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I was seriously affected last night when I happened across the news about Christopher Hitchens' cancer diagnosis and the dramatic image of his hair fallen out and so much of the boldness gone from his eyes. Seriously affected because after first witnessing his forceful thrust into the ring for atheism just a few years back I'd really grown to love this man.

I credit him for officially changing the way I speak about my non belief. I no longer allow any tone to my voice wishing there was a god.
Early on in my deconversion that was a sentiment I couldn't let go, until I came across Hitchens. During his rants he compared Christianity to nothing short of a dictatorship, and heaven being a "celestial North Korea."
My viewpoint was permanently altered.

I've tried to catch everything there is to see and read from Hitchens, and these last few years I've been astounded by the bulk of material he's able to put out there. And quality material too! To me he always seems to be on top of his game. You expect to see only one or two instances of someone laying out some clever, crushing argument to a random religious leader. But Hitchens easily has hundreds. If I ever start to feel overcome by the sheer girth of religious stupidity in the world, one of Christopher's debates, or appearances on Fox, or articles, or chapters puts me right back in the inspired seat. But with this bulk of material it's also been apparent that he's been burning the candle at both ends.

Listening to his latest interviews, his diagnosis and outlook on it all, things appear quite grim. He is however already predicting the false deathbed conversion rumors that're bound to happen and doing what he can to preceed them. And I can already hear the "God's revenge" scare stories murmering from religious circles into the ears of everyone else.

Of course I hope everything turns out all right, the chemotherapy does what it's supposed to do, Satan's given due credit and we're all blessed with many more years of Hitchens' delicious rants and writings. But no matter what happens, his quote, one of the greatest quotes ever written by a man, will stick with me until my last days.

"If Jerry Falwell had been given an enema, he could have been buried in a matchbox."
A day after Falwell's death on CNN.

It still gives me goosebumps.
Thanks Chris.

“I googled the name Jesus and your website was the second address on the google page.”

My name is Alex Nelson. 
I'm just writing you, in love, to let you know that what you're doing is extremely irreverent to God. I googled the name Jesus and your website was the second address on the google page. It breaks my heart to see that this website is so readily available to anyone who googles the name Jesus. Anyone that is searching for answers about Jesus Christ is going to be led to a website that mocks Him.
You and I are not worthy of God's mercy, yet He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us so that our sins can be redeemed by His blood. 
It's just hard for me to see that you have this website. I know that writing to you probably won't do anything but I just wanted you to know that despite all that we do wrong...God loves us. 

If you have any questions about following Christ or any explanation for why you are so against it please let me know and I will do my best to bring you answers. 

Alexandria J Nelson

Are you sure my site was NUMBER TWO on a Google for the word "Jesus?" Are you sure you didn't accidentally type in "jesus," and then type in "up" or "Dressup" or something like that?? I find it hard to believe that my site came up #2 for the jesus word.

It wouldn't surprise me however if for instance my site was the second listing on like the twentieth or hundredth page on that Google search. But on the FIRST page, the second listing? I find that very hard to believe, and if it were so I could definitely see how you'd have cause to complain. My face would be quite red.

You know, lot's of times Google has its engines set up now where they can lead you towards sites they think you personally might be more interested in according to your history of searches and favorited sites, surfing habits & such. Do you use similar pages on a semi reoccurring basis? That'd definitely explain my number two standing, but on just your computer! Or perhaps you have someone else who uses your computer and plays with my site a lot. That'd effect your search result too.

Thank you though for the email. I hadn't even thought of this until now, but do you suppose there's a chance my site appeared to you as some sort of signal or message from somewhere else to sway you into another direction?

Wow! That's a creepy thought! But seriously, what if? Right?

“Yes sir, I am sure it was NUMBER TWO”

Yes sir, I am sure it was NUMBER TWO on a google search. I am now checking my email on a different computer than the one I used the first time and I just checked it. Again. Google it for yourself, Bob. 
But that's not the point.

The site is disrespectful and I have trouble figuring out why you think it's so entertaining. 
I am thankful for your answer, however. Although it is riddled with sarcasm, it wasn't mean. So that's encouraging. 
I'm not sure what kind of impression you're getting from my emails but I just wanted to let you know that the Jesus Dress Up site is probably doing more harm than good, if it's doing any good at all. 

Alexandria J Nelson

Wow. Okay, cool. You checked it on another computer and still #2. I am shocked. I'm really really surprised to see it's so popular of a page. I wonder how Google decides who's #1, #2 or #205,000,000? Did you see that? I'm second out of 205 MILLION for a search on Jesus! One of THE most famous gods ever! I'm speechless. How does that happen?

See, I think it might be doing some good. You gotta credit anything that keeps us from taking ourselves (or anything) too seriously. Especially when it's something there's no real proof ever really happened. I mean, it's written about, but so was Ra the Sun God's journey to the Underworld, and Zeus's battles with the monsters of Gaia! Haha. Have you heard of Sathya Sai Baba? We're still making up gods and bowing to them for doing just a few simple magic tricks! Sometimes we can be so so gullible. I'm shocked people still buy into god-men stories.

I'm sure you see where I'm coming from. I mean, someone tells me a guy rose up from the dead and with him a hundred corpses all crawled up from their graves and strolled into town, I'm not gonna collapse to my knees and bow to whoever you tell me to.

I appreciate your email though.
I'm sure you're a very nice lady.

“I looked you up on facebook... You make a living insulting my religion.”

Hi Bob. 
I feel like this is pointless on both of our parts. I looked you up on facebook, haha, and I found that you are well known for your website and other satirical work you do on Christianity. You make a living insulting my religion. So...I don't really expect either of us to change our minds. 
But it was rather fun to engage in a little email battle with you.
And being 19 hardly makes me a lady, but thanks for the compliment.

- Alex 

Drat! I've been found out! Chalk up another win for Team Jesus.

But all that aside, don't you think it's a bad idea to send people out into the world with the notion that it's alright to believe things based on no sort of evidence or logic, but simply faith? Yet your beliefs do just that. To me it's a complete perversion of the instructions on how to seek out what's true. I mean, organizing people's brains so they can figure out what's true or false on their own is one of the most basic tools of life. But your teachings say otherwise.

Thank you in advance for hopefully clarifying what might be a complete misconception on my part.
And again, thanks for reminding me of my unbelievable placement on Google. I'm just as amazed as you.

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