Hate Mail

It may have stumbled,
but it has yet to fall.
Hate mail.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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The shipment has arrived for the new Special Ed version of Jesus Dressup, and people are freakin' out! Some who've received their copy have already had it stolen from their offices, and I just left one of the stores who's selling them and the manager, under his breat, said to me, "Aren't you going to get in trouble for these?"
"I have no idea. Just keep them on the D.L." I responded.

Just so you know, anyone who's ordered a set in advance, they've been shipped out as of yesterday, Tuesday, June 9th, 2010. So if you're in the US you'll probably have it by Friday. And thank you to all of you for your patience. No one complained or revoked their order even though they took 6 months to deliver! That's totally appreciated.

And Christ, do these look sharp! They're the best looking set I've ever produced, and they quite honestly fulfill one gargantuan wet dream of a subject matter I've been having since I was 8 years old.

Of course, if you haven't already noticed, there is in fact more hate mail to post. It's only trickling in, but anyone who I worried about rumors of the end, you may rest steady. I'm as busy as ever on this end, and people are noticing.

“What if your wrong?”

Subject: What if your wrong?

Dear Bob,
      You do know that evolution is just a theory, right? It has been never been proven. Everybody thought the Earth was the center of the universe way back, but that was proven wrong. What if evolution was the same thing? do you really want to gamble with your soul like that? If evolution is wrong, you lose everything, and if Christianity is wrong, I lose nothing. Why not just take a chance, you could have everlasting life with Yeahway (God)

How to be saved ( go to heaven)
1. admit you are a guilty sinner
2. realize that you deserve to go to hell
3. Trust that Yeshua ( Jesus) will save you from hell, b/c he died for you.

Please just take the chance, its like extra- credit, if your right, you gain a lot, if your wrong, you lose nothing.

Joe Will

Well, no. The way you're using the word "theory" and science uses it are two very different things. You're thinking the word "theory" as only a hypothesis: An idea someone dreamed up and there's nothing to back it up yet. A brainstorm.
When scientists declare something a "theory" it's only after it can't be disproved, and every test points towards it being fact, without any evidence saying otherwise. Gravity, for example, is a scientific theory. 

Evolution is more than a hypothesis. Science has indeed deemed evolution a theory, which is as close to fact as you can get in scientific terms. So definitely keep that info in your pocket from now on. It's really important. Especially in a discussion such as this.

And, an interesting note: Back when everybody thought the earth was the center of the universe, it was based on their belief in God. "We simply must be the center of the universe if we're this important to God!"
It wasn't until actual scientific research we discovered we're not the center of the universe. In fact, in relation to the entire universe, our importance to a creator seems completely non existent. Like building a gargantuan city of empty skyscrapers for a single termite. Know what I mean?

I'm sorry, but if you're wrong you've wasted your whole life on a lie. Not knowing the truth sounds like one of the biggest losses you could inflict onto yourself. Especially if you're basing the decision to do so on fear. Do you seriously only pretend to believe because of your fear? You're that easily herded into a cage? What about your fear of the Muslim hell? Does the threat of that convert you over to them? Why not?

Yeah, I'm really unimpressed with your "pretend to believe for fear of hell" suggestion, and I'm sure your god would be too. Talk about fake love! Love couldn't get any more empty and unfulfilling than one based on fear.

The god you imagine has the mentality of an superstitious Bronze Age mystic, which explains everything.


“jesus dressup website is really fucked up”

do that jesus dressup website is really fucked up and I don't think it is appropriate! so yea!

David Henderson

Wow! When I opened this email I was NOT expecting THAT! Ouch!!!

Seriously, that was really harsh. Did you mean all that?? I'm thinking you probably did. That makes it sting even more. Like lemon juice right in the eye. Or a dirty pair of underpants wrapped in a pink ribbon for my birthday. Just the worst unexpected infection on the genitals you could imagine right here in my inbox. My worst nightmare, but I'm wide awake. 
9/11 times a hundred.

I'd appreciate a sincere apology from you, but something tells me I'm not going to get it. Congratulations on being responsible for the tear that took a week to dry.



“I know you are angry at GOD, but...”

Bob, I know you are angry at GOD, but I ask you to examine yourself and see if he is the cause of your condition. He loves you, you know. It's so easy to blame him, but it's impossible to escape the constant turbulence of one's own conscience. Jesus has never stopped loving you and 'dress up jesus' will only salve your conscience.

Dewayne Gates

Sorry, but I'm just way too angry at God to back off. And picking a fight is the logical recourse, like an ant charging at an elephant with all of its might! That'll teach him!!

I've never been very good at predictions, but I'll bet you 10 to one that in this particular battle, I'm the one who's going to come out on top. I seriously don't know how he'll be able to take much more of this! And I've got no plans in the near future to let up. Not even a little!


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