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hey mr. smith

Have you ever thought about slapping a few ads on the site for a little extra income? I only say this because I know freelance graphic design can't be easy to come by in this economy, and I would absolutely hate the collection of hate mail to disappear from the net. I know that for me it was just seeing that one person could defend atheism logically and humorously no matter what Christians threw at him was enough to push me into atheism a couple years ago. 

Good luck from one of your converts!


Unfortunately it's not as easy as just slapping on some ads and waiting for the paychecks. First, people have to want to advertise on the site, and with my "Jesus-hating" make-fun-of-retards, mock Muhammad BS the offers don't come pouring in from anyone with money to spend. That, and the few that do, like Penis-enlarging tablets & weight loss scam ads would pretty much be the equivalent of giving the site a severe case of acne on every single page for about an extra $200 a month. Just not worth completely ruining the entire visual delight of the site. It's worth it for other people and their sites, but it's not for me. I personally can't figure out why so many others are so willing to commit appearance suicide so haphazardly as they do. That was exactly what started the boulder rolling downhill for MySpace.

However, I do totally appreciate your help & hope. For my own integrity the income just has to come from the work I do, products & freelance. 

My suggestion, if you really want to help secure the future of the site, buy stuff, or tell other people to buy stuff, or just blog about the site or favorite parts on it. Even something as simple as telling your friends about something on the site you thought was really funny and getting them hooked makes a huge difference. And that kind of talk is always appreciated by me. Just help get the word out, because there's a whole other team working very hard to hide me.

Thanks for the cheers.

“I will never go on it again and ill tell my friends!!!”

Subject: not a chance

I will never go on it again and ill tell my friends as well so sort your web sight out!!!

miya shaw

Do you mind me asking how you'll tell friends not to visit the page without showing it to them? Like, will you send them the link and say "DON'T GO HERE! EVER!!" Or were you planning to just say "There's this site I want you to never visit so I'm not going to tell you the name of it because I don't want you to visit it. Okay?"

I'd really enjoy hearing the plan so you can accomplish this mission of yours.

Much appreciated.


“I will not pray for you”

Subject: Jesus website

I hope you will soon understand that Jesus Christ is savior of people's souls, not a toy. I don't know what did you filled your mind with to decide to make your "dress up" site, but I am not surprised as it's getting worse and worse, including people's respect of the Savior.

I will not "pray for you", but I will tell you to reconsider your site and actions and ask yourself: "Why did I made this"? Is it mere entertainment? Hate of religion? To make money? Either one is not good enough reason to continue. Good news: you can be forgiven. Bad news: my words might not mean nothing to you. So... You can repent and start over and use your "talent" for some other, good cause OR you can keep doing what you're doing - we all reap what we sow, sometimes reward is instant. No matter what, without knowing Christ, we are all "condemned" simply for not knowing Him and God, which reflects in our lives and events. 

Jesus came to give life, not to be mocked with some dress up games. I am not nearly offended as much as I am saddened with what will people do, without  thinking of consequences. My suggestion is: take the website down (redesign it into something else if you have to) while you still have some conscience left. Peace to you.

It makes me just as sad for you that your beliefs tell you all mankind is condemned for not believing what you believe. If beliefs had a face yours would crack a mirror.

Please stop your terrible thoughts that object to the existence of people.

“Perhaps if you were in some Islamic country mocking Mohammad and your head was at stake, you'd be more aware of your actions”

I still don't understand your motives regardless. Perhaps if you were in some Islamic country mocking Mohammad and your head was at stake, you'd be more aware of your actions and wouldn't even dare to "play". Yet, that's religion.

 You show no respect for Christ at all, regardless of you believing in Him or not. What kind of "need of existence" is related to your site and your motives is yet for you to figure out. Condemnation is simply not *knowing* God and Jesus, ant that's way of the carnal, human nature - you reap what you sow. Even Christians do, however they "know better" once they learn the Truth and reality of God and Christ. No one forces you to believe, however there is obvious disrespect and mockery from your side regardless of what you believe. Just because we are capable and free to do something, does not give us permission to do whatever we want and not expect to backfire. Even before I was Christian, I would've never think to literally mock other people's religion (whichever that might be), especially nowadays with internet - it's like virus. I'm talking about common sense. At least, I see it as very poor use of your imagination or talent. Now, knowing what I know, I can't tell you that "it's just a religion, let it go" - I know that God is real and if anything, consider my email as a warning - not for me to frighten you but reason with you in hope you understand the weight of your actions. God does love everyone and forgives our actions through Christ, so if you ever decide to turn to Him, I'll be glad to communicate with you in the future. Until then, take care and put little more reasoning in the things you do, period.
Thanks for your reply.

You don't see how having ones head at stake for mocking god is reason to dislike it and mock it?

What if people who spoke ill of Jesus were tortured and hung from the neck and their families imprisoned? Would that make you like Jesus more? Would it make you like religion more? Or would you then be against it and possibly mock it? Would you wish for these ideas to continue on and on for your children, grandchildren & great grandchildren?

What if everyone who didn't believe in Muhammad (like you) was ordered to be assassinated, and even Allah (God) declared these non-believers damned to hell for all eternity after they died. Does that make you love and worship Allah and Muhammad? 

Please answer my questions, because I cannot understand how beheading people who mock religion is something you want to exemplify. You should be against it on EVERY level. The fact that you aren't shows why I mock it, and you.



“It is blasphemy and hurt full”

I am a proud Catholic and a find it very offensive that you have a "Dress up Jesus" game.  It is blasphemy and hurt full to those who are Christian.  I ask that you please remove the site and out another game on.
Yours Truly,
Sebastian John Gregory Cannavo
Please replay to this email.

Yes, but you're also only 14, so as of yet your requests have very little weight.

For now you're stuck with crying to your mommy and daddy.



“Hi, I'm sorry if I come of rude, but...”

Subject: Jesus Dress Up

Hi, I'm sorry if I come of rude, but the Jesus Dress Up thing you have going is very offensive. I came across it over google, go figure. I'm not one of those stuck up, hypocritical Christians that only are only Christians by their words, and I'm not perfect, but I couldn't go without making note of this "game" you have here. It'd be very much appreciated it you got rid of that.


You go around on the internet and tell strangers how you think they should conduct business and live their lives? Do you also tap people on the shoulder and tell them what color pants to wear or what they should name their baby? Who elected you All-knowing Dictator Of Absolute Truth?

You really do come across as rude.

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