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“Your home seems to be the sewer.”

The Gary Amirault files part 2
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The guy has issues.

He starts all playful -
‘How many magnets have you sold’.

Then the ‘What if it’s all true?’ tack. “How much guilt and shame would you feel?” Guilt and shame - standard Christian stuff. Automatic assumption that Bob has deep-rooted denial issues - standard Christian stuff. Possibility of being wrong = does not compute. Strangely prescient use of the word ‘psycho’.

Then the previously veiled arrogance comes to the fore, with dollops of paternal condescension. Bob must be “lashing out” at “things he doesn’t understand” like a “little boy” with a “deep hurt”; a “rebellious kid” “throwing shit”. Two interesting side-notes here:
1) Gary has his own personal interpretation of scripture, and
2) Gary was not always a believer and has been saved. Could it just be possible that he has projected his remembered feelings of guilt, shame, denial and anger onto Bob? Surely not!
Oh, and there’s no need to answer Bob’s question. It’s a silly question; of course God is real. Possibility of being wrong = does not compute.

Then the righteous anger that was there all along finally breaks free. “I’m not interested in speaking with that outer wall of sarcastic demeaning angry crap that paints anything of value or meaning with shit”. Bob is lying! He must be! ” I’m interested in reaching in and speaking to the child within that is afraid of the light.” Yuk. What a creepy arrogant fuckwit.

Now let’s just sprinkle in a dose of the sort of philosophical science that Christians just fucking love (what a shame they ignore all the other stuff that continually and ever-more conclusively proves boring things like the age of the earth, the age and formation of the universe, evolution, etc). Maybe we’ll never know anything! Except we do - because a community of experts write it down and publish it for assessment and criticism from other experts the world over.

Gary likes that quote because it means that he can live inside his head. However when it comes to important questions like where we came from and where we going, we don’t have to do that - unless we feel some need to. Oh dear. Well, Jesus forgives hypocrisy too, so not to worry.


“I didn’t expect that you would stoop as low as to take private emails between two people and make them public with the other person’s approval.”

Well, heck, normalbob, I don’t know where to begin to answer your last email. I didn’t expect that you would stoop as low as to take private emails between two people and make them public with the other person’s approval. In my many years on the internet, the only folks who have ever been so unscrupulous with me in the past to do such a thing are some Evangelical or fundamentalist pastors who don’t like the idea that I teach universal salvation, that is, that God loves everyone and there is no hell. They hate the message and had the nerve to post publically some of my private email just like you did without my permission. Low, bob, sewer low. You’ve managed to bring yourself down to the level of those evangelical preachers you so distain. Then you had the nerve to actually change some of the words in our conversation. In my very first private email to you I asked on 12/9/2910: I’m curious, how many sets of those magnets have you sold? To which you normalbob replied:

From: Normal Bob Smith [mailto:normalbob@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2010 6:08 PM
To: Gary Amirault
Subject: Re: magnets
Well over 30,000.

But what you posted on your thread on your website says: “Well over 20,000. Bob”
30,000 is not 20,000, so you didn’t copy and pasted, you EDITED! Normalbob, perhaps you’re shooting up too much and have forgotten the basics of copying and pasting. It’s control c for copying and control v for pasting. Turning 30,000 to 20,000 may serve you some devious purpose with the IRS or a partner you are cheating or whatever. But it’s dishonest to make it appear that all you do is unscrupulously copy and paste private emails. No, you take it one step lower into the sewer. But your dishonesty doesn’t end there, does it? No, you add stuff in your emails about me and my beliefs that are utterly false, they don’t come from my emails to you nor from my web sites. For example, you give the impression that I believe the Bible is (in your own words) “100% flawless.” I don’t teach that. Neither does the Bible. And even if the Bible was flawless, you couldn’t understand it anyway because you don’t have the tools you understand it. Like I’ve been trying to say, your five senses and your mind is FLAWED, it can’t comprehend Truth even if it was placed it right in front of your eyes. Human beings can’t see galaxies without the aid of a telescope the magnitude of the Hubble. Einstein, for most of his life, if not for all of it, believed the end of the universe was our own galaxy. The man touted to be the man of the century was wrong about some of the most fundamentals of space because he didn’t have the proper instruments. Normalbob, you don’t have the instruments to see truth, whether in the Bible or elsewhere. That statement ticks you off, but it’s true nevertheless. Some people who can’t read denigrate those who can and the books they read. Some people who don’t have spiritual eyes and ears denigrate those who do. The beginning of wisdom Normalbob is to acknowledge your ignorance, not to defame that which you don’t understand.

Now, normalbob, you’ve accused me of avoiding the very question I posed to you at the beginning of our private correspondence. I wasn’t avoiding the question, I was trying to establish a principle of truth, that I was hoping you might see and agree with, that our senses and mind are greatly flawed and that therefore we should be careful about what we say and pass on to others. That we don’t know as much as we think we do. I tried to quote scientists in this regard, thinking that perhaps your mind would be more open to this understanding coming from those who believe in the “scientific method.” But I was wrong. It seems you are bent towards trashing just about everything. You are bent towards destruction, trashing. Your home seems to be the sewer.

Now you make a lot of money peddling crap that you call a “silly dressup game of the God of the Universe.” Bob, over half the world considers the name of Jesus sacred and most of the rest of it (most atheists and agnostics) would never stoop so low as to defame His name in the manner you have. Most of the world, except the tens of thousands who bought your demeaning products, whose minds are as low as yours, would not consider your dress up game as “silly.” Most of the world would find your site and your products vulgar at best.

Now what is most remarkable, the name you have chosen to make a cheap buck off of, is the name of a person who preached and lived the highest form of love in the universe. I mean He really doesn’t deserve the crap you’ve smeared Him with. YOU do, but He doesn’t. Maybe I do, but He doesn’t. I don’t know what your religious or ethnic background is, but most people have placed the Golden Rule at the top of the moral list. We find that in Judaism as well as many other religions. Love God and love your neighbor. (Just curious, do you have any super defamatory stuff on your site for Judaism? Or any other religions? What is it about Christianity and Islam that has made you so irrational? Are they just the easy target these days since the media is with you?) This Jesus character (from whom you’ve profited much more than Judas ever did), He taught a love higher than all the religions of the world. Moses/Judaism taught “love your neighbor and hate your enemies, but Jesus taught:
Mat 5:43  "You're familiar with the old written law, 'Love your friend,' and its unwritten companion, 'Hate your enemy.'
Mat 5:44  I'm challenging that. I'm telling you to love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer,
Mat 5:45  for then you are working out of your true selves, your God-created selves. This is what God does. He gives his best - the sun to warm and the rain to nourish - to everyone, regardless: the good and bad, the nice and nasty.
Mat 5:46  If all you do is love the lovable, do you expect a bonus? Anybody can do that.
Mat 5:47  If you simply say hello to those who greet you, do you expect a medal? Any run-of-the-mill sinner does that.
Mat 5:48  "In a word, what I'm saying is, Grow up. You're kingdom subjects. Now live like it. Live out your God-created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you.

But He did more that talk the talk, He lived what He preached. When the religious leaders of Judaism stirred up the blind masses of Judaism to cry “Crucify, Crucify!” Jesus, who the Scriptures said could have commanded a host of angels to come to His aid, said instead, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Now, I have been trying to say to you, before I gave you my answer to your reverse question to me, what Jesus said regarding His enemies “they do not know what they are doing.” They are under a mind bent towards receiving and believing lies. Science now confirms that we are all actually hard-wired to believe the lie. That’s all I wanted you to acknowledge before I tried to explain to you my answer to the questions you posed back to me. Normalbob, you are not near as wise as you promote yourself as being. Your sarcasm serves you well. It hides your ignorance just like those who can’t read revile that which is written. You are so sarcastic and so conditioned in your mind that anyone who believes in Jesus is a moron that your mind adds all kinds of garbage in your thoughts that I don’t believe you are capable of reading what I’m saying to you with an open and clear mind. I only hope and trust that perhaps you’ll stop with the editing and actually print the correspondence unaltered. Someone may understand what I am saying. But then since you are much closer in behavior to the evangelicals I combat daily, I can’t really expect you to do the honest thing, can I, that is, post my words unedited. I’ll send this off to you, see if you actually will post it uncensored or manipulated by you and then I’ll send my answer to your question which is:
Normalbob to gar: Can you answer that question for me? How would you feel if after all's said and done, on the other side of the grave you discovered Allah and the Prophet Mohammed saved you from hell, an eternal death? How would you feel knowing you wasted your life worshipping a false god, knowing that the One True Allah weeped in the arms of his sweet Mohammed because you denied them during your short, ignorant stay on earth? What would you do with all the guilt and shame and pity you'd feel in your heart for not bowing to Him; He who loved you so very much? Instead you wasted all your love and gratitude on a false god named Jesus Christ? This may be far to deep to contemplate on, which is precisely the excuse I'm letting you use for not expecting this to be turned right back around on you.

“And I, if I am lifted up from the earth will drag (that’s what the greek says) all mankind unto Myself. This He spoke signifying what manner of death He would die.” John 12:32, 33 That includes, me, Mohammed, Moses, Judas, Hitler…and even someone as low as normalbob. Wow. Now that is a Man worthy to be smeared and maligned, isn’t he normalbob?

Gary Amirault

So the last thing you ever expected was for me to post our conversations without your permission? You act like you'd never before seen the site you emailed. That's what I do, Gary. It's the only reason to respond to people who don't listen. Because other people will.

All right! All right, I admit that when I had sent you that 30,000 number it was a flippant retort to someone I never expected to hear from again. Then comes time to post and I'm thinking, "There's no way I've sold that many." So I brought the number back to a more modest reality before making it public. I didn't think it affected the argument in any way, shape or form. I've got no partners to deceive and the taxman has the proper count, and once again I'm answering all of your questions, and despite your promise to do so, you have yet to answer any of mine. What are YOU hiding??
I hope you understand that you did not answer my "meeting Mohammed" question as I did. You simply dismissed it and quoted the bible. I answered yours just as you asked it, suspending my disbelief and addressing it as is, pretending it's true whether I believe it or not. You did nothing of the sort. And you wonder why I mock & post, mock & post?
You know what, let's give this another shot. One question (in several parts) for you Gary.

• Why don't your rules of independent mind deception apply to you? Why are you the only one to be trusted, and the rest of us are all weighing out answers that feel good, lying to ourselves for the fix? Why aren't you included in this human trait? Please, Gary. I completely grasp the concept of self deception to serve ones own prejudices. I'm presently on page 239 of Carl Sagan's "The Demon-Haunted World" which speaks directly to this issue, at length, winning awards for doing so, even quoting scripture regularly. I strongly recommend it to you.

I will be the screaming embryo in a black sack waving his arms around like a loon. I'll be the shit-swamp creature covered in lowly sewer filth and grime just as you describe. I will be that monster you accuse me of being, but for Christ's sake, answer a question! Answer it like I do, where I state your question, then respond to it to the best of my ability in my own words and then make the answer public for all to see and judge. How about that? Complete transparency so the claims can be examined and truth revealed. It takes a real man to accept such a challenge, Gary. I've responded to some very personal questions from you. Do you have it in you to do the same? In fact, I'll do you one better and promise to post all of what you just said to me and this response (copy/paste) on the site if you simply answer that one bullet-point question in your own words.


“I was VERY much like you. I was a Carl Sagan Atheist. Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins would have been my cup of tea back then”

Normalbob, my wife met a lady in a grocery store line years ago who was throwing trash out of her mouth a mile a minute. My wife had our five year old daughter with her. Her first human reaction was to want to turn around and give the lady a good verbal trashing telling her that her language was very inappropriate for a five year old to hear. Instead, the Holy Spirit (someone that isn’t YET acknowledged in your life) caught her tongue and instead of a verbal trashing, here is what came out of my wife’s mouth by INSPIRATION from a being much higher than herself. In a moment of deep compassion the following words came out of her mouth, “You sure must really be hurting inside to be so angry on the outside.” The woman completely came undone. She became a river of tears. Her rage melted. My wife’s words found a way past her big tough wall. Inside was a wounded child who needed comfort. When I look at your site, when I read your words, I’m reminded of that woman. That woman could be made well. She really wasn’t what she was projecting. She was just trying to protect herself, but the wall wasn’t helping her nor anyone else around her. She needed someone to help her tear her wall down. She needed to be able to become vulnerable again. We never saw the lady again but God allowed us to see what was really going on in that poor woman’s life. And we see it again and again and again. Unfortunately most religions, including traditional Christianity, Islam or Judaism can get past the walls because they are all religions of revenge. Revenge will never bring peace to an individual or the world. It takes the power of the Love of the Man you throw shit at to bring that kind of peace.

Normalbob, 26 years ago I was VERY much like you. I was a Carl Sagan Atheist. Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins would have been my cup of tea back then if I was into reading which I wasn’t. I was into making money. And then came to big day when my Maker (and yours) decided to reveal Himself. Words cannot describe the encounter and even if I tried to express it as honestly and truthfully as I could, you wouldn’t believe me. By the way, I really do have a lot on my plate. Time is precious. I’m on some computer most of the day, evenings and weekends. So when it comes to important writing or stuff that takes a while to compose, it usually take me longer than for most people. Don’t feel stood up. I really do think your questions are valid and important. I want to give them the time they deserve. You deserve to be hear and you deserve honest and thoughtful answers even if they may not penetrate the WALL.

Peace, shalom, salam,
Gary Amirault

Wow. I can't believe I'm getting to see this side of you. Someone who for only just a little bit goes on describing me as a lowly sewer rat wallowing in a pond of shit! You were able to hold back from going on and on and on with the name calling and mud slinging! I'm very very happy to see this new, more human Gary showing himself. It's like a breath of fresh air.

I can't wait to hear your thought out answers to those two questions. It means a lot.
I'll be waiting.
“I was a speaker at a religious conference one time and out of my mouth came the word Bullshit...”

"Someone who for only just a little bit goes on describing me as a lowly sewer rat wallowing in a pond of shit! You were able to hold back from going on and on and on with the name calling and mud slinging!"

Gary: Normalbob, I don’t know how much you know about the bible, but there is a story in there of a pious super Jew named Saul who got knocked off his high horse one day. And turned 180 degrees. What he valued and prized highly in his life he finally saw as skubula. Now Jewish and Christian scribes do not like whrn God is very graphical, especially when it come to sex or unclean normal body business. The original wording of the scriptures is MUCH more graphical than the scribes reveal in their translations. This Saul who became Paul and wrote most of what we now call the New Testament wrote:

Php 3:8  Yes, all the things I once thought were so important are gone from my life. Compared to the high privilege of knowing Christ Jesus as my Master, firsthand, everything I once thought I had going for me is insignificant - dog dung. I've dumped it all in the trash so that I could embrace Christ. The Message paraphrase

Php 3:8  What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ. NIV.

The Greek skubala really means shit. Paul wanted to really make a contrast. But religious people like most Bible translators don’t like some of the graphical ways the original Hebrew and Greek reads so they sanitize it. When you see what you’ve done with your life so far in comparison with what God really has in store for your life, you WILL call your present life shit just like I consider my former life shit.

I was a speaker at a religious conference one time and out of my mouth came the word “Bullshit” for a lot of the religious activity we were involved with. Some of the leaders came up to me afterwards and rebuked me pretty severely. I really don’t remember saying the word. I had to listen to the tape to see if I actually said it. I did. But man, did it offend the religious spirits in many of the folks there. God is MUCH more interested in our HEART than sounding clean on the outside. I think you know what I mean.

So the beginning of coming to our real self behind the walls is recognizing those walls are pretty crappy stuff and they are NOT who we really are. Sometimes that’s a pretty scary process. Some folks take a long time, some folks take a bulldozer and knock that lying wall down fast. I get the feeling when you understand what I am saying, you’ll put a nuclear bomb to that wall. But the wall has to come down in order to see and hear and be the truth. No, Normalbob, this is not my answer to your questions.

Gary Amirault

“The little embryo isn’t screaming hate fear, it’s that shell around you that’s flailing and throwing crap.”

Subject: Nice graphic

[From my portfolio, a freelance job I did for the now defunct beligerentfetus.com]

Nice graphic, NormalBob, but it’s not quite accurate. The little embryo isn’t screaming hate fear, it’s that shell around you that’s flailing and throwing crap. If you notice, your embryo is at peace. That’s the real NORMALbob. Knock down your thick dark wall and the fear and hate will disappear. Your WALL is not who you really are. Oh, I’m working on my response to your first set of questions. Hope to have it done this afternoon.

P.S. that is nice artwork. I have a guy in Taiwan working on some cartoons for me to expose the teaching a hell of everlasting punishment as a big lie and unscriptural. He’s good but not as good as you.

Gary Amirault

“Well, 25 years ago [Jesus] was revealed to me in a supernatural way. I was an atheist who hated religions of all kind... but I had a problem that I knew was going to destroy me – alcoholism”

Gary Amirault’s answer to Normalbob’s question regarding how I would feel if I went to heaven and discovered I’d worshipped the wrong God.

Normalbob writes: “How would you feel if after all's said and done, on the other side of the grave you discovered Allah and the Prophet Mohammed saved you from hell, an eternal death? How would you feel knowing you wasted your life worshipping a false god, knowing that the One True Allah weeped in the arms of his sweet Mohammed because you denied them during your short, ignorant stay on earth? What would you do with all the guilt and shame and pity you'd feel in your heart for not bowing to Him; He who loved you so very much? Instead you wasted all your love and gratitude on a false god named Jesus Christ? This may be far to deep to contemplate on, which is precisely the excuse I'm letting you use for not expecting the question to be turned right back around on you.” Endquote.

Gary’s Answer: A little intro to this answer. Someone sent me a link to Normalbob’s site, stopped in only to be really grossed out by Normalbob’s poor taste with his dressup Jesus and Mohammed magnet sets. Emailed him and asked him how many he sold? I thought this was a pretty cheesy way to make a living (still do). Then I asked him how he would deal with the shame if in fact after death he discovered this Jesus was actually his savior. Normalbob said he’d feel no shame at all. Then he turned the question around to me. What if I wasted all my time on earth worshipping a false god named Jesus Christ. What if Allah was the real God and Mohammed was his last prophet? What would I do with my shame?

That’s a fair enough turn around. Now I didn’t realize when I sent him a couple emails that he would be so low as to take private emails and make them public without the permission. That’s about as low as his cheesy dressupjesus magnets. But then heck, if he’s going to earn his living trashing two men he never met, then maybe there is no bottom to how low he’ll go, right? So my response to his questions is phrased in a way where I am addressing Normalbob but also writing in such a way that all those who read his website are being somewhat addressed at the same time since anyone’s private correspondence with Normalbob goes out to the world should he deem it advantageous to himself. So I’m answering normalbob’s question but I’m addressing his audience (since he made these private emails public) as well. Since this response comes after several email exchanges between Normalbob and I, I felt to those who are now privy to these private unauthorized email exchanges an explanation was needed. (By the way, I DO understand Normalbob’s modus operandi and mockery. When I was a super atheist, I used to dare God to kill me as I was trying to convince Christians their faith was in nothing. I’m not offended by his cheesy way of making money. I just hope that I can convince him there is a more honorable way to make a buck. After all, he has some real artistic talent.

I don’t know if Normalbob has anyone really close to him that he respects highly, but if he could just see that he would be greatly offended if someone really trashed him this person over the world, that he (Normalbob) would probably be offended and rightly so. Nearly half the world holds the names Jesus and Mohammed in very high regard. It’s one thing to not believe in their divine nature or message because they don’t believe they have enough evidence to do so, it’s an entirely different thing to mock these two historical people the way Normalbob has.

 My answer: First of all, if Islam were hypothetically true, according to the Koran, I would expect Jesus to be standing right there with Allah and Mohammed. Actually, I can’t be certain, according to Islamic writings whether Mohammed will be there, but I CAN be certain Jesus will be: 'The Prophet said, '''By Allah, though I am the Apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what Allah will do to me''' (Hadith vol. 5, no. 266). The Koran says Jesus is ALREADY in heaven, so according to the Koran, since Jesus was a messenger of truth AND the Messiah, and that it was He who was revealed to me on the day I was healed of alcoholism and a host of other things, seems like Jesus won’t lead me astray. J He’s a prophet. He is messiah and He personally came to me and healed me AND taught me the truth.

The Moslems considered many of the Hebrew prophets as messengers of Allah. Moslems believe in the Old and New Testament, but they believe the Rabbis and Priests have tampered with the original writings. They are right. And I spend much of my time digging into history and ancient writings in an attempt to uncover those places Christian English Bible translations have corrupted the originals. For example, the original writings of the Christian Bible DO NOT TEACH HELL. I have found many English Bible translations that don’t have the concept of Hell in them from cover to cover. I’ve done a lot of writing and made several videos on the subject.

According the Moslems, Jesus was not only a messenger of Allah, but unlike Mohammed, who died and was buried, Jesus was raised straight to heaven. Furthermore, this Jesus (Isa) was to be a Messiah at the end of time, a savior, healer, deliverer. Jesus, Isa would judge the world.


 Well, 25 years ago, this “messiah” Isa, (Jesus) was revealed to me in a supernatural way. I was an atheist who hated religions of all kind, thought the Bible was a ridiculous book of myths and fables and dangerous and sick beliefs. I was a very proud, seeing is believing, scientific method sort of atheist. But I had a problem, a problem that I knew was going to destroy me – alcoholism. I tried to quit many times and always failed. I knew I could not lick this and was too proud to go to AA. One night, my Jewish raised wife told me to ask God for help, that He would help me. How does an atheist throw up a prayer to a God you don’t believe is even up there? Here’s what I said: “Ok, Big fella, here’s your chance to prove yourself. I’ve got a problem and I can’t solve it and there no one else on earth that can solve it either.  If you want to prove to me that you are up there, here, catch (throwing up my alcoholism) Big Fella, it’s all yours. Tomorrow, I’m not going to mess with this problem.” That was my “prayer.”

The next morning, on Valentine’s Day, I was filled with a love, joy and peace that was indescribable. I quit drinking without the usual withdrawal symptoms. My desire to drink completely vanished. So did the things in my heart that made me drink. The next day I had a supernatural experience in which this Jesus, who used to be my favorite cuss word because the most precious word in my vocabulary. When the Bible speaks of Jesus being a savior, deliverer, healer, friend, He became all these to me and much more. To do justice to what happened to this atheist during that time would require far more words that Normalbob would allow on his site, but suffice it to say, my life was radically transformed by a supernatural experience in which I encountered God who sent Jesus to save me from not only alcoholism, but unbelief and many other things. So, thank you allah, or el or eloah, Yahweh or whatever name you like to be called. You seem to have kept that a mystery. The Jews used a very similar sound to what the Moslems used for your name. I liked Abba, Father best. I see the prophets of the Jewish and Christian scriptures are all here in heaven with you. Like Mohammed said, the Jews and Christians mixed a lot of idolatry with the truth. I have spent my life trying to search this out and hope I have helped some people rid themselves of the many idols, traditions of men, that have made it difficult to find truth about you. So, Abba Allah, Eloah, Elohim, thank you for sending Isa (Jesus) to save and heal me. Thank you that you’ve shown me that Jesus will judge the entire world and that His judgment is mercy upon all, including those who make money selling very degrading artwork of your Messiah/savior/healer/deliverer Isa (Jesus). I’m sure that Normalbob will experience shame for the outrageous artwork he’s produced, but that you will wash that shame away. You love normalbob even when he was a megasarcastic enemy.
That Normalbob, might be an answer I would throw back at you. But in all honesty, Bob, if I was in such a scene, in front of our Creator, chances are I would fall like a dead man and be unable to speak. Those prophets who have had encounters with the Living God have a difficult time dealing with the situation. They can’t explain very well what happened to them. Words don’t really do justice. And since you mock supernatural experiences others have had that they can’t explain in human words, you close yourself to knowledge that might be helpful to you.

Apostle Paul, when he had his trip to the third heaven said he saw things unlawful to express, not because there was a set of laws saying one can’t reveal what they saw, but that the human language can’t express this dimension. John, the apostle, when he saw Jesus, fell like a dead man. Our natural being can’t really handle the supernatural. Some mock it and say it doesn’t exist because they’ve never experienced it. But those who have cease with their mockery. I’m one of those. And it’s really impossible to explain to those who are filled with unbelief and sarcasm. So Normalbob, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all say that the true God was the one who spoke to Abraham who, according to someone who wrote thousands of years ago, said he would become the father of many nations. Hmmm. Take a look around, Normalbob, whether you believe in prophecy or not, whoever wrote that a LONG TIME AGO, was right. Over half the world has deep ties to a man named Abraham and the God who spoke to him. Of the billions upon billions of human beings who have ever lived, what are the odds that some nobody in Iraqi, who lived over 3,000 years ago, would become the father of faith to billions all over the world? Give it a little thought, Normalbob, don’t just let your mocking spirit have its way with you.

 If you want to humor yourself one night, you may find my story of how I went from staunch atheist to Jesus freak at the following link. May you have a similar experience soon. P.S. I like your skills as a cartoonist. You have real talent. I hope you have opportunities in the future to use those skills truly helping people.

 How Gary Amirault went from atheist to friend of Jesus.

Gary Amirault

Wow. Okay, so you're an alcoholic.

You have to realize from where I'm standing it's clear you've just switched addictions. It explains your attitude and all the projection you do onto me. It also tells me that it makes no difference whether or not Jesus is true, you're committed to believing in him no matter what. It's a thought permanently welded into your brain because your stability depends on it.

I'm sure you're aware that Hindus, Wiccans, Catholics, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, even New-agers have all stopped drinking & drug problems through their individual faiths. And to each one of them their faith will never be altered after putting so much of their life and future well being into their particular god or religion. In fact, it's probably the most base, simplified example of keeping blinders solidly in check to protect ones own well-being. And I have to add, even though I'm sure it'll spark another "Normalbob's a black-sacked shit monkey who eats sewer filth out of a poopy toilet" rant, it couldn't be more obvious that you are the quintessential example of a thought process cemented in place by an inability to survive without it, thus making your opinion on the matter utterly and unalterably bias. Jesus is your admitted "fix," and your "Programmed to Lie" article is even more first-person than the author can bring himself to realize.

You're actually an astounding subject, Gary. If I didn't have all the videos and articles as evidence I'd think you were made up! Obviously now the question I think you're incapable of answering is: "Why don't your rules of independent mind deception apply to you?" If ever there were a pair of blinders set in place to block out unwanted, unsettling information, this question is its #1 priority. Your response to "What if Mohammed greets you at the gate" only showed me how ready you are to bow and kiss the feet of anything calling itself god, and what does the opinion of a mindset so eager to submit matter? Richard Dawkins put it well when he said (and I'm paraphrasing poorly) "If a caveman were somehow found and he saw our cars, airplanes, wristwatches & computers he'd probably bow to us assuming we're gods, but that doesn't mean he should."

Gary, until you illustrate to me that the core of everything keeping you balanced doesn't depend on Jesus being true, all of your opinions, psychoanalysis, sermons, articles, and name-calling rants are easily dismissed. Your letters reek of denial, to the point where it takes endless prodding and patience to get you to answer anything – Things that I answer immediately. I wonder, do you look in awe at someone like me who's able to answer questions so readily, and reveal such personal information so quickly in the face of all your accusations and anger? If you're curious how I do it – my world isn't dependent on my non-belief in gods. I just want truth, and even if it hurts to hear it I still want it. Hell, that's exactly what happened when I turned atheist.

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