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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Why isn't there a 12 Step group for apocalypse addicts? Oh yeah, 'cause you have to believe in a higher power that causes one.

My parents, especially my mom, were apocalypse junkies all my life. The Russians were either gonna bomb us, or Jesus was coming in the year 2000. In the meantime, they never planned for the future. It was gonna be over anyway, and now there's nothing left for dad or me..they just didn't give a shit about the future, which sadly, they accused me of...and I wanted nothing BUT the future!

The future happened anyway. That's why I hate that smug, ignorant bumper sticker, "Those of you living as if Jesus isn't coming better be right!". Well, we've been right a LOT! No Y2K, no nuclear armaggedon, no antichrist, no Mad Max car wars [damn, kinda looking forward to that], no black helicopters over our house, no mark of the beast stamped in your skin...and yet there's millions of Y2ks in the form of computer problems, lots of anti-christs in politics pointing the finger elsewhere, lots of those things in miniature everyday...did they ever consider that shit was psychosomatic & created by believing in the end of the world in the first place?The slogan ought to be, "Those of you screaming about the sky falling like Chicken Little are wasting our precious time!"

These are people who want to believe that history is just a treadmill or an assembly line and they have a safe little job on it instead of taking chances on INVENTING a better future....and now suddenly the MAYANS are supposed to be right?

Geez, I'm SOOOO scared. It'll be another Y2K!!!

Chris Matthews

Happy LAST New Year everybody!

Not sure if you heard the news, but we're going to have a short summer in 2011. Why, you ask? Well it's because the apocalypse is coming in May, and Jesus is officially returning to cut everyone's vacation in half.

[Screenshot of website proof]

Yes, that was the last Christmas/ Halloween/ etc, ...but we'll still get one more Easter!
I call it confirmation.

I had so hoped I could go on longer with the site, the mockery, my life, fun and stupidity, and reach page 500 of hate mail, but the Bible scholars can't be wrong (and their bound, of course, by their religion to never lie). So I'm giving you all this early goodbye so I can begin my big self centered crime spree and plan my last minute conversion for the 20th.

I promise I'll be at Union that day with camera in hand ready to capture everyone's most anticipated Amazing Stranger for a spectacular page update that week. I've already got a place on the map reserved for JC, and believe me, I'm going to do everything I can to get a picture of him holding a set of magnets!


I'm accepting illustrated suggestions from all you kids out there with pencils & crayons of what you think that photo could look like. Lemme see 'em before the big day gets here!



        MAY 21ST, 2011 - GOD BE WITH YOU.
....ASAP.                             mERRY CHRISTMAS BOB.

Micheal Renaldo

Finally, a set date for the apocalypse. It's been such a bother having to wait and wait and wait for the end of all humanity to hurry up and get here! Christ, I can't even express how relieved I am 2011 is the final year for mankind. And you know what's even better news, Micheal? Something that's going to REALLY make you sing?? It's actually FIVE months! You accidentally gave us all one too many months of life! Haha, I bet that put an extra spring in your step, huh??

Oh what a strange folly this thing called "humanity" was, huh? I promise you Micheal, on the 20th of May, after emptying out my back account into a bum's hat and setting my home on fire, I'll be sitting at a bus stop bench looking up into the sky chanting, "Jee-SUS... Jee-SUS... JEE-SUS... JEE-SUS!!!!" while thinking of you doing the same.

Merry Last Christmas, Micheal, and a happy Last New Year.

One month later...
“Time is running out Bob....4 months left. I think I will be standing in the middle of the street stareing up into the sky looking for our Lord...”

Hello Bob .... I did not mean to sound mean.   I was just so surprised and somewhat hurt by your photo of Jesus.   Anyway, no hard feelings here Bob, I wish you well.  How was your Christmas ??  Hope you enjoyed it...so sorry, I dont use this E mail that often, as you can see by the date...lol.  Oh yea, nothing for nothing but my name is not Mike....I know ..i know.... it says mike R....yea, I do that for privacy with all these crazy nutty people out there.

Anyway, your words sound good, you sound like you mean them....do you???? I hope so...I really do.  Time is running out Bob....4 months left. I think I will be standing in the middle of the street stareing up into the sky looking for our Lord Jesus to come with his Angels out of the sky....to be honest with ya, Im pretty scared...as a matter of fact, Im down right VERY SCARED !  I hope I am ONE of the CHOSEN to possibly....possibly....be saved. I dont know, I was a very very bad sinner all my life, even though I have asked Jesus for forgiveness of all those sins....IM STILLL SCARED.....I hope and pray that Jesus will have MERCY ON ME AND SAVE ME....I guess we shalll see....anyway bob...if you want to keep in touch with me use this E mail address...   Jam1390 @ Yahoo.com - write it down and lets keep in touch.

Take care....God Bless, keep reading that Bible bro and I ''ll talk with you soon....I hope ?????   It's up to you.
Joseph aka "Micheal Renaldo"

I don't know how you can stay so calm and centered when the END OF THE WORLD IS JUST FOUR MONTHS AWAY!! I promise you I will be in the middle of the street jumping up as high as possible, trying to grab at clouds so they don't accidentally miss me on pickup day.

Joe, I think I'm selling all of my belongings and flushing the money down the toilet! Seems like the right thing to do... to prove my faith... Don't you think? Can't be too careful.

I mean, sure there's a part of me that's sad there'll be some who can't come along (maybe you), and all the places I've grown up in, and things I've done, and non Christians I've met will all be destroyed forever and ever. But it's a teeny tiny price to pay for all my dreams coming true! I've already decided what I'm going to be shouting at the sky while I'm cloud grabbing. "ME! ME! ME! ME! ME!" Because that day is going to be all about ME getting heaven with Jesus and God and PARADISE!!!!!

What are you going to be doing? Have you been praying extra so God will forgive you about lying about your name?  God doesn't let liars into Heaven. Which reminds me, do you have an email where I can reach you after May 21st in case you don't get to come up with the rest of us? jam1390@yahoo?

Great to hear back from you.
107 more impatient days!!!

“Bob, He might not pick me, he might not pick YOU either...”

Hello Bob, wow, that was quick, didnt think I would hear from you so quickly however, Im glad to hear from you. My goodness, you sound very excited, you better ease up on the coffee, lol. No, I understand your excitement and Im just as excited. Like i said, I will be waiting patiently for the coming of our Lord on that day.... May 21st, 2011. I might be on my knees in hope that MAYBE I too might be saved....NO ONE knows Bob, He might not pick me, he might not pick YOU either, time will tell.
Yes Bob, I pray alot....more often than usual. I listen to Brother Camping tapes I have and I also listen to his live show. You should check out FamilyRadio.com.Ive been listening to Brother Camping and Family Radio now for many many years !!!!!  There is alot of good bible study you can check out at that website.

Anyway, I guess I will let you go for now, take care, and God be with you always. You will be in my prayers Bob. By  the way, what state do you live in ???? I live in New York. Take care.
God Bless.              
Sincerely, Joseph aka "Micheal Renaldo"

Micheal... I mean, "Joe," you act as if the clock's not ticking down on us, this planet and even the act of emailing each other! You think I'm going to wait a few days, or a month like you did to respond to the last words ever spoken by earthbound believers? In just a matter of weeks we will be floating up into the sky, through outer space, up past the stars and beyond the solar system to reside with Jesus in heaven! How can you just sit there acting so casual!?!?!

I KNOW I'm going to be saved from the apocalypse. God Is Love. And because he loves me, which he surely does, there's no reason why he would abandon me here to suffer and die with all the unforgiven ... and the liars... *poke*
This whole day was invented for people just like me!!

You know what's also incredible to think about? We get to be part of the most important day in the history of mankind. I mean, not only will this be THE most celebrated holiday on planet earth from here on out, but up in heaven too! The day the Bible's ending came true and finally everyone will be shown which religion was the true religion. It's breathtaking to think about. And this celebration dance before crossing the goalline is only the beginning! IT'S SO MUCH FUN! I can't imagine how it could backfire.

OMG! I am in New York too! You should come to Union Square on the 21st so we can float up into heaven together! That'd be neat.

Btw, do you know what time this whole thing's scheduled for? I'd like to sleep in that day, but if it's early I'll totally set my alarm.

“Bob....ya know, your not so NORMAL”

Bob....ya know, your not so NORMAL......Im gonna end this here...I wish you well. If I were you I would listen to familyradio or go to www.familyradio.com
you have too many dumb questions for me....take care...God bless...no responce ness...you wont be able to anyway. God be with you.


Oh yeah?!? Well guess what. Now NO ONE gets to go! Just for that, for the next 4 months I'm going to be praying Jesus DOESN'T return in May! Now who's sorry??
Don't even bother apologizing. You won't change my mind.

Now you'll know who's responsible when you're still kneeling on your kitchen floor come Sunday morning. YOU.




“see you on may 21, 2011. prepare for war,
sincrely, jesus christ”

hi satan,
i see your website is as confused as you are, good luck getting the good ones, i'm sorry to say your just to confused to even try.
see you on may 21, 2011.
prepare for war,
jesus christ

Peter Paul

I can't tell you how much I LOVVVE it when actual dates are set in ink like this. I always mark them on my calendar and when the day finally arrives I spend it constantly looking over my shoulder, eye-balling the tops of buildings and staring into people's eyes thinking "I wonder if they know this is the day?"

The next day (this time it'll be May 22, 2011) is always spent in let down, but I can't deny the excitement and anticipation of the day before makes it worth it every time.

Thanks PP.


“think what you would feel if someone did that to your brother!”

subject: Disgrace

If Jesus Christ was truly in your life you wouldn't display such a mockery of our lord and saviour in such a disrespectful manor!! Your probably a great and funny Guy!! And truly don't mean any harm!! But stop and think what you would feel if someone did that to your brother! !

Darin Harper

If someone made a dressup game of me on the cross I would not mind one single bit.  In fact, I made one of myself to prove it, and I'm not even in paradise like Jesus is! normalbobsmith.com/revenge/

Does it astound you that I've got enough courage and countenance to withstand such a soul-pummling spectacle?


“How can you mock him”


Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of our sins. How can you mock him in this way?

Richard Sajdak

Because innocent people dying for the guilty isn't the right message to promote.
That's how I do it. It's quite simple.


“His death, to show us just how much He is committed to saving our souls.”

Dear Bob, GOD the FATHER did not demand the death of His Son. Jesus could have just asked His Father to forgive mankind. But He chose another way, by His death, to show us just how much He is committed to saving our souls. It's not a simple matter. Why not switch your mockery to the DEVIL who is likewise committed to keeping us from reaching eternal life with GOD. May the Lord be with you.

Richard Sajdak
Port Charlotte, FL

No. You're misunderstanding me. What I'm saying is, ANY belief that says an innocent suffering and dying for the guilty works is wrong.

It's clearly false. It completely defeats the purpose of punishment when you do it to someone other than the guilty person. It's really quite obvious and easy to understand, so don't act like you're confused or bedazzled by my response.

It's a false belief. Not only that, but a dangerous one too. Be responsible for your actions because no one else can do it for you! Scapegoats are a bad thing, not a good thing.

Jeesh! It's so basic.
Are you children or adults?


“Jesus is not to be mocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I don't think you need to put this kind of stuff on here. Young children go here. Jesus is not to be mocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie Wallace

Anything to discourage idol-worship, scapegoating and believing an innocent can take the punishment of the guilty is exactly what children need to see.
That's all I'm doing. No need to apologize for misunderstanding. I get it alllllll the time.


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