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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Broken Image Photography

I'm looking around and saying to myself, again, "All right. What next? What's there? Who am I forgetting? Do I finally get around to organizing and publishing that book of hate mail? Is there another art project lurking in the back of my head that needs digging out? What about that big event that's supposed to happen now that I'm 40? Am I done getting laid? Was that the cutoff? How do I actually rate? How long and cold is this winter actually going to be anyhow? Who can I call to whisper positive reinforcement into my ear? Or how about spilling coffee all over my laptop and sketchbook like I just did? Is this what I've been waiting for? Is there enough painand hatred there to spark the next idea?"

Knocking an ass out of the rut is the hardest part. Lots of times it takes some horrible catastrophic event to smack someone out of it. I don't want it to come to that, but at least if it happens I'll know it's the wave I'm supposed to hitch my dick to. Sometimes letting it all trickle down to the bottom step is what has to happen to find the next staircase up.

Right now I'm in mourning over the passing of Summer's Union Square. I will not allow Amazing Strangers to starve on account of the cold. I've got several new ideas up my sleeve to explore and I'm more than ready to pour salt in old sores.

And Christ, what about love? Is the ride over? Am I now only the desire of women who want to settle down? Has my immaturity lost its appeal? Will I see another pair of panties pulled down for me? My cock doesn't seem to think it's over. But it's also never been a dependable reality compass. Do I even try and shake free of the twisted paths my perversions take me down after months of not getting any? Or do I embrace them? The longer I go without the more twisted they get. I wonder where that path ends and if there's an artistically viable future there? I've taken several trips this last year to prove many of these questions futile and unanswerable.

Whatever happens I know my main objective is to stay afloat. Everything falls into place as long as I stay afloat, and I've found I'm pretty good at doing that much. At least that much.

Thank you Broken Image Photography for these photos taken earlier this year. I love them, Chaz.

“one day jesus will dress you.”

Subject: You

one day jesus will dress you. the question is for what place

Louie Ruff


“Finding it my duty as a devote catholic this is my protest...”

Subject: "Dress up Jesus"

Dear Bob,

Searching for a picture of Jesus i encountered your site. Finding it my duty as a devote catholic this is my protest. Your "Dress up Jesus" feature is very disrespectful towards my religion. I understand if you may not have the same beliefs a Catholic or Christian but you need to respect them. As the Bible says He died for our sins to be forgiven. Your comical display of Jesus being crucified is disturbing. I seize to comprehend how a person in their right mind can display such a horrid experience as form of amusement. take this into consideration from all Christian peoples that what you have created is a disgrace and you absolutely need to eliminate it. If you do not then this is not the last you will hear about this.

Melissa Gonzalez
Miami, Fl

Well, Miami's Melissa Gonzalez, let me be the first to say you've done a splendid job standing up for and defending your beliefs. I am extremely impressed with both your directness and the strength in which you presented your protest. I can say with almost no hesitation whatsoever that you've fulfilled your duty as a Christian and impressed both God & Jesus, as well as most every Christian worldwide with the comments you've written in this letter to me. I cannot even imagine the amount of courage it takes for someone to say what you said to me. You may confidently give yourself a gold star for the difference you made today. Gosh, I admire you.

I, Normal Bob Smith, hereby decree Melissa Gonzalez this week's "Most Honorable Christian in the World" award, thus securing for herself one of only 35 beachfront mansions in heaven made entirely of diamonds & delicious dark chocolate.

Congratulations from all of us on Planet Earth.
Your courage puts Jesus' to shame!


“all he want,s to do is love and forgive you of your sins and give you your hearts desire and supply all your needs...”

Subject: this is Blasphmous your Jesus dressup

your Jesus Dressup is Blasphmous I have seen your accessorties you have on your sad site your know that he died for you on the cross , the cross he carried to the top of the hill to died for your sins, Jesus has love for you and and you do this to him?

I, like Jesus have no hate toward you but curiosity of why would you go to this Extreme to make fun of him when all he want,s to do is love and forgive you of your sins and give you your hearts desire and supply all your needs and answer your prayers and ginve you free will to choose to follow him or not .

William Baker

Well, that's a very good question. I suppose the main reason I make fun is because people make believe that their bad deeds can be absorbed by someone else. Someone whom they've never met, or who may not have even existed. The idea alone that someone else can pay for the wrongs you commit is ludicrous enough. It's reminiscent of when people used to put all of their guilty acts onto a goat then banish it from the village, or appeasing the gods by spilling the blood of virgins.

It's all very irresponsible and childish behavior from people who'll go to any measures and believe any tall tale to get out of taking the blame for their actions and feeling the hurt in your belly which comes from guilt, then, in order to avoid that bellyache in the future, never doing the bad deed ever again.

With Jesus, you dodge the bellyache, and that's not a lesson learned, which is why I make fun of him, and you all. Scapegoats are nothing to be proud of. Look it up. You should be embarrassed.

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the matter.


I wish your site was pulled as well as your little followers looked into by the police.

[In reference to posts in the comments section]

Sad some of your users & followers trolls & uses harassment on people via e-mails....... And makes up false stuff all because freedom of speech there gonna blow stuff out of place & say weird stuff and make up lies online? Wow so mature for adults esp. on your site I feel sad for your nutty fans. Maybe they need to get a life & stop e-mailing other net users & just e-mail you and not me or other fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish your site was pulled as well as your little followers looked into by the police.


Maybe you should completely freak out and throw cups and dishes around, and yell and scream just to show everyone how you're not what they're all saying you are? Maybe that'll help?



“I wanted to send this email to tell you how disguested I was with your web site”

I wanted to send this email to tell you how disguested I was with your web site,you may not believe in our lord who suffered on the cross for us all, YOU INCLUDED,but surely you could show respect for the belief in our lord that others have especially children.I can only hope (for your sake ) that the time never arrives for you or yours that you need the help and belief in our lord to give you strength to cope with the sadness that this life has in stall for us all. May God in all his wisdom and love have mercy on you.
Sharyn Noll

Wow. A complete elimination of all guests??? I'm shocked! I seriously had no idea. I am very sorry. I hope my apology helps in some way.



“I will personally make sure your email address gets spammed off the planet”

Subject: Do not mock Jesus, you will regret it for eternity, but in the meantime I will personally make sure your email address gets spammed off the planet

do what you like with this address, its only used for spam collection.

Russell snodgrass

You collect spam?



It is a dangerous thing to mock Jesus. Better watch out!

Subject: dress up

Trust you are not serious regarding dressing up Jesus with what I am looking at on your website. It is a dangerous thing to mock Jesus. Better watch out !

Gary Wiechman

Yikes! I just looked over my shoulder and saw a guy duck behind the wall!

This is super scary!!!!!!!!


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