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I knew this would happen one day, and apparently it took ten years, but the hate mail has finally ceased. A month has passed and all that's trickled in are these few "I DARE YOU TO DO MUHAMMADs!" inspired by the Southpark controversy last month, then a Why? or two from some third world country, and that's it!

Ten years, and finally people have learned. Or has Jesus Dressup simply become old news? The web has also changed so much since I first started. Competition is greater, and my feeling is that the web's proved itself to be an atheist's playground, with religions of every shade being made to feel extremely unwelcome at every turn. They've not got the thick skin non believers have developed over this many years.

Indeed, mocking religion on the web has become a norm. That's just the reality of the situation, and I think most potential hate mailers finally realize this. According to this article I'm not alone in this realization [btw, this sidebar you're reading was written 2 months before this Religion Dispatches article].
I mean, how long can you seriously argue against science in a medium that's such a triumph of science? For how long can a belief system built on silencing questions survive in a forum that so encourages question?

Much of my focus has switched over to Amazing Strangers, a possible book in the works, and other parts of the site that have lagged, including the radio show. I'll be manning the Jesus Dressup booth at NY Comic Con in October, debuting a new set there and raising all sorts of hell, but indeed the influx of hate mail has all but stopped. And I'm not about to fake it.

I'd love to hear your feedback.

Sun, Apr 25, 2010
“So I must ask, why haven't you made a Muhammad Magnet set?  And better yet send it to the current Muslim leader?  I'll tell you why, because you have NO BALLS!!”

Subject: Have you heard about....

Dear Bob,

Have you heard how the producers of South Park received a death threat after they insulted Muhammad? 
I'll post a few lines to peek your interest....
NEW YORK (AP) — Producers of "South Park" said Thursday that Comedy Centralremoved a speech about intimidation and fear from their show after a radical Muslim group warned that they could be killed for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

It came during about 35 seconds of dialogue between the cartoon characters of Kyle, Jesus Christ and Santa Claus that was bleeped out.
the complete story link is here...
So I must ask, why haven't you made a Muhammad Magnet set?  And better yet send it to the current Muslim leader?  I'll tell you why, because you have NO BALLS!!
You'll make a Jesus dress up-magnets and sell them because you know you can get away with that....but I DARE YOU to try that shit with a Muhammad magnet set!!!!  I'll even help fund it and give the terrorists your studios address!

Doug Smith

Cool. All I need is the funding. It's around $1,200 to get the minimum of 1,000 produced. The arts done: mohammeddressup.com
My studio address is public domain: http://www.normalbobsmith.com/contact/

It's ready to go. 
Let me know how long it'll take you to get the money transferred to me.

The next day I received this...

“Is it a matter of being afraid of those idiot motherfuckers at Revolutionmuslim?”

If so, is it a matter of money – I can send cash and so can others

Is it a matter of being afraid of those idiot motherfuckers at Revolutionmuslim?

If so – Check this link out: http://www.facebook.com

This makes May 20 “Everyone Draw Mohammed” and then post them on Facebook.

It’s a beautiful thing, something you would enjoy…

Mark Kregel

Puh-leeze. I've been mocking Muhammad publicly for years. It's excitables like yourself that blow it all out of proportion and expect everyone to run for the hills the second a death threat's emailed to them. I'm guessing you expect it because that's what you'd do?

I did that "Draw Muhammad Contest" years ago. See left sidebar... http://www.normalbobsmith.com/hatemail299.html

Yes. Money, as always, is the holdup on this project. 

Stop with the silly allegations and schoolyard taunts. Hook me up with the green. I'll make it happen this week.

“How much green ya need?”

How much green ya need?

Would it help to set up a paypal thingy?

Look – as an Atheist (I deny the Holy Spirit…) I like to see ALL religions mocked for the fairy tales they are.

And with a sense of humor (like yours) they fall like dominoes :)

Mark Kregel

I already said $1,200 is all I'd need. Then I can send in a payment to my place in Hong Kong and they'll get started. It'll take about two months for the finished product to arrive on my doorstep.

My paypal is: bob@normalbobsmith.com

I'll take them to Comic Con with me in October and sell them. It'll be perfect.


“Let’s do it!”

Let’s do it!

How do we, um do it though?

I can spread the gospel among fellow Non-Theists and Atheists.

What else can I do?

Mark Kregel

You're going to have to deposit the $1,200 into my Paypal. My question to you is, how much are you going to want back of this money? Here's an idea. When I get them I'll send you 200 set to do with as you please. If you sold them at $15 each that'd be $3000.

My other reason for never making them is because I don't think they'll sell well. Stores won't sell them, of course. I don't believe there'll be enough sales to pay you back any time soon. Keep that in mind.

Have no doubt though that I'll promote them big time though.

None of these guys were ever heard from again.

“do not believe in God and Satan? Ogl?dnijcie any reportage about exorcisms”

Subject: What's This? (Pojebalo Cie?)

What right have audacity to ridicule Jesus Christ, I think as a human being does not pass something like that. I do not know too much what you want to achieve by insulting and mocking of God who would die for such as you, but it probably does not believe in it (do not believe in God and Satan? Ogl?dnijcie any reportage about exorcisms), I hope that one day I believe otherwise you will understand it's too late, you will pray for you to repent or even stopped this stupid play.


What we humans fail to understand is that when gods die it's far less of an inconvenience and sacrifice. It's hard for us to see the difference because when we die we don't have the option to spring back to life, or fly up to heaven like rocket ship, or be magical enough to stop the world from spinning or throw mountains around like handfuls of sand.

For us death is a very very scary, looming reality with not a clue what comes after. So to us Jesus giving up his life for us sounds amazing. But it's not. He was only dead for a weekend. Then he got to live forever in paradise where he's king over everyone.

I'm not that impressed. 
You shouldn't be either.
Does that answer your question?


“If you do one with Mohammed you WILL gain my admiration for being a stand up artist!”


How edgy and daring! Let’s see you make one with Mohammed and see if you are really as edgy as you seem.

I thought not ;)

Michael Peterson

P.S. If you do one with Mohammed you WILL gain my admiration for being a stand up artist!



Great. I am officially a stand up artist.

“I stand corrected...”

I stand corrected and should have not jumped to conclusions. My apologies!

Thank you!

Michael Peterson

I bet you'd enjoy this... http://www.normalbobsmith.com/hatemail339.html

Some crazy Islamic Fundamentalist death threats over Mohammed Dressup.

I wept for days and days afterwards.

“Again my apologies and I will be reading your hatemail in the future!”

LOL! I was wondering what feedback you would get from that. I jumped to the conclusion because most people doing commentary on Christian themes are too afraid to do it with Islam. I myself am non religious but I can’t stand the double standard and artists who play it safe while trying to be controversial at the same time. Again my apologies and I will be reading your hatemail in the future!

Michael Peterson


“Why do you not believe in God?”

I just want to ask a few questions. Why do you not believe in God? What made you not believe in God? And I mean, atheists don’t believe in anything, so you wouldn’t have anything to lose if you believed in God. What’s the point of believing in nothing when you would have nothing to lose if you did believe? Just pure laziness or hate? Do you not realize the consequences if you’re wrong? You will have everything to lose if you are wrong. IPeople probably pray for you to change, but some prayers are meant to be unanswered or refused. May God have mercy on you.

Sincerely, Justin

Listen, I'm just a normal guy who believes in regular things. I like to reason out stories and think problems through logically. And while I'm doing that if the story starts talking about magical wizards zapping people with their witchcraft, and monsters, and ghosts, and devils, and 900 year old people, and entire graveyards of dead people coming to life and walking around town, I tend to just let the insane-asylum lunatics keep those. You people can have it. The goblins and gargoyles and flying chariots in the sky. Go nuts. It's not hatred. I'm fine with it. But you can't expect me to not poke fun. I mean, c'mon.

Asking people not to tilt their heads at you in confusion, that's asking a lot.

Is pretending to believe all that stuff actually enough for the god you pretend's true? He allows that??


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