Hate Mail "I will do everything i can to punish you for that website you have there. Will find out how normal you are real soon."
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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Subject: To whom concern this may...wait what

You son of a bitch! I of course mean that as a term of endearment, but seriously. You're brilliant. Your philosophy on life is quite interesting, and at least a good read. The interview with agentdoubleohno was certainly eye-opening, and it did indeed change my opinion of you: for the better. Now, I am not an Atheist, and I do indeed believe in God, but at a younger age, I came to find that 99.9% of the Bible was a fairy tale, used by men of the time to lure any followers to their cause that they could. Being born Catholic proved to be filled with Bible-worshiping left and right, yet I still found the light on my own accord.

The love of my life is an Atheist, and for the first time I truly questioned what made oneself become a nonbeliever. Now I realize that you don't need to here my lifestory bullshit, but I just thought you should know that some people who believe in God support you. I believe that no matter what religion (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, or any other denomination in which a human can be characterized, if you're a good person (morally; don't rape, murder, pillage, et cetera), you're going to Heaven. My gf respects me for that, and I respect her beliefs all the same.

Oh, and btw, just in case you need more hatemail, 'you're going to Hell you sinning douche!' =D

I appreciate the email, but I have to admit I feel for your girlfriend. I see very little reason for respecting someone who thinks there's a reward system waiting in the afterlife for people who do good and don't do evil. To me it's no different than saying anyone who doesn't rape and kill and tries to do good will get a giant, delicious birthday cake of your favorite flavor in the afterlife. Would you respect me for believing that, or would you kindly pat me on the head and say to me in your nicest babytalk voice "That's really really sweet of you. I wish everyone could have such a lovely view of the world as you do!" while you peer over your shoulder for a back exit so your friends don't see us together?

To me it looks like you're putting your girlfriend on the spot having to pretend she respects you for thinking only good things should happen to good people and bad things to bad people. It's not really a courageous stance deserving of any sort of respect, if you know what I mean.

Don't get me wrong. I am happy you're coming around, ditching the bible and church bullshit. Now you just need to overcome the whole "There's a God" idiocy you had programed into you at the same time.

Keep visiting the site. You're almost there, if you put just a little more effort into it.

“I will report this page to the authorities”

Subject: You are not Normal

This web site should be taken, down, its disrespectful and gives a wrong message, it teaches to mock the teachings of Jesus, You or who ever did this is weird, and need help with the devil in you because it will be stop its devils like you that this country is in a lot of heartache and pain and you will end it for us, I will report this page to the authorities, but I have a one question before I go, what's you religion? So that I may make a web site about that religion.


I'm atheist. And please please please don't make a website about my religion. Oh what an dreadful briar patch of a world this would be if you were to make a mockery of my beliefs. I would be so hurt and angry I would complain to the authorities. Then, of course, I would take our email exchanges and post them publicly to mock some more with others, continuing the cycle until one of us dies from hurt feelings, because that's how I roll.


You Threatening me

You Threatening me now.


I am mirroring your threat, whilst at the same time mocking it, then sprinkling it with a generous serving of sarcasm to help illustrate how empty I think the things you say are.


I will do everything i can to punish you for that website you have there.

Sir grow up, you are sore person mad that your the same as everyone else, except for me. I will do everything i can to punish you for that website you have there. Will find out how normal you are real soon.


Fortunately for me punishment from you translates into a couple silently furious prayers to the secret best friend that lives under your hat, and a diligent commitment to harvesting layers of acne under the pulsating glow of your computer monitor.



“God Bless You! He loves you so very very much and wants to heal your heart. It wasnt His fault. I know it hurts!”

Subject: God loves you so much!

You took the first step. God Bless You! He loves you so very very much and wants to heal your heart. It wasnt His fault. I know it hurts! I know you have to blame someone or something....God is crying ouT TO YOU! He LOVES YOU! HE WANTS TO HEAL YOU! Its not to late........things can be worked out. Things will make since...... Dear Lord Heavenly Father, soften my brothers heart to receive the love you created him to receive...... I do pray this in Jesus Christ name, Amen........

E.J. Teegarden

Oh god! Thank you thank you thank you! Dear sweet Jesus, thank you for sending this messenger of your love to me!!! He sees through the mask I've sculpted from tears, broken valentines and spider legs! Oh sweet darling beloved Jesus! Someone out there loves me and believes in me! Someone who will cushion the ground upon which I collapse into a helpless heap of begging pitifulness!

I completely submit my body and mind to the first stranger who comes along with a promise of love and snuggling! I am his thoughtless servant rich in the total collapse of my ego. From now on any command I hear in my head I'll assume is Jesus, and I will obey without question.

Thank you for your email.


“Delete your website!”

Subject: i hate your site

this is the worst website ever
This mocks christians i am not amused
Delete your website!

From matthew walker
your least fan!

Well at least you're a fan. Thank you.


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