be embarrased to have wasted your time making it. You need to grow up.

Angela A. Allen

What kind of irresponsible aunt leaves a 5 year old alone to surf the internet? You should be embarrassed to have sat her down unsupervised in front of an open window to porn, forensic photos, false idols, and recipes for homemade napalm. You're the one who needs to grow up before Child Services steps in and rebukes all your rights to ever see your niece again.


“Shame Shame!”

Not to mention the blasphemy to our Lord especially during this Easter season!

Shame Shame!

Angela A. Allen

Why? What makes this particular Easter season more special than any of the others?

“Surely we aren't the first to complain!”

Bob, nothing makes this Easter season any more special than any other season. My 6 year old niece is allowed access to the computer, and you are right, she should have been more supervised in order to avoid crap like your website. A lesson learned by her parents! But you don't know what kind of family this is, or that we are practicing Catholics and this kind of stuff to any Christian is offensive.

Surely we aren't the first to complain!

Angela A. Allen

Actually, you're like the 4th complaint I've gotten in so many years. After a little research I discovered that two of those 4 complaints were from death row inmates. The third one turned out to be a prank phone call from a couple 8th graders. And the most recent one, from a month ago, was from a lady who had a crush on me and thought complaining would get me to notice her. She turned out to be totally skitzo and way too aggressive in the sack.

So yeah, you're not the "first." In fact, you should be proud. You're now part of a colorful & unique group of individuals! You can be the "Neglectful Aunt."

Welcome aboard.

“That's strange-your website has 401 pages of hate mail!”

That's strange-your website has 401 pages of hate mail!

Crawl back under your rock-lay face down and look at the view you'll receive when you die. It surely won't be with the rest of us!

Neglectful Aunt my ASS! She wasn't even at my house when she did this. AND I can't even imagine anyone having a crush on you. You are one sick individual.

Good riddance!
Angela A. Allen

Crap. I was kinda hoping you wouldn't find those.

People DO have crushes on me!! Why else would they send me fake hate letters!?!?!



“It create lot of things to you. sure”

Subject: Go to hell

please stop these kind of things. Don't you believe Jesus? don't you know the power of Jesus? don't you know or heard the miracles that has done by Jesus not only in early days, but in today's world. look at them. haven't you any experience of power of Jesus? you have a chance to get much more experience regarding the power of Jesus.

Although you are insulting Jesus, he will forgive you. he is waiting until you come to his hand. He loves you. you are valuable to Jesus. sure. please stop.

don't forget!! you have a life after the death. think about who are you.................where are you come from to this world...................... after this short time of period of life,......................... what would be happened to you. think.................please stop.
you have a chance to be a missionary of jesus instead of these things just like st.paul. It create lot of things to you. sure

Bod bless you Bob.
Tharanga Rathnasekara

How about we just make the whole god damned internet one huge panda parade so all the little pink babies laugh instead of cry, then we'll chain the sun to a tree so it never goes away to make it always day.

The world is a bunch of fuckin retards.


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