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Subject: Crazies in Vegas

For years now, I've been a big fan of your site - the hate mail, the Amazing Strangers, the artwork. You manage to weave thoughtful, poignant commentary about religion and society with cartoons and jokes about junkies! I love it. Well, to that end, I'd just like tell you about my trip to Las Vegas and how you inspired me while I was there.

Last week, my wife and I decided, in the spur of the moment, to go to Vegas for her birthday. Neither of us had ever been, so we hopped on a plane spent the weekend in Sin City, and boy was it fun. We danced, we gambled and we saw some great shows.

Penn & Teller was, by far, one of the best shows I had ever seen. Magic and skepticism seem so antithetical, but for me, it was atheist heaven! They explain the tricks as they perform them, but it's so fast and hilarious that you can't really keep up. The best part was when they performed a psychic trick while at the same time, completely debunking psychic mediums. Awesome! After the show, both Penn and Teller took the time to greet and take pictures with all the fans. How cool is that!

Well anyway, the real reason I'm writing is to tell you about the Jesus freaks we bumped into in Vegas.

In the past, when I would run into religious fundies spouting off from the street corner, I would walk past without saying a word. In my head, I would write them off as lunatics and not worth the effort. It's like arguing with a four year old, you know what I mean? But when my wife and I ran into a huge group of them holding up giant signs with aborted fetuses, yelling at vacationers about gambling and homosexuality, I decided enough was enough.

Now, it's not like I wanted to have a deep and meaningful discussion with these crackpots. I just wanted to pester them a little. So we decided to take some pictures and shoot some short videos so that we could help illustrate the absolute insanity of their beliefs. I also pinned down the leader of the bunch and asked him (on video) how he could enjoy heaven while others burn in hell. He gave the usual incoherent response.

After that, I continued to take photos of all of the fundies in a way that would make the whole thing feel like a tourist attraction rather than a protest. As you've said yourself, making fun of this nonsense can help to marginalize its effect on others. Eventually they became frustrated with me and changed locations! But it was too hot for my wife and I to keep bothering them. Besides, we had better things to do.

Well thanks again for doing what you do. I just wanted to let you know that you've definitely had a positive impact on my life. I've been an atheist for a long time, but I use to take the passive approach when dealing with fundies. Now I take an active roll in defending rational thought and in the funnest way possible!

Kenny Beynon
Sycamore, IL
“Answering the New Atheism by Wiker & Scott Hahn”

Bob, Long time no email. You may not remember me...but I am still praying for you.
I was watching EWTN today and thought of you. It was about Atheism.

I have a resource for you to help answer your many questions and concerns:
Answering the New Atheism by Wiker & Scott Hahn.
You can order it 1800 558 5452.

I would be willing to purchase it for you and send it to you...if you give me your address.

Hope you and your family are doing well.
In Jesus' Mercy,
Carolyn Franks

I definitely wouldn't buy it myself, but if you got it for me I'd be happy to read it.

Normal Bob Smith
PO Box 41 NYC 10009


I hope it brings peace to your heart.

Bob, Well I just ordered it on the phone for you..it should be there no longer than two weeks. I hope it brings peace to your heart.

In Christ, Carolyn

Thank you. And I hope you don't mind me saying that it's already very peaceful in my heart.


Think of the different sizes of containers. Each [Peace of Heart] can seem/feel full. But each container is a different size.

I don't mind. But what I hope is that the book will bring MORE peace to your heart.
Think of the different sizes of containers. Each can seem/feel full. But each container is a different size.
The truth and grace that God wants to give each soul...enlarges the capacity of each of us for peace, love and joy.
All of us can grow in this capacity while on earth....with God's grace.

okay...off to the pool with my kids. Have a good day.

Peace, Carolyn

No, what I'm saying is I think it'd actually make my heart less peaceful if I believed there were Thought Police in the sky threatening me with eternal Hell for thinking incorrectly. And even if I do figure out how to control my thoughts and get to heaven I'd be forever separated from those I love who couldn't.

And not only will I be separated from them but I'll be basking in all the riches of paradise while they suffer & choke eternally on God's wrath! How could anyone find further peace of heart in such unfairness? I can't imagine being a noble angel of heaven and NOT demanding God let me eternally suffer in place of any one of those poor souls, and trading places so as many as possible can take refuge in my castle up in heaven.

The perfect angel Bob would rather suffer in Hell forever knowing he did a merciful deed than pretend to enjoy his diamond studded throne atop a mountain of hundred dollar bills while others burn.

I just wanted to clarify where I'm coming from. I didn't want you to think I'm a scrambling, lost puppydog in the rain who hasn't thought things through. Haha

Thank you for the book.

I always knew you were kind underneath all your past emails. :)

Bob, Don't fear...I don't see you as a lost puppy dog who hasn't thought things through. I do see from your email that you have been taught incorrectly about our God. Maybe this book will help clarify for you.

One thought for you before I go: God IS just..no doubt. He gave free will and would never take a gift back that was given. Unfortunately our free will has negative consequences for this life and the next. However in God's Mercy...He will accept the prayer, the sacrifice of one of his children for another. For you see...that is that person's free will too...to do for others. So He will not force anyone to believe, to follow. But He will lovingly and happily accept prayers from another for someone for example far from God. He is counting on it from His friends. It has been shown over and over in the lives of Saints...people who have suffered on earth for the souls of others. So if you wish....you could do what you say you would rather do in Heaven..on earth. You would be amazed at the lives of the Saints. God has raised them up for OTHERS. God's mercy is equal to His Justice my friend. Don't despair....don't let go of the chance that what I am saying is TRUE.
Like these friends of yours who you think have no hope for Heaven. Your prayers for them....would be heard....if you prayed.

Let me know when you get the book.

And by the way....I always knew you were kind underneath all your past emails. :)

Your welcome for the book!!

Peace, Carolyn

But he's clearly forcing people to bow to him if the alternative is an infinity of torture, pain, tears & heartache. If I presented the same options to the people around me that they could either worship me or suffer forever, that's force. It's bow to me or die.

Attempting to explain that somehow the Supreme Master/Creator of the whole Universe doesn't have the authority to allow non worshipers an alternative to torture is ridiculous. I have to tell you, it amazes me when other adults don't see how flawed and clearly made up the belief is. It's so obviously madeup by the same species that helplessly defaults to dictatorships if proper safeguards aren't in place.

A real loving god (or any mature adult for that matter) has no appreciation for adoration upon threat of death, by his control or otherwise.

It's really just that simple.

“The Catholic Faith has not changed in 2000 years.”

Bob, Your missing the part where God created us out of love. WE chose Sin and not to follow He whom created us. And out of Love God sent Jesus to pay the price of our sin...and open Heaven. Despite our sin and failings...God gives us the way back to Him.
And His desire for us to worship Him...is not for HIM but for us. He needs nothing. We who need Him and are tempted by the evil one to go the other way. Really. Following God brings PEACE, JOY and LOVE. You have it framed all wrong.
In our pride we think we should understand every single thing..but truly our minds cannot comprehend the totality of God, His ways and His plan. This is why it is called Faith, why it requires trust and humility.

Have you ever read any books on Saints...like Padre Pio, St. Francis act.. It will help you understand these things that you have not even begun to think about. You think you have it figured out...can't you even for a moment hold for a possibility YOU are the one who is wrong.
The Catholic Faith has not changed in 2000 years. There is much concrete evidence in the many Eucharistic miracles, incorrupt bodies of saints, gifts of healing and deliverance, gifts of the Holy Spirit that logic cannot explain.

And by the way....one thing we cannot get our minds around is God's mercy. It is for all. Those unbelievers or non worshipers you called them, I believe will have a chance when they die. When they see the truth to freely choose God. Or THEY choose hell. God puts NO ONE there...people choose it.
Don't you think it is worth investigating a bit more than you have.....from different books....from Catholic books on the saints and Miracles of the Eucharist. LOOK INTO IT BOB...what do you have to lose.
You clearly like to study and read....so do it. Than maybe you will see...what you are not seeing now.

This is my hope for you...and all non believers. Can you tell me if you were dying...and saw Jesus who told you the truth...would you believe than...would you say you were sorry.

It is not simple at all.

also....no one is clearly forcing anyone to bow down. He abased himself (Jesus) in order to exalt US!!! He came and suffered and was tortured for us...and raised us as adopted sons and daughters of GOD.

He simply ASKS us to follow Him....but why? For us to find happiness in this life and eternal happiness in the next. Satan..the fallen angel...wants you to believe as you do....can't you begin to fight against this force that has you so blocked to the truth???
I believe you mock because you are angry that you THINK you were fooled, tricked into believing something that isn't true. BUT ALAS....IT IS TRUE.

Try to look at it from a different perspective...try. I am happy you will read the book.

You were made for a reason, out of love with a purpose. You are loved by God.

I am asking you please don't respond angry with me...for what I wrote. Please don't use sarcasm. I am truly interested in your thoughts.

Peace, Carolyn

See, Carolyn, it's the contradictions that expose the lie.

#1. God created us out of love because he was lonely and wanted to share His love. We are his adopted sons & daughters, and He, our Father. But He needs nothing from us? His desire for us to worship Him is not for Him but for us? I thought that our falling from grace saddened him? I thought Jesus cried when we denied him? Which is it? Is He affected by us or not?

#2. The Catholic Faith hasn't changed in 2000 years? The concept of limbo for infants has been instated then retracted again and again. Catholicism's stance on evolution and its apology to Charles Darwin, not to mention its apologies for slavery and the crusades are further examples of its change in faith. Carolyn, the Catholic Faith has most definitely changed in the last 2000 years.

#3. The relationship God has established for us to have with Him is a textbook example of an abusive relationship. He unwittingly condones a love chained by fear. An adoration where the only remaining option is death. He's also condoned complete submission of the mind because His ways are so complicated we could never fully understand. He simply asks us to follow Him, no questions asked. Isn't the act of submitting ones mind to an idea the exact opposite of good advice for people living on this planet? Why would a good god condone it in any fashion?

#4. What do I have to lose? Time. Lots and lots of time. Trying to figure out the complexity of God's mind? I'm sure your god didn't put us on this planet to waste this one life with that. Wouldn't you agree?

#5. Had you ever considered that with all of these contradictions it is you who's being blocked from truth by Satan?

#6. Your god created humans, and he also does not allow for them.

Carolyn, it's impossible for me to temper the sarcasm. But rest assured it's not angry-sarcasm. It's a bedazzled-sarcasm with a dash of pity for an adult so unwilling to consider everyone but herself susceptible to human error. It's also a frustrated-sarcasm because you're so anxious to entrap others into this way of thinking. A complete submission of the mind that you call "peace of mind." And a pity-sarcasm because I understand you believe because you need it. Your need for it takes
precedence over truth. And now that you mention it, there might very well be an angry-sarcasm because your need for it also takes precedence over everyone else's truth as well.

Is it too late for you to stop shipment on that book?

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