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Hi bob,

Just found your site today, spent what seems like hours reading the hate mail. Entertaining, in a drug-addicted self-destructive way. In the past I've tried arguing religion with the various levels of loony, and it mostly felt like banging my head against a wall. Its always a pleasure to see someone more sarcastic and witty taking the piss out of these crazies, and I'm adding your site to my "list". Now when I feel the urge to engage it a pointless argument with a religious type, I just send them a few links to websites like yours, and save myself a few hours of painful despair.

I'm impressed that you find time to individually engage many of the hate-mail senders, and its particularly satisfying to see them descend from smug righteous "praying for your soul" to incoherent "fuck u!!!!"

One request please: any chance you can give some indication of how much hate mail there is? I kept clicking next, but for all I know you have thousands of pages of it. It would be nice to know that I was at say page 32 of the hate mail, and had some means of returning to your website at a later date and jumping straight to page 33 of the hate mail..

Jonny Chowns

“Maybe you could make up a web site to dress up firefighters who gave their life on 9/11 so that scum like you could print trash on the internet.”

Jesus crucifixion was an example of man's inhumanity to man. Everyone can agree on that. NYC saw an example of man's inhumanity to man on 9/11. Were you in NYC on 9/11? Were you there at the scene mocking and scoffing the victims and their grieving families? You say you are "normal" Bob? You may think so but most would say not. Maybe you could make up a web site to dress up firefighters who gave their life on 9/11 so that scum like you could print trash on the internet. Believe it or not you will answer to a greater power someday. I'm sure God has a special place in hell for people like you.

My advise would be to take down your web sites and change your ways before it's too late. There is a right and a wrong, a good and a bad, but to choose unwisely will destroy your soul for eternity. "The fool sayeth in his heart there is no God". "Be ye not deceived for God is not mocked". If you don't change your ways, you will see your "dead end". There is a divine Principle that Rules... that divides the bones and marrow. It must make you feel like a big man to mock a kind gentle teacher of undoubted humanity, goodness and purity. Do the words "healing" or "compassion" have any meaning to you at all?

Faye G.

Now Faye, you and I both know this comparison is absurd. As far as I remember, the people who died at 9/11 didn't wake from their graves a few days later to reunite with family & friends.

Also thinking back to that event I don't recall those same people in their newly awakened bodies spreading their arms from their sides and taking flight into the sky all the way up past the moon and stars all the way to Heaven. Similarly I also don't remember then having them all crowned kings of the Universe up in paradise for ever and ever and ever, demanding we fall to our knees and bow to them or face eternal torture in a hell their dad built. And Faye, quite frankly I don't recall any of them having the gall to then label it a sacrifice, one that demands our respect no less.

Of course, lastly and most importantly I do not recall the events of 9/11 being a myth made up by human beings. So yeah, there's a few substantial differences which separate 9/11 from Jesus Christ's crucifixion.

My advice to you is pick up a book titled "The Encyclopedia of Mythology" and read about the heights our gullibility has reached and just how far we're willing to stretch commonsense to somehow escape the truest truth there has ever been in the history of life.

You know, perhaps if you perverted the tragedy of 9/11 even further than you already have by pretending the victims had super powers of resurrection, flight, water walking and magical perfect love everlasting you might somehow increase the value of the story? What a neat idea that is, huh, Faye?




you crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


I know right? He might shoot me down with lightening bolts from the sky, huh?

Jeeze, a tingle just went down my neck! What was I thinking!?!!



shame on you and anyone else who would put our Lord in a baby diaper

Subject: Not cool and definitely not normal

Your intentions may not mean to be disrespectful to our Lord, but, I think, inviting people to dress Him up in these crazy outfits, and while He's nailed to a cross, nonetheless, is extremely disrespectful, inconsiderate and rude. After all He has done for us and is still doing this very minute, shame on you and anyone else who would put our Lord in a baby diaper, Grinch suit, etc..., especially while He is hanging there dead. This definitely breaks at least one of the Ten Commandments.

Very sad...
Toneya Allen

I'm sorry, but I'm one who believes that Jesus did INDEED take on every sin of mankind which makes him more than deserving of a proper humiliation. Taking responsibility for every bad deed includes murder, rape, Hitler, thievery, abortion, pornography, human sacrifices, animal abuse, and every lie ever told in the whole history of the world! I see nothing less than a torturous death and deliberate mockery in order to the highest degree for this villainous scoundrel!!!

Toneya, you cannot have it both ways. Someone cannot take full responsibility for another's sins then expect no repercussions simply because he did not ACTUALLY commit the wrongs. That's ludicrous!! He's the one who's taken responsibility for them, which means he deserves the entire penalty!

What do you think having someone else pay the price for your sins means????


“Don't bother responding... you've been blocked.

You SHOULD be sorry, and it's not too late to repent. You need the kind of help that ONLY GOD can give you. I pray that He will have mercy on you.
Don't bother responding... you've been blocked.
Merry Christmas

Toneya Allen

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