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A few years ago we discovered Jesus Dress-Up. Being in the UK, it took a little longer for word to spread across ‘the big pond’ but spread it did and in 2007 we bought our first Jesus (the Original one) and quickly added to the range as Bob designed new and exciting ways to dress our Lord and Saviour.
As Normal Bob Smith fans will know, he came up with the BDSM variant magnet back in 2008 which, for me, is a genius idea. The fact that I run one of the UK’s biggest fetish clubs, Festival of Sins, certainly helped my appreciation somewhat.

Shortly before I saw the BDSM Jesus, I have begun to think about a new tattoo as one can never have too much ink. I knew it had to be a large back piece but everyone had angel wings and, to be honest, I didn’t really think that angel wings quite said what I was about. For a fleeting moment I considered devil wings but, as soon as the all-new BDSM Jesus landed on my doormat, the idea came – a BDSM crucifixion running the full length of my spine. It was an idea so good that it needed proper prep and solid execution, which seemed to take an inordinate amount of time.
Working with a talented artist called Leeca Dodds, we spent some months playing around with the BDSM Jesus Dress-Up kits to find the right sort of thing that would work. Leeca works in pencils mainly and I knew I wanted a black and white tattoo, rather than colour, so we spent so many months playing with Bob’s idea and adapting for something that was suitable for very fine pencil work.
There are many elements of Bob’s original design that stayed with only minor variations; the underbust corset, for example, is pretty much as-per Bob’s original but with the addition of some spikes and, likewise, the boots were only slightly changed to add spikes and buckles.
There were many additions to the design too. The ravens on the cross are Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory), who fly the world to deliver information to the head deity of the Norse pantheon, Odin. Odin’s spear also features on the front of the design, point up into His chin.
As you can probably tell, we were having a lot of fun mixing up Christianity and Norse mythology and anyone who has studied both will tell you there are some interesting similiarities that make it worth exploring.
After what must have been a year of hard work, the design was finished and then the challenge was to find a tattooist capable of recreating Leeca’s fine interpretation of a Normal Bob Smith. The man for the job was Andi Bone of Tribalize Studio in London.
Again, many months were spent planning and back in September 2010, after two years of hard work, we were finally ready to put ink to skin.
Overall the tattoo was completed in two monster sittings. The outline was completed in a little over nine hours, with the shading being inked a couple of weeks later in and 11-hour session. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend any of you do an 11 hour session!
The final result is presented here, alongside my tale. My thanks go out to Normal Bob Smith for daring to be different; to Leeca for so ably taking Bob’s concept and applying a real fine-art feel to it and, of course, to Andi Bone for bringing the two elements together into a wearable piece of which I am so very proud.

David de Vynel

“May God have mercy on your soul.”

Subject: Garbage

Garbage. May God have mercy on your soul.

Sean Tovar

Oh come on. Why would Zeus care about what I'm doing?



“P.S. totally Unlimited & Free”

VIsit my Jesus Website
Read the Stories about Jesus
Your Pal,
Jeffrey Schuetz
P.S. totally Unlimited & Free

"Totally unlimited and free," as any rerun everyone's heard five thousand times should be.



“we trust in the living God, who is the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe”

For  therefore  we  both  labour  and  suffer reproach  , because  we trust  in  the living  God , who  is  the Saviour  of all  men , specially  of those that believe

Anne Ellis

"It is the final proof of God's omnipotence that he need not exist in order to save us."

-Rev. Mackerel


“Jesus did not come to earth to die for our sins, rather to show us to how live.”

Subject: Strange but true

   There will be a day when mankind realizes that the atonement theory was wrong. Jesus did not come to earth to die for our sins, rather to show us to how live. His two main tenets were the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men. We are all created from the one source.

I am sure you will get  hundreds of hate e-mails about your website...pretty un-Jesus of them isn't it.

Peace to you, brother. We are all searching for the answers, aren't we?
Mike Thomas

Yeah, though it's easily confused since Jesus himself said he came to divide families, fathers against sons, mothers against daughters, families of 5 divided 2 against 3 and 3 against 2, father-in-laws against son-in-laws, mother-in-laws against daughter-in-laws. Luke 12:49-53.
It's really quite a hefty rant against families, fatherhood and brotherhood actually. You can't blame the confused. 

I mean, I'm not intentionally trying to piss all over your "love all mankind message of Jesus" parade, but he even outright told us to hate them. Luke 14:26

So yeah, you can't blame people for the confusion. Blame Jesus' speech writer! Hahaha! What a mess they made of the search for answers!

Thanks for the email.

“Jesus never died for our sins. It was never necessary...”

   My think of  Jesus' claim of familial division not as a rant against family, but more a rant against Jewish tradition. His teachings consistently rail against the Pharisees and other Jewish leaders who considered the Law of Moses to be more supreme than the love of the Father. The concept that God enjoyed the aroma of burnt sacrifices wafting up to the heavens tells you a lot about the primitive concept of a Supreme being in Jewish culture of Jesus' time. In order for the apostles to spread the good news of Jesus and his teachings they erroneously attached the concept of animal sacrifice to the crucifixion. Thus the atonement theory was born. Jesus never died for our sins. It was never necessary since salvation is freely given and it is ours to accept or reject...no strings (or blood) attached!

 Jesus knew that the breaking of the old traditions of the Jewish faith would be hard but necessary for the spiritual evolution of mankind, thus his teachings by their radical nature would be a divisive concept.

If I may be so humble as to suggest to you a book that changed my life...and I am not talking about the Bible...I refer you to the Urantia book. I was very skeptical of
this upon first glance, but the more I read the more sense it made. You may also find it useful in your spiritual search.

Mike Thomas

Well of course that's what you think. You have to make it sound current to fit in with what we know is appropriate by today's standards. Unfortunately it doesn't matter what kind of twist you put on it, Jesus is railing against families, saying anyone who follows him is expected to abandon mom, dad, siblings, everybody, because the love for him must outweigh the love for them. Hell, he outright said "Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division."
This whole "family togetherness" philosophy you're trying to sell is a recent thing. In those days a person's religion stood well above family and loved ones. God first. Everything else a distant second.

You show me where it makes any sort of exception, or clarifies itself to mean what you're fishing at and I'll take your analysis with more than just a grain of salt.

Michael, unlike you I am not trying to figure out ways to somehow make the bible, god and Jesus make better sense. I've already established it's a world of confusion that goes against logical thinking at every turn, and the only way through it is denial and self deception. You seem to be heading down some of the same path I followed with your reasoning that blood sacrifices aren't trophies decent persons should be crowing over. Now you just need to drop the idea that there's a god altogether and you'll have serious progress worth defending.

If you want to make better sense without all the alternate explanations and intellectual dishonesty try beginning again at the real start of the argument with the "there is no god" concept. From there making sense is an absolute cakewalk compared to what you're trying to do here.



“He will judge you”

Subject: hi

He will judge you

Estefany Sánchez

That should be interesting, because I'll be judging him as well.


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