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Subject: Awesome site dude

Hey Bob!

Just wanted to tell you as an atheist how much I love your friggen site! I first stumbled upon it a couple months ago, completely by accident, and I'm so glad I did.

As an Atheist, metalhead, and punk, I was always kind of one of the outcasts growing up. Especially with the difficult road to atheism I had. I was born into a heavily Christian household and was brought up in a very sheltered and mostly Catholic small town. It wasn't even until my early teens that I even began to doubt my faith. Around that time in my life there was a lot going on, but one of the biggest things I can remember was the death of my grandfather on my dad's side and the interactions I had with him for several years before that.

Now, to the truly understand where I'm coming from, you have to understand my dad's dad. The guy, for lack of a better term, was an asshole. He'd only refer to "colored" people by racial slurs, he hated anyone or anything that wasn't Christian, and most of all, neither he or my dad's mom could stand that my mother took their baby boy away from them. And, looking back, being the first born, I always seemed to catch the brunt of this animosity. Like ignoring me when I would say bye as a kid, and then purposely say goodbye to my younger siblings in front of me and then slam the van door shut.

I still remember never being close to, or even liking the man. Looking back on it, if I had been older I probably wouldn't of been able to stand his company for more than 30 seconds. A few months before he passed we had gone to visit him and he did the classic 180 that religous people do before death. You know the "repenting for all my sins against you so that I can get into heaven". Now seeing a man who all my life was mean, bitter, and hate filled trying to suck up like that when he was nearing death made me seriously question what I believed.

And it kind of spiraled from there until I went from hardcore Christian, to Deist/Theist, to Agnostic due to several events that happend through my teens, some of which I'm still not really comfortable discussing, but they included rocky relationships, losing some friends, and more. Things didn't really turn around until the last few years of high school when I finally started to become comfortable with myself and my "disbleief", which is about when I started to move towards actual Atheism.

Unfortunately that also allowed my parents to find out under less than perfect circumstances. After I had made a video on my original youtube account dennouncing my faith and announcing my Atheism, a former friend of mine did something that I don't think I can ever forgive, especially considering that he himself is an Atheist. This guy thought I was being too "angry" in said video, and told my sister about it, knowing that she'd rat me out to our parents, which surely enough she did. This led to a whole fiasco with my original youtube account being deleted, a thorough clean up of my myspace (haha, which I no longer even use), and my room LITERALLY getting excorcised. Yes you read that right. They lit my baptismal candle in my room, sprinkled holy water over everything (especially my laptop), and even put a giant construction paper cross on my door that had prayers written all over it. Though there is still some tension a few years later, they seem to understand now that it is MY choice.

Luckily though, my first year of college I met my girlfriend, who's been an Atheist for a lot longer than I have, showed me how to not only be comfortable with my Atheism, but also how to be strong enough to openly admit it. And yes, just in case your wondering we are still together :)

Now here I am, out of college. and with a much fresher view of what the world is really like. And after a rough day at work, I can always cheer up by reading the Sheeples comics or your hate mail.

Keep up the good work!

- Tom Rhodes

“Remember "Maud Dib's religion is not Maud Dib?" Well, Jesus the Christ's religion is not Jesus the Christ.”

Subject: Jesus Dress Up

Well, when you go on-line and do a web search, you never really know what you're going to get. I was kind of expecting a cyber version of Biblical Jesus-era paper dolls.

I just think if you really understood crucifixion, you would not have ridiculed anyone who had been crucified. Your web page was painful to see.

Did you read the Dune series? Remember "Maud Dib's religion is not Maud Dib?" Well, Jesus the Christ's religion is not Jesus the Christ. I don't much care if you satirize the religion. A lot of funky stuff has happened in the religion. But Jesus doesn't deserve what you did to Him on your web page. Whether or not you believe He is Who He is; whether or not He is Who He believes He is; He doesn't deserve the ridicule on your web page.

It turned my stomach. I wish I could un-see it.


Wow. I have to admit, I was really thrown a curveball with your email this morning. I realized I didn't know what I was actually depicting here and I've never fully researched the whole concept of the crucifixion, its purpose, and the lesson it's attempting to teach the world. Never before have I felt the need to pull out a bible to consider just how far over the line I might have gone, until now.

So, I started with page one of the New Testament, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the crucifixion is supporting the belief that an innocent can pay the price for the guilty? I flipped through many pages and read through quite a few scripture verses, but each one seemed to verify this procedure as an acceptable alternative to the guilty paying the price for themselves. In fact, it almost seemed to suggest that it was in fact BETTER for an innocent to pay the price for the guilty! Is that really a lesson you want to lend your support? I mean, this is on par with throwing virgins into volcanos and sacrificing animals on alters, right? Please tell me if I'm misinterpreting the message here. I don't want to jump the gun on this, but everywhere I turned in your Bible book it only backed this idea again and again.

Personally, I see this as such a revolting and disturbing idea to ever suggest, let alone, passionately promote! To me it seems the LAST thing you'd want anyone to believe is that there's any way possible at all for anyone other than oneself to pay the price for their actions. I mean, that's just commonsense.

Not to be rude, but this idea sounds like the wet-dream of a criminal.

Does the imaginary judge who's one day going to rule over your misdeeds allow for someone else to pay the penalty???? Not just someone else, but someone who's completely innocent?!!?! REALLY?? And that sounds reasonable to you? Like, a proper lesson to teach? Like, something you'd teach your children?!?!?

Anyhow, after all my research, extensive study, and a quick refresher course on morality, I have to tell you, I really wish I could un-see what I read. Turning my stomach is an understatement.

So yeah. Let me know if I need to look into this "Maud Dib" religion in your "Bible of Dune" to better comprehend the similarities. I want to understand so that the dry heaving will subside.


“How do you think we got here.??? god duh!!!”

Subject: god

mr. bob jesus loves you and hes full of mercy and compassion he never has judged you..we have a hard time on earth because in the end we endure life forever because our god is such an awsome god. How do you think we got here.??? god duh!!! and in the end god is going to look at your heart not with how many good things you have done with your life. love always wins over hate

if everyone just loved one another the world wouldnt be so dangerouse and filled with sorrow. jesus is calling for you. hes here for you when you need him. He died for you. for your sins you have a free chance to have etearnal life with in the kingdom of god.
and if you believe that god isnt real but the devil is. i am really sory thats how you feel. because that means you dont have any clue how good it feels to have god by yourself. and if you think god has failed you dont. because when we die we live forever. jesus new he was going to die he knew it before it happened to him see how cruel people are. he was hurt bad. he went through so much pain. and let it happen. at the end he died and came back because he died for our sins, and so that therefor love is eternal so except it. and even if there wasnt a god. wouldnt you want to believe for just incase. cause no one really knows how we got hear. but thousands believe in jesus and i second that notion.

Mr. im sory you dont have jesus in your life but ill pray for you to seek after him. and P.S you shouldnt put mean things like dress up jesus cause that made me want to cry. cause jesus loves us and doesnt judge us....so why do you hate jesus and make fun of him. he saved you? (if you have faith just as a single mustard seed you could move a mountain.) i have faith in you....to go speak to god. before its to late. okay...bye bye.

remember love everyone and dont hate.
Amber Sproles

Dear sweet precious little 6 year old Amber Sproles,
I'm sorry to tell you this, but no one really cares what kids on the internet think. You're a nuisance we have to tolerate, but the last thing we need is your explanations about where we came from and philosophy on how others can pay the price for your crimes. Right now you're just little parrots reciting things without thought. It's why we don't elect you as world leaders, give you driver's licenses, let you perform laser surgery on baby hearts, or operate heavy machinery. It's the reason we dress you up in diapers and baby bonnets, push you around in baby carriages, and don't put seat belts in school buses. We simply don't respect you. There's a general rule of thumb adults go by and it's not to put much weight on the life's wisdom of a child, politely smile and shoo you away with the back of our hand.

I realize that TV and the movies portray this as being the opposite of reality, and children are wise beyond their years, rich in a knowledge yet unscathed by the handicap of adulthood. Those movies are pretend too. They're made up to make you feel good and keep you out of our hair while we do important things. They're fairy tales, just like Jesus. Just like wise children. Just like rising from the dead and flying up to heaven without wings. Pretend, pretend, pretend.

There are many pretend things in this world. As you grow older you're expected to question which things are real and which things aren't. That's your responsibility and your responsibility alone. If something sounds pretend (or even if it doesn't) you need to thoroughly examine the evidence that backs it before you pass it along to others as truth. If you don't do these things as you get older you will always wear baby diapers and be pushed around in baby carriages by people who know more than you do. That's how life works.

Amber, don't ever email a stranger on the internet again. Your opinion doesn't matter and no one cares anyhow. Please tell your mommy and daddy that you've been delinquent, then have them email me an apology on your behalf. You've been very bad.

I hope you've learned a lesson.
Have a nice day.

“wouldnt you rather belive in the lord and go to heaven instead of hell?”

WOAH.... im 17 i have a drivers lisence and i was just trying to help you. jesus is not a fairy tell. im sory you dont believe that. so why dont you believe in jesus???????? do you believe in the devil? or do you believe in the big bang theory?
i know you tried to believe in jesus cause you said something that he did like float on water and he died for are sins....tell me enlighten me y? i want to understand ppl that dont have faith in the lord...cause i dont get it. i feel moraly sad when good people dont like god. r u a good person? or a mean person? is your heart an ice box?
am i supposed to be scared of you since i like jesus?

and i know your a stranger but i just didnt like the blasphomouse game you created called dress up jesus.
so i had use my voice
and im not giving you a lesson on how god created us im just saying

wouldnt you rather belive in the lord and go to heaven instead of hell ...even though you havent seen jesus wouldnt you rather die knowing that you will spend eternaty in heaven with god instead of dying and going no where...in the end everyone will find out were we came from. even if we go nowhere and we remain dead in the ground. so im just going to stick my heart with god.
good day

Amber Sproles

Wow! You're 17?!?! I seriously thought you were 6 from that letter with your "How do you think we got here?? DUH, GOD!!!" and the crying & baby talk. Seventeen with a diver's license? Next you'll be telling me you don't get pushed around in a baby stroller and diapers anymore.

Yes, I'd rather believe in eternal paradise in the sky with sweet Jesus, and free candy without any tooth decay and a mountain of gold bricks, cotton candy and gumdrops piled a mile high, with a pretty rainbow, and my very own fairy godmother reading me bedtime stories every night in the coziest snuggle pajamas ever sewn. But Amber, making up a personalized fantasyland in your head isn't how smart people form serious beliefs. It's how retarded people form serious beliefs. You understand that, right, Amber?

What smart people do to find actual correct answers to things is subject their ideas to tests and examine evidence and think using logic. And if the claims are extraordinary (like "a guy made the universe" and talking snakes), then the evidence is expected to be extraordinary as well. It's through this method that we actually figured out how to make bicycles, toasters, electric blankets, rocket ships, clock radios & aspirin. Not by your method of "Wouldn't you rather believe in god and heaven and everything's nice, special and sweet like caramel!" Your method consistently finds wrong answers and tends to only attract a legion of idiots.

You understand there's a difference between the truth and what you hope and dream in your head, right? I'm going to treat you like you're 17 now and assume you know the difference between wishes and fact. For instance, you may wish that you'll go to paradise forever and ever for believing it, but then I ask you, how do you enjoy paradise if others are burning in hell? Does the eternal torture of your fellow humans affect your enjoyment of paradise? Is your heart an icebox if you can enjoy it while others suffer forever? Or does your fantasy outweigh your care for others? Are you a mean person or a good person?

Amber, you're way too old to be thinking your fantasies are true, and strangers have to respect your fantasies or you'll cry.
You're just being silly.

“if I tell you what I have experience you'd probably just want to put me in a psych ward”

Prove it. Prove what I believe is just a fantasy, and maybe then you can type to me that way. Anyways, it doesn't matter, because you can't prove that there is no God, and I can't prove that there is. It's all about experience, and if I tell you what I have experience you'd probably just want to put me in a psych ward. It doesn't matter what is said, because I won't change your mind and you won't change mine. With this on the table, why are you making these websites then? Who really cares? Does it even cross you that it is a complete waste of time working with stuff that you think is make believe??

Amber Sproles

Prove you're wrong and fantasizing? I already did. You can't have a paradise while others burn. If your loved one is in hell and you go to heaven you'd have to have that icebox heart you were describing to enjoy it. You're fantasizing, and it's simple to illustrate, unless you can explain that dilemma. Again, please tell me if you're a nice person or a mean person. That seemed important to you earlier. You Amber, sound like a mean person enjoying paradise while others suffer under your feet. Nothing sounds more like a cold hearted, mean person fantasy than that.

I understand throwing a hissy fit screaming "Prove it! Prove it!" sounds like a reasonable defence, but I'm not the one saying I know where the universe came from. You are. If you're demanding respect for your idea you have to prove it, otherwise you get no respect. It's no different than believing in gumdrop mountain. You can believe it all you want, but do I have to respect gumdrop mountain? Would you?

When you're discussing your beliefs and the evidence you use to back them you shouldn't sound like a mental ward patient. Are you okay with the fact that you do? Do you respect the beliefs of mental ward patients? Should I?

Working on stuff I think is make believe is a waste of time? So people who write fiction are wasting their time? Drawing pictures of pretend people is a waste of time? TV shows that aren't true stories are a waste of time?
You really need to do more thinking and less typing.

I make the websites I make because it's really funny that people believe the things you believe.

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