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Subject: Hello

Hi, I'm a teen from Finland and I've been visiting your site every now and then for some time now.

I ran into it when I was reading about satanism and demonology (sort of my hobby, I like to read about mythology and such), and I got to say your site is awesome.

I fricking love your comic characters Satan and Jesus, they're just so adorable and funny, Satan's Salvation is one of my favourite web comics.

First I wasn't sure if I should send you e-mail but I think you do a good job by making people happy (well, at least I've had so much fun because of your site) so I thought I should let you know that too, haha. And, uhh, I hope my English does not fail amazingly badly for it's my third language and I'm still learning it.


“I have said a prayer for you...”

hello Bob, i am not going to send you hate mail. and no one else should either. if they are living for christ they shouldn't have hate in them. even though you have made fun of Jesus on your web site GOD still loves you and will forgive you if you just ask him in to you heart . I have said a prayer for you , i hope sooner then (to late) that you will say a prayer also. GOD bless you.


You, Sir, are a very honorable and commendable gentleman. I take my hat off to you for you are clearly the bigger man.

The amount of mercy and self control necessary for someone to see a game like I've made and not be overcome with hate, threats and a plot to terrorize my life, it's quite frankly heroic. I do not mind referring to you as a hero. A modest, loving, noble hero of your religion.

Somewhere around here I have a crate of trophies. Next time I trip over it I'll be sure to drop one in the mail for ya.



“please read holy book bible and your life will change completely !”

hey it s my advice , to cancel your site account !
its disgusting joke christ !
jesus is king of heaven and earth !
please read holy book bible and your life will change completely !
impossible is man but for god nothing is impossible !

Levani Revazishvili

christ did so died! A million times christ die !
i no cancel account soon never !
jesus is king of murky swamp !
holy book should be a canceled account !
you impossible !



“you must be a sad little man who crys in his sleep everynight and still lives with his mother in a basement”

I can Clearly see that you have decided to ignore veryones comments and to be just a comlete and utter moron i am not a christain but to be perfectly honest you dont need to be one to be disgusted with this site your responses to people who write to you are rude and ignorant and to be honest you must be a sad little man who crys in his sleep everynight and still lives with his mother in a basement this is what i think when i see a site like this.

Why dont you actually try and reason with people othe than just shouting your mouth off about your sex life and your mother and this may get you somewhere and may even get some understanding about why you would create this site

Rebecca Howells. (Rember me..!)

Is that really how I'm coming off? Like I live in my mother's basement and cry myself to sleep every night? I would be SO grounded if I were doing this out of my mom's basement, and all my internet privileges would be taken away, including having my laptop locked up in the trunk of my dad's car, which I can't find the key to so I'm doing this all from the library and NOT MY MOTHER"S BASEMENT! So, you can be sure there's no more tear-filled nights in this basement!



“you are sick & mental”

Yrs ago.... I wrote you and accident by accident I made type o's but it was early in the morning....& I just wanted to say.... You can believe in what u wanna but you are sick & mental


Sick & mental like a FOX!



“I pity you when you die.”

Subject: Still online??!!

Would have thought you'd have wised up by now. What you're doing on this website is beyond aweful. I pity you when you die.


Yes, because you're a human who knows what happens after we die, and I'M the one who needs wising up?

We're all so barely evolved it's a wonder we're not still throwing fruit baskets as the sun.


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