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Mr. Smith~

Is that a pseudonym? Not that it matters, I suppose. I only found the site a week or so ago. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks, especially for the Jesus Dress Up, Jesus Darts and Mohammed Dress Up. I have an 8 yr old son, and my husband and I are atheists. My parents and siblings are pretty actively religious, and my in-laws . . . well, they aren't atheist, but they aren't actively religious, so I don't know. Indifferent?

Anyway, I figured that since my family lives so far away from us, our religious preferences in raising our son would be no big deal. Once he was old enough to reason out flaws and inconsistencies, I was planning on taking him to a different church/ house of worship every month if he wanted to explore religion. My end goal would be to point out the overall inconsistencies (and consistencies) between the bickering religions, should he begin to take on a religious bent in his teen years.

Thing I didn't bank on was public school and an overly religious small town. He's only in 2nd grade, but both his kindergarten and 1st grade teacher told his class all about the birth of Christ when Christmas break came up, and all about the wonderful sacrifice Jesus made when Easter rolled around. Believe me, I talked to the principal -- both years. And this year, as well (at Christmas break, Easter hasn't happened yet).

His friends are Evangelical Christians and Baptists, and they apparently sometimes bicker in the schoolyard about which church is best. Even worse, one of his Baptist friends found out my son's grandparents are Mormon and is now telling my son his grandparents are going to hell.

So while we'd already been telling him it was all fantasy and not to be taken seriously, there is the problem of his peers and teachers telling him other stuff entirely. My husband and I have continued to hold discussions with our son about the difference between fantasy and reality, and why some people need to believe in fairy tales.

But it's nice to have found some internet games that encourage a healthy disrespect for religion. Between these, the South Park cartoons, and our discussions, I'm hoping he'll have a firm foundation of religious irreverence throughout his life.

Thanks again!
Laura D.

“You are the reason I own firearms.”

It never ceases to amaze me that subhuman maggots like you walk the streets and breathe the same air as my precious children and the rest of us. This country has taken a downward spiral in the last 150 years but soon enough the righteous will rise up again and take control of this great country and scumbags like your self will be in prison where you belong. You are the reason I own firearms.

Ray ______

Listen, I feel terrible about this. I wish there were some way I could make it up to you. I know if you actually met me, and let me tell my side you'd understand. We might even find we have a lot in common.

In fact, I challenge you to actually meet me and talk this out. Invite me to your home, have a civilized discussion, introduce me to your children and just give me a chance. You might just be surprised! Heck, why not make a weekend out of it? It'll be a sleepover! Do you camp? I think a camping trip might be just the atmosphere we'd need to clear the air. I know just the place. I go there all the time. Your kids can come too! It'd be fun! Do you have pictures of your kids you could email me? They sound so sweet.

I challenge you to give me this opportunity to redeem myself. You don't have to answer right away. Take a day or two to think it through. Let's show the children adults like ourselves can settle their differences, not with guns, but love.

I look forward to your response.

“I dont think they allow men who like to fuck and molest little boys in the campground...”

Yea that sounds great, My address is below come by anytime. I dont think they allow men who like to fuck and molest little boys in the campground I want to go, but hey who knows your a really intelligent guy you could convince them right.

This is my real address YOU CAN GOOGLE IT come by any time. Send me yours

Carmichael, CA 95608

Ray ______

Fantastic. See? Now doesn't that already feel better than all the bickering, name-calling and death threats? This is how it feels to be grown up! It swells my heart.

Wow! You're all the way in California! I don't see myself getting out there anytime soon, BUT if you're ever in nyc you're more than welcome to come visit with me at Union Square Park. I'm there ALL the time. I don't really have an official living address. I just spend most of my time at the park.

My next few weekends are totally booked. I've got overnight hunting trips with 3 other hate mailers taking up my next 3 weekends! Can you believe it?? I'm so excited! But after that I promise I'll start making plans for us!

Thank you for giving me a second chance.

PS. I searched everywhere in your email for kid pics but I think you forgot to attach them or something. Please send them again??

“What do you want pictures of my children for??”


What do you want pictures of my children for??

Ray ______

Oh! Uh, um, just so I can see the little darlings I'll be camping with. Nothing creepy.

Why is it everytime I ask parents to forward me pictures of their children I get the third degree!?!?


8 months later...
you have posted my letters on your website with out my permission. I am asking you to take them down”

Subject: Please take down address

Dear Mr Smith:
I was contacted by a friend who said my name was on your website and sure enough there it was. You and I communicated some time back and you have posted my letters on your website with out my permission. I am asking you to take them down immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ray ______

It seems to me if you throw a brick at my head I am allowed to keep it and show it around to people I meet.

By the way, how's your takeover of America going?

“I am sorry that I insulted you and made an unfounded accusation towards you based on my hatred of your website and beliefs.”

Dear Normal Bob:

You are right and I don’t blame you. I should have asked you politely instead of being an asshole about it. You had every right to post it and make an example of me.

I do not consider myself a Christian by the world’s standards and I also believe that you have EVERY RIGHT under the constitution to run your website and speak any way you please. In all fairness and respect to you, you could have been a lot more evil and vicious in your response to me but you chose to respond maturely and I am sure having a controversial website you are use to the “throwing of bricks”. I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE 1ST AMENDMENT. I am sorry that I insulted you and made an unfounded accusation towards you based on my hatred of your website and beliefs. I think my recent dealings with certain events in my life have changed my views on other people’s beliefs and rights even when they conflict with mine. I was blinded by other influences which I believe caused me to lash out unfairly to certain people and groups all the while being hypocritical in doing so.

The past still creeps up on me, like the email I just sent asking in fact demanding you to do something. Please take this as an apology. Freedom of speech is paramount to a free society. I like what publisher Larry Flynt said in 1974 at his trial. “I love living in America because I have the freedom to buy Hustler magazine and I love the fact that I have the right to buy it then throw it away, buy it and enjoy it or don’t buy it all” I am not trying to kiss your ass Bob, I am just politely asking you to remove comments that I made that no longer represent me as a person and an ugly one at that. I agree with you on organized religion, I think it is the most asinine and destructive force on the planet. I mean ALL ORGANIZED religion not just Christianity. The catholic church comes to mind as the most horrible to me and I can see what it did to my father even 50 years later he still holds rage and fury towards the nuns and priests that abused him. They are one of the most lucrative rackets around. Although we do disagree on a lot of things, I hope that we can part with the understanding that we can AGREE to disagree and that’s all a man can ask for.

Once again I humbly ask for your forgiveness and I can only ask you to kindly remove my nasty comments and hope that you do so.

Best Regards
Ray ______

PS. There is a question I have been wanting to ask you. I was watching a video of you on you tube and you told a lady that you know the bible backwards. I have found this to be the case with most atheists I meet. Was this taught to you by a particular denomination at one time or did you read it on your own???

I know that for me I just didn't care to read the bible when I was a young believer. I was a lazy kid so I just bought whatever I was told. It wasn't until I got older that I started to care and began to really enjoy learning, and reading in general. My feeling is that's the case for many. You're taught it before you're able to think for yourself so you just believe. Then later on is when, if you're lucky, you start to care and think more.

Also, the Bible isn't such an awful read when you don't have the burden of believing it and approving of it isn't a requirement.

It's really interesting to see you coming around like this. Where would you say you stand now in regards to believing, not believing, or in between?


PS. An interesting article from today's LA Times that addresses your question.

Comment on Ray's letters...


“what did Jesus do to offend you?”

Hi Bob,
Just came across your site!!
I am wondering what did Jesus do to offend you?
If you have a look at Mel Gibsons film "The Passion" it shows a guy who gave everythingr helping others.
I find it strange that you have taken to such measures to make fun of him.
He gave his life for you.
Please consider this.


He just really bothers me. Taking the blame for everyone else's crimes. Paying for all of everyone's bad deeds instead of making us responsible for ourselves.

If a guy walked into a courtroom and paid the fines & prison sentences for every murderer, rapist, child molester, bank robber and wife beater so they could all be set free into the streets, would you too not be offended?

Thanks for the question.

“Jesus abhors the sin but loves the sinner.”

Hi Bob,
Thanks for taking the trouble to reply to my mail.
In answer to your question.... No I would not be happy if the courtroom example occured!
However, I think the comparison is not accurate. Jesus does hold us responsible for our actions.
He expects us to live in line with his teachings .. e.g. - the ten commandments.
He also stated clearly that there will be judgment of our way of living. (Ref. The Bible - Matthew 25:31)

Other Examples
Jesus got demonstrably angry with the guys trading in the temple! (Matthew 20:12)
He also disagreed openly with the pharisees (holy men!! who subsequently orchestrated his crucifixion).
(Luke 11:37)(Matthew 23)

I do believe that in his court, Jesus will be very firm but also fair. (John 12:44)
Just like any parent in the world, they do not always approve of the actions of their children but in most cases, they still love them. Jesus abhors the sin but loves the sinner.


Wow. That's confusing. So he takes on all the responsibility and punishment for our sins, and in return he expects us to be good and live within his teachings? I'm assuming that failing to live within those teachings Jesus' end of the bargain is dropped and at that point we have to take full responsibility? Or is it an endless circle of innocent blood paying for the sins of criminals?

I mean, if all you're saying is he's just really really angry when we continue to sin but he still continues to take all the blame and penalties, where's the lesson learned??? Who cares if Jesus is "demonstrably angry?" He could very well be throwing the biggest hissy-fit tantrum the heaven's ever seen! Point is he still pays the price for the criminals and hands them a free pass to paradise.

How does that even work anyhow? It doesn't make sense someone serving someone else's jail sentence. The whole point of punishment is that it happens to the person deserving. Anything else defeats the entire purpose!
Frankly, it sounds like the fantasy of a criminal.
I suppose that explains why our prisons are overflowing with believers, huh?
Heaven sounds like it's going to be a place full of a lot of jerks who were willing to let someone else take the blame for their crimes.

I officially withdraw my support for your campaign.

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