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I don't think you called him out enough on his circular logic. To paraphrase, you/we/Atheists said "I disrespect you for doing something that is clearly wrong but endorsed in your bible book" and his only reply was "the bible book says I can't be held accountable for what it tells me to do, so I don't care what you think" He's substituted his own reasoning and thinking with what he saw in the bible. By church standards, he's a 'good' Christian, actually.



Ah, yes. Mr. Collier is using one of the most tired of tactics to non-argue against what you're doing. It's the "what about the children?!? Who will think of the children?!?" argument. The argument from "we should strive to always create operas by Salieri," is answered by Mozart, who reminds us that those operas are about old dieties who fart marble.

It's a diversionary tactic.

But you answered him perfectly well, Bob. Christianity is not edifying, and in the art and creativity department, Christianity is nothing but bad fan-art. The best they can do is offer Outsider art by alcoholics in Louisiana who paint charming fire-and-brimstone death-sentences like Grandma Moses. It's like white intellectuals at the poor-folk zoo.

You wanna see some edifying Christian creativity? I refer to stuff made after the Victorian era, well after the Industrial Age took most of the money and patronage power away from the Roman Catholic Church (thereby nullifying the legitimate "christianity" of most of the classical artists and musicians out there).

Hellbound Alleee

“it stinks!”

Subject: Tacky, to say the least...

Eeeeeooooowww! as even THIS kid is saying... it stinks!

This is grossly tacky Bob and no self-respecting "normal" Christian I know of would endorse a "dress up Jesus", nor come near it with a 10 foot barge-pole.

Seems to me; with your talent and educational qualifications, why is there nothing more intelligent/elegant you could turn your hand to? I'd look forward to seeing that!!!

All-the-same, here's hoping you & your family have a Jesus blessed Christmas. Jesus REALLY does love you...

S Collier
Western Australia

This might sting a bit, but your idea that someone else can pay the penalty for the wrongs you've committed is far far more tacky. When "normal" Christians go about saying it's possible to have all your bad deeds taken responsibility for by somebody else, someone whom you've never even met no less, the rest of us look at you and cringe like you wouldn't believe. They don't make long enough barge-poles for that one.

Probably one of the ugliest, most self absorbed acts of tactlessness there is. This made up stranger taking the blame? You make us blush.


“There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, therefore I fear no reprisal from you!”

Subject: so redfaced - No need Bob

....and thereby hangs another tale Bob. It's great isn't it - being allowed to air our opinions freely? This discussion could really become meaningful...

The word of God as I know it states - "There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus", therefore I fear no reprisal from you Bob. Hope you're okay with that.
I was genuinely trying to suggest kindly - when I stated 'with your talent and educational qualifications, why is there nothing more intelligent/elegant you could turn your hand to?'
I believe you HAVE got the talent and where-with-all to go on another tangent with your work!

Seriously! I'm sorry it came across in a judgemental way. Not intended... I do apologise. It was/still is a question I'm wondering about. Bob, what made you choose this line of creativity ?

You see, I feel there is so much [of this gendre] currently on offer worldwide that is not particularly edifying to the senses. (Yes; my opinion of course). My prime concern is especially for our children & youth, and I feel that it's up to US to make a difference through what we put "out there".
Surely it is good to promote ideals; literature and educational standards which create and engender a respect of Adults by our young ones, so giving the kids a solid guide and leading them to choose wisely in their careers? This is what I hope for my children's children and their progeny anyhow and for all those who follow. I DO remember paper dolls and all the simple things we played as children.

Shall leave it there without reprisal or recrimination.
Cheers Bob
S Collier

No no no. Absolutely not. You've definitely got it wrong. There is no way whatsoever we should be encouraging absolute "respect of Adults by our young ones." I know from first hand experience adults have been known to hold & propagate some of the least respectable ideas I've ever heard! This blanket respect you're alluding to for the heroic deed of growing older is completely outta whack. And we adults can take it. We've still got growing up to do too, you know.

What if there were some screwed up adult out there who believed there's a Hell fellow humans go to if they don't believe what he believes? Or dinosaurs didn't exist, and instead they're a hoax invented by Satan to trick us out of believing the Adam & Eve story? Or how about an adult who believes the apocalypse will be a good thing because that's when his Messiah will drop from the clouds and take him to paradise? Imagine what kids who've been taught this blanket respect for adults would grow up to become! Uh, no offense.

Respect is earned. You should encourage respect based upon ones behavior and ideas, not age. If an older person's beliefs are ass-backwards, you need to be discouraging kids from respecting their beliefs, not the other way around! Sure, don't encourage them to egg their teachers down in the street, but they also don't need to be laying in their bunkbeds thinking to themselves, "Maybe Mr. Jones is right and there is a wizard in the sky who condemns us for thought crimes?"

And pardon me for saying so, but I think what I do actually produces quite a lot of elegance and intelligence! Why you gotta be so reprising and recriminating???? You come across as very judgmental. Thank you for apologizing for that.


“Jesus really DOES love you Bob”

Subject: friend

Jesus really DOES love you Bob

because of and in spite of all the rotten things that have befallen you. Sorry for your loss friend....

S Collier
Western Australia

Despite however you were raised and taught, questioning and doubting are virtues (adults included). Believing whatever you're told and running from tough questions is irresponsible. I've no sympathy for self-imposed ignorance.

This latest email from you is you running, and it's a shameful, cowardly sight.


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