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If ever there were collection of links worth checking out, Jennifer's collection are it! You WILL NOT believe your EYES! Seriously, I was not aware that actual photos of Jesus existed, but some of these are beyond explanation!

For instance, here's a picture taken from an airplane in 1988!

First-time flyers on their honeymoon took a whole roll of photos out the window of the plane when the pilot announced on the intercom they were flying into turbulence. The couple prayed aloud, "Oh, Lord protect us, send the angels of the Lord to hold this plane upright and keep us safe."
Almost immediately, the choppy winds subsided. Returning home, they found this photo when they picked up their prints.

I mean, JESUS CHRIST! How do you just explain that away?!
Oh wait. No. It was actually taken by a school teacher in 1972 right here...

Gah! Sorry. That's not right. It was taken by a women at a funeral and a voice told her to take a picture of the sky. My bad. Here's her photos...

Shit, I did it again. That wasn't the right story. It was taken by a 28 year old Canadian in southern Saskatchewan.
Jesus! Scratch that! It was taken from the window of a Dallas airport in '62!

Blah, I did it again. I get mixed up. It was a little girl on a farm who... Wait. You know what? Just go visit the page yourself. Jesus In Clouds. So many people took this photo it HAS to be real!!

Because what you really need to be looking at are the photos NASA took in 1978 from the shroud of Turin!

This is no joke ...because it matches perfectly with a weather satellite photo taken at a completely different time and place! LOOK!....
And this photo exactly matches another photo taken in 1985 by a guy in India! In fact, there are a dozen other photos just like it all taken by different people at different times from around the WORLD! I was blown away. You will be too.

But I could spend all day on the Jesus photos page, and there's other pages you need to race to before you decide.

Jennifer and I also strongly recommend listening to THE SOUNDS OF HELL! It's a breathtaking recording made by oil drillers who dug TOO DEEP and heard actual screams from Hell! There's no other way to explain it, because hell is obviously in the center of the earth, so if you dig too deep... well, you get the idea.

They made the audio extremely difficult to find on their site, so if you wanna hear it the easy way just go here on youtube.

He was spit on, cursed at, made fun of, punched, kicked, flogged, & crucified for you!

Subject: Its Jennifer, your Jesus dress me up site

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to tell you that its not a joke or a game that our Lord God Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. You should be praising & thanking him for his love. He was spit on, cursed at, made fun of, punched, kicked, flogged, & crucified for you & everyone, so that God our Father can forgive all sins. I'm not sure what you believe in but I've had many special experiences with God, Jesus & Angels & I'm telling you its 100% true. The most important thing to God is to believe in & to love his only son & be like him in every way. It hurts God & Jesus to see you doing this. I hope you do the right thing & remove it. If you have any Heavenly questions, email me anytime.


See, but the contradiction to your experiences with your god is that a Hindu has the same experiences with Vishnu. And a Muslim has the same experiences with Allah. Native Americans have the same experiences with animal spirits. A voodoo witch doctor has the same experiences with their gods. A Buddhist has the same experiences with Buddha. And a Mormon has the same experiences with their god. And so on and so on and so on, around the world, throughout time, and all the gods differ to such a great extent you can safely bet it's more likely happening in our brains, and that's it. I'm only being logical. You can't fault me for this.

That said, and these gods probably all being imaginary, the spit, cursing, punches, kicks, flogs & crucifixion are probably imaginary too. No matter how terrible you make the story out to be, it's still pretend, which does nothing for making it more real. In fact, it appears to be written that way to make not believing the lie look bad. That makes it even more crooked.

I'm not sure if these count as "Heavenly questions," but there they are nonetheless.
You can hide from them or respond however you please. I'd be very interested to hear your explanations.


I have a 2 year old son...”

Bob, ok I'll respond just give me chance, I have a 2 year old son running around over here, lol


No problem. Take your time.
Although I could get hit by a car tomorrow, so however long you think you should put this off it's up to you.


“Do you know that almost all the Apostles were killed, would someone willingly die for something that wasn't true?”

lol don't say that, James is going to sleep now.

I guess your being sarcastic, meaning no matter what I say I'm not going to get you to believe but I can only try with all my heart. All I really want you to do Bob is just think about what I'm about to write only once & to find time to look at the very important true sites below that's all.

I really care about everyone's eternity & for the record I'm not a liar & I'm not crazy, I truly had this experience because I was very upset & confused & I asked for God's help. Prayer is very powerful! Through my special experience with God, I learned that it doesn't matter how good we are, if we don't believe in God our Father AND his only son our Lord God Jesus Christ there's no other place we can go but Hell because we have no Hope since only through Jesus Christ we could enter into the kingdom of Heaven. How do I know this is true? My experiences with God of course, also the Catholic Bible, I realized that the answers to my questions I was confused about were in the Bible if I'd only just read it, I would of known. That's why God says we must read the Bible to learn what he wants of us. How do we know the Bible is true? There's so many reasons, between the Apostles writing the books & spreading the word about Jesus. Do you know that almost all the Apostles were killed, would someone willingly die for something that wasn't true? Millions of people witness the miracles that Jesus performed out of love. Also, this is a true story, this guy was an Atheist & his occupation is a journalist, he wanted to prove that the Bible was false & since he's a journalist he has ways to search & to look things up, he did everything possible to prove its false but he couldn't & he realized he was wrong & believe or not he became a Christian.

There are people around the world with different religions who had life after death experiences & saw Jesus Christ. Mary the Blessed mother of Jesus has shown herself all around the world but the most popular place where she comes & gives messages to all the people is Medjugorje Bosnia since the 1980's to today twice a month. There's proof of her presence with miracles. Her most recent message is below from Mirjana, I'm emailing you the sites on the next email. I just want you to know that I would bet my life that all I said is true, if I wasn't sure I would say it. There's much more I can say but it would take days to write. Don't mess around with your eternity, TRUST ME you will regret it.


Message to Mirjana - December 2, 2009
"Dear children! At this time of preparation and joyful expectation I, as a mother, desire to point you to what is the most important, to your soul. Can my Son be born in it? Is it cleansed by love from lies, arrogance, hatred and malice? Above all else does your soul love God as your Father and does it love your fellow brother in Christ? I am pointing you to the way which will raise your soul to a complete union with my Son. I desire for my Son to be born in you. What a joy that would be for me as mother. Thank you
Medjugorje - Apparitions of Mary Queen of Peace - Medjugorje.com ---just in case you want to see all Mary's past & future messages. Also read this book Queen of the Cosmos by Jan Connell, all that Mary said in Medjugorie for us.

Real Jesus and Mary photographs

The Truth About Hell ---- real sounds from Hell from workers who dug in the middle of the Earth, it says in the Bible & Jesus says Hell is in the middle of the Earth.

Hell is Real, I went there! by Jennifer Perez ---- a teenager's true story

Choo Thomas, Heaven is so Real --- I had my special experience with God about this book, showed me this book is 100% true.

Embraced By The Light: The Official Betty J. Eadie Web Site --- My favorite amazing Book,She had a life after death experience, Jesus told her things in Heaven.

Revelations of Heaven and Hell by 7 Youths, 7 Jovenes -----true story

www.bible-knowledge.com is a site to explain easier what the bible says--really great

Also, Bob try to see this movie it will explain the proof you want about God & Jesus Christ---The Perfect Stranger--Jefferson Moore

Also Jesus---Jeremy Sisto

I hope you truly look into these special sites, you will learn a lot & please try to get those movies & books, you won't be sorry. I will pray for you that one day you will have faith & believe. You could always ask me anything. I know every religion has there own God but there's only one true God our Father in Heaven & our Lord God Jesus Christ proves that point while he was on this Earth.

This is precisely what I'm talking about. I have letters like this from all different religions. Muslims begging me to believe because Allah is the One and Only True God, and they know for sure because they too have had these experiences you describe. They too, during a time of confusion and despair found Allah, who pulled them from their heartache and gave them purpose and relief. I have also spoken with Jews, and Hare Krishnas, and Buddhists and you name it. Here in New York you can speak to a hundred different faiths, each with a promise of salvation. It doesn't take long at all before you realize these people are neither liars nor lunatics. They're just mistaken. It's human error. And human error makes far more sense than the claims.

People die willingly all the time for false beliefs. Didn't the victims of The Branch Dividian die for David Koresh? Does that mean he was real? Muslims die for Muhammad. People died for Marshal Applewhite, Jim Jones, & Zeus. I think there were disciples who even died for Charles Manson! I'm shocked to hear you suggest that people dying for someone is evidence their cause is true. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the death toll were higher for false beliefs!

Jennifer, for as many people who switch from atheism to Catholicism, or some other religion to Christianity, I can show examples of Catholics becoming atheists, or Muslims, or Buddhists. I've seen smart, educated people become Hindu, or Mormon, or even convert to Judaism. I've seen conversions of almost every combination of beliefs. It does not impress me in the slightest about the belief's authenticity.

People who've had after death experiences also mean nothing. I know people who've been revived from a near death and had no after death experience. Would that be evidence to you there was no afterlife? In fact if you go to Google and type "muslim near death experience" you will not be pleased with the results, Jennifer. Same with "hindu near death experience" or "buddhist near death experience," even "scientologist near death experience!"

Jennifer, we're silly humans, each believing the religion of the land we're born into. It's not that complicated or confusing if you just step back for a minute and stop desperately trying to prove conclusions you've already committed yourself to. I see someone on the other end of this email exchange who's begging me to believe something for the exact same reasons any other religion gives to believe. And all the reasons are flawed.

If only for the fact that you chose this belief during a time of confusion and sadness that makes me weary. People will believe almost anything when they're at their most desperate. It's a recipe for misdirection.

I'm sure you can see where I'm coming from. And besides, it all just sounds so make-believe anyhow. It's like you've never even heard of the word "myth" before. That's just what it seems like to me.

Think it through. I think you've been duped, and it's just your fear of death that's making you the victim of lies.

Do you know that most of everyone in this world believes in Jesus?

Bob, I live in Brooklyn New York, I understand what you're saying, if you watch that movie The Perfect Stranger---Jefferson Moore, He actually describes the proof of why other religions are false & the proof of God our Father & our Lord God Jesus Christ. There's truly only one LOVING God our Father & what the other religions don't have is Jesus Christ as his son.

We already know there's proof of Jesus on this Earth. Do you know that most of everyone in this world believes in Jesus BUT in their own way or not at all which is a low percentage. Some believe he was a prophet, others believe he was just a great person but of course he's truly the son of God but the whole point is he was known as a person who done miracles & was crucified because he proved he was the son of God & even with all his proof they refuse to believe him

The Jewish people do believe in God our Father which is good but not that Jesus is his son which is bad, the Muslims believe in God our Father also which they say Allah but their thoughts of God our Father is wrong, they think you should kill for God, abuse women, have many wife's & so on. Our Lord God is loving & gave us his commandments which are the opposite of what the Muslims believe & they are especially wrongbecause of the timeline that goes from Abraham----ect---- Moses---ect------Jesus, but within this there's a story, I think it was Abraham. Abraham & his wife couldn't conceive, God came to Abraham & said you will have a son, they waited years & no son, they lost their faith in what God had told them & Abraham's wife told him to have sex with their slave/helper, so that they could raise that baby for their own. He did. The moral of the story is Abraham had a son from the slave/helper & God afterwards kept his promise & made Abraham's wife pregnant. So Abraham had two sons which go down different timelines. The son from the slave/helper is the wrong timeline because that wasn't God's will to have a baby with the slave/helper which the Muslims follow that son & timeline (that's why they don't believe Jesus) & the son that God said that would happen is the timeline to Jesus Christ which the Jewish people follow. The Jewish people are correct except when them come to the point of Jesus among others.

There are so many different beliefs that's why God not only sent his son to die for our sins but to prove who is the one true God & what he wants from us. Jesus is exactly how God is loving, forgiving & all positive.


Most everyone believes in Jesus, but in they're own way? You're in New York, Jenn. Have you ever spoken to someone visiting from Japan or Korea or China? Next time you're sitting in Starbucks and there's tourists visiting from China ask them what way they believe in Jesus Christ. They're not going to know who the hell you're talking about. Show them a crucifix and they'll shake their head unknowing. In North Korea they're not even allowed to worship anyone accept Kim Jong Ill. I assure you they've not a clue who Jesus is or of the stories of their eternal fate for being born in the wrong country. So far I'm talking over a billion people! And I'm not even getting into the past, a history of gods and people who had nothing at all to do with Jesus.

But I also have to rain on this parade as well, because as you and I both know, simply because a large number of people believe something that does not make it so. The fact that an idea of a magical man spreads from one mind to the next is no verification whatsoever.
Have you heard of Sathya Sai Baba? He is a godman (like your Jesus) alive right this very minute in India. Isn't that exciting? He's a miracle worker, healer, messiah, Krishna descended into the physical, with a message of peace & love & oneness for all. And you wanna know something, Jenn? He has MILLIONS of followers! And they're right there watching him live his life right now, spreading his name and super-godness and truth throughout the country, and the world! Rumors of miracle workers spread faster than anything, with exaggeration, truth-stretching, and simple make-it-up-as-you-go for each and every mouth with an eager listening ear. Those links you sent me are the greatest proof of all this. That portrait of Jesus. The same photo with 10 different explanations. There's no better example of how easily made up stories are believed, shared, and labeled "truth." It's just so silly, AND ugly.

Jenn, if someone shows you a picture that looks like Jesus floating down from the clouds and tells you it was taken at a ten years old's funeral in '73, then another person shows you the same picture and explains how a grandmother took the photo from an airplane over Illinois in 1993, then another person shows you the picture and tells how a woman took the photo at the Dallas airport in 1962, this should not make it sound more and more true. No. Instead it should raise a red flag as to how eager people are to attach themselves to an exciting story and make it their own. Your mind should explode with the concept of how easily rumor spreads unquestioned without a shred of truth to back it up. It just makes me cringe seeing an adult behaving so irresponsibly. Such a lack of thought. You've got no filtration system set up at all to separate truth from fiction, huh? And you're passing your information onto others as quickly and thoughtlessly as possible. You, Jennifer, are a perfect example of exactly what I'm describing.

How can you act in such a way and not bear full witness to how easily falsities are so precariously passed on as truth? Do you even care if it's true before you say it? If it all weren't true would you want to know?
These are the questions I ask myself when I encounter someone like you.


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