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Part 2
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His letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Regarding Qwerty files, Pt 2

*sigh* So often it seems to come down to “I know where you live and I’ve seen where you sleep, and if you teach that class, sex-ed teacher…..”

What is it with this “My god is all-powerful, but he needs me to take out his enemies (ie: visible non-believers) for him” crap that’s so damn common from this type? I’ve never understood that, and I’ve been hearing it all my life. Don’t they have any faith that their god can take care of his own problems if he needs to, or do they think that “omnipotent” can sometimes mean “helpless child” under the right circumstances?

Gotta love it when they try to stump you with weak apologetics that were long-ago refuted and videos of church-related hypnotic spaz attacks and then take your silence as a sign that they have “won”. Um…no, it’s just that your abject stupidity made my mouth drop open with such force that it dislocated my jaw, and you’ve made it abundantly clear that you are not intelligent enough to be worth conversing with.

Kind of like the ones who think that if they can piss you off in some way, that they win by default without the hassle of making a compelling or even coherent argument. Resulting in the intensely irritating gish gallop of crap apologetics….

Not even worth talking to anyone that deluded. They’re making too much of an effort to find and create loopholes rather than make a decent case.

from Comments section

I'm engaged and have a baby

I'm a kid? you stupid cunt.

I'm engaged and have a baby, already thats more than an ugly attention seeking lonely motherfucker like you will ever amount to.

Atheist if God is fake then how was Benny Hinn able to do this?

What u think about benny hinn using the power of God to make these people fall down, and be healed, and no its not fake because my dad is a pastor and he did the same thing to me and i tried to fight it but i still went down and went into a trance for 6 days and saw visions of God in my head. So want do u think Atheist.

Qwerty Qwerty

One day later...
“I have you stumped!”

Sooo funny I have you stumped so you don t and can t reply. You put my emails on you re web site but pick and choose where you stop in trying to make yourself look good. You are a joke. I win.

Qwerty Qwerty

Correct. I was stumped by a preacher knocking people down on stage. There's no way to explain such a fantastic miracle. My favorite is that kid 8 seconds into the clip who doesn't fall (because a kid doesn't perform as well as adults do) so Benny has to come at him a second time and push him harder! Knocked that twerp on his ass!! What a wonderful man.

No. The reason I didn't respond is because you're really really stupid. So stupid in fact that I'm half thinking you're a fake. Someone pretending to be a stupid Christian. So on that note I chose to end your page with a lovely short story about you.

If you're concerned about my opinion on the matter you're free to send me a link to your Myspace, or Facebook page. Or hell, just post your stumpers and YouTube evidence right on the very page I made for you! 

Have a blast.

“I know where in New York City you live my friend.”

Im from New Jersey and I know where in New York City you live my friend. Bye bye for now

Qwerty Qwerty

And I too know where you live (which I'm also keeping a secret from you), and I'm coming to get you the DAY BEFORE you're coming to get me! And you'll know it is me because I'll be the only guy shadowboxing up your block with boxing gloves on, a paper bag over my head with eye holes cut out, and a tee shirt that reads "CAPTAIN DOOM."

I'm so happy we're exchanging our make-believe plans to each other now! It's such a prep-friendly form of terrorism without all the hassle of actually having to search for addresses, Google-mapping and all that shit.

I'm going to pretend I'm not including your address in our exchanges because of a misdirected "Fear Of The Unknown" theory that my "Internet Tough Guy" character always banks on. What're you going pretend?


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