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Are we lucky Christians don't behead us for Blasphemy like other religions do?
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Subject: Muhammed

Just discovered your site. Its great.

In relation to your muhammed dressup i have 2 queries :
1. Are you not a little afraid for your life? The danish cartoonist who drew up a few insulting pictures of muhammed has just recently survived an attempt on his life and a few guys connected with Salman Rushdies work were assasinated.

2. Do you feel that you've taken a harder line against muhammed than christ with all the strap-on bombs, flaming planes etc ? You seem to just take the piss out of Christ but profile muhammed and by association his followers as a bunch of looney terrorists - that btw was one of the more reasoned arguments against the danish cartoons

I feel that we are lucky to live in a society where one can blaspheme against christ without getting one's head chopped off. Should we thank Christianity for that? Is post-christian blasphemy a feature of a mature christian society or has christianity just run out of steam and lost the power to defeat the likes of your resistance. Are there other religions which are equally tolerant. Your take on resisting/subverting the christian narrative might be seen as tasteless, crass and unnecessarily offensive but I think it is brave and needed.

I'm Irish and we are still hearing and coming to terms with dreadful stories of abuse carried out over the years by the Catholic church which had so much, too much power for so long. One thing though, I sometimes think, it is not christianity (which is a relatively mild belief system)or other religions which are so much at fault but human nature in so much of the awful, terrible things done by people. Perhaps, like Churchill said of democracy, it is a bad system but still better than the alternatives. One of your fans said in one of the sidebars that it is better to follow darwin than christ. I'm not so sure - he did create a line of logic that led to eugenics and the nazi gas chambers.

I don't believe in God or Christ myself but he is purported to have said something like "treat your fellow man as you would like to be treated yourself" and that's not a bad bit of philosophy

Anyway enough of my wittering on..
Keep kicking against the pricks

Hey Marcus, I'd be happy to answer your questions.

1. Since I've started this site one of the things that's made itself abundantly clear is the way in which we adore limiting each other & ourselves using fear. The tremendous amount of fear we throw at each other: "Aren't you afraid of getting your head chopped off?" "I'M GONNA MAKE YOU SORRY YOU EVER DID THAT TO JESUS!" "God's going to burn you in hell for that!" etc, etc... After ten years of witnessing how many different ways we use the tool of fear to sculpt our world and seeing how much of it is complete bullshit I've learned beyond a shadow of a doubt the kind of cage it actually is. And it's a cage that's so easy to step out of once you realize it. The fear you have haunting your head coming at you from friends, enemies, strangers, loved ones, television, the news & bibles, it's all exaggerated bullshit. And quite poetically, it's the understanding of evolution and how necessary that paranoid level of fear used to be for our survival pre-civilization which aided me in seeing fear for what it really is.

2. With Muhammad I really just did what I thought would be funny and entertaining. Breaking it down, I guess I figured the image of Muhammad wasn't known well enough to make simply dressing him in various contemporary type outfits a working joke like a crucified Jesus does. My own thought was the specific references made him more recognizable. You've no idea, while drawing The Beloved Prophet for that game, how I wished he were as recognizable of a personality as Jesus. That's what makes it fun! I did what I could, and quite frankly, it's the actions of his followers that he's known for.

As for feeling lucky that they allow us to blaspheme the gods they've made up and instruct us to obey, luck's got nothing to do with it. It's my human right to have choice in life. They want to remove that choice. They can all go fuck themselves. End of discussion.

Thank you for the email!

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“You're too old for this shit.”


Hi, Bob. I'm not a christian myself, but I must say..you're trying too hard to be subversive. It worked in junior high and perhaps in high school but really, it's not cute anymore. I don't find it particularly clever, I might have if I were younger but at this age, I'm just taken aback and a bit ashamed. It's just all very "I'm going to try really hard to freak out the popular kids in school with my rebellious, "spooky" attitude.It reminds me of kids who would suddenly wear all black to school after winter break or something cathartic, in any case, it never really freaked me out. I just felt sorry they were trying so hard for a reaction.

What I'm saying is, there's many more mature, witty, clever ways to satirize a religion. This is something a 8th grader who just discovered hardcore music would scratch down in algebra class. You're too old for this shit.

Eric Weigand

I couldn't agree more. Imagine what a Harvard Professor, or a businessman in a grayish suit, or the Queen of England would think! Anyone who really matters in this world would agree this has no place in a sophisticated world of seriousness we're all united in pursuing.

It reminds me of those kids whose world revolves around you. The ones who wear black clothes just to get a rise out of you. The ones who organize their fashion choices around what you may or may not think. Playing for your approval or disapproval, attempting to push your buttons, but failing each and every time. The fact that you were never freaked out by them, I'm sure they'd be humiliated to realize how much energy was wasted struggling to affect your superior sense of dignity and intellectualism to no avail.

It takes far more intelligence and cleverness to make you smile. That's something to be extremely proud of.

It's been a pleasure relating to you in this manner of seriousness and above average maturity, Mr. Weigand. I do hope one day we will meet again under more pleasant circumstances.


“I would love to get a few drinks...”

We could meet up sometime, I would love to get a few drinks in you..
Kidding. No, I respect your opinion, you're alright "Bob Smith" (something tells me that cant be your real name).

Eric Weigand

You should reread your initial email to me. Do you think you sound like someone worth going to get drinks with?

I think if you read it again, then imagine having drinks with that person, you'll understand why I'm taking a raincheck.



haha oh touche mr sir

Eric Weigand


“I don't have the most convincing arguments...”

Subject: I hope you won't brand this as hate mail.

Hey Normal Bob. You have a really have a lot of interesting things in your website. I was going through your stuff and I observed that a lot of Christians just talk too much. And Bob, I'm really sad that you have a lot of hate mails in your mailbox.

Because I don't have the most convincing arguments, and after seeing the ineffectiveness of the Christians, I can't really do or say anything to ask you to rethink your website content (It is after all very offensive to me to see my God to be dressed up in a bunny suit and other silly costumes).

But I can invite you to challenge God. Honestly ask him if he is real. If he is real, he doesn't need me to prove himself. If he is real then he doesn't need other people to prove himself.

Joshua Morales

After all the hate mails, yelling, complaining, bizarre outrageous claims and sooooo much confusion in these people's brains, the LAST thing I'd ever want is to invite the god of all that into my life. Every time I hear from one of these people, including yourself, I'm so happy I'm not in that mindset, believing that I could possibly be denied all of paradise and be damned to hell if I don't figure out God's detailed, complicated code on how exactly he expects us to worship him.

I'm really really happy just living normally like I am. All those crazy beliefs about innocent people dying for the sins of the guilty, magical ghosts & goblins, claiming against other strange beliefs that they're wrong and you're right, and pretending to have any clue you know what's after death. It's all just so creepy and ugly. I have no interest whatsoever in inviting all of that crazy-talk into my life.

Just the fact that you're troubled by seeing anyone dressed in a bunny suit is enough to chase me away.
Josh, there's nothing you should worship so much that seeing it dressed up like a bunny troubles you that much. Nothing is perfect. Everyone and everything deserves to be doubted, tested, questioned and joked on. The second you put something above and beyond that you're asking for exactly the kind of craziness you saw in my hate mail.

It's just nothing I want any part of. Keep it all for yourself and leave me out of it. I'm fine.


“I am furious with what I have just discovered...”

Subject: Something you should know

Whether the Jesus dress up site was created for fun I find it offensive as would many many other Christians and believers. God sent his son to die for all mankind, a task that can't be compared to any that a living human being could accomplish. I think that it's obsurd that anyone would even think to create such a game and especially for children as we, as adults are suppose to be leading by example. Jesus can't be displayed as a playful matter because what he did no one, not even those who love us the most would sacrifice and do.

God gave his only begotten son (John 3:16), and I am furious with what I have just discovered... Like the word of God says, their are ways that seem right unto a man, but in the end there is destruction (it's in proverbs). Take time to think about the consequences of what you do before you do it, it not only effects you but many. I am so disappointed in you and your idea of "FUN" it's just childish. Hope you gain valuable knowledge from what I have just discussed with you and you will definitely be added to my prayer list but as God has already forgiven you so do I.. Now have a very blessed day.

Marnita Patterson

I have one question for you that I'd love to have your answer to. It's really simple. Do you think it's possible for a person (you, me, anybody) to have a solid, established, 100% convinced it's true belief in something that's not true at all? For instance, do you think a Hindu believes in Vishnu as much as you believe in Jesus even though they're wrong? Or a Muslim believes in Muhammad, or a Viking who believes in Thor, or a Scientologist who believes in L. Ron Hubbard as much as you believe in Jesus? Is it possible for someone to believe something with all their heart to be true but be completely wrong?

I'd love your response to that question.
Thank you for your participation in this survey.

“All that you've mentioned are dead.”

Indeed, we believe many things that aren't necessarily true to be so. But there is an established right and wrong whether we as mankind want to believe it or not. All that you see, even when you look in the mirror, is because of the creator (God) who was here before anything or anyone.

It is written in the word in which there is only one true word and that's the bible, it says "I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end" that means everything that was, has, and is to come is in his timing. All that you've mentioned are dead. But I serve the one true living God and as you know died on the cross for all sins past, present, and future. But that's not the end of the story, you see he rose on the third day and he still lives today. My blessings are a testimony of that, my life is a testimony of that. Hope he leads you to all the answers to your questions so that maybe we can sit in heaven one day and rejoice about how much he loves both "you" and me.

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Marnita Patterson

Wonderful. Yes, this is exactly what I'm talking about. There are those out there who believe anything they read, and this includes the many religious belief systems we've invented and written about in books, your bible included.

Did you know that the Torah, Quran, the Book Of Scientology, and every other religious belief system also says they are the absolute truth above all else, the alpha & omega, no doubt whatsoever because it is written? And they all have believers as convinced as you are that their book is real and true because it tells them so.

Each have a "god" who made you, me, and everything, and each god is completely different than the other, with contradictory written words that all make tremendous claims without tremendous evidence.

How do you feel about that?

“Not gonna argue with you...”

That your a sad situation. No "god" but my God, Jesus Christ in the flesh can save souls from eternal damnation-Hell in other words. Not gonna argue with you, believe what you want, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. No more left to say... Hope you find your way. Goodbye

Marnita Patterson
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I am not in a sad situation! My belief seems to be even better than yours since I pretend my god has 100 paradises waiting for me, each one better than the one before it that I get to experience after I die all at the same time! AND all the people who disagree with me and my beliefs get tortured in front of me for infinity! You don't get to witness your enemies being tortured in your "heaven." Hahaha!

Also I get guardian angels who watch over me night and day and protect me everywhere I go. AND I get to invite 40 of my favorite non-believers to come with me to paradise. Does your god allow that? I don't think so!

And last but not least, in my paradise I get TWO sets of angel wings, whatever color I want! That's double what you get.

You're so jealous.

So, no, I am not the least bit sad about the situation I'm in. The belief I'm pretending is true is twice better than yours, times a hundred! Sorry.

Btw, I could squeeze you into my Honorary 40 for like, $200.
You let me know.


“I'll take eternity in Heaven with the one who loved me enough to die for me. All sins forgiven.”

That's okay, I'll take eternity in Heaven with the one who loved me enough to die for me. All sins forgiven.

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Marnita Patterson

And I'll take 100 paradises, for 100 eternities, with twice the love (including sweet kisses), witnessed enemy suffering, and doubled angel wings.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. Not only are every one of my sins forgiven, but they each get turned into GOOD deeds as long as I keep my fingers crossed when I do them. So ha, ha, ha.


“your so not funny!”

Dude, your so not funny!

Denny Taylor

It's "You're" not "YOUR."

If you want to use proper English the sentence should read "Dude, you're so not funny!"

You should try it a few times on paper then resend your complaint. It'll make all the difference in how seriously you're taken in future complaint letters.


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