Hate Mail “You can not disrespect and be offensive to Christians, it's not okay.”
Further updates on how much we're permitted to criticize Christianity.
And more of what I've been up to lately.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Latest Updates

These last 4 weeks have been way too busy! It all began with my crashing of the Vanity Fair party, then immediately afterwards boarding a plane to Arizona to visit ASU's Secular Freethought Society for the second occasion, then as soon as I returned I had a week to prepare a gallery showing of my prints at the 99 S. 6th St. Gallery in Williamsburg, which was followed by some Walmart fiasco of some sort, then I was off to visit family for the Easter holiday, from which I've just returned to see that Spring has almost completely finally arrived to Union Square!

So I begin with Arizona State.

First, let me say that so much happened during the visit there's no way I could write about it all here in a lowly sidebar of hate mail. There'll be more than a few entries from it posted in Amazing Strangers, some of which has already been comprised into a music video that I suggest you view.

I spent a lot of time at their table on campus, which after seeing the vid you'll see isn't in the least bit uneventful!

And Jesus Christ! I finally got to meet Super Chic Rix during a photoshoot I had with Broken Image Photography.

Oh! And I got married, then I partied with hotties...
And had a couple showings of Bob Smith, USA, and had a party and on and on and on. So there'll be more on that as soon and I find more time, and more space!

Then I had my very first gallery showing!

I showed color and black & white prints, lots of people showed up, and even had live music from my friends Brendan & Tanya and Project X!

I'll be having a bigger show there in the next month so I can have more time to prepare, so there'll be more on that in the weeks to come.

Of course I can't say how exciting it is to finally have the magnets at Walmart! THAT was a surprise! It's a sign of the times, I suppose. Walmart and the populous at large is coming to grips with the fantasy of Jesus Christ, and the rest of the gods. Perhaps we're finally ready to turn that laughter of mockery onto ourselves?

Everyone here is so excited about Walmart! And people are snatching them up FAST! Come see!

Oh! And I got new sofas!

It's been a full month. There's lots more to come.

“Making money on mocking another's religion is just wrong!”

Subject: Jesus Dressup fridge magnets

To Whom it May Concern:

Making money on mocking another's religion is just wrong!

John & Linda Kucinski

Or maybe it's so right I just blew your mind!


“To some, religion is very sacred.”

I'm sorry you feel that way. To some, religion is very sacred.

John & Linda Kucinski

Yes, but you must never forget that to others it seems very destructive, and in some cases quite deadly.

You may not like hearing criticisms, but John, that's life. Grow up and deal.


Speaking of deadly, remember that death is ETERNAL!

Okay Bob, so that is how YOU feel that religion is very destructive and is some cases quite deadly. Speaking of deadly, remember that death is ETERNAL! I don't feel the need to tell you to grow up and deal. Sounds very childish!

John & Linda Kucinski

You've just illustrated my point beautifully. I feel no need to throw any threats, anger or doom at you. Those, my friend, sound far more childish than telling you to deal.


“we will meet on the other side and we can discuss this further.”

Perhaps Bob, some day we will meet on the other side and we can discuss this further.

John & Linda Kucinski

But won't you be in heaven while I am suffering forever in hell? Will we be able to have discussions from such distance? And wouldn't you say that the antithesis of childish thought is imagining you can have any sort of heaven while others, fellow human beings, suffer eternally simply for believing something different than you?

The childishness oozes from you, John, in almost everything you say. And the cherry on top is that you're postponing the sharing of ideas on the matter to the afterlife.

You're a funny egg.



“Hey Bob, you know the saying 'what goes around comes around' ? Oh, I'm sure you do.”

Hey there, Bob,

Wow, today is good Friday, the day Christ was crucified.
I noticed images of the crucifixion on your site. Not very nice shots, though.

Hey Bob, you know the saying 'what goes around comes around' ? Oh, I'm sure you do. Well, Bob, you'll probably agree your site is not very nice, and if there's someone I don't want mad at me is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sure, putting the site up was something really unusual for you. Kinda nutty and out there. But might you agree it's played out? I know I wouldn't want that kind of karma chasing me around for the rest of my life. And just think how your life would change for the better when you do take it down.

Please take it down when you get a chance, Bob. That would be great. A very nice gesture on your behalf. And, hey, think of all the bad karma you would stop from following you around. You'd be doing yourself a big favor.

Most appreciated, Bob. You rock.

Thank you, sir.
-Keith Warhola

I'm sure having that site has caused you enough bad karma. And I'm sure you're burnt out by it by now.

Subject: Thanks for taking down your site

Hiya, Bob,
Just wanted to thank you for taking down your site. You're a smart man, and a decent person.

I'm sure having that site has caused you enough bad karma. And I'm sure you're burnt out by it by now.

Thank you for taking it down.
We appreciate your help, and wish you the best.
-Keith Warhola

I'm thinking you're emailing the wrong person, or you're a letter off in the email address or something. I have a site, but it's still up and running and my karma's been fine since it's been posted, going on 10 years now.

Recheck the URL name, or maybe you put in ".org" or ".net" in accidentally. I also always double check my spelling just in case.

No need to apologize, but thank you for the warm wishes any way. It's what fuels my engine!


C'mon, you know the karma thing, you know how it works. And you know your site and what it's all about. Taking it down is the right thing to do, you know that too.

Hiya Bob,

Thank you for getting back to me.

Yes, I'm told I have the right person.

C'mon, you know the karma thing, you know how it works.
And you know your site and what it's all about.
Taking it down is the right thing to do, you know that too.

I'm thanking you in advance for your help, and kindness.

You're awesome, and I really appreciate this.
Peace, Bob.
Keith Warhola

Yes, I know about the whole karma thing. Has it not been made clear enough from my site that I'm not that particularly superstitious? I mean, I understand you're in a constant state of fear that you might upset the gods in the sky, or the sin you commit contributes to dropping the shield that protects us from terrorists, but c'mon. Do you really expect strangers on the net to buy into your little idiosyncrasies as well?



“You can not disrespect and be offensive to Christians, it's not okay.”

Subject: Jesus dress up

Dear Sir,
I know you have freedom of speech and expression. And I would defend your right to say these.
However, with that right comes responsibility and common sense. You can not disrespect and be offensive to Christians, it's not okay. What do you think would happen to you, if you did the same to Mohammad and the Muslim community? I guess we are an easier target because we are supposed to be about forgiveness and love. Anyway as a Catholic I'm very OFFENDED by this depiction of Jesus. And I hope you will realize the wrong and hurt you have caused. You appear to be talented, so why not use that talent to do something more constructive and useful.

Thank you for your listening, attention and cooperation on this matter.

Patrick Trevino

Sorry about that. I hadn't realized Christians were off limits because they were some sort of superior, mega race of perfect beings. That explains why I've only received extremely mature, overly polite, reasonably thought out responses from believers in Christ.

I am responsible for a great wrong and agree to submit my thought and cooperate with your demands, whatever they my be.


My love and fear are one, the way God planned.


“I am Speechless!!”

Subject: I am Speechless!!

You Mock the Son of the living God? How dare you!! Take this site and this Idea down Immediately!! And tell What you have done To a Priest in confession! Although You Are Not Catholic Because a Catholic would Know Better. You Are Heading for Hell For Not Being Catholic, and Then What You Have Done With the Images on your web site. And For Children No less!! You are Blaspheming the Son of God, Jesus Christ the most High! Take your abomination Down Now!!!!!!!! It is so serious what you are doing You don't Know!!! It will Not only cause you To burn In Hell forever, It will affect you In this life as well. The Lord your God is not Mocked. You will be punished I can promise you that. In this life and in the next. Stop what you are doing and Seek Forgiveness From Jesus Through The holy Catholic Church!!

Arthur Desbiens

If this is "speechless" I'd hate to see you when you REALLY got something to say! Haha!

Thank you for all the orders, threats and unbridaled hysteria. Have you gotten results from addressing strangers in this manner before?


“No not Really...”

No not Really, actually I'm surEspeciallyprized that you wrote me back. When You publish a web site on the world wide web and put a Contact link on your home page, You should expect people to Contact you, Especially when your site is Controvesial. Bob, Can I ask you something? Why Did you Create a A site like that? And do you Believe in Jesus?

Arthur Desbiens

When you send bizarre, bloodthirsty rants to strangers you should expect a response.

Are you an example of a man with the magical light of Jesus sprinkled into your soul? Then um no, I don't believe in Jesus.

And the site was created precisely for the purpose you put it to.
Thank you.

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