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Subject: A shout out on my blog

Hi Bob,

Greetings from the Bright Green Witches, Daisy and Aida.  I thought I'd drop you an email to tell you that you are one of the featured links this weekend on our blog "Hex and the City."    I'm hoping it gets you at least a few extra hits, and at most a few extra adoring fans.

We practice herbalism and folk medicine, hence the term "Green Witch."  We are witches in practice, not faith.  We don't think we have magic or can cast spells or anything.  In fact, we believe anything "supernatural" has a natural explanation, even if it's not clearly understood.  As Elayne Boosler once said, "Even popcorn is a miracle if you don't know how it happens."  So borrowing Daniel Dennett's term "bright," that makes us the Bright Green Witches.  It amuses us.

Aida and I were both raised Christian, so we're used to dealing with the Christian superstitions, especially living in South Georgia!  Our main communication problems lately have been with our pagan friends.  Our interests (sustainable living, organic gardening, conservation) are the type that attract "woo-woo" people of all stripes who say things like, "The Universe has you walking this Path for a reason."  We usually let those kinds of comments slide, but occasionally we like to stir the cauldron (so to speak) and remind our friends and followers that we do not share their superstitions.  This weekend's links are our latest reminder.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you and give you a chance to say "Thanks" or "No thanks" about being included in our blog.  Let me know if I got any details wrong about you, or if you'd like me to add anything.

With much love and gratitude,

PS  I'm attaching a picture, because you complain when people don't (Aida is on the left, I'm on the right).

“It's funny that these atheists don't attack the strong, potent religeons such as Islam...”

It's funny that these atheists don't attack the strong, potent religeons such as Islam-a religeon which exists solely on the premise that it needs to convert and conquer-but attacks a passive religeon such as Christianity which is a tolerant, non-belligerent entity, offering free will and choice.

By virtue of the fact that you feel free to attack Christianity proves the point that this is a religeon that one has choice about.


When you say Christianity is tolerant you're saying your god tolerates all beliefs so they don't have to go to hell? 

Hooray! Heaven's finally tolerating everyone!


“Atheism is in fact a religion. It's a set of beliefs and corresponding behavior that shapes your interaction with divine things.”

Atheism is in fact a religion. It's a set of beliefs and corresponding behavior that shapes your interaction with divine things. What is in so many ways, an obvious truth (the reality of God), you simply choose to ignore.

The assumption that something that cant be proven with human made science kit doesn't exist...now that's pretty daft. Very few of the world's greatest truths cant be proven in a lab. I find it almost funny that many atheists openly admit to Jesus being (at least) one of the greatest men in history...yet simultaneously consider him to have been completely delusional!

It's also (almost) amusing how atheists also somehow consider themselves as somehow more 'intellectually gifted' than the average joe. Ha!


Yeah, except for the fact that atheists really don't believe in any gods, which is quite easy once you look around the globe and see how eager we are to invent them out of thin air in thousands of different forms and personalities, who coincidentally always reflect the way we look and act given wherever we're at on the globe and in history.

I'd also add that there's no atheist churches or doctrine or really any other beliefs except gods are pretend. 

Oh, and our beliefs are open to evidence for change. If you or opposing belief systems present any sort of good evidence (or logic, for that matter) for your claims, we're ready to listen. That's the difference between religious beliefs and mine. Present good evidence and you've got my ear, unlike religions.

So yeah, I think besides all those things and a complete lack of worship & creation myths, and no particular set of beliefs & practices we're told to adhere to, we're most certainly a religion. But not one that fits in any way with the dictionary definition of the word, if that matters any.

And you wonder why we consider ourselves somehow more intellectually gifted than the average joe?
Do you ever double check dictionary definitions?


“we need to evolve spiritually instead of in every other way.”

There is proof that God is real through people's love for eachother. satan? is also real because of the hatred and destruction. no matter how advanced in technology we become, good and evil will always exist until God gets rid of satan. technology only makes people better killers and more lazy. we need to evolve spiritually instead of in every other way for there to be real peace and love between everybody. how can anyone disagree with that?


So your feeling is that we need to evolve spiritually more than intelligently? 

You know what? Ignore the question. You've already answered it.


“A skeptic or atheist is governed by two main principles...”

A skeptic or atheist is governed by two main principles: 1) all beliefs must be supported by observational evidence, and 2) beliefs that contradict observational evidence cannot be tolerated. However, strong atheism states that there is no god, even though observational evidence indicates that the universe has a cause that cannot be detected observationally. So despite the lack of observational evidence for a naturalistic cause for the universe, the strong atheist believes that the universe has a naturalistic cause and that there is no god, contradicting the tenet that all beliefs should be based upon observational evidence.


Corrections to what skeptics or atheists are governed by:
1) all beliefs must be supported by observational evidence, or logical explanations.
2) beliefs that contradict observational evidence which aren't supported by logical explanations can simply be dismissed.

Within your own wording, the cause would need a cause, and that cause would need a cause, and so on and so on, which contradicts your belief.

Atheists are willing to say we don't know all the answers thus continuing our quest, as opposed to accepting junk answers to fill in the blanks.


“it is virtually impossible that all the physical laws would just happen to be tightly constrained in order for stars and galaxies to exist.”

"Improbable things happen all the time" is the mantra of the atheist. It is certainly possible for improbable things to happen. However, it is virtually impossible that all the physical laws would just happen to be tightly constrained in order for stars and galaxies to exist.


Yep. Virtually impossible. The key word being "virtually" and the model being a gargantuan universe with billions of failed attempts.


“The Bible teaches a rational faith, based upon knowledge and refined through testing.”

The Bible teaches a rational faith, based upon knowledge and refined through testing. Christians are encouraged to use their minds in all aspects of life, including our spiritual life - prayer and worship. God values truthfulness to a high degree and wants us to know the truth about his creation, the nature of His being and His scriptures. Ultimately, God wants all people to come to the knowledge of the truth of His salvation through Jesus Christ, so that they may spend eternity with Him in the new creation.


Please show me even one verse in the bible where intelligence is praised.


“I have an IQ of 160 and Jesus loves me”

Proverbs 8:5
Become expert in reason, O you simple ones; you foolish ones, take training to heart.

I find people of faith are either very intelligent, or so dumb that you wonder who dresses them each day.

Atheists I have found are much the same, its the dumb ones of both sides that want to fight.

The smart ones are happy to live their own lives without attacking any one, but will respond to ignorance from both sides.

I have an IQ of 160 and Jesus loves me as I am and has made me the equal of the least and the greatest of my brothers and sister..

God is the great equalizer

God calling people fools is hardly a praising of intelligence. Again, please show me any Gospel that beacons us to strive for intelligence. You're the one who said "it teaches a rational faith, based upon knowledge."

The Bible telling people they're idiots doesn't count as some sort of positive encouragement to further ones education. Please try again. This should be easy. You're super smart!


“you mock peoples beliefs who dont hurt a fly”

It is saying that the simple ones need to seek out reason and intelligence and take it to heart.

You really are grasping at straws, you mock peoples beliefs who dont hurt a fly you just seek attention and fame from blasting innocent peoples beliefs. As I say, its the dumb ones that want to fight. Leave the normal people who believe in God alone because its their belief, who are you to mock it for money and attention. To normal people having faith is a good thing, maybe the best of things. It is only governments that comit war crimes in the name of their religion that should be blasted. You really are pitiful.


Expecting a praising of intelligence is hardly grasping at straws. It's an extremely valid point, because saying otherwise, or leaving it out altogether shows exactly where priorities lay. Encouraging critical thinking, a pursuance of new ideas and the study of outside views does everything except help a belief in false things. One who is confident in his truth glorifies science and intelligence to no end. Short of that the author has ulterior motives.

In my opinion "normal" is as far from talking animals, water-walking, waking corpses, invisible wizards, chariot races in the clouds, lifting a sea over ones head, or listening to a voice in your brain instructing you to sacrifice your child with a dagger. Normal is the absence of those things, unless you're a citizen of Bizarro Land.

And Kun, I'd really enjoy listening to you argue against that statement.


Ten days later...
“Sorry, I just lost my fiance.”

Sorry, I just lost my fiance. Everything seems pointless now and I'd rather die.


I am honestly sorry to hear that. Take care.


“Please take me off your site”

Please take me off your site making fun off my misfortune, trying to prove yourself right. Just please delete all my emails


It is in no way making fun of your misfortune. I removed your last name and email, but the letters stay. There's nothing about having them up that harms you.


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