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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Subject: HI BOB!

I was on your site jesusdressup.com and it is really cute and nice and creative and I would like to dressup Jesus the way I (you) want and see that I have much choice to dressup and I like it. I find you on http://slaven178.blog.hr/ . How to dress up Jesus by my choice? What I need to do?

Big Lowe
Marijana Kragic

Not sure what you're asking. You need to learn English better then email me back.

Thank you!



Big Lowe
Marijana Kragic

There you go. That's MUCH clearer! Now you just need to rephrase your original question, otherwise it will go unanswered and be lost in time's abyss.


I'm glad that you answered me. I just wanted guidance about where to click to dress Jesus in any of the proposed clothing combinations here: jesusdressup.com???

Big lowe

Oh, that's simple. Just click anywhere on the desired outfit and drag it with your mouse. It should click into its spot at that point.



ah now I did it! it is really is easy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Lowe
Marijana Kragic

“it is embarrassing to see a website that shows such dishonor to people of that faith.”

Subject: Jesus Dressup

Dear Mr. Bob Smith,
Although your website "Jesusdressup.com" is very creative, I find it very offensive. I do realize that maybe you are against Jesus, God, and the Christian religion in general, but I think that it is embarrassing to see a website that shows such dishonor to people of that faith. If I were to see a person who doesn't believe in God, I wouldn't ridicule them for not believing or make fun of them in a way such as this. I do hope you?ll consider reformatting your website to a more respectful form. ?Dressing up? Jesus is a horrible thing to put as an activity on a website.

Anna O'Donoghue

Yeah, unfortunately, Anna, this is just something you're going to have to get used to, because the act of Faith is beginning to be looked down upon more and more in modern society. Believing in things without proper evidence or logical thought is showing itself to be an extremely unreliable method for establishing truth. Not only that, but it's being discovered that Faith is the base for many dangerous and/or deadly beliefs. Islamic Fundamentalists used Faith to validate their actions when they blow people up, and Christians use Faith to back all sorts of hurtful beliefs. Everything from the concept of eternal suffering for the trivial act of believing something different, incorrect history lessons, ignorance about human sexual behavior, limitations to scientific research, unwarranted prejudices, I could go on and on. All based on nothing more than the beliefs of people of Faith. Your people.

I believe your Jesus even warned that you're to expect laughing and mockery because you do indeed believe many outrageous, crazy stories. You've most certainly been warned about this before you made the choice to believe, so don't blame me. You're the one with the talking snakes, floating messiahs and chariots of angels streaking across the skyline on trails of fire.

What'd you expect? A pat on the back?

“my faith in God is strong enough to endure it.”

Mr. Smith,

You're right, Christ did say that we would be persecuted for his sake; my faith in God is strong enough to endure it. But God says: But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven; he is guilty of an eternal sin. God also says: Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Thank you for your time Mr. Smith and I hope that you will reconsider my first message to you.

Anna O'Donoghue

Yes, but God also said: "If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her." Deut. 22:28-29

So hopefully you can see why I'm not taking the things he says too seriously.
Oh! And you shouldn't either! CHRIST!



“someone randomly walked up and handed me your pamplit about God being fake...”

Subject: first time looking at your site

someone randomly walked up and handed me your pamplit about God being fake. I have to say it may be useless to tell you that your going to hell and even though you may not believe it one day that sad realization will come upon you that you are WRONG.. i find it very funny that you have more hate mail then support mail. You actually should be ashamed of yourself.

You know im sorry your daddy beat you or your father and mother rapped you or let the old men in your family play with you as a child or whatever fucked up poor me God didn't save me reason you have to say the shit you say doesn't give you the right to publish the shit you do. But since your life is fucked up i guess you think that gives you the right to fill other impressionable people's minds with the same bullshit that makes you miserable..

You my friend are a walking contradiction. Cause im sure that you have been taught about God and know whats right thats why you fight against it so passionately.. I may not call myself a bible thumping Christian but i believe in God and know first hand the amazing things he has done. People like you are the reason revelations was written and if you have not picked up the bible lately to refresh your memory of what is written there maybe you should since its the fate that you will met.

Know that the end of the world is coming very soon and i hope that you live to see it first hand and know what it is like to experience the power of God. But you didn't realize that people like you are the reason that God is so powerful. You preach about why is there so much violence on the streets and bad shit happens thats why he doesn't exist.. well if you really were as smart as you say you are you would know that its people like you that is the reason there is the violence and bad shit we as people go though. Im not even going to compliment you and say your satan because your not. I know you like to believe you are and that other people call you that but sadly your not. your just another "history repeats its self" think your the first and got something orginal lost and sad little boy who has no other way to let out his anger but take it out on something that you can't see or feel because you don't believe its there cause you can't see or feel it. Fight it as much as you want but there will come a day when you will believe and i hope that all the people you have infected with your inflated bullshit get to see it when it does happen to you. Don't forget GOD LOVES YOU TOO!!!


Is one of the "amazing things" about God the allowance he gives you to relish the beatings and rape of children by their parents? Or is it the eagerness for the end of the world? Or are these just a couple of many amazing things about him?

You write a very good letter.



“enjoy your time in hell!!!!!!!!!!!”

Subject: hello mr.

do you relly think this is funny???how could you do this????you suck.you can not make fun of lord.fuck you!!!!

enjoy your time in hell!!!!!!!!!!!


What?? This email is insane! Who put you up to this???? Are you on drugs???? You've gotta be crazy to be writing letters like this!!!!! Go stick it up your ass!!!!!!!!!!!


“...f.y.i. i am sorry for calling you names i was angry!!!!”

oh relly??you know what may be i will.but just tell me why did you put that thing on the web??? f.y.i. i am sorry for calling you names i was angry!!!!


Yeah?? Well, if you say so I maybe just might but that's why I put it on the web!!!! So I accept your apology because it actually did sound like you meant it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, seriously!!!!!!! I know the way I construct my sentences makes it look like I'm batshit crazy, but I'm literally propped up in bed with 4 pillows completely relaxed and listening to an ocean waves recording!!!!!!!!!!!


“is bob your name????”

wow!!you sound like a good guy.what is your riligion?and is bob your name???? :)


Yes!!!!!! I am really Bob, and I consider my religion atheism!!!!!!!!!!!


“what is your risson?”

no seriously bob....why did you put jesus dress up on the web??? what is your risson?


Haha! Risson! That's a fun word!!!

I put up Jesus Dress Up on the web to lure simpletons who believe everything they hear into my web so I could mock them publicly for being so goofy!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One month later...
“did you gave my email address to a site called godless bastards???”

did you gave my email address to a site called godless bastards????tell the truth.


NO! I swear I did not! Why would you accuse me of such a indecency?!? There isn't any way I could have done that in one million years. No. Absolutely not.

But I did post your emails on my site. Perhaps they got it from there?


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