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Did everybody have a Merry Christmas? I sure did, and so many "blessings" poured in from everyone with you're supportive hate letters, phone messages and cold cold wishes of Xmas snarling.

Have a listen to one of the latest pissed off messages left for me this holiday! Click ad above.

Also, add this to your 2010 schedule, I'm going to have a booth at Comic Con in October which I am overjoyed about! And have I got SUPRIZES in mind for that extravaganza! All of which, at least for now, have to stay under wraps. If you're in the area (nyc) I am looking for Unholy Army Schoolgirls who'd like to help me out at the event. Email me if you're interested. Yes, there's money to be made.

But as for right this very moment, I'm still on Christmas vacation so enjoy this page of hate mail until I get back to business as usual next week.

“My little sister, who is 8... found your damn website on jesus!”

Hello, My name is Jordyn. My little sister,who is 8 years of age was looking for so dressup games found your damn website on jesus, and santa and stuff like that. Don't you think this is inexceptable. who cares what you think you shouldnt have stuff like this on here!! That's terriable yeah jesus died for us but it shouldn't be extreme like that. And im sure little kids who go on and don't pay attenion DONT RELIZEE WHAT THERE DOING!! I hope that you relize being a sister and taking care of her as best as i can i dont want to see this and for her to think this is exceptable. thanks for your time and reading this message. Have a great day!! Christmas also!!

Jordyn Carr

Wow, I really gotta tell you. I think you're blowing this all way outta proportion. It's just a game and nothin's meant by it except to have a little fun for the holidays. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

I hope this heartfelt apology helps. If there's anything I can do, please just tell me. I'd be happy to send you a coupon or complimentary gift tokens if it'd help reimburse you for your trouble.

Merry Christmas,
Vice President/CEO


“Would you put up a dress up the prisioners in Nazi death camps?”

Subject: Dress up Jesus

Hello Bob,
I have seen your Dress up Jesus site and I don't like it. I'm not a christian and the reason I don't like it is the fact that a man dying on a cross is a horrible way to die. The pain and suffering he feels is excruciating. If you had put up a picture of Jesus walking or on a horse or donkey I wouldn't be writing you. But a cross? Would you put up a dress up the prisioners in Nazi death camps? Why is that any differant? The suffering and pain from being brutalized and murdered by those who get pleasure out of others pain is something I just don't enjoy. I never have and I never will.

I don't think you're a bad man for the dress up Jesus. I just don't think you really thought about what these dollies really signify.

Thank you very much for listening to me. I hope you change the Dress up Jesus from a cross to a donkey or horse or just standing.

Doesn't it make a difference though that it's make-believe? Like, what if it were a dress up page of Santa Claus being water-boarded, or Superman in a Kryptonite necklace, I bet you'd find that funny. Or how about a Charlie Brown dress up game where he's been blinded by having acid thrown in his face then his legs broken in a car wreck? See the difference? Having it be a fictional character changes everything.

You don't have to apologize. You just hadn't looked at it from that angle yet and chose to judge me prematurely. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and thank you for the feedback! I always enjoy hearing what people think even if they haven't completely thought it through.


Regarding the previous letter...
“If you were to depict Santa getting water boarded... they're going to be seeing their own fucking country tearing itself apart.”

Subject: I guess I hate you now?

Hey, Bob. I almost always find myself on your side. I don't really understand what you are up to in Union Square and the thing you do with the girlies is a bit dodgy, but whatever. I'm confident you're a "good" "man" and an honest artist. However, I find myself, if not actually siding with a recent so called hate mailer, somewhere between your two camps.

Debra wrote and said that she found it distasteful that you would make light of a crucifixion, which is indeed an inhuman form of torture and execution, and was indeed used on many thousands of helpless prisoners. Your reply was rather predictable, and not, I think, up to your usual standards. Obviously you could not contradict her; she is completely correct. You should have just copped to being tasteless. There is nothing necessarily wrong with being tasteless, especially for an artist who understands how and when to be tasteless for a desired effect. Instead you employed some pretty weaselly and rhetorical arguments to make yourself look better.

Jesus may not be real, but torture is real. If you were to depict Santa getting water boarded, say, two years ago, you had better have a pretty fucking good political point to make, because a lot of people are not going to see an amusing incongruity between Santa and torture, they're going to be seeing their own fucking country tearing itself apart.

Fictionalization does not make as much difference as you would like to claim. I can tell a story about a real person; a story that never happened, a fiction. If I am not careful about how I frame my story, I could do the real person a great disservice. I can also tell a story about a real event, but using fictional people. I can tell a story about events that "could have" happened, or that are analogous to real events and people, or that extrapolate from real events and real people. Fiction is a very powerful tool, but it's not something you can hide behind. When you write fiction, you are making real statements that affect the real world. I am embarrassed on your behalf to see you try to claim otherwise.

Anyway, I just sort of think you did Debra a disservice as an artist. (No one is forcing you to publicly respond to these emails, it's clearly part of your art.) We don't need any more lying artists.
Please don't be angry that I expect your work to live up to a higher standard!

Mike Pelletier

Mike, I couldn't agree more. One of the visuals of a nation tearing itself apart would be of a water-boarded Santa. Honestly, I don't see how a society could pull itself back together if a cartoon of that nature were ever depicted, especially a couple years ago at the height of the water boarding catastrophe. A time when our nation dangled by a string off the edge of the cliff of despair.

Many years ago I once considered drawing an image of Charlie Brown having burning acid thrown in his face, then having his legs broken in a car accident. Obviously I never went through with the illustration, because our nation still stands and we still have food on our tables. I shutter to think how close we came to collapse, that day I was at my desk with pencil in hand.

I once heard a rumor that someone many years ago actually DID draw the aforementioned Santa-torture picture, then the artist disappeared into hiding shortly after. I remember the news claiming no such drawing ever existed and any reports that it did are lies made up by crazy people wearing sandwich boards. A friend of mine who knows someone in the CIA told me there's an airplane hanger in the mountain ranges of Colorado where that drawing is locked away to this day.

I challenge anyone who thinks crucifixion isn't an inhumane form of execution to just try it! I will fight anyone tooth and nail who disagrees with me about that being torture!!!!! There's really nothing lower and more unfunny than jokes which include human suffering. I even see how it could benefit a society to criminalize tasteless art, but then you'd have the whole "Freedom of Speech" entanglement that people seem to want to use beyond however it was originally meant to be used.

In conclusion, suffering fictional characters are a threat to humanity.
Thank you for winning one more battle against humor. You're more noble and true now than you were a few days ago.


“So you want to share your problem with others...how generous of you.”

I don't know who you are, I was looking up sites about Jesus, when yours came up. I really don't get why so many people like you, who hate God, feel the need to create things that are so stupid.

If you don't believe in God, than don't believe, you have a personal hatred towards God, I'm sorry for you and will pray for you, but do you know you are causing yourself harm? This only hurts you and all like you. There's nothing fun about dressing a cartoon Jesus in silly holiday gear and if you think it is...that's a huge part of your problem. So you want to share your problem with others...how generous of you. Hope you grow up, get a life, know Him that made you. May God bless you and those like you. If you don't believe why do you like dressing a man who's suffering so in holiday clothing? Why is this funny to you? If you hate God, but believe, again why is this funny to you?

Kenneth Perry

Haha, no no. You totally misunderstood. But that's okay. I'll explain.

It's not a hatred for God or anything stupid like that. It's an honest disbelief in the whole story that someone other than yourself can pay the price for the bad deeds you commit. It's making fun of that particular falsehood you think is true.

No hate or bad wishes. Just making fun of you people's belief that it's possible for someone else to pay for your "crimes." And in case no one's ever told you before, and as much as all the villains of the world might wish it true, no one else can pay for your mistakes but you. I'm sorry you had to hear such sad sad news from some goofball like me, but yeah. It's an unhealthy fantasy that really distorts the value of being responsible for your actions, bad lesson for the kids, the blame game, pass the buck, etc, etc...
No one but you can pay for the crap you do, so straighten up, Kenneth!!

Haha.... "Hate God!" Yeah, he's a big meanie that I'm choosing to a fight in the parking lot! The big JERK! Hahaha, so silly.





Regin Paul

You know, it'd be so funny if he created us and mocked us.

The picture of how life works that you folks have in your brains is absolutely priceless.

Merry Christmas to you.

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