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So what's new with me? I'm so glad you asked!
Right now I'm getting things ready for New York ComicCon in October where I'll be taking the Jesus Dressup fridge magnets collection, Amazing Stranger presentations, and prototypes for several other projects I've been carrying around. And of course I've got surprises too, a couple of which I'm thinking might be the cause of some trouble. But all and all I'm full of anticipation.
Which leads me to asking all of you, if you're in the area the weekend of Oct 8th, 2010, I'm looking for help at my ComicCon booth! It's a paying gig for available workers & hottie girls especially are needed! Girls willing to dressup as schoolgirls or Satanettes to wander the event with Jesus Dressup, or a 6'7" red devil in a tux (me), or simply to decorate the booth with your loveliness.

If you honestly and sincerely think you'll be available to help out, please email me! bob@normalbob.com

I've got a couple helpers already lined up, but there's never enough. And Christ knows I've got enough to keep any number of helpers busy! I hope to hear from you, or at the very least see you at the 2010 New York ComicCon!

[When I received these letters they were each one huge block of type
I broke them up into paragraphs to make them less of a headache to read.]
“One of your relatives comes over and then wipes a booger on the baby's face....”

I seems the misunderstanding you have about heaven and hell is the idea that you don't think people deserve hell. For those who go to heaven it will be made clear why those who go to hell deserve to go there because they rejected their chance at having their sins forgiven and thus the only place left for them is hell.

The thing is you are confusing the feelings you have for your relatives now because you are seeing them from your point of view. For those of us who do end up in heaven we will see things from God's point of view. His point of view is one of holiness and righteousness. You do not see how reprehensible your sin is, sin that you have always willfully engaged in.

Next is an example to help you understand why those who end up in hell will be seen by even their relatives as people who not only deserve to go to hell but will not even be wanted in heaven I don't know if you are but imagine being the parent of a newborn baby. One of your relatives comes over and then wipes a booger on the baby's face. Would you now trust that relative with holding the baby? I think not. Especially if the relative was completely unrepentant about doing it, laughed about doing it and even told people about doing it. You would be completely justified in not allowing that relative to ever handle your child so long as they retained an unrepentant attitude. Now your relative may be insulted and angry at you because after all the only thing they did was have some fun. Bob do you understand the point? People who end up in hell, because they have sinned against a holy God, will deserve to go to hell ( a place of eternal torment (not torture)) because they refuse to repent of their sin. And those who end up in heaven will not cry for their loved ones who end of in hell; not because they are callous and cold but because they will know that their relatives willfully chose to reject God's forgiveness to was open to them.

Think about people who get lung cancer from smoking They willfully chose to engage in behavior that they knew ahead of time was going to give them lung cancer. There is absolutely no room for them to complain about suffering consequences for behavior that they chose to do This is what it will be like for people who end up in hell. People who end up there will know that they deserve to be there. They will understand completely at that point that that is what they deserve. Bob because you have sinned against an all-Holy God you will rightly deserve hell when you die if you die an unrepentant sinner (if you stole your a thief and if you've lied you a liar Revelation 21 all liars will have their part in the lake of fire). You will not be able to pay for your sins.

Think of this. If you got into a fight with someone chances are nothing will come of it, possibly the police will get involved but unless one person presses charges or if someone was seriously injured nothing would come of it. However, now imagine hitting a police officer - you will go to jail. Now imagine hitting the governor. The crime is still the same but the penalty will be worse because of the authority of the person whom you hit. Now imagine hitting the president of the United States. The consequences will be even that more severe, not because it was a different crime but because of who you committed the offense against. Now imagine hitting an infinite authority. Your offense is infinite thus requiring, and deserving, an infinite penalty. This is why you cannot pay for you own sins. All your sins are ultimately against the all-Holy God. The consequences of your sins will be on par with the level of the one you have sinned against. This is why you also need one who is sinless (Jesus). If you die unrepentant and without Jesus as your saviour you will pay for your sins for all of eternity in the lake of fire. You will know, along with all your relatives, that you deserve to be there because your sin requires it and you rejected God giving you the opportunity to have them forgiven (through Jesus) before you died.

Ron Neff

If it didn't appear to be a giant made-up story that gets people out of paying a penalty for their own wrongs, your whole explanation wouldn't sound so self-serving and man-made.

After all's said and done, it's because people don't deserve eternal punishment for thinking it's untrue. It sounds untrue. The stories sound like fairy tales. It gets anyone who believes it off the hook for the guilt they're supposed to feel after they "sin," and there's too many versions of this god character that've been invented to make yours seem any different or more special.

What I read in your explanations is a gargantuan run-on paragraph trying to explain your excuses for being guilt-free and everyone else's for, not rejecting your god, but being born on the wrong continent.

 Your mistake in translation is people don't first believe your god exists then reject him. They simply don't believe he exists. It sounds like a lie but we're supposed to believe anyhow.

That's the reality you have to justify your eternal punishment around.

“God shows people through Jesus that there is nothing they can do to pay for their sins.”

Hello again,
You missed the whole point. People don't 'get out of paying a penalty'. God shows people through Jesus that there is nothing they can do to pay for their sins. The reason we know that it is not man-made is the fact that salvation through Jesus is different from every religion that exists. All religions teach some form of 'I can pay for my sins and balance the good deeds vs. sin scales'. What makes Jesus (not Christianity) and the biblical prophets different is that they consistently teach that you can do absolutely nothing to balance or erase your sins. You must completely surrender to God, through Jesus, for salvation. It's not a matter of being guilt-free but rather when people turn to God through faith in Jesus they understand how guilty they truly are and completely understand the punishment we deserve and that there is nothing we can do to deem ourselves righteous in His sight. However, all religions, other than biblical Christianity, teach some form of man-centered salvation. Salvation through Christ is not seen as some form of get-out-of-jail free card. In fact, if you turn in the Bible in the book of Jude you will find a rebuke (that they are not saved) toward those who claim to be 'christian' and yet have that view.

Salvation or the rejection of God's plan has nothing to do with what continent/environment/circumstances, etc. that an individual happens to be born under. Where you are blinded is not seeing God is omnipresent. He knows where everyone is and more importantly he sees the hearts of every one (Jeremiah 17:9). He can see the heart of anyone anywhere and if they call out to him he will save them. How hard do you suppose it is for omniscent, omnipresent, and omnipotent God to preserve someone from dying in the jungles of South America and send a missionary from Australia to that individual to save them when they cry out to him. Time and circumstances are no problem for God. The problem with people is that we, by nature, will rebel against authority. Go watch children with their parents. People are rebellious. For instance, look at yourself, you are completely self-righteous. Any statements you make regarding what you believe about the afterlife are completely of a fairy tale nature. They are just conclusions you have come to because of thoughts in your head. You have no practical experience with eternity (and neither do I) yet you declare with absolute assurance that you know what is going to happen after we die. And yes I to have no practical experience with eternity but I follow someone who has. Jesus died and then resurrected. Jesus is the creator and sustainer of life.

Bob God has made himself evident to all people in their conscious so that if you search for Him with all your heart you will know Him (Romans 1). God does not want you to perish. I do not declare what was written because of my own knowledge or righteousness but by that which is imputed unto me. I can tell you with all assurance about eternity because of Him who has reveled it to me.

Ron Neff

Being shown "there's nothing they can do to pay for their sins" is way too attractive & luring of an idea. Way way way too convenient for us people who search out excuses to do wrong and avoid consequence. The last thing we need is the idea that there's no amount of consequence we can pay, so what difference does it make if we sin the second time?

There are many way's we're supposed to pay for the shit we do, Ron. 
* Haunting guilt is a good thing to be plagued with if you really screw someone over.
* A loss of trust and respect other people have for you is a consequence that's good to have after you betray someone or do something wrong.
* Being shunned to the fringes of society if you're repeatedly screwing everybody over, stealing for yourself, lying, beating people up, etc, is a terrific consequence for those actions.
* Fear of getting caught and having what you've done to others done to you is also a fantastic consequence people need to feel the full blow to mature and become adults.

There are many consequences we can pay that help us figure out right & wrong, good & bad, friend & enemy. However, your disturbing theory that the consequences we experience have no real value permits skipping these steps in life, getting forgiveness, and dodging the valuable experiences that accompany real "sins."

Without the consequences you're free to sin. You said it yourself. You get paradise forever no matter what you do now. That's terrifying, and astoundingly convenient for you. Wouldn't you say?


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