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The wonderful world of Jack Chick

I promise you that a visit to Jack Chick's web site will provide hours of entertainment, if you can stomach it.

Here's the response he's been getting from people who didn't send me pictures... so I handled that part.

Bob, Today while perusing your site I found the most offensive thing I have ever seen in my life. Was it the dress-up Jesus doll? No. Was it the cruel mockery of Corey Feldman who is just waiting to be a Fox special? No. The object of offense was the link to Jack Chick's website. Let me explain.

I derive hours of entertainment from your website. I check it daily for updates and read your hate mail all the time. Your witty and intriguing essays on religion help break up the monotony of life and helps me justify having a computer for anything but word processing and e-mail. But I digress (no shit huh?). Jack Chick's web site has the most bigoted and ignorant social commentaries and comics I have ever seen. To be even more specific I am referring to one of his "tracts". The tract is one called "Lisa". In it a man sexually abuses his daughter and lets his neighbor have a go at it too. His daughter contracts Herpes and is more than likely emotionally scarred for life. Her doctor confronts this man over it. Does he go to jail? Once again, no. Instead he lets Jesus Christ become his savior, redeemer, blah blah, etc. Now everything is just great. It literally made me sick. Not much bothers me, but this did. Score another point for the christians. The reason I write this to you is I believe it illustrates exactly what you have been talking about. Instead of accountability for one's actions, we have God's infinite (and obviously morally questionable) forgiveness righting all the wrongs. This is your "forgiveness loophole". Maybe this is the next tract you could address, as once again it proves you are correct. Well this is the end of my tirade.

Thank you for your time and your site.



I was so pleased to see your copy of the Chick tract/comic on "Hate Mail", page 44. It's one I hadn't seen before and, as usual for these comics, it was hilarious in a sick kind of way. I have a collection of about 15 of these from the '70's with titles like "Holocaust", "Big Daddy" (evolution - picture of a gorilla on front), "This Was Your Life" (Why you will be cast in the Lake of Fire, even though you tried to be good), and other various humorous (to me) topics.

Jack Chick was a true classic comic artist and so funny that I sometimes wonder if he was really serious or just had a twisted sense of humor. I used to get these on the streets of Kansas City back then... I also have a tract called "The Whipping" (not a comic) which justifies the beating of a boy with a belt (for swearing) because Jesus suffered on the cross...it's hard to explain.

Anyway, if you have any more Chick publications, please share them with your fans.

Steve Bakely

Dude Your Sick.........

Sad part is Ive never Fucking laughed my ass off as much as i did after i saw the dress jesus up page. Then after reading the hate mail pages esp. 43 With the anti-roman catholic Lituature in it Fucking Funny dude. Yes my spelling suck and you wanna know what I DONT GIVEA FUCK Ill Type what ever the fuck i want how ever i want. O ya im Nuts not in the funny way but in the legal way Iza got papers to prove. Or was it that im nut in the funny way not the legal way or well thats what the judge said.

Ok Now to get serious and not be a moron Ahhum "Dude Loved the page, Keep up the Fuck Crazy work"

Laters from the loco one
ThE LoCo NuTtY PeRsOn

Actual pic of lovely Sara

"Men leaving the natural use of a woman."
I had to say something after reading THIS! I just don't know what. Maybe christian anti-gay propoganda should be replaced with female porn, another natural use for women, instead of a whole bunch of men drawings.

I would really like to see them hand out Hustlers at gay bars. I maintain that propoganda such as this works against their intent of converting people. The act of handing such stuff out says "Look at how stupid and intolerant we are, this is what we think so read this. Want to be like us?"

And at the end "Someone loved you enough to tell you the truth, etc.." Should I tell my gay friend the truth? I love him and I don't think he's read the "article" in question. I don't know if anyone's told him how wrong it is to be gay, gosh, I'd better contact a church so they can let him know! On second thought, maybe this is just a roundup for the preists. Calling all gays! Go to church so you can be "saved"! : ) There's always a hidden agenda. All that is missing is some propoganda about the use of a woman. Church- save me! Please tell me in detail what my use is, and I'd prefer it in a pictorial format.

Thank you, Sara

"...do you believe in bieng kind to people?
Are you void of any consience or morals?"

Hey Bob,

As I was sorting through some search results on the web, I stumbled on your website. Your site was totaly unrelated to my search terms but the contents of your website caught my attention. I wondered why you foster such resentment for christian ideals. I aknowledge the fact that there have been many savage and cruel acts committed in the name of christianity, but these actions were contrary to Christ's own teachings which were "love thy neighbor" and "do unto others as ye would have others do unto you". But let's suppose that the account of Christ's life was a myth or a tall tale; that does not discount all of the acts of charity, kindness, selflessness, and mercy that have resulted from the common belief in a diety who had enough compassion to give his own life for the sake of the world. If you can't appreciate at least that aspect of Christianity then I'm forced to wonder, do you believe in bieng kind to people? Are you void of any consience or morals? Do you love your own family? I'm inclined to believe that you posses these qualities at least to some degree, but perhaps not enough to have a taste for real brotherly or sisterly love. As for myself, I believe in Jesus Christ, and it wasn't always so. I used to be a severe drug addict. I used to sell drugs, or break into cars and homes and steel to support my habit. There was no climactic halt to my drug abuse, I just decided one day that it was time to stop abusing my body and causing my mother to cry.

Having renounced my former purpose in life, I decided to explore the posibility of a supreme bieng and religion. I found myself kneeling in the basement of my Grandmothers house offering a prayer outloud, in hopes that, if there was a God, he would indicate to me somehow that he realy does exist. I testify to you that the answer that I recieved was very real. There was no thunder and lightning, no visitation by an angel or some other tangible manifestation. It was however an overwhelming burst of emotion evan so much that it did pierce my very soul, and nothing could serve as a better witness of the truthfullness of the divinity of Jesus Christ; for though my five senses can be decieved, no other thing but the Holy Ghost, which bears witness to the hearts of those who faithfully seek answers to humble prayers, can ever replicate this feeling.

I'm sorry to take so much of your time. I know I speak boldly, so I hope I have not offended you. As you continue to publish your opinion of Jesus Christ and Christianiy, I hope you will consider what I have written.


Well, you've seen my web site and it's probably obvious that most of the people who've emailed me aren't like yourself. They're all mostly goody-two-shoe Christians who haven't done a bad thing in their whole life, or even seen the wrong side of the tracks! I understand where you're coming from and I suppose that it's good that you turned from being such a bad-ass, but how can you stand all of those Christians and all that good shit that they're into? Christ, I HATE that!

I have morals! I know that drugs are wrong and that robbing people is wrong. I don't do those things! If I do do those things it's only to big business or to people who owe me. But mostly I NEVER do those things. PERIOD!

I don't see how someone like me or you could ever totally be good again. I've got 2 brothers who each have families of their own, and I just don't talk to them any more. They just don't understand where I'm coming from. My parents are Christians, but not like you. They're HARD-CORE Christians! They've never done a crime or swore or even did an unkind act! I can't stand them and I don't need their love anyway! I don't need any of them. Being kind to everyone is for fags!

I think that it's bold of you to come right out and tell me all that you did, and of your past and stuff. I can relate. You're cool, I just don't think that Christianity is my thing. I'd have to change my whole life and if I gave it all up I don't think that I could make an honest living to support myself like you do now.

Thanks for the email dude, I just don't think that there's any love out there for someone like me.


"...now I can see that I misjudged you."

Hello Again,

I must say, I was suprised by your response to my e-mail. I was expecting you to be much more critical of my opinion, but now I can see that I misjudged you. You're not a bad guy, and I can evan relate to the way you feel about some of the goody-two-shoe christians. I wouldn't say that I HATE them, but it is anoying the way some people try to act self-righteous. Alot of those people are realy superficial and pretentous; but I'm sure that at the very least some, if not most of the good things they do are done in sincerity, so I would have to say that in most cases beleiving in something in better than nothing. It is obvious, however, that some people they would be better off not believing at all.

Religious fanatisism has probably caused more strife than just pure greed, as in the examples of the Crusaders, the spanish inquisition, and in modern times, Hitler and now the Taliban and other muslim terrorists. I don't think it's fair to say that religion is fundamentally "bad" or "good" I think it's more reasonable to say that people can either be bad or good, regardless of whatever dogmatic rituals they choose to follow.

I chose to be "bad" and then I changed my mind. Why? Because to me, there's somthing attractive about being "good". It's usualy alot harder than being "bad". It's kind of like swimming upstream. The disadvantages of swimming upstream are that it's exhuasting and progress is slow. The advantages of swimming upstream are that you know where it will take you and you are in control. I won't say that it's better to be "good" or "bad" but I will say that to anyone who can't decide between these polar opposites: test the waters a little bit, try being "better" or "worse" and see where it takes you. My expirience has been that "better" is more fullfilling in the end.

Thanks again pal.
Take it easy.


Hey pal,

Yeah, I hear what you're sayin'. It's good that you see I'm not a bad guy. I personally see myself as good/bad. I'm mostly good but the bad sometimes finds it's way through the good. For better or worse I generally try to be good and not bad, and usually that works out pretty good (it's getting better). The bad/good times are when I better watch out. That's the worst thing about seeing it get better, knowing that I'd better beware of the good times before it gets bad.

I'm glad you see what I'm saying about hating the Christians. It must really suck to have to put up with all of that all of the time. How long were you breaking the law with non Christians before you prayed in the basement?

You definitely know a lot about religion/ fanaticism, and I can tell that you've got it figured out. The swimming upstream part is difficult. I've been bad for so long that now I could easily see it all spinning out of control (the web site, my atheism, all the bad shit I'm doing, and there's no one to turn to when I'm by myself).

Hey, thanks for takin' the time,

"...decisions for me like, go into that guys garage and steel some stuff you can sell for drugs."

Hey Dude, After writing this e-mail I realized that it's pretty long, I thought I would warn you in advance. I hope you read my novel though I think there's some good stuff in there. Well, enjoy.

Sorry I didn't get back to you right away, I've been a little busy lately trying to find a job. These are difficult times in our country, and I'm a little unsure about the near future, but I'm confident everything will work out in the end.

I know exactly what you were talking about in your last e-mail about the cycle of bad vs. good. I go through the same cycle. Everybody does. It reminds me of the way a pendulum swings to one side, then gravity steps in to try to neutrilize the force by pulling it to the middle exept it overshoots and swings to the opposite side. This is exemplified in many of the laws of motion. Another case where this happens is the way an object orbits the earth; the earths gravity pulls it down, but it overshoots and is projected forward and the cycle repeats itself. For a while now, I've this idea and I'm sure I'm not the first person to come up with it, but it goes like this:

you see in the days when mankind was just a bunch of hunter/gatherers they must have been confused about alot of things like- why do I fire when I rub two sticks together, and what is fire anyway? What is lightning? What is the sun? and what is this that I'm standing on? All that they could conclude is that it's some kind of mystery, but that bothered certain people. So these people came up with ideas and stories about the origins of what we now know are the laws of physics. Some of these stories became recognized as truth, but infact they were just rumor. After notable achievements in science and math throughout history, including an unprecidented explosion of learning in the 20th century, we don't have to speculate too much about the laws that govern the universe, with the great exeption that we have very little knowledge about the laws that govern a persons actions. This is what I would call "the new frontier of science". The pioneers of this subject are phillosiphers and others who embark on cultural, and social sciences. I have done some studying of my own, but not through any university or formal educational institution, rather I have made carefull observations about human nature in the school of life. I've learned enough in the course of my studies to empower myself to break some deadly cycles in my own life, but I continue seek insights that will allow me to use the full potential of my willpower.

Man has, through a knowledge of science, developed the ability to manipulate the elements to suit his physical needs. If we had an equitable understanding of our own consciousness our emotional needs would be met and there would be no suffering in the world. To me the study of the human consciousness is of more interest to mankind because before you obtain the power to act (e.g. drive your car, turn on your computer, use your applyances or any technology) you should understand what action you should take. Often times people are so concerned with keeping up with the pace of the world, because if you can't keep up with the world, the world's not going to wait for you, your going to get trampled on. However necessary that mentality is, the problem with it is that so many people are in a hurry to keep up with the world that they don't evan know where they are going.

In my observations of human behavior, I've noticed that there are similarities between human behavior and the laws of chemistry and physics. Indeed we often use the word chemistry to discribe human interaction. Take the element floride for example, it is a very social element, it is quick to form bonds but equaly quick to break it's bonds which is why it is such an effective ingredient in toothpaste. Conversely, Argon is a very shy element that does not like to form any kind of bonds unless under extreame heat and pressure. Pressure and heat have a way of bonding elements and people together. In my expirience, most of my friends were made at school and at work, the two places where a person is usualy under the most "presure". But the word pressure refers not only to the "stress" that classmates and co-workers share, it also refers to the proximity of these people relative to one another. In a work enviroment you are close to your co-workers and so natural "bonds" result, although there will be people whos personalities conflict with yours as in the case of an acid and a base. I theorize that there are laws and properties that exist on all multiple levels. In my hypothesis the law of gravity for example is mearly the application of an evan more fundamental law. The concept of family is another one of these laws, or two opposites combining to create a product of both. Mother+Father=child, Black+White=Grey, Order+Chaos=Life. Order is organization, it is the very essence of life. But imagine if you can, a universe without chaos. For example look inside an atom. Order demands that the subatomic particles combine and move in a consistent pattern that maintains it's structure.

If chaos had it's way then the particles would fly off in a random direction and evan the substance that make up these subatomic particles (some say it's "quarks") would not be able to maintain thier continuity. In a universe where order was allowed to roam free there would be no space. The universe would just be some huge chunck of matter or energy or organization, and there would be no room to breath. Chaos offers order the privilage of legroom at the cost of having the fabric of order unraveled from time to time. In the balance of order and chaos, order has seniority, but not dominion. What is the product of these opposites? As mentioned earlier, Life, us, matter, substance with the all important luxury of breathing room. These are our parents in a way, and we have personality traits of both. Some of us are more orderly and others of us are chaotic. Those that are more chaotic are opposed to life. The extreme example is a psycotic terrorist who has no value for thier own life and they seek to destroy others lives also. A less extreame example is a selfish person, who seeks thier own gain at the cost of others and in some cases to the destruction of lives. A more orderly person not only values thier own life, but the lives of others, and the extreame is someone who sacrifices thier life for the life or lives of others. So you can start to see a connection bettween order and chaos and what the human conscience understands as good and evil.

Some people think the idea of good and evil is just a concept invented my man, and that there is no such thing as good or evil, it's realy up to the person to decide. I disagree. I believe that the existence of these concepts is evident in daily life. I think that the reason people deny the existance of these forces is because they don't want to have to choose bettween them, so if they don't exist then any choice you make is O.K. But weather people like it or not, they are choosing bettween the two every day. Most decisions come naturally, and those are usually the easy ones like: should I have eggs and bacon or cereal and milk? More complicated decisions test a persons morals or good/bad like should I cheat on my girlfriend or take that money when nobody's looking. If it's easy to chose to steel than you know you are a "bad" person, but that does not mean you're all "bad". Every person has a certain gift called "free agency", and with that gift you can become whatever you want. When you make a choice that is "bad" you are actually limiting youre agency in a way. Like when I chose to take drugs for the first time I told myself that I was only going to try it once. It didn't take more than one try to get me hooked. Once I was hooked the drug began to re-arrange my priorities and make decisions for me like, go into that guys garage and steel some stuff you can sell for drugs. This is a destructive cycle, a chaotic cycle. Drugs have brought normally nice people to do some awfull things, but drugs are not the only thing that has had that power. There are countless things that will influence people to do bad things like jelousy, lust, I'm sure you know as well as I do what they are. Most of the time, weather you like it or not the decisions you make effect other people in some way. There was a time when I wished that this was not true, because aside from destroying myself through drugs, I was causing the people I cared about to suffer. Knowing this is one of the main reasons I decided to stop doing what I was doing, but when you don't have anyone who you think realy cares about you, it can give you evan more reason to do bad things. Because youre angry that other people have loved ones (jelousy) or you try to substitute love and companionship with cheap lust, which always leaves you with an unfullfilled apitite. And let's say that this lust results in an unwanted pregnancy. There you go, you just created a boy or girl who doesn't think anyone loves him/her and so they are likely to make the same mistakes. Love binds people together (order/good) the absence of love destroys life (chaos/evil).

Did you know that a diamond and a piece of coal are made of the exact same substance? Carbon. Coal is a good fuel, but it makes a bad piece of jewelry. Coal is also easy to break apart. A diamond's beauty is in the way it reflects light on it's surface and it is very transparent. It is also one of the strongest substances known to man. What is the difference? In a diamond, the corbon atoms share thier electrons equaly with each of thier four neighbors constituting a crystal. Coal does not have this feature. If people form bonds of unconditional love, thier union is strong and the whole is worth more than the sum of it's parts. I believe that everyone is naturally good. I believe that evan the most hardend criminal has a desire to do some good, but when you make one small mistake it can lead you to make another until you're trapped underneath years of bad decisions and the discouragement alone is enough to keep you there. There is always an escape, but it's one that few people know about, or at least very few people use it, the trick is to have hope, to have faith, to believe in your potential. The power of believing is more potent that anything on the face of the earth. Activists like Martin Luthar King Jr. believed that it was posible for his race to gain equal rights, he also believed in the importance of his movement enough to put his life on the line. As a result, he motivated other people to believe and thier presense was recognized. Though it is intangible, faith is more real than physical thing. It also helps as I mentioned before, to have someone who cares about you and is willing to see you through your struggle.

I don't know you that well, but I know that you don't care much for senimentality, but for what it's worth I care about you and I'm sure there's alot of other people out there that care about you. You can do whatever you want and that includes being "bad", but I'm willing to bet that you want to be good, and if that's what you want you can definitely do that. I think I'm going to stop writting now and give you break. But I'd still like to know you're opinion.

Let me know what's going on. Take it easy.

You know, as I was reading through your email, I started to realize that you've done some pretty fucked up shit. I mean you burglarized people's homes for God's sake! And car theft, drug abuse and it sounds like a lot of other really scary stuff. I mean, I understand that you've turned your life around and everything but I don't think that I should be seeking your advice, seeing as how your reputation could still be questionable.

I don't do drugs and I'd never steal from anybody! I make a fine living as a graphic artist (both at home and full time employment). Then, for fun I do my Normal Bob Smith pages where I get to talk/argue/debate with people. Probably the worst thing I'm doing is being a smart ass on the Internet. I've been doing this for over a year and have found it rewarding, educational, and most of all, fun.

It doesn't surprise me that you found yourself on your knees pleading for help in your grandmother's empty basement. To me it looks like the only way that you could stop all that stupid behavior was to switch over to something equally as stupid. It also doesn't come as any great shock that you felt an overwhelming burst of emotion from doing this. I think that anybody who would have messed up as bad as you did would have a breakdown AND an uplifting surge of emotion when there's a commitment to stopping the bad behavior. There doesn't have to be a God for these emotions to occur. And I don't believe that there is a God anyway. Which means that none of what I'm doing is wrong, or could be considered "bad". It's just a different opinion, and the fact that I've got it all out in the open proves that I'm not ashamed of it.

I have a family that cares about me, and my parents may be a little kooky but I still love them. I have many friends that would vouch for my honesty and kindness. Comparatively, I've got a pretty good thing going here and I don't want to mess it up by taking the advise of an ex-con.

I think that you need to get your life together before you start telling people how to live their lives. That's my opinion.



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