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Dear Bob,
I'd really like to thank you for your site, which is really hilarious. The hate mail section is particularly funny (and man! over 400 pages long).

I like your site for many reasons: the anti-religious thing (I hate all religions without distinction), the various pics and vids of NY junkies (because you depict them as they are and without judgement), but I must say that what I prefer and agree the most with, is your lucidity towards the fear that politicians, media and religious leaders try to engrave in people's minds. I feel that fear is the poison of our world. Thanks a bunch for trying to be a voice of intelligence in a world that doesn't seem to value thinking anymore.
I'm a french guy (nobody's perfect) and your site proves that I was right not to trust the french media which depicts EVERY american as a fat right-wing religious pro-gun asshole.

So Long,
Romain Fabbri.

“I plead that you close this game down and don’t create anything similar to that.”

I know you think this is funny and light hearted but I was very offended when I clicked on this page. I think this is very insensitive and crude. I guess you must get many of these comments and just ignore them thinking that it’s Christians being Christians but imagine you mum is killed in a car accident and then someone makes a webpage of your mum on the car where you can dress her up in anything you want. Now imagine that happening to all your friends as well and all their friends and all of theirs. That is what your doing to people all over the world. I would be very happy if this e-mail actually did change your point of view or had any sort of impact at all. I plead that you close this game down and don’t create anything similar to that.

God Bless

Luke Thaxter

Well now here's the problem with your examples.
What if I had that picture of my mom killed in this car accident and I told you you had to worship it? And what if your refusal to worship it was followed by accusations that you're evil, deserving of horrible torture, unable to perform any good deed whatsoever, and pretty much the worst scum sucking maggot ever, in the whole world? How about that?

I mean, a tragic photo like my mother in a car accident has a lot of power if I'm holding it over your head, blaming you for it, and demanding you do as I say to make up for such a revolting thing you did to her. What if I used it to play on your guilt & shame, and anytime you refused to obey me and my wishes I'd always come back at you waving that photo in your face?

Now imagine this. Imagine my mother was never in a car accident at all. She was never killed or injured or anything. Instead it was all pretend. All made up. Complete make-believe without a shred of evidence to say otherwise. And the reason people clung to it being true despite the evidence against it, was because it let them off the hook for the things they've done wrong. By believing in this car accident image they were permitted to blame all their wrongs on her. The car accident absorbed every bad deed anyone ever did as long as they believed. A concept that's obviously pretend.

That, Luke, is how perverted and corrupt that image is to people like me. That is what you're doing to people all over the world who see that image of your "car accident on the cross."

I would be very happy if this e-mail actually did change your point of view or had any sort of impact at all. I plead that you stop believing in scapegoats and without your god everyone else is deserving of great torture. Close this religion down and don't create anything similar to it.



“I know we are all entitled to free speech... but...”

Dear Bob,

I know we are all entitled to free speech and the internet is place where people feel extremely liberated to do so, but your website is (pardon my French) not cool. I know the lord doesn't need me to fight his battles, but I just wanted to let you know the devil costume is really not smart.

I didn't partake in the dress up, but came across it on the google search.

Sydia Davis

Nah. You'd feel differently if you believed it was all pretend. Then you'd see how harmful it is to control people with the threat of losing their afterlife if they don't bow to whatever god you've crowned.

Believe me, it's all perspective. I've found much of life is that way. It's why free speech is important to not only protect, but to use. Keeps us searching, and thinking about new ideas.

Think it through again. You'll see where I'm coming from if you do, I'm sure.




Repent quickly... not only will be cast into hell, but also bring curses on your life and your loved ones. REPENT URGENTIE!!! You do not know what's playing!!!Remove that abomination of the net!!!

André Santos




“Your sight is a discrace...”


I was doing a Google search for Jesus for a school project and your Dress Up Jesus sight came up. Your sight is a discrace to Jesus and everything he stands for. From having a picture of him being crucified, to have a devil outfit for him to wear. It it obnoxious and not even remotely funny. There can be a way to have a Dress Up Jesus sight, without bring discrace to Jesus and yourself. I will be praying for you, that you will soon get to know God and the grace and mercy he posessess. I hope with you will one day understand how wrong that site is and destroy it.

- God has the power to show you who's God.

Yeah, but unfortunately you're emailing someone who only sees religion as another great divider. A non negotiable belief system that makes anyone who believes it into a hero, and anyone who doesn't, a villain. I see it as a teaching that encourages people to trust anyone who says they've got Jesus on their side, and discourages critical examination of any ideas that're claimed to be God's Irrefutable Word.

I also see it as a huge error in thought, promoting faith over doubt. In this world that's a poisonous life lesson, to say the least! And worst of all, the final straw that breaks your camel's back is the declaration of an afterlife. Even if there is an afterlife people shouldn't be told. That sort of news only encourages less effort into this one in anticipation of the next. For an atheist like myself, that's just downright perverted.

So you're belly-aching to the wrong guy. You'll have to find someone else to complain to if you're looking for someone who'll hold you tightly and wipe your tears of heartache away.


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