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So this week, I absolutely, positively turn 40 years old, and there's gonna be a fucking HUGE party in Brooklyn to celebrate! [Click for details]

To tell you the truth, my dangerously darling friend Annabel is the one organizing everything so in some ways I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about. All I know is I'm going to get plastered, everyone's invited, there'll be dancing girls, cake and surprises.

I am not in the least bit scared of 40. A few people I know think I should be, but lookin' around at what I've made of my life, I can't think of anything to complain about.

In the back of my mind this is also a 10 year celebration of my atheism and the site! Because it was a decade ago that the switch happened. It was my 30th birthday that started me down the path that has led me to where I am today. So there's that too.

So the parties Wednesday and you'll be sorry if you miss out on witnessing me dance drunk.

“I guess, christians don't hurt you. So why do you hurt them?”

Subject: hey

don't you think, this Jesus dress-up thing makes some christian sad? Maybe it is a fun for you, but at the same time you hurt others. You could dress up any other man, who would be as funny as you think Jesus is. He is the most important and precious to christians. It is a direct attack to them, to their feelings. Why does is make you laugh? I guess, christians don't hurt you. So why do you hurt them?


"Jesus Dressup makes people sad, and cry, and so tearful they sing sad songs to heaven, to Jesus, who sits on a cloud, pouty faced, which is where rain comes from (in case you were wondering). Rain is Jesus' tears pouring down from the clouds because he's so sad about the people who laugh at him.

Jesus is a Supreme Being who can fly through outer space at the speed of light, rocketing through the solar system shooting miracles from his hands at super novas, and naughty galaxies, blasting them out of the sky in the blink of an eye! Then after a long day of light-speed super-rocketing Jesus runs to his bed and falls face first into the pillow weeping like a little girl because people still make fun of him here on planet Earth.

Why do they mock and tease him?? Why do teenagers make fake Myspace profiles under his name pretending he's gay or make-believe or smelly? Why would anyone draw a silly picture of him, photocopy it, then pass it to everybody in the lunchroom? Why do they make jokes about him for loving the innocent children? What's funny about that? Don't those people realize words hurt like daggers?? And what about all the magic tricks Jesus did?!? Jesus has real life powers better than Yoda or Superman! Read the Bible! They're all there, plain as day! There's no faking that!

Christians don't hurt anybody! They all just love Jesus and that's all they do. They sit in their houses and simply bestow all their love unto Jesus without ever hurting anybody. And anyone who says they love Jesus but hurts people isn't a real Christian, so don't think you can doubletalk that one by me, because they don't count.

A true Christian is perfect and never hurts anyone, and always hugs people tenderly. Look 'Christian' up in the dictionary, and explain why it says: "Someone who hugs tenderly!" and not "Jerks you should laugh at!"

True Christians are innocent naked babies nursing on the tit of Jesus' love while whispering silent prayers of goodness and joy until the day they crossover into the land of rewards and giant golden trophies in paradise, the reward for living up to their dictionary definition.

But I guess you just like laughing at people who never hurt anyone."

That's you, the extended remix.

“Real christians are working, and don't spend their all time in that ridiculous comics-like Jesus worshipping. They do things, what only make sense in life.”

I have no idea, where you have this anger and bitterness against christianity in you. Reading your letter I am sure, you are an intelligent man with great imagination, and I know the type of "christian", you are talking about. But I think they are not real christians. Maybe they think, they are, but with their behaviour just make things worse, they make whole christianity unattractive. I think, their life is much more destructive, than your dress-up thing.

But I know an other type, what I think, "real" christian is. They are the best people I have ever met, and they are absolute normal. Yes, sometimes they hurt others, maybe, when they are in a bad period of life, do it in a direct way, just anyone else in the world. The difference is the founding of their life. Of course they believe, what is written in the Bible, but do sins, as anyone else. I just want to say, the christians, you are talking about is only a false group in the 2 billion, who says themselves a christian in the world. This is a huge generalisation, you make, maybe grounded on several bad experiences. But it doesn't covers reality.

Real christians, I know, are working, and don't spend their all time in that ridiculous comics-like Jesus worshipping. They do things, what only make sense in life. What is it? I was wondering a lot, but I think, that is helping others in many ways. Working on my happiness, to have everything what I want, leads to emptiness after a time. When you help somebody in a selfless way, you experience an unknown good feeling, what I think only leads to happiness. And not just for an hour or two, bat it lasts for long...

I don't know, what you are believeing in, but I guess, you also think, the world is much more, than we can experience through our 5 senses. If I am wrong, this conversation doesn't make sense, because you are so closed yet. But if I am right, I think we could talk about that "beyond" world. In the case, you also feel like...

Mate Szeverenyi

PS. well, another thing: don't read those stupid dictionaries, you mentioned. Read the Bible, as it was your advice too... :)

"One other thing I have to say about Christians is that they're 100% normal, completely and always! And just like normal people they believe in ghosts and demons and angels, and a miracle man who was dropped down from the clouds to raise people from the dead, stroll in the woods with Satan, and curse fig trees. They believe the Noah's Ark story and the talking snake story, which are very normal things to believe are true. They believe normal things like even though men are known for inventing gods all throughout history this one in particular is actually true, because it's all so NORMAL!

Real life, normal, everyday people who don't waste their time spreading ridiculous comics around who instead do things that make sense in life, like teaching kids that "Faith" is a dependable, reasonable reason to believe things are true, and dinosaurs didn't exist, but in fact are an elaborate lie manifested by God (possibly Satan) to test that faith! Regular, normal, not-crazy people who think there's an anti-Christ who'll bring destruction to all the world, and he will be a Jew. Nice, kind, normal people that whisper hopes and requests into the next dimension for The Master Of The Universe to consider at his leisure. Sweet, gentle, normal folks who think the guy who invented all the galaxies has a plan written out for them, and part of that plan is to love and worship him and attempt to decode the book he wrote under the penalty of being burned alive for eternity.

We're all normal and you're not because you believe things different than us!!"

You again.

“Of course, you won't understand everything, nobody does. This is faith. You can't understand, but you can have something, what is more than a feeling, what says, this is the truth...”

You talk about only one thing: christian's stupidity. Yes, there are stupid christians. There are a lot of stupid people, and less the smart ones. That's the same rate among christians...

What is normal? What do you think, 'normal people' are? What makes somebody normal? Is it, when people don't believe in anything?
At this point I am really interested, what you believe in. Do you believe the 'life after life' in any way? Or death is the end of everything?

That is a big mixture, you wrote. There is some truth in it, but again there is some enormous bullshit too. What's the deal with the dinosaurs? Don't make me laugh! It could be an interesting debate, but please, don't sink below a level...

By the way, this extra ironic style you use, starts to get a bit boring... In the begining I liked it, but I thought, you know something else too. It looks like a mirror, you use for looking at yourself: oh man, how great I really am... Sort of Narcissus...

If you think, the discription of the world according to the Bible is a fairy tale, what is your version?
I think, your knowledge is smattering about what is written in the Bible. Try to read for ex. the gospel of Luke, without your stereotypes. It is a hard request, I know. But if you can do it, I think, you will see, this is a logical idea to explain, what the world is, how it works, who we are, etc. Yes, you should presume some supernatural existence. But most of the people presumes it, with or without any religion...

You don't have to decode the Bible. Only one time try to read it with open mind. I am not sure, if you are able to do it with the stereotypes and anger you have, but maybe one time... (A short prayer also helps: 'God, if you exist, let me understand something'.) You will see, it is logical. Of course, you won't understand everything, nobody does. This is faith. You can't understand, but you can have something, what is more than a feeling, what says, this is the truth...

I didn't find a better explanation for the existence, for the world, the purpose of our lives. If you have a better idea, tell me, I am curious. But this 'swearing at christianity' is emtpty and shallow. Nothing.

Your turn. ;-)

I guess I always saw "normal" as being grounded in reality as opposed to superstition. Commonsense as opposed to epiphanies. Evidence as opposed to faith. Thinking with the brain as opposed to the heart. Human beings above all else as opposed to prioritizing the gods.

Normal to me is requiring extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims.
Normal to me is when claims of the miraculous are presented, human error is considered first, and the suspension of natural law last.
For me, normal is assuming perhaps I'm not eternal, and despite my limited perception of the world I'm not essential to its continued rotation.


Abnormal is a god that needs our love or feels loneliness or is in the least bit sensitive to the whims, doubts and rebellion of his creations.
Abnormal is not immediately assuming the obvious: That gods are invented and exploited by humans, and have been since the beginning, including yours.
Abnormal is assuming there's an afterlife paradise without first considering the childishness of the notion.


“Try to play with the thought, if the Bible is true.”

Your explanation for 'normal' leads to another question: what is reality? Everyone has his/her own reality. Is reality that, what I can grab with my hand, every material thing? In this case what is love? Beyond doubt, love is reality. But you can't touch it. How do you explain love to somebody, who has never fell in love before? How do you give evidence to somebody, who doesn't believe that, you are in love with your partner? There is no evidence for everything, what does exist.

Reality is much more, we can see, touch, smell, etc. And I think, it is more than we can feel.
If man created god a long time ago, where does the world, the mankind come from? What is the begining?

If we are not eternal, doesn't counts, what we do in our lives. We could live in anarchy. Everyone could do, what he/she want to do, because it has absolutely no consequences. This would be a scary world, without any purpose, coming from the nothing, going to the nothing. It has no sense...

God doesn't need anyone. You are wrong. People need God. If your theory is right: 'people made god', than what was the reason for this? Something was missing? They are afraid to be alone? Why are they afraid? When you look around, everyone is missing something, and tries to fill this space with something. (Drugs, alcohol, work, a girl/boy, money, etc.) The only thing, I see fills this space in people, is God. Some christians, I know, doesn't feel this emptyness. Anything else gives temporary satisfaction. (I am not talking about those believers, who always has that silly smile on their face.) This can't be only the product of their brain. Their life works. I think, it would be interesting to have a look at them, and their faith, assumeing that, the whole stoy is true, whereupon they have grounded their lives.

Try to play with the thought, if the Bible is true. Just an option. What would you do different in your life? If you are not eternal, it doesn't counts, what you do in this short life, what disappears in the eternal nothing. If we disappear with death, no matter, how we live. But if you are wrong, and you are eternal, this eternal life is the only thing, what is important. I think, it worth the time to think. Everyone can go wrong. Just as you. (And me.)


Yes, I know exactly what you want from me. You want me to open up my mind and play with the thought. You want me to "break free" from this commonsense approach to thinking and restructure it to make what you say sound plausible. You want me to try and forget the things the world has taught me and the consistent patterns I've witnessed in people, situations & nature, and instead wrap my mind around these things that sound completely nonsensical. Pretend it's all true, then say, "Now what?" I understand.

Unfortunately for you this is the sort of thinking that every outlandish lie requires. Anyone who's ever purposely deceived someone else is more likely to succeed if someone completely submits their mind in this manner. Some of the most widespread, society-enslaving deceptions have thrived in this mindset. Isn't your suspicion aroused at all by the fact that this break from normal thinking is required for the things you believe? Submitting your mind to anything is necessary to believe what you believe. That, my friend, speaks volumes.

Mate, the thing that fills the space in people, the healthy thing, is other people. And this feeling you have inside that only perfection will due is your problem. That's something you're supposed to calm within yourself and not assume you deserve complete satisfaction with every relationship, every feeling inside, each love experience and every worry & fear solved or dodged. Dealing with this unquenchable thirst for everything is part of growing up. It's a developing of modesty in your heart. That's what becoming an adult is. Dealing with that childish want, and being humble enough to appreciate what you've got. Or you can just manifest this fantasy in your head and avoid the maturing thing altogether. You've chosen the latter.

I'm so disturbed by your concept that it is instead the gods we're supposed to prioritize. To me that's no different than saying we're supposed to prioritize that childish neediness inside. That's the sort of thinking your belief encourages.

What's the solution? Commit to filling that space with people, the human race, and build on that. It's far more productive and interesting. Plus, you won't sound like a brainwashed cult member when you describe how you believe.


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