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Subject: Thank for the NYC tour

Hey Bob,

I don't know if you remember me, you took my cousin and I on a little tour of the lower Eastside about a week and 1/2 ago or so. Thanks for that it definitely the highlight of my New York stay. I can see how people fall in love with a place like that...a very "do-your-own-thing-let-your-freak-flag-fly" mentality. Especially in the Eastside. Hell, a few days after you took us to the Double Down Saloon, we were in that area again and a car was pulling a stripper pole with a girl grinding on it. In the middle of the street, no big deal. She was just hangin' out, go-go dancing on the pole, doing her thing. Pretty cool.

I don't think I could ever live there though. By the end of my trip, I was overwhelmed with all the noises, people, smells, large buildings, pigeons ...it was like an enema of the senses. You have to have a special type of endurance to live in New York. It's the same type of grit that people in Alaska have, just manifested in a different way. Where in a place like Alaska, people have to endure long stretches of time without much human contact, you have an overload in New York. Because there are people everywhere in NYC, it seems like one has to develop an ability to block out the residual noises/people/etc. and just focus on work or a small group of people or what-have-you. That's not to mention the fact that everything is so damn expensive. Hannah and I ate at some "deli" off of Times Square where they didn't have prices on the menu - just the calorie count. (I mean really, what the fuck is that all about?! That chicken wrap was not worth $8.40. Just sayin') I could see someone having to play a trial and error game for a while until they figured out where all the cool places/people were.

...Although, I suppose that could apply to almost any city, really. Maybe it's just that New York is on such a larger scale than most anywhere else you go in America (except for the obvious - L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, etc) that everything just seems multiplied by umpteen million. Weird.

...Anyways, thanks again. It was fun. I also checked out Boris' shoe shop. You weren't joking about it being a hole in the wall - we almost passed right by it. I didn't buy anything, Boris seemed far more interested in helping the two small Asian girls find some shoes than he did with me. "This is what I have, brother" is the gist of what he said to me. Fair enough, I suppose.

Alright. I'm going to stop rambling on about this shit. Like I said, it was fun. Thanks. I've got the magnets up on my fridge. So many combinations, so little Jesus.


...p.s. - Do you have a P.O. Box address you can give out? I don't know if that's weird to ask or not, I sort of assume you get letters from fans and stuff, but I could also see that being a bit of a risk, what with the crazy Islamic fundamentalists trying to kill you and all. I just have some junk mail from the "Whitley Memorial Baptist Church" that I think you'd find funny as hell. It reminds me of one of your little pamphlets - stylistically speaking, obviously not in content - except they have a guy doing a fist pump on the back...and they're trying to "invite you to come be a part of an old, but young church. You can be a part in helping us reach our community for Christ."

Riiiight. Anyways, if you could give me that, that'd be pretty fuckin' cool. But if not, that's understandable. Keep rockin' on.

* * * * * *
Normal Bob Smith Design
PO Box 41, NYC 10009

“What way are you following Bob?”

Dear Mr Smith,

May I call you Bob (odd, but I feel like I know you)

What I find most disturbing Bob, is that your site is more Christian than most (if not all) Christian sites that I've perused, and I am somewhat an expert on Christianity. I don't think it very nice to mock any person suffering, but then Christians do that every day by not listening to what Jesus said. He said, "I've come that you may have life to the full". Yeah right, according to many Christians, as long as you're not too creative, or gay, or a Muslim, or a women, or have a unique hair style, or like wearing devil horns, or if you don't like wearing floral dresses or slacks. Bob, what a world of petty minds we live in hey! Jesus didn't mind about those things and niether do I. Remember, Jesus didn't ask us to worship him, he asked us to follow him.

What way are you following Bob?

Claire Grace

The way I am following is my sanity. Logic. My plan is to follow what logic dictates, from a commonsense point of view. And when I am asked to follow an illogical point of view, or something that could be described as "bent logic," "twisted logic" or possibly even insanity, I become very suspicious. Suspicious because there are hundreds of different beliefs all asking me quite politely to follow.

This is how I think everyone should lead themselves. And if I had children it's what I'd teach them. Teaching them to be critical, because they too will have many who ask them to follow, most of them bad.

But most importantly I would instruct my children NOT to follow. Never follow. Not anyone, because following discourages thought. There are no new ideas thought up through the process of following. It is when we don't follow that progress is actually made.

So you're a follower? Tell me about that.

“Do not oppose the evildoer - love him.”

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I, like you, believe that there is much progress to be made in this world by new and creative thought.

It's interesting you follow "what logic dictates, from a commonsense point of view." I think that's why Jesus used common, everyday stories to communicate his message.

What or who am I following? I am following the way of an idiot. That is, life in love without exclusion, without distance, to make no distinction between Dog molester and peeper, between the skater and the junky. An unselective love shown to anyone simply because they happen to be present. To depreciate no one.

Perhaps the true Christian does not fight, not even when her existence is threatened. Such faith doesn't take offense, even when being dressed up in dungarees and a straw hat. Such faith doesn't rebuke, doesn't resist; it doesn't bring the gun. Perhaps the true Christian resists her tormentor neither in words nor in her heart. I suppose this was the conduct of Jesus before the Judges. His conduct on the cross, his conduct on your cross. He does not resist, does not defend his rights. And he pleads, he suffers, he loves with and in those who wrong him. That was his fundamental attitude, resist not, resent not, lay no blame. Do not oppose the evildoer - love him.

Union Square looks like the place I ought to be.
Good on you Bob,
Claire Grace

"Love the evil-doer" is logical?
The man who attacks the innocent in the dark should be loved? Barbarians who come to destroy, rape, and burn should be loved? Loving those who want to destroy helps? Walking down the street I see a man beating a woman. A pervert goes up to your child on the playground and invites your child back to his home to see the new puppy he just bought. What would you, the one who loves him, do? You would lie down and sacrifice everything to him?

Declaring your love for the peeper or the Dog Molester from afar is no kind of declaration. You must come to Union Square, I'll introduce you to a peeper, then you can show me what your "unselective love" actually entails. I would adore seeing exactly what version of "love" you're referring to while there's a half a dozen peepers lined up in front of you trying to look between your legs. It's easy to think you're "the man with a plan," but take my word for it, when you're actually there with them lined up in front of you, your love isn't going to translate.

Had you ever considered that by not depreciating abhorrent behavior you're in fact supporting it? By bestowing this "unselective love" onto anyone who's rubbing up against you on the subway you're actually encouraging their actions and sending them on to someone else with your stamp of approval.

Not resisting those who come to rape, destroy, mangle, thieve, molest & murder is not a noble accomplishment. Having the capability to stop someone whose plan it is to ruin you and others, then backing down as a declaration of your "unselective love" is no better than being an accomplice. This is where Christianity fails, and why at times it's done exactly the opposite, killing, raping, pillaging and destroying to spread this unhelpful message of "love."

Claire, I invite you to Union Square. I'd love to introduce you to Signs, The Dog Molester, Crackhead Tony, The Cockroach and the rest of the gang. You may adore how noble it feels to say you'll love everyone unconditionally without selection, but when you've got the Dog Molester trying to touch your face with his fingers and Huggies is pressing up againts you with one of his infamous "hugs-from-behind" while the Cockroach deals dope to a pregnant teen we'll all get to see the true value of your unselective love in practice.

No kidding. Me and Union Square welcome you with open arms.

I must say, you seem like precisely who I was speaking of when I said "many will ask very politely to follow their insanity."


“Hitler was logical and consistent in his thinking...”

Subject: Dear Mr Smith

Right you are Bob,
Perhaps it's logical within a certain framework. Perhaps the framework of 'ultimate' failure to overcome or redeem evil without God.

Well, there is a theory: that we should try to do what's best for the other person. That we should be able to give and receive 'good' gifts. So I guess if I caught a guy abusing my child, Id think, "um, now what's the best gift that I could give this guy.... and then I'd cut his balls off. For his good of course. It would be a sacrifice on my part you understand.... and after some reflection, about 5 seconds worth!

As for logic, Hitler was logical and consistent in his thinking, within its own framework. However, I think what you're saying is that common sense logic is what we need. Indeed there is something about the human spirit that keeps us from going too far, that drives us on to stand up against the tyrant (even if it means us sacrificing our selves).

Claire Grace

But Claire! Castrating the enemy who comes after your child is not loving him! In fact, that is the exact opposite! Does that mean, God forbid, Jesus' teachings do not fit into the category of logical??? Good heavens! Are you one of those whom I precisely described as being with bent or twisted logic asking others to follow????

Run children! Run!!!

And I'm not talking about being "logical within a certain framework" or "the framework of a madman's mind." That's where my term "twisted logic" falls. I'm talking about real world commonsense. And no, Hitler's logic did not fit within that. BUT I would really like to hear you elaborate on this point you're trying to make! That'd be fun.

Am I wrong, or are you a complete fruit bat?

Parents, take note and stear clear.


“I just wanted to tell you that your website is very stupid...”

My name is Adam and I just wanted to tell you that your website is very stupid and you are going to go to hell if you dont get saved jesus loves you and dosent want you to go to hell even though everyone deserves it the bible says "For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord"

Adam Yates



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