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Dear Normal Bob,

I happened upon your web pages a few months ago and have really enjoyed them.  I try to read a couple pages of hatemail each evening, and I’m up to page 193 so far.  Good stuff.

I had printed out a few of your pamphlets awhile back, but hadn’t shared them until this week, the week leading up to Easter.  Yesterday at work I walked into the breakroom to find a small pile of cards inviting any and all to some sort of Easter celebration hosted by a local church.  I thought it would be appropriate to provide an opposing view, so I left a “God is Fake” “What is Faith?”, and “Is God Real?” on the table next to them.

About an hour later I checked back and the Normal Bob lit was gone.  Whether someone took it to read, or just put it straight into the trash (my guess) is uncertain.  Today I was going to provide more of them, but when I got to work the Easter cards were also gone, so I decided to call it a draw. 

Thanks for all the entertainment and education you provide.

Dave Bennett

“Why cant you allow us to be Christians?”

Dear Mr Smith,
                    My children (6 & 8) have just inadvertantly been redirected to your website & the Jesus dress up site, I find your website in extremely bad taste. Why cant you allow us to be Christians without smearing that which we hold precious. I respect your right to not believe in religion but I cant see why you cant respect mine & many other Christians right to worship. I never have nor would ever push my beliefs onto others, hence I am appalled to find my innocent children coming into contact with this...(and before you ask our computer is in our family room & we consider ourselves diligent parents with watching our childrens internet use) When they enter the name of Jesus in a search engine & come up with this I guess it is indicative of the troubled world we live in. I hope you can consider my complaint as it is intended & not in anyway aimed at your own personal beliefs, rather than for your consideration of the values & beliefs of others in the public domain.
Yours Faithfully
  Mr Jim Douglas
(Perth Western Australia)

Good grief. Do I have to go over this again and again with every single delusional, scapegoat-hugging adult? I don't appreciate it when people even flirt with the notion of it being possible for someone else to take the blame for your mistakes, let alone teach it as truth (to kids, no less)! Someone else taking the punishment for your wrongs completely and utterly defeats the whole purpose of punishment!

If someone is being punished for the crimes of another the entire process of punishment is pointless. It is an empty act, and even a crime unto itself. It's a backwards, non functional exercise that serves no purpose other than committing another unjust act. Teaching it as a proper, functional tool to "wash away sin" is a complete perversion of justice. I don't care how you word it or what imaginary world you pretend exists where it makes sense. It's the disgusting, anti-noble belief of a coward. A villain's wet dream.

I'm glad you and your children were troubled and inconvenienced by my game. That's exactly what it feels like to be responsible for your actions. And it sounds long overdue.

I am open to an explanation if you have one.
“you have just explained your delusional self :)”

Guess no explanation is necessary as you have just explained your delusional self :)

Mr Jim Douglas

Oh, so you pay for your own sins? Seriously. I may have just presumed incorrectly. If I have I apologize. I'm completely willing to listen to reason.


“I know that might not make sense or reason to you in a serious way but thats my rationale.”

Hi Bob,
         Ultimately yes I do pay for my own sins if I make those open choices to sin then why should Christ pay for them?  The way I see it is he kinda takes up the slack when Ive done all I can & might fall a little bit short...its like climbing a mountain when you just dont have the energy to make that last bit to the summit & your friend is at the top & extends the rope & pulls you up the rest of the way...thats what I believe Christ is in my life for NOT to pay for my sins but be kind enough to offer to if Ive lived by the rules. To many Christians use Jesus as an excuse for their behaviour & I admit that can be over zealous at times & that gives us a bad rap.

I dont know if your a father but I am & I know this one thing I would be willing to sacrifice anything for my kids...thats how I see Christ working in my life, hes made the sacrifice for me out of love..I know that might not make sense or reason to you in a serious way but thats my rationale.
Even though you dont believe in Easter I hope you have a nice holiday break.

All the best
Mr Jim Douglas

Takes up the slack? Jim, "taking up the slack" for your kids would be allowing them to come home even WITHOUT their praise and worship. In fact, if I had kids I wouldn't even require they believe in me or my love for them. Without question I would save them from certain doom always, especially if the mountain was created by me.  You're right. It doesn't make sense or reason at all. It just sounds like an irrational stretch of the imagination to relieve your guilt and exclude you from having to deal with shortcomings like an adult. It's an easy way out, deserving of zero respect. It's a doorway allowing complete immunity from your actions, and that's the LAST concept humans should have suggested to them.

You do not pay for your sins under your own definition. You openly choose to sin and Christ is there to pick up the slack. That's it. Exactly what's taught in churches & written in the bible. It's like pretending you're climbing a mountain, but instead you take the elevator to the top floor, completely bypassing accountability, straight onto heaven! Paradise is still yours at the end of the day, because Jesus never stops with the slack-letting once you buy into this absurd concept. It's the dictionary definition of a scapegoat. No different than pretending a goat sacrifice, virgin sacrifice, child sacrifice or messiah sacrifice burns away all the bad you're responsible for, and it's exactly what I was referring to in my first email to you.

Might I give you a suggestion? If you have to end your explanations with "I know it might not make sense or reason, but thats my rationale" then it's far more likely you're the one who's delusional. As a grown, adult, thinking man, your explanation should speak commonsense and rational thinking through & through, no excuses.

You'd seriously send your own children to hell forever and ever without rescue if they denied you or didn't believe in you?


“...can you tell me what salt tastes like? ...you explain it to me in your ''common-sense'' & ''rational'' way. Might sound a bit strange...”

      Might I give you a suggestion? Dude..can you tell me what salt tastes like? Now bear in mind for a moment I've never tasted it before & its a concept I don't understand..you explain it to me in your ''common-sense'' & ''rational'' way. Might sound a bit strange to you but being the ''grown thinking man'' that I am I usually tend to listen to people who can present an objective argument so I've taken Christ out of the argument Bob just so it doesn't have you thinking too subjectively in you response :) 

Mr Jim Douglas

The next morning...
dont bother replying

On second thoughts these kind of chalk & cheese discussions get one nowhere you have your beliefs I have mine so dont bother replying....all the best

Mr Jim Douglas

Your logic is so complicated and difficult to understand it's comparable to explaining the taste of salt?

Well, maybe at least now you understand better why people smear what you hold so precious. You can't even explain it yourself, and you expect respect. Think again.


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