There is only one way to avoid the crushing, angry fists of God.

Worship Him!

As usual the Hate Mail letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

3 days ago, on Friday the 12th of October, I got to witness

The show was sold out, the line went around the block and it consisted of fans from 18 to 45, all clad in their own statements of alternative. It's the kind of crowd that I dream of on a night out.

They played a lot of their classics along with stuff off their new CD, and they sounded great!

The drummer picked a fight with a guy who threw beer at him, and Captain Sensible got into a pink tutu & wig, mooned the audience and humped a speaker.

As you may or may not know, Captain Sensible contacted me back in June to inform me that he was a fan and that I was a man after his own heart. So when the show ended, a friend of mine at the Metro took me backstage.

Outside of their dressing room, the assortment of backstage guests were all male.
I expressed aloud what a disappointment this was going to be for the band.

Approximately 10 - 15 minutes passed, then in came the Captain. I stood, shook his hand and (a little awkwardly) stated that I was Normal Bob Smith of

"You're the guy behind Jesus Dress Up?!" he asked, putting his arm around my shoulder congratulating me on the site.
He then took me from this room of fans to another room where Dave Vanian, the band, and the girls were.

The Captain introduced me to David... ahem, I mean, Mr. Vanian who assured me that the Captain is a huge fan of mine.

Me and Sensible talked for a good 45 minutes about religion, terrorists, girls, music and ourselves.

One of the more interesting parts for me was how sane, sociable, intelligent and thought out he was standing there in a tutu. In our talk I informed him of the new Halloween and (surprisingly) he sounded anxious to "give it a go", whispering to me if it needed a password and if he could get it from me. Even as he left he expressed how he couldn't wait to get to the site when he got back home.

It's a wonderful / bizarre feeling to realize that you're entertaining somebody who entertains (entertained) you. And it's inspiring beyond words.

Now if only I could get Pink to shoot me a fan letter.


Can you hear me Pink?

Do you love me?

See what Captian Sensible had to say. I am extremely flattered.
"He will not leave this unpunished.....I pray for your very soul"

I am not amussed with this page at all...i am appauled at what mocker you have made of my Lord and Savior....He will not leave this unpunished.....I pray for your very soul now that you will be saved and that you would repent of this unkindly act....May you find forgivness in our Lord...

Margie McDaniel


As you transmit your thoughts into the fourth dimension where the one who is your lord resides, I am reminded of the beautiful simplicity that the human brain is. The way that it can remedy issues of guilt, stress, loneliness and/or helplessness is spectacular.

Please thank your brain... ahem, I mean Your God for letting you make a case for my eternal ghost. May you have mercy on us all Margie's brain!


"When KISS became the "hottest band in the land", did they stop and say - well, I think we're famous enough?"

Bob - I just glanced at your site and have to suggest this-- Just take a moment and think, "okay - hypothetically, let's just believe for 5 minutes that the ENTIRE BIBLE IS AN ACCURATE HISTORICAL DOCUMENT AND EVERY WORD IS TRUE. All the way from the creation to Revelations, all the commandments, all the miracles, all the prophecies, every word out of Jesus' mouth and so on... all scripture - truly "God breathed" and solid."

If what is said about Heaven and Hell and becoming born again and having to answer to God at the end of your life about your thoughts, beliefs and actions is ACTUALLY TRUE - well, you'd kindof be in a rough spot with your chance at eternity, don't ya think?

Here's my question: why gamble with that? Why take that risk?
(you can stop there or you can read on for the extended version!)

7 - 8 years ago, I was living in New York City, doing my own thing. Sleeping with whoever I wanted, saying whatever I wanted, drinking WAY too much beer, "experimenting" with whatever substances I desired, playing and recording with a progressive rock band and writing whatever I wanted. I lost a special relationship because I was weak in the "monogamy" department. My mother gave me "The Daily Bible" for Christmas - she's born again and I always said " I will NEVER be like mom."

Well, the Bible was in the N.I.V. type - a little easier to read, so I thought - what they hey, it'll take me a year, but atleast I'll find out what exactly is in there.

When I finished the Bible, I thought about the commands - thall shall not steal, commit adultery, lie, murder, etc and thought "Well, yeah - these are good guidelines to live by. Murder someone, and people suffer. Cheat on your wife, and people suffer. Steal, and people suffer. I thought about the book as a whole - historical document and foundation for living, and decided "yeah, it's pretty good advice and there's alot of detail in there with chronology and names and so, on" - but I had trouble with the whole "good people go to hell unless they're saved" thing.

Two verses that stood out to me (and still do) are "Do not my words do good to him who walketh uprightly (or him who's ways are upright)"

and Jesus's words:
"... whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst."

Think about it - food, sex, accomplishments, relationships, money, material possesions, fame - do you ever have enough to the point where you say "I guess I don't need anymore of that."?? When KISS became the "hottest band in the land", did they stop and say - well, I think we're famous enough? No, they thought about creating a KISS theme park to tour with them.

When Bill Gates earned his first trillion, you think he thought "Well, I should be comfortable for the rest of my life now!" No - he figured he better earn another trillion as a back up in case the first trillion gets stolen or he gets sued.

Did you ever eat a meal and say "Man, I guess I'll never have to eat again!" And you didn't have to eat again!?

Well - getting saved, i.e., born again, i.e. "embracing Christianity" - it's kindof like that. A part of you just really becomes comfortable and "never thirsts" again.

Okay - I think I've made my point. Sermon over.
Just think about this - WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE BY ACCEPTING CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR? Besides your smug website of course...

Kevin Carey
Rochester, MN

Well Kevin, now that you put it that way (all hypothetical) I guess that I really would be on the spot. And HOW! I suppose that there'd be nothing to lose by subscribing to that make-believe life, besides my web site. Oh, that and living for what I believe. Oh yes, and all logic. I'd have to give up on logic and common sense. But that's it!

Wait, I suppose that I'd have to ditch my non Christian friends too? And the art. I wouldn't be allowed to express my thoughts and feelings through art anymore. But that'd be it.

So now that you mention it, that does seem like a good... oh, I'd have to give up the music that I listen to, and that'd probably touch on other forms of entertainment as well (movies, TV, books and such). But I can't think of anything more.

That's a good plan there Kev... wait, would I have to talk about God to all my friends? Is that part of the deal when I join? I'd have to preach the lie I'm living as if it were not a lie? Coming off like some hypocrite that doesn't believe a word he's saying? You know, this is starting to explain a lot of things to me. What percentage of "Christians" would you say are practicing this brand of "accepting Christ" you're recommending?

Oh, I almost forgot, I'd lose the thirst. That thirst that keeps me striving to try new things and to do them better. I'd be comfortable in Make Believe Land taking someone else's word for the rest of my existence.

Kevin, your views on life have answered many questions I've been asking about Christians and the reasons why they do what they do.

Thank you.

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"Jesus frowns upon this"

What's with this Jesus dress up, you are mocking him and that is so wrong!!! Jesus frowns upon this
You should know better then to put something this sacreligious up!!!
Jesus is NOT!!! a TOY to play with!!!
You need serious help...Go to church and get spiritual help..

Inspired by your email, I found myself doodling out this frowning Jesus.
I think it's a neat thing.



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