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Hi Bob,

I was browsing through your never ending supply of hatemail looking for and getting some good laughs when I came across the one with the scary Muslim. I would have totally reported him to homeland security but I guess I'm just an ass.

I'll keep this brief so as to not look starstruck, I was a Corporal with the USMC for 6 years so I always appreciate reading about Muslims freaking out (I notice you forgot to mention to the above crazy Muslim that we've killed many more of them than they have of us and my brethren really enjoyed doing it ).

I guess you could put this under punk mail or fanmail, doesn't matter (though I am in the BDSM fetish scene now).

I'm attaching one of my tamer pics, photobucket doesn't like the ones with blood and the naked chick hitting me but they can be found on drunkrockers.com, photo archive, Fetish Nation (4th one down in the middle), February. I'm the guy with the bleeding back.

Sincerely yours,
Paul Savage

“aren't you worried...?”

Subject: Sacrifice ?

I have to ask aren't you worried about mocking such a great sacrifice ?

Richard Clark

Am I worried about mocking a myth? Are you worried about Vishnu, the supreme soul, getting extremely angry at you for not praising him? Or let's say you mocked him a little. How worried would you be afterwards?
That's your commonsense answer.

“I'm not worried about anything the sacrifice removes all condemnation”

I'm not worried about anything  the sacrifice removes all condemnation "I am free",  By the way Jesus dying on the cross is not a myth it's a historical fact.
Thank You for answering my question,

Richard Clark

Yes, all that is true, except it's all make-believe. No different than Vishnu and all the other gods we've invented around the world and throughout history. Your Jesus is no different. 
You realize that every single god is proved by their followers as historical fact, right? I mean, you're not that ignorant of the rest of humanity, are you?

“I guess I am [that ignorant]”

I guess I am but the point is a man named Jesus died on the cross and half the world believes he did it for them, can't you respect that ?

Richard Clark

Respect mass ignorance? Really? Do you? I mean, you just admitted to self-imposed ignorance for the sake of your belief. That deserves the littlest amount of respect there can possibly be. Especially when it's the belief that someone else (an innocent, no less) can take the blame for your wrongs. Putting that belief out there is just irresponsible. Human beings shouldn't have it suggested as even a possibility.

An innocent dying for the guilty? It's perverted.



Sorry to upset you,
Take Care,
Richard Clark

I'm not upset. I just don't respect your lack of thought.

Believe me, I completely understand how important it is that you don't lose your scapegoat. 

Thank you for not standing up to question.

“that’s exactly what you wanted isn't it?
To hurt people to taunt them...”

No not at all that’s what he wants that’s what we want too,  to be forgiven to let go of the past and to move on.  I don’t want to argue with you I came across your web site completely by accident and it evoked a response and that’s exactly what you wanted isn't it ?   To hurt people to taunt them for believing that there's something better than this world…… 

Richard Clark

If it were only about seeking forgiveness I'd have less of a problem. But it's more than that. It's this guy Jesus actually absorbing the sin, making it his, and paying the price for it in place of us. THAT'S the issue. That's where the philosophy goes haywire into the danger zone. Humanity shouldn't have that concept suggested as a possibility. We look for enough excuses to do wrong as it is. We don't need people thinking their crimes can be handed over to someone else to take the blame and pay the price. That's where I rant.

Yes, it's to evoke a response so I can get the issues on the table, then yell at people for they're irresponsibility. It's a very interesting endeavor, as I'm sure you can imagine.


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