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"The healings that take's place in my life are God's work. I am only a vessel."
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Hi Bob,

You probably wouldn't remember this, since you deal with thousands of emails, but I emailed you about 6 years ago I think it was; it definitely wasn't fan mail to say the least.

Couple years later I went to university, re-discovered my frontal lobe, became an atheist within my first year and as of late have been a very passionate atheist rather than a laid back one, to the point where I am utterly repulsed by religious people.

I was watching some Richard Dawkins documentaries, since he's my new "god" for lack of a better word, and something he said reminded me that I had been so upset about your site and emailed you. I would hate to read the emails now since I'm sure it would make me feel like an idiot, but I just wanted to apologize for being so ignorant. I know how much I would never go back to religion so I realize now how silly it was to think that any of the people sending you hate mail would convince you. I'm now a big fan of your site and quite enjoy debating with religious people myself.

Anyways just wanted to let you know there is hope - some people can be led away from the delusions and nonsense of religion and become respectable, intelligent human beings - keep at it!

- Alex

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Subject: GOD

dear normal bob smith...

i know it is silly to write to a complete stranger about my life and stuff...but i felt it was necessary. i cant sleep tonight.....i lay in bed crying, i have very bad depression, and i was laying there thinking about God and Jesus and stuff...and wondering, why do i have so much depression? is it because i do not believe in God? so i got up and went on the computer, and googled "i need to find jesus" and i came across your page. It was a breath of fresh air, and it put a smile on my face. not only that, it made me think. so i felt it was necessary to write you and tell you "Thank you".

-Briana Hope

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Subject: Some Advice (Redux!)

Long time no talk/write... Just a quick message. :-P

Just got through page 412 of your hatemail. You had me going with your leading of that 'healer' by acting like you believed him. I guess once you give somebody a machine gun like that guy's mouth, without any prior training, all it takes is giving them a long enough amount of time and they'll turn their feet into swiss. I should remember that the next time I consider rebutting an opposing viewpoint early.

A little nudge for you and your particular brand of Derisive commentary. I know you already said an awful lot about the drooling baptist you chatted with who nearly ruined your camera lens but if you ever feel particularly willing for more Christian idiots from my neck of the woods. Go looking up "New Life Newfoundland" on google or the user "AnsweringAtheism" on Youtube.

I've met both groups and personally it's quite frustrating to know that such idiots come from my province. >< I guess that's my own fault for having so much personal pride in my heritage.. Having these strawmanning history revisionists come piling out of the ass end of the province like they were climbing out of the back of a tiny clown car leaves me in shock.


“you treat Him lower than dirt, when He should be treating us lower than dirt!”

Subject: Question:

Why would you spend so much time on making this website? Obviously you don't know Christ. Yet you treat Him lower than dirt, when He should be treating us lower than dirt. Who do you think made everything around us? I don't write this to change your mind on anything you did or anything you believe, because I know that's not going to happen. I write this to shame you. Yet your heart is already to hard to feel shame. You can sin and feel no guilt or shame. You can always fulfill your own desires, and you feel no guilt. You will always lust for more. What your doing is wrong! He died for you too, yet you treat Him like dirt!

Brandon Galles

"HI there, I'm 15 years old and you are BAD! You feel no shame or guilt and all you do is evil and you love to do evil! And you cheat and steal and touch people in their bad spots without permission! You're really stupid and I picture you stabbing your sofa with a butcher knife because you are so miserable writhing in your own freakishness!! You refuse to believe a certain story that I believe without any solid proof therefore you are an ugly, smelly monster with rotten teeth!!! WE SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE DIRT! NOT HIM! HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE HOW WONDERFUL MY BELIEFS ARE?!"

That's me pretending to be you.
Thank you for your insight. You articulate your thoughts well.

“I have solid proof of Christ's existence. I know you wouldn't believe me if I told you so I won't bother.”

Haha! Wow, I must say, that was the strangest e-mail I have ever received! But let me fix a couple of mistakes that you have made. First, I'm not 15 years old (Which it really doesn't matter how old I am). Second, I have solid proof of Christ's existence. I know you wouldn't believe me if I told you so I won't bother. Third, it's not just a belief in some religion. It my relationship with Him. If it was just some religion I wouldn't bother writing you.

Thanks for writing back. I don't know if you were trying to be funny or not, but it was pretty humorous! I do have a couple of questions though. How long did it take you to make that website? And what made you decide to make it? I'm just curious. Thanks

Brandon Galles


I am so excited to hear your solid proof, you've no idea. Everyone always tells me I have to believe their stories but they never have any proof it's true. That's all I've been waiting for. I can't wait to hear your solid proof. This is really an unbelievable moment in human history. Solid proof. I'm honored to be the first to hear it.

Solid proof's all I've been holding out for, so let's have it.
I'll answer your questions afterwords. I'm just too anxious to waste any more time.

Thank you.

Two years ago in California I prayed for a man who had bad knee trouble...

You wonder why you haven't seen solid proof yet? In your eyes, there is no proof in words, there is only proof in seeing. I can't show you what has happend because you have already missed it. You haven't seen in because of your lack of faith in God. Before Jesus prayed for a dead girl He told all the unbelieving to leave the room. Because Jesus knew that if there was a lack of faith in the room God would not bring her back.

Two years ago in California I prayed for a man who had bad knee trouble. I was with two other good friends at the time. After I prayed for him, he took off running. He came back as happy as ever telling us his knee is perfectly fine. I continued praying for the sick and those in need of healing. I continued to pray, and God continued to heal them. The first guy I prayed for was Koren. He had back trouble, and God healed His back instantly. About one month later after these healings happend, I went to Guatemala with more close friends. I had the opportunity to pray for a lady that carried two canes everywhere she went. She told us that her whole body was filled with athritis. She told us her fingers hurt and legs hurt, as well as the rest of her. So we began to pray. She went down stairs out of that building walking perfectly, carrying the cains in one hand, in the air. I also had the opportunity of praying for a man who was nearly completely deaf. We had to holler in his ears just for him to hear us. After we prayed for him the translater spoke in a normal voice and he answered her.

This is my solid proof. You weren't there to see it, and I'm sorry for that. No one can give you solid proof unless you are there to see the impossible like I was. He blessed me by allowing me to be apart of His work. I love serving the Lord. Who wouldn't love serving the Lord when you get to see the impossible?! I love to see the expressions on their faces after God heals them. It's wonderful to see. Maybe, my proof is only for me. I don't know. God has used me to heal the sick in California, Texas, Guatemala, and also India. He has changed my life, that's why I defend the One I love. I'm sorry I don't have solid proof for you. But this is my solid proof of Christ's existence. 1 Corintians 12 speaks on these spiritual gifts that He gives His children.

Brandon Galles

I asked for proof and you delivered. What I don't understand is why you didn't start right off telling me your proof. You just expect people to believe whatever you say without it? If it had only been one healing, that could easily be written off as a coincidence, or a slight-of-hand trick, or a clever lie. But with four different healings in this one letter alone, it's hard to argue.

What I want to know now is how come you're so sure it's not Satan helping you heal those people. I've gotten emails from Christians telling me that in other religions Satan purposely heals people (like Hindus, Muslims, Voodoo, etc) to mislead them from Jesus. One of his many tricks. How can you be sure that your healing power isn't Satan related? Or some other god's devil counterpart fooling you?

For instance, have you ever seen those people in India who actually push their hand through someone's stomach to remove a tumor or cancerous growth of some sort? Is that God too? Scientologists have also been known to heal people. I've also seen cable shows with tele-evangelists healing people left & right by putting their hands on the sick person's head and pushing them to the ground. Are those people actually using God-given powers, or is it something else?

I just read an article about the guy who prayed for his daughter to get better and then she died. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8180116.stm I'm not sure if that's happened before, but you can't deny it's an example of God not granting a true believer's prayer.

I'm not sure how to argue against the remarkable healing you've done for people around the world. There's no explaining it any other way, which is why it hit me like a ton of bricks and made me reconsider some things, like for instance the Satan-healings and his tricks.

I definitely appreciate your emails though, no matter how much they may have set me back.

“What you never see is someone on crutches walk, or someone in a wheelchair walk. They only pick someone that looks fine on the outside but has a inter sickness.”

I don't like to start off in telling what God has done through me and in me. Instead I try to build relationship with people and show them that I am a trustworthy person. Show them who I serve and that I don't lie. When I have lived this example long enough to gain their trust them I tell them what God has done. I didn't tell you this truth because I didn't think you had any reason to believe what I had to say. I did share some of the miracles that happend. But I wrote down every miracle that God has done in my life. I explained the miracles in detail and wrote about 34 pages of miracles. But even with these four healings that I described to you, you could have easily called me a liar and not believe a word of it.

How do I not know that Satan is doing this? I call myself a Christian, not because of it's (religion), but because of my relationship with Him. The word Christian means belonging to Christ. I am His. Every prayer that I pray is in the name of Jesus. It is in no other name. Satan and his angels shutter at the mention of His name. They fear Jesus. When I pray in the name of Jesus, Satan cannot interfer. I know without a doubt that none of the miracles have been Satan related. I am not of Satan, and I don't do his work. I am of God, and I do His work.

I don't know what to say about the Christians who told you Satan heals. What would it take for Satan to heal someone? Do you pray to Satan instead of God? Do you do his bidding instead of God's? I don't know if you read your Bible or not, but God told Moses to throw down his staff and it will become a snake. Moses did that, but so did the magicans. The two magicans threw down their staffs and they both turned into snakes as well. Moses' snake ate the other two, but they still did the same miracle. So yes Satan does the impossible too. And yes, Satan can surely mislead people by his power. After the magicans did the same miracle the people laughed and mocked Moses for it. People love to see the impossible. The difference between Christians and these people, is who they serve. One group serves Satan and the other serves God. The ones who serve Satan are very devoted. They do lots of rituals and devote themselves to serving Satan. In result, they too do the impossible. But theirs is totally different from God's. For example, a great friend of mine and his pastor were walking in the streets of Guatemala. They heard this shouting from a distance. They followed the noise and found a man who was demon possesed. The man talked in a strange voice and had incredible strength. They saw him bite off a piece of a concrete slab. But none of his teeth broke. The man fell down foaming at the mouth and then they commanded it to come out. Another thing is levitation. It's something that can't be explained, except the one who levitates worships Satan.

I have never seen anyone in India push their hand through someone's stomach to remove anything. I don't know about scientologists either. Sorry. But about the tele-evangelists that wear the nices suits and have such an amazing audiance. They have so many people there but only the lucky ones get to go on stage. Let me tell you their secret. Have you ever heard of Binny Hinn? He always comes on stage wearing very nice white suit. He has a huge house. I'm pretty sure he has his own jet too. He travels all over the world. What you never see is someone on crutches walk, or someone in a wheelchair walk. They only pick someone that looks fine on the outside but has a inter sickness. If they have cancer, or things of that nature. You will never see a broken arm healed or broken leg healed or any of that. God isn't an entertainer.

I know this is a really long email, but before I get off of here, let me explain what that article was. Yes, that has happend before. Recently three ladies and I fasted and prayed for a lady with cancer. She was a great friend to us. We fasted only one meal a day, but for about 3 months. Her health seemed to get better and then worse and better again. But the ending result was that she died. She was precious to us, and we loved her. But we are not God. He is God. Our ways are not His ways. And our thoughts are not His thoughts. Even Jesus prayed before He had to die on the cross, "Please Lord allow this cup to pass from me, yet not my will be done but yours." Jesus asked God, don't let me die like this Lord. Let it pass from me. But, are we going to say that God didn't answer Jesus' prayer? The lady that died was God's child. He has every right to take her home when He chooses. If the guy was praying for his daughter, I hope he also lead her to Christ. It's not a bad things when Christians die. We have peace and a comfort of where that loved one is. Haha, well this is way to long! I hope I helped answer some questions. What do you mean when you say, No matter how much they may have set you back?

Brandon Galles

P.S. Sorry it's so long! That's not what I expected.

I suppose I mean I was "set back" by the implications of meeting someone who's experienced what you've experienced. It's eye opening to say the least.

But that's not the matter at hand. This isn't about me. It can't be denied something out of the ordinary is happening if you have the power to heal. But there can be other explanations. The power to heal is not exclusive to the Christian religion. I've seen on television Hindus, and people of other religions claim they were healed by their gods as well. And I also must argue that I've indeed seen people throw down their crutches or stand up out of their wheelchair and walk, even run, around the church. Benny Hinn proved he can heal despite worshipping riches and fame like he does.
I found this video and I can't think of how someone could fake that, unless the girl's been given a shot of adrenaline, or it's trick photography (CGI?). They can do anything with Photoshop now.

The Christians whom I've spoken with told me that in cases like Benny Hinn, Hindus and witch doctors it is actually Satan who mimics God's healing tricks so they'll continue to worship their false gods. Satan does it not to help, but hurt. They've said to me Satan is the Father of all Lies. But that's where my doubt stems. How do you know you're not the one being duped by the devils of other religions. Muslims have a Satan too. How do you know their Satan isn't pretending to be your god so you'll not consider becoming Muslim? Or the Scientology Satan- Xenu, or the Satan of Hinduism who pretends not to even exist! I admit I'm only going on what other so called "Christians" have told me. For all I know they too are speaking for Satan to sway me in directions untrue.

Now that you've explained that article about the father whose 11 year old daughter died because instead of seeking medical treatment for her he prayed I understand why it wasn't a bad thing, and she's more than likely in Heaven thanks to her father. It proves that God wished for her to come be with Him. It's funny how it can seem so wrong at first glance, but after you really look at it through the eyes of God it's so beautiful. I shake my head and smile when I think about how misunderstood God's ways are in this world. Can you imagine how misunderstood the apocalypse will be when it happens? Haha

I'm really enjoying this philosophy discussion with you. It's unbelievable how complicated, yet simple it is. Also, I have a question for you specifically. Knowing you have this power to heal people, how do you rest? How do you keep from spending every waking moment in hospices and doctor's waiting rooms helping people with their ailments and disabilities? I imagine this gift can be both a blessing and a burden at times.

I'm sorry if that last question is too personal. If it is please don't feel obligated to answer. I'm just really overwhelmed by everything you've been telling me and trying to figure out how to reorganize everything I thought I knew.

Thank you for your time.

“It's very rare to find a demon possesed person in the states. But outside the States it's much easier to come across them. This is because of Satans work.”

When I was young, I didn't believe the Bible to be complete truth. When I say young I mean 10-16 years old. I just knew that in my mind I was right and God's word was wrong. I read His word thinking, "That's contradicting." When in fact, none of it is. I also wondered, how could these people in the Bible be instantly healed like that. I wondered why God didn't still do miracles today. I also wondered why God spoke to people back then, but we can't hear His voice now. The years go by, and I finally gave up asking God all of my questions that I didn't seem to get any answers on. I finally told God, "Here I am, use me in whatever way you desire. My life is yours." I gave Him everything that day. From the day I surrendered until now, God has been answering the questions I asked. He didn't just answer them in words. He showed it to me.

One miracle I didn't share with you is this. During my time in California there was a man who prophesied over me. I didn't understand prophesy or healing or any of the other gifts. But his words were this, "I see fire in your hands, and I feel like God is telling me to tell you to start stepping out and praying for people. Because God has given you the gift of healing." So that's where this gift began. If God didn't tell this man to tell me, then I never would have stepped out and began praying for people like this. So I too have learned how to hear God's voice. That's how many of these people that God has healed through me became healed. It was because of hearing God's voice. Just as it says in John 10, the sheep will know the shepherd's voice.

I tell you all this to say, all the truth that I tell you is related to God's word. It is also by experience because I gave my all to God and dedicated myself to Him. He answered my questions in His time.

Now, about your email. If this isn't about you, then who is it about? Your next sentence says I have the power to heal. No one has the power to heal. The healings that take place in my life are God's work. I am only a vessel. I take no credit in His work. He has the power.

Haha, I can't believe you are still looking for other answers on healing! Yes, the explainations can be endless. But there is only one Truth! Will you believe the Hindus who worship over 300 million gods? I must apologize about telling what I thought was true about Benny Hinn. I also got that from tv. The man said he used to work backstage for Benny Hinn and he knew all of Hinn's tricks. He said that he was the one that brought in the sick people. But I guess my information wasn't true. I still don't like him! haha! The only thing I think is weird about the video would be that she wasn't healed on stage with Benny Hinn. I wonder why she wasn't "slain in the Spirit" like all the others are. Maybe its cause she had no where to fall?! I don't know about the "slain in the Spirit" stuff either. I never experienced it or read it in the Bible. Some people prayed over me and put their hand on my fourhead (Is it forhead?) and pushed on my head. Someone was behind me to catch me. I just walked back. I don't understand why he would have to push.

Well the Christians are right when they say, Satan is the father of all lies. Because it all started with Adam and Eve. Satan first said, Did God really say... Then he said, No! You will not die. From the very beginning he was the father of all lies. If Satan can lie to you and make you believe something that is more appealing to you, he will do it. I must say, you really confussed me in the third paragraph. Muslims have a Satan too? This isn't about the religions in the world, it's about what is true. There is only one Satan in this world, but many followers. Both in the spiritual realm and the physical. These false religions don't know this, but when they worship their false gods they are giving more access for Satan to have his way with them. It's very rare to find a demon possesed person in the states. But outside the States it's much easier to come across them. This is because of Satans work. Have these other Christains told you about every religion having a Satan? I hope they haven't.

As for your specific question for me at the end, I would be more than glad to answer it. How do I rest? Haha, I rest just fine! Again, it's God's power and impossible for me to do. For God to heal someone through me there are many things that need to take place. First, me and the ones around me must believe and have complete faith in believeing God can, and God will heal the person I'm praying for.
Second, I like to hear it from God first. If God tells me to go, then I have complete confidence that He is going to heal that person, without a doubt. Going to hospitals and things like that would be nice, but again, think about this in God's view. Pretend one person goes into the hospital and prays healing over all different types of sicknesses, and God heals them all. It's on the news and all the Christians in the nation join in God's work. Next thing you know, doctors and nurses are out of business, hospitals are no longer needed because people can just pray and ask God. Unfortuantly, it doesn't work this way. "Think about this in God's view. Pretend one person goes into the hospital and prays healing over all different types of sicknesses, and God heals them all... Next thing you know, doctors and nurses are out of business, hospitals are no longer needed..."

I will do my best to put this in God's perspective. Our bodies are only a tent for our temporary dwelling. If these people are healed that's great, but it's not the healing that really matters! What really matters is if their hearts are changed because of the healing. God knows our hearts. Not everyone's heart is ready for a physical healing. Jesus healed ten lepors, only one came back to follow Him! What about the other nine? They went on about their lives and forgot about the One who healed them. It's about the heart, not the body. The body will come and go. But the decisions that you make in your heart will carry on for eternity.

I gained pride when I had this gift of healing. Now I hate that I did because that is not what God wanted. Once people in California found out that I had the gift of healing, I barely had time alone. The sick people kept coming. I kept praying and God kept healing. After the pride came a burden that was too big for me to carry. I never knew that so many sick people could exist! Nevertheless, God kept working through me, despite my pride. Yes it can be both a blessing and a burden. But it depends how you use it. I hope to always use it in humility rather than pride.

Brandon Galles

I have to admit, you still sound quite prideful about your healing gift, but you've got every right! I'm happy to see you proclaiming yourself a vessel for God and the list of all you've healed. In some ways you're the next best thing to a Messiah! How could you not be proud? Out of all the millions of people on the planet you were chosen by God! Even if you tell no one you still go to bed with a smile on your face knowing you were hand picked by the Creator of the Universe. I can't even imagine how special that must feel. It makes regular people seem so second rate. Had you thought about writing a book, or letting someone make a movie of your life? I think you have to put your needs last, even if it results in being accused of pridefulness, just to get the message out.

However, I do have to disagree with you on one point. I don't think God cares either way about keeping hospitals and doctors in business and that's the reason why he doesn't heal everyone through you. That sounds like an excuse. I don't think He's concerned at all about whether or not our medical institutions profit financially, especially at the cost of the sick & injured, and even more especially when they're healing people God's meaning to kill. I'm a little disturbed by the lack of faith when you state we need the doctors and hospitals at all. Had you considered they're doing the opposite of God's Will by saving people who're meant to die? It's no different than if God were trying to usher in the apocalypse and non believers tried to stop it. That's an obstruction of justice, and here in the States that's a felony.

Believe me, I'm glad to see you boasting about all the people you've healed and being chosen special by God. It's a far better example for kids than the TV & rock music heros they worship now. I just think you need to reexamine the issue of doctors getting in the way of God's plan. I think you'll see looking at it through God's eyes modern medicine and hospitals interfere with His plans.


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