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Hi Bob.

I'm a 16-year old girl from Finland, and I'm an atheist. I found your site a couple of years ago, but I didn't really look through it until recently. I really love your site and I wanted to share some thoughts with you.

I think I have had a perfect upbringing concerning religion. I didn't know anything about God or Jesus until I went to school and had my first lesson in religion. I think all the children believed everything, but we didn't really care. The teachers only told us the stories, and at least I have never been told anything about God or Jesus by my parents. It was on fourth or fifth grade that the history lessons began. I asked my big sister what history is, and she said "it's the same as religion but it's true". I'm not really sure what I thought about religion back then, but I guess I didn't think about it at all until sixth grade. You see, that was when nobody on my class believed in God anymore. I think everyone but me were just trying to be cool, I was a bit more mature than the other kids. Still, I wasn't sure but I had started reading about science and was really interested in how the world works.

When I started 7th grade my world changed. You see, in Finland you go 1st-6th grade at one place (in finnish ala-aste) and 7th-9th grade at another (ylä-aste) after that you can start working or continue going to school. Anyway, on 7th grade I started going to a school in Helsinki (the capital of Finland, I live there but didn't go to school there before) and my class teacher was a teacher in science. He mocked Jesus on our lessons and talked about pretty much everything, including homosexuality. In the beginning I thought he was amazing, and he did make a huge impact on me. But now I realize that he's not that amazing, he's actually pretty stupid. He's always preaching about how stupid religious people are, and a teacher shouldn't do that. He shouldn't tell us about his beliefs and stuff like that, he should teach us. And what if one of the pupils would be religious? He could lose his job. And he should, he's not a very good teacher.

Anyway, I have really started thinking about religion. Why does someone believe in something that can't be proven in any way? I guess they just think it's comforting to think that there's something greater than them. I understand that, and actually I kinda wish I could believe in God. I think it would make life much simpler.

Haha, this was a pretty pointless letter, I'm sorry if I've bothered you. It's just that I thought it would be relieving to write to you, as I never really tell people stuff. I usually keep my thoughts to myself, as I don't think anyone would understand me. I don't really understand myself.

By the way, I was really surprised when I found hate mail on your site from a Finn. Finland is a very liberal country regarding religion, and I thought the muslims were the only one's complaining about stuff. But I guess I was wrong.

Are you going to have any drawing contests in the near future? I understand if you wont, since your last fan letter seems to be from 2008... Still, I hope you keep going with your site and if you'll have any drawing contests I will take part :)

Sorry about all the drivel, I hope you got through the whole letter :D

Ellen Liman

PS. Since when is Frank from Donnie Darko a villain?

“I think your dress up Jesus site is disgusting...”

I think your dress up Jesus site is disgusting and blasphemous.  You will have to answer for this someday

Shelyne P.

Yes, I'm sure a mountain will be crumbled up over my head and a million year plague cursed upon all who've dared to laugh at the Supreme Ruler of All Humanity. Praise be unto God who painfully punishes all detractors!!!

Your emails are always appreciated.
Thank you.


“Are u not assume...?????????”

Are u not assume for what your doing?????????


No! I have assume for what I am doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!



“This is MY GOD.”

HATE this.
This is MY GOD.
My Jesus should never be treated like this,
His love for us endures forever, and He loves you just as much as He loves me.

Meagan McNeely

And His majesty reins supreme over all the land! All shall bow before the incredible flying wizard of Forever-land from the beginning of the universe to the end of time there will be no winged master who'll ever dethrone your invincible Superman in his magic invisible cloak and glow-in-the-dark X-ray specs. Bow to the Mega-Lord who shits gold bricks.

Yeah, no way he's make-believe. All the other gods we've invented are pretend, but not this one. Yours is real, and he loves you most of all. Now dream happy dreams of unicorns and rainbows, Meagan McNeely, because dreamland is just a choo-choo train ride through the clouds away.



“today's young generation is actually half nude or nude calling it FASHION”

Hello bob:

I accidentally visited your site, and was shocked, to see it. Remember it is not so funny that Jesus was stripped of his clothes and was crucified to the cross. Just take a little while to think, today's young generation is actually half nude or nude calling it "FASHION", for all this our Jesus took up the payment in full, that's why he was stripped of his clothes. remember he has pain for your sins in full.

If you cannot proclaim his mercy and grace, at least don't hurt him more.

I'm really sorry if i had hurt you, but i just wanna to tell u what i felt. 

Thanks bob 

God bless you

-- Princy Noela

Supporting the belief that someone else can pay for other people's wrongs is far worse a perversion of morality. 

The one who deserves to be hurt is he who believes his wrongs can be paid for by another. I'm really sorry if this hurts you, but actually, No. Never mind. I hope it does. It should. You suck.


I dont think a true Christian will ever say such words.

Good thanks bob, i jus said wht i felt. Some people cannot accept spiritual truth.

"Supporting the belief that someone else can pay for other people's wrongs is far worse a perversion of morality"

I dont think a true Christian will ever say such words. Well and good, carry on with your unrealistic, non moralistic, good for nothing stuff..... and for heaven sake never reply back ....

Princy Noela

Obviously a true Christian would never say those words. True Christians believe with all their soul that someone else can pay for their wrongs. That's exactly what I have a problem with.

You shouldn't email people you don't want replies from.

Shouting at everyone with your ears plugged is sort of pathetic.


“Never seen...”

Never seen anyone with so much need to call the attention of God.

Wolve Wilson

And yet all I hear from are his followers.


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