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Free Hugs Regime takes a stand against Freedom

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Back in June of 2009 the Free Hugs campaign of Union Square spun out of control when its leader was personally served with his first FH=FB notice [file footage]. Since then there's been an escalating feud between the two camps (Free Hugs vs Free Bedbugs) and it's just moved to an Amber Orange level of threat.

Free Hugs = Free Bedbugs campaigne flyer that's seen being torn up again & again.

I can tell you from first hand experience, having gone up against junkies, peepers, gravers, Christians & even Islamic Fundamentalists, it's the Union Square Free Hugs regime that's by far the most aggressive, impenetrable, and power hungry gang I've come in contact with. Ever.

Never before have I come up against such a determined collection of non-profit soldiers. Quite honestly, I do fear for my safety. Child molestation accusations have been thrown at me, and as you'll see to the right, even serious threats of unpleasantness. But the Anti-bedbugs campaign is worth fighting, and yes, perhaps even dying for.


“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.”
Che Guevara

The following complaint letters are in response to the video below, written by the leader of the Free Hugs Organization, Union Square, regarding my
Free Hugs = Free Bedbugs street campaign

“I don't think this should become unpleasant for you.”

Subject: I thought I made it clear

I don't want any more of this "bedbug" nonsense. Now while I don't care about you posting videos of me, remove that video of you molesting 15 year old girls.

You are welcome to make fun of me, you are not the first or the last and far from the best, but leave underage girls out of this. We are both reasonable people so I don't think this should become unpleasant for you.


Dear Normal Bob Smith fan,
What are you talking about? Don't you have to be 15 years old to be part of that club? Didn't stop you, huh?

Watching you send 15 year old girls into the back of the park with FREE HUGS signs, thus guaranteeing their molestation, has been more than enough unpleasantness, thank you very much.


“we do have security measures in place, and there is ample officers of the law, to ensure the safety of all volunteers.”

Dear Bob Smith,
There are no age requirements for this "club". As such, we do have security measures in place, and there is ample officers of the law, to ensure the safety of all volunteers. And if anything does happen to them measures are taken to deal with anyone with ill intent.
We wish to protect those who volunteer for us, so we ask you politely to remove the video that might hurt these underage girls.

As for the news article, it is 2 years outdated. Find something more recent, factual and substantial to base your argument on.


Photo from Facebook profile

I would have never guessed that a guy who hangs around the garbage cans at Union Square had an army of lawyers working around the clock for him and his organization of junior highers.

I spoke with my attorney and he said as long as the video was taken in a public place and no names were broadcast, I'm well within my rights to use acquired footage for non-commercial endeavors. And my father, who's a judge on the Supreme Court called his 2 friends at the Pentagon and they all concurred.


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