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What have I been up to? I have seriously just been trying to keep food on the table and rent paid! Jesus Chrrrrrr-iste! There's no doubt in my mind that this recession is very real, and very glib. I get it! We're all helpless to it. Can we move on to another topic already?

Absolutely. Let's start with the mysterious disappearance of Muhammad Dress Up.
Now, when I first made Muhammad Dress Up it was through a friend of mine, Shaun, who was going to put together a whole Muhammad joke site. He took charge of the hosting and the dot com and all that. Now the site's down, and Shaun is nowhere to be found.

I called him. No answer. I've emailed him, Myspaced him, tried to find him every way I know and still no Shaun. He seems to have just up and disappeared. I dont know what's up, where he is, or how to save the site, which, from the looks of it, seems to be already lost. No more muhammaddressup.com?
No more Shaun?
I'll let you know what's up when I find out what's up.
I've temperarily put the page on my site, [click here], but it's just not the same as having the dot com.

If anyone out there knows Shaun or what happened to him, this is no joke. Email him and tell him to get a hold of me. I'm sure there's a simple explanation.

Which reminds me! I took the funniest photo on Wednesday of Wendel the Garbageman and the Gettin' Some Head Lowrider meeting face to face, and the moment was priceless. So priceless that I went and put it into one of those stupid inspirational poster spoofs that every asshole and his cousin are making now, (but I couldn't help myself).

I just couldn't wait for the next page of Amazing Strangers to share it. I had to show it off now. Which reminds me again...

The Limited Collector's Edition Jesus Dressup are printed and on their way from Hong Kong. It'll be about another month for their arrival. I want to thank all of you who've reserved sets for your patience.

My schedule is getting freed up again for paid gigs, so if you've got a project you need help with, let me know. I'm a talent to be reckoned with, artistic ability pouring from my finger tips and anxious to show it off on whatever you've got. Let me know.

And besides the fact that it's cold and raining here in NYC this Friday night , that's what's going on.

“it's quite amazing that the calendars were changed because of who HE is.”

You obviously want to get a rise out of people.  Regarding the Jesus AD 2000 [bottom of page], it's quite amazing that the calendars were changed because of who HE is.  Hopefully you will find Him one day, He loves you so much.

Joan Papas

Is it also amazing that the days of the week were named after Norse gods? "Praise be unto Thor! The god Thursday was named after! What an amazing feat of true superiority over the universe!"

Oh, wait a minute. But the month of March was named after the God Of War. "Fall to your knees, slave! What more proof is needed to prove Mars is real!! Bow to the God Of War!"

I'm sorry Joan, but it seems many different gods helped make your calendar, and I haven't even mentioned the Chinese calendar and the gods other than Jesus it's based on. It's all really, really, really, really amazing.

Thank you for the email.


“why do you hate Jesus so much.”

[In reference to Pray for Satan's Salvation]

If Jesus died to save Satan which is the only forgiveness why do you hate Jesus so much.
Ron Davis

Satan's been saved?


“Why do you hate Jesus?”

Why do you hate Jesus then?

How was Satan redeemed ?  I got a lot of questions I am a curious person not trying to corner or offend your selfimage 

All Satan has to do is confess Christ as savior?  Then is saved from what I know compared to your message 

Ron Davis

No no no. We are asked by God to pray for those who've yet to be redeemed. I'm begging people to pray that he'll show Satan the way so he'll fall to his knees and ask forgiveness. God promised us that ALL things were possible through him (Luke18:27). God's refused all my prayers, that is why I hate him.

It's so simple. I don't see why you can't understand.


“Christ died as Man and God for mans forgiveness.”

Satan is a fallen angel that fell with and third of heaven knowing out right their penalty. Christ died as Man and God for mans forgiveness. Man in gods image.

Ron Davis

Your point? It's not like God doesn't have the power to forgive outside of those guidelines. You make it sound like He can't make something impossible happen. If that's what you think, I need to ask you to read Luke18:27 again.


“scripture must agree with scripture not vague statements”

Again in the preceeding verses Jesus is addressing mans salvation in that chapter not the devils scripture must agree with scripture not vague statements

Ron Davis

I know. It's addressing man's ability to make even the impossible possible through God. You're saying this particular thing is impossible, so the scripture doesn't pertain to it. Ronnie, if it sounds impossible, it's precisely what this verse is addressing. The verse only instructs that we must pray for it.

You worship a god whose miracles don't transcend into the impossible? That doesn't sound like a much of a god to me.



“They say something about a rocket in space. Who powered the rocket?”

evolution just doesn't make any sense. If we all evolved from some kind of ooze in the sea then how did we get to be so intelligent?

Some say there was a big bang and that's how the world began. They say something about a rocket in space who powered the rocket? Where did the planets come from to bang into each other? they just don't have all the answers. It's so obvious to me that someone intelligent had to create things. Look at how many things man has managed to invent. Who gave him all the knowledge to be able to think these things up? Look at the way the human brain is designed. Someone had to create that. Look at nature. There's no way it all could have just happened. There are so many different types of animals and insects each with their own purpose. There's no way alive they could have all just evolved from some kind of primortial ooze and then became a monkey and then the monkey decided to shave so he turned into a human. Just doesn't make any sense at all in my book. There has to be a God that created us after His own likeness.

Douglas Reay

These kind of arguments come from people who've done no kind of thorough study of evolution. You're emailing me prior to reading about it, and it's just making you look willfully ignorant.

Do you believe in the walking fish? Or how about Koko the talking ape? Type them into YouTube if you doubt. You don't have to stretch your imagination far to see how animals embarking on new feats and passing them onto their young is vivid evidence of life evolving. What do you suppose happens to life evolving over thousands, or millions of years? Does it change or stay the same? RIchard Dawkins explains the gradual evolution of life quite thoroughly in this video.

If you're satisfied with idiot answers to things, like "a wizard in the sky made it" then, against all my better arguments, perhaps you yourself are an example of how we don't advance.

Had you thought about presenting yourself as evidence life doesn't evolve? You seriously might have something there.



“How dare you make fun of the one that gave his life in payment for your debt.”

I ran into your site by accident and I was very sad to see the stuff you people are selling. How dare you make fun of the one that gave his life in payment for your debt. Its not something Funny, I pray that someday you will repent from your sin and Blasphemy , I will pray for you and all of your people, you really need to meet Jesus He Loves You very much. God Bless You whoever you are.

Lupita Lopez

The site is simply my response to what I see as an extremely irresponsible belief system. It disturbs me that your beliefs suggest its possible for someone else to pay for the wrong of another. Especially if that someone else is completely innocent. People need to be taught they are 100% responsible for their actions and no one else ever can have the blame put on them.

It's a disturbing idea. One that people don't need to taught as true in any form. Thus, my game is my "spit in the face" of that belief.

Thank you for your inquiry.
I hope I answered your questions.

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